Ek Tamanna Lahasil Si Episode 10 – Ruqaiyya having a hardtime

Ohkay, just when I thought this drama in the beginning of the episode was getting realistic it just blew out of proportion by the end.

The support that Ahsan has promised to Ramla is something perfect & exactly what every wife wishes for. Ahsan is a perfect example of how a man can maintain balance between his mother & his wife. Plus I find the fact right that Ramla is taking stand for the things which she finds odd. At first we all thought Ali had bad intentions for Nadia but he has shown his true colors to Ramla too. His approach was the same but the answers were different. Nadia couldn’t take a stand & as she explained it to Ramla that according to her avoiding Ali was the best thing to do, but what Ramla did was something Ali never expected, which I believe was the right answer for his behaviour. I wonder where was Hira when Ali was out there appalling Ramla with his cheapness.

All the readers have been talking about why would Ruqaiyya want Nadia to sleep outside her personal room. Today we found out about her intentions too. She wants Mohsin to get married to someone else that’s why she is maintaining a distance between the couple. Nadia finally found the right person who told her about Ruqaiyya’s planning & at first when Nadia left the house of her neighbour I thought that was too much & she should’ve told her everything, but then it was spot on where Nadia goes back & tells each & everything to her neighbour whom she refers to as Khala. I still believe they could’ve used some appropriate words for the scene because giving such details was unnecessary.

The thing that shocked me the most was seeing Mohsin out there having drinks with his friends. We saw Ali doing it & I guess for Mohsin to do the same thing wasn’t necessary. It was out of the blue because all this while they have portrayed Mohsin as an obedient child & someone who’s focused on his job & his mother, so why all of a sudden such a need of drinking & stuff? I find this fact really annoying that how easily they are showing such sort of things in our dramas, no doubt they do happen but what’s the point of openly showing it how easily that people in Pakistan are prone towards drinking?

Finally Nadia & Mohsin got some time for themselves & Mohsin has confessed what he feels. They could’ve done it without showing him being drunk too. He should take a stand for his wife rather than stooping to such low level & shedding off his burden by drinking.

The drama has moved into another phase where both the sons have got married now & the wife of Ahsan is taking stands for herself