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Zindagi Gulzar Hai Episode 2 – A Complete Package.

“Aik din mei ami ko buhat se jootay le kur dun gi…buhat qeemeti jootay!”

As Kashaf enters the university to see if her name is on the merit list or not, the only thing that weighs on her mind is that whether her mother got her slipper repaired or not and if not how did she manage to make it to the college. The love that the mother and daughter share is simply awe-inspiring. I loved every second of their interaction on-screen. So, we finally know the history behind the “churail awal” dialogue! The merit list scene was superbly done. Zaroon’s over-confidence and Kashaf’s lack of confidence was shown perfectly through Zaroon’s dialogues and Kashaf’s thoughts. While, Zaroon expects nothing less than this that his name should be on top of the list, Kashaf considers him a “nashukra” (the dialogue really made me laugh). Zaroon remarks “churail awal pe aye hai” and Kashaf is not the one to let go of such a remark easily even if it was uttered as a joke. It was great to see a smile on Kashaf’s face, Sanam Saeed’s expressions were simply flawless and she portrayed Kashaf’s pride and surprise in a very apt manner.

Kashaf celebrates in the best way possible with her family but it was plain to see that her mother could only be fully content if her husband could be a part of the “festivities”. Unfortunately, Kashaf’s father’s reaction to the news (even if it was “provoked” by his second wife) was perfect example of the double standards that exist in our society. No one takes a step forward to help Kashaf and her mother but everyone in the family is quick to hold them accountable. Kashaf’s father is someone who is completely oblivious of his responsibilities towards his family but still does not think twice before acting as the head of the family. He does not have an ounce of respect for his wife or daughters but still believes that these women are responsible for maintaining the family honor. Another typical mindset that exists in our society is that most of the people believe that girls should not be highly educated because their education is of no use to them or the family since at the end of the day they have to run the house. It is a great achievement for someone who comes from such a family to make it as far as Kashaf did and hopefully she will prove to be an inspiration for many girls like her who are watching this drama. We need more strong willed, practical girls as role models in our dramas. Of course Kashaf’s constant grumbling is not at all inspiring but it gives a realistic touch to the character. But I must also add that Kashaf would not have made it this far without the support from her mother and sisters. She is also very determined and would do anything to help her mother with the finances. She dreams of relieving her mother of her financial duties and a life in which she does not have to depend on any male whether it be a brother, father or son but she wants to stand on her own two feet…way to go Kashaf.  I must appreciate Samina Peerzada for opting for characters that are so inspiring. Even after everything that Rafia has gone through in life, she is still so positive and calm. Even though she respects her husband and loves him too but at the same time she does not think twice before telling him that his daughters cannot depend on him and would want to be like their mother.

I must say that I really liked Zaroon’s confidence in today’s episode, the way he brags about how he applied in only one university and is so sure that so many girls are dying to have him in their life. Kashaf’s thoughts about rich people as she enters the university and the way she worries about what she is going to wear and how her make up must have vanished by the time she got to the university, added another realistic touch to her character. These small details make such a big difference in the overall feel of the play and make the characters seem more like people from real life.

Zaroon is dead against women who like to dominate men because he feels that some women (like her mother and sister) do it on purpose, in order to feel good about themselves. Or maybe it is just because he is a very typical male who believes that women should play second fiddle to men. According to Zaroon, “Chauvinist hona aurat ka ghulam honay se buhat behtr hai”. Kashaf, on the other hand does not have a high opinion of men at all, although her mother keeps on telling her that not all men are the same But Kashaf insists she wants neither phool nor kaantay but “behtr nahi kachay raastay pe chlatay jayen”…another beautiful dialogue, I must say. So, basically their views about the opposite gender come from what they have seen around them.

Last but not the least the last scene was also one of the many brilliant scenes in today’s episode. In my opinion Kashaf’s reaction to Zaroon saying “hi” to her could not have been more in line with her character. Here is a girl whose mother gave her a long lecture about how she was the first girl in the family who was going to study with men and also she does not have a very high opinion of men in general, so even if she had not heard the churail conversation her reaction still would have been somewhat the same! I have to say that I felt for poor Zaroon, he most certainly did not deserve that!

