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Ik Tamana Lahasil Si Episode 9: Predictable Yet Interesting

By now everyone is pretty much aware with the plot of the drama. I see feedback of many telling it’s a typical & predictable story but I believe even if it is something common & has been seen before but still is a bitter yet real portrayal of the demons in our society that exist for sure & can be watched over & over again. However, the plot may be old but the execution is new.

Today’s episode didn’t make much progress apart from a few more revelations in regards to Ali especially. Before I move on to the ladies I’d rather discuss the gents first. Only one question that pokes me is ‘when will the gents of Ruqqaiyyas’ house stop acting like such wusses?’. Fahad Mustafa is playing a role of such a character which no doubt many women unfortunately live with. Mohsin continues to believe blindly in what his mother is telling him & is acting irrationally especially towards Nadia. Unfortunately, Ruqqaiya somewhat succeeds in brain-feeding & infiltrating her husband’s mind against Nadia, which was grievous to see Nadia losing one out of the two supporting members she had. No doubt the drama is based on the women but the male characters are making a strong impact too & I feel they are overshadowing the women to some extent because it may show the women being the dushman of the other women but the insincerity & ‘ignoring-mode’ of gents truthfully prevails in our society.

Mohsins’ action on Ruqqaiyas’ reaction was really sad. Nadia has done nothing to deserve this sort of a treatment. Ahsan once again made a mark by standing up against his mother. I liked the dewar-bhabhi relationship shown in Dur-e-Shehwaar but this one is equally sweet. The way Ahsan feels for Nadia is really touching & how he honestly shares the mistreatments & unfair practices of his mother.

I have an issue with the girl playing the role of Ahsans’ student. No doubt Ramla is fine when it comes to being a student but later she will become his wife & that is a bit unacceptable. A couple of years ago I saw her playing a role of someone’s daughter & here she is acting in a role that is not suited for the girl her age for sure.

One completely objectionable thing in this episode was the scene of Ali & his girlfriend. In the previous episode they had clearly revealed the state of their relationship during that short phone conversation where he was casually discussing what they have been up-to  But today’s scene was really creepy & intolerable to the extent that I had to forward it. I don’t think they needed to show the skin-ship (word used for physicality by Koreans) at all because it was unnecessary & beyond words disgusting. We really do not need to actually SEE such sort of things to know what they are trying to tell.

Finally, Hira has started to receive what she deserved & for what she has done with her ex-husband. With the hardship of Hira, Ruqqaiya is also going to go through that phase. Alis’ drinking habits have been exposed in front of Hira & once again she creates a havoc. In this particular moment I feel Hira is not at fault because no doubt she had to face something because of what she has done previously but after getting married to Ali she was a sincere wife & loved him a lot. Even though she couldn’t become a good Bahu or Bhabhi but was a reasonable wife who adored her husband. But then as we know what goes around comes around. This is exactly how we can describe her state.

Ruqqaiya’s contradictions have been at the peak in this episode as well. When Mohsin hits Nadia she doesn’t feel a remorse over getting an orphan girl beaten & when her son-in-law hits her daughter she claims ‘uski ye majjal’. lol. Mohsin seems like a well-fed & personally trained goon of Ruqqaiya in stead of her son but still I find all the actors deeply involved in their characters doing a marvellous job & I’m sure I’ll continue watching this drama.

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