This was a perfect second episode and I enjoyed every second of it. Kudos to the entire team of Zindagi Gulzar hai, from the writer to the director, producer, actors, camera man and everyone else who put in their honest effort to bring us such wholesome entertainment. I am eagerly looking forward to the next installment.

Fatima Awan.

  • Excellent Review Fatima :) really enjoyed every bit of the episode as well as your review. I must say reading your review sometimes feels like I'm reading my own views about each scene.
    I wish all girls of our society would have the same thought as Kashaf to stand on their own feet and not be dependent on their male relatives. but sadly, have heard even girls say that 'hume tau daal roti hi pakani hai, saas yeh nahi pooche gi ke kitna perha hai' ..:)

    • What a horrible idea about girls and what they should be doing ……..why think like that, when you could see boys and girls coming in to study like they did when the Admission list was being looked at. I am sick of this idea today that girls have no other purpose to come to college but to get a bit of education and no particular profession because she has to while away her time until a suitable match is sought for her to get married. Here at last we have a learned writer like Umera Ahmed who is educated and chose to be a writer and is helping society to rehash
      their ideas and be progressive in their thoughts. But as we can see it's marriage only which is the most important thing in a girl's life. I am so glad the way Umera is putting forth her ideas but people don't follow advice until they find that everyone is doing the thing. Anyway, this is a very difficult subject to tackle and I will not
      waste time on that. But I love this play and the way class began today just gives me a picture of a class in the USA really rather than in Pakistan. We see more of single sex schools and colleges and only find mixed classes at University level or at professional colleges etc. The girl's father is a complete bore by my standard and I don't want to know such a man because my family has no one like him. We have all studied and got married as well. So I have no idea where the problem lies? Marriage marriage is the only activity people can talk
      about and that is not all in life. Umera Ahmed is a writer after my own heart and I would like to see more like her. I do not want to see a miserable woman who is not allowed to help herself when she cannot depend on herself.

      • As a society , are we ready to accept an independent woman. Is there any support for her? No we r not ready! So girls still has to wait for the miracle of wedding. All mediocre and poor girls has to . The story of drama is closer to real life.

        • Yes Amber i agree the story is very relatable and at the end of the day all girls have to get married and all parents think & talk about it!

    • Thank you Zara. I am glad we are on the same page:) finally a heroine who is not sitting pretty & waiting for her prince charming to come rescue her!

      • As the writer herself is a teacher therefore she has very explicitly depicted the plight of the teachers especially the primary school teachers.

        There are many complaints about Pakistan’s primary schools and the lack of quality education found in them.

        There are many reasons why primary school teachers in Pakistan lack motivation.

        The first is an inadequate salary. In Pakistan, primary school teachers earn roughly between Rs 1,400 and Rs 2,860. This is less than what a cook, gardener or chauffeur often earns.

        Good pay is one incentive to encourage employees in any profession to work harder and in a more dedicated and enthusiastic manner.

        Second, unlike medicine and engineering, teaching as a profession does not garner the status and respect the former two vocations do.

        In the novel Kashaf is studying in the MA class as the events are set in the year 1981 but today MA has lost its value and people prefer to study MBA because of status and good job with higher salary but after doing MA you just become a school teacher as a last resort. Even in this case though, teaching is seen as a temporary job that will be left once a better opportunity comes along.

  • Kashaf is not just a bitter person bit I think she is also a jealous person….she is jealous of all her college fellows just because they wear nice clothes & come to college in cars?……Zaroon is a much nicer person.

    The writer should stop with Kashafs bickering already……it's getting too much.

    • R.F the bickering makes the character more relatable for me atleast. She is not a goodie good person who you only see on screen and can't relate to. In fact some of her shikway were really cute.

  • Ary wah fatima…itni jaldi review kr liya r wOh b itna ZABARDAST like 2days episOde :)
    i must say tOday's epiOde waz SUPERB…kashaf murtaza's name On the tOp Of list reminds me Of father saying that tOp Of the list remains vacant fOr the deserving One…
    Last part was my fav. when she entering in the uni talkng tO herself mOreOver,camera wOrk was impressive in that scene.
    Fatima u feel pity fOr zarOon bt her dialOgue"ami me 7,8 saal sy itny dhaky kha rai hn k mery ander ikhlaq nam ki kOi cheez nai rahi"shOws her bitterness.(but in reality she was rude)
    "even if she had nOt heard churail cOnversatiOn her reactiOn still wOuld have been same".fatima u really made me laugh :D

    • Xadee thank you for reading the review & liking it. I just felt for Zaroon because of the way Kashaf told him off, otherwise I simply love Kashaf's character.

  • Loved it !! I am sure the ratings will shoot up. This episode was a whole package. The unity and love in Kashaf's household, the concern for each other and the way the sisters are so interested in what Kashaf will wear and the fun she will have in the uni is so real. Again the way Kashaf's negativity is juxtaposed against the positivity of her sister makes both the characters so clear. Kashaf has done superbly and so have the sisters. Mansha Pasha is unrecognizable! So different she is from 'Rushna'!!!!She is doing the role of the smiling positive sister to the hilt! She even shuts her ears to the negativity of Kashaf. Well done Kashaf and Mansha! The third sister ( don't know the name) is also some one who will emerge as a good actress. Sultana has done wonderfully. The camera work and the direction is wonderful. The good thing is that this kind of a drama will encourage girls to study and change their circumstances, and it will also make many parents look beyond ' Rishta' and 'weddings'. We need such dramas to change the view we have of girls in our society. I loved todays' episode, and I am pretty sure a large majority will too.

  • We need such dramas, really it was a complete package wrapped up with love, confidence, worries and life of an ordinary girl. Its far more realistic and productive than Saas Bahu jhagraas and fantasies which are promoted in every other drama nowadays.

  • Awesome review Fatima! Loved reading it :)
    I wasn't crazy about quite a few scenes in today's episode – I forwarded all the Waseem Abbas scenes. He's just plain annoying and the dialogues are the same – ladki ko nahi study karaao shaadi kardo etc. they have been done to death so I was glad to not hear them again for the Nth time.
    I did enjoy the fact that Mansha put her hands on her ears when Kashaf was rattling off her negativity lol that's how I felt in a few places – girl get a grip – life is bad but she's a total party pooper!
    Enjoying how very relaxed Zaroon is being portrayed here and you can see FK is at ease with his character or maybe he's just that good ;-) I had to crack up when he called Sarah's fiance BHAI!!!! It was also good to hear him sing for a bit.
    The last scenes and the merit list scenes were the highlight for me! Very well done and brought a big smile to my face. Zaroon bechara tow ghalat jaaga jake phaas gaya ;)
    Loving Sultana Siddique's direction! You can tell that she has worked hard on getting the best out of Sanam Saeed here.

    • Annie I am glad you liked the review & thank you for the comment. Lol i actually like Waseem Abbass in this character because he is not a personal favorite & I am not supposed to like him:) you are right about the dialogues. Yes absolutely loved all the Kashaf / Zaroon scenes but I would really like to see less of Asmara lol. Kashaf will hopefully give Zaroon the reality check he needs to know that the world doesn't revolve around him! Simply loved the chemistry between SS and FK. half the credit goes to Sultana Siddiqui.

  • Great review Fatima. This was Zaroon's episode in my opinion. This episode was better than the first, I see blockbuster written all over it .Loved your analysis, gave me some points I missed. :)

    • Sadaf thank you so much for reading and commenting. I like Kashaf and Zaroon both but Kashaf a little more than Zaroon.

  • Being faraway from home and HUM TV still not being aired is a torture which only subsided a little when saw that Dramaonline had so promptly uploaded the 2nd episode. And now my "Zindagi Gulzar Hai" after reading your Review Fatima! SUPERB flow of writing and such a realistic description of the situations..although watching this episode on my laptop with sudden disruptions due to buffering was an annoying experience, but reading your review soon after had a calming thank you and continue to write such enjoyable reviews. P.S any Idea if HUM TV will EVER be on air again in USA?

  • Review is amazing <3333333 Fatima well done <333 I must say the episode superb <333 Zaroon and Kashaf finally met Yeyyy <3333 amazinh amazing episode <33 Zaroon is amazing in every scene <33 Kashaf and her family is very good Lovely Chemistry among them <333 Kashaf's Father Loser Hate him

  • This epi was better than last weeks epi. Waseem A, Ayesha U, Mehreen R & Shehreyar M can't act. They were the most annoying today

    The stupidest scene was Ayesha Umer, Zaroons sis wearing a tiny T-shirt with ' little Miss Jihadi' written on it. It's back had an abnoxiuos pic on it.. The Directoe, Sultana Siddiqui should have paid attention to this & told the actress to change it as making fun of our religion should not be allowed.

  • kamal hay !!! play on air huwa or sath hi review bhi aagya,what speed!! as usual very good review,I really enjoyed todays episode, Sanam Saeed was brilliant today. in fact all the character were fit:)

    • Thank you Mrs. Asim. Review likhne ka maza he play delhne ke forun baad ata hai:) yes absolutely love Kashaf and Zaroon both & the direction is flawless. I could do without Asmara though;)

      • yes same here but her character is also not just unnecessary,u will find it in coming episodes, and may be she is representing the complete contarct between two classes too.(mujhay in fact Mehreen Rahil say problem hay,Asmara say itni nahi;)

        • Lol you said it Mrs. Asim mujhe bhi yeh hi problem hai;) and believe it or not before ZGH went on air I actually liked Mehreen Raheel but she seriosly needs to stop playing these characters… Enough already! This is the third play in which she is playing the same character opposite FK, it is getting way too monotonous now!

  • A wonderful review, loved zaroon and Kashaf in their scenes. It is definitely the whole package, with lovely shots of the uni and chemistry among characters is wonderful. Really looking forward to next week, fridays are so very gulzar now, loving it! SK

      • I had quite a few "laugh out loud" instances too. Like when Kashaf thought Zaroon was ungrateful for being 4th in the list! And some others too. I can't wait for the story to move on. There are many social stereotypes, but I'm just enjoying the story and the characters for who they are.


  • Great review! I wish more Pakistani women who take no garbage from men the way Kashaf does, especially spoiled rich boys like Zaroon!

  • once again hum tv has gripped the attention of the audience from the very first episode of zgh…no mean feat as the audience is spoilt for choice…Samina Peezada is class personified as always…

  • Good review Fatima, Enjoyed the show but I wish they'd show more univ scenes and less of kashf's family being poor etc. At times it gets too much, specially added to that- the many scenes of the bad father etc.
    FK is the best thing in the whole show!

    • Afia, I am so with you on that. The few of the university scenes that we saw were really well directed, I have actually forgotten all about Rohail already!! FK is doing great as Zaroon.

  • Fab episode
    Owsum review.. Umera ka har drama mukhtalif aur haqeeqat se kareb hota hai. Jis mein aurat strong hoti hai aur mujhe inki yehi baat achi lagti hai

  • salaams Fatima.. very nice review.. i really like to read all ur reviews.. plzz give some shade on Mehreen's character.. i though i felt that she has been repeating same kind of role.. it was really boring to see her after ashk..

    • Sadia thank you:) I totally agree with you Mehreen Raheel has been playing the same kind of roles for too long now..all i can say is *yawn*!

  • excellent review Fatima :) i loved that last scene of zaroon and kashaf! i saw a flash of myself in kashaf at that particular moment when kashaf was totally ignoring zaroon with bitter words :p though this kind of behavior should not be shown to boys but 1 thing that i really want to make clear 2 every other person who thinks that girls behave like this just to gain attention and limelight that they r totally wrong it's just a way to tell boys that the thing that is against our values should be avoided even if its only friendship …… love this play :)

    • Thank you for liking the review and commenting:) You are the first Fatima on one of my threads. You are right about Kashaf I mentioned it in my review too how she was studying with boys for the first time and the way her mother lectured her about it , she was bound to be defensive.

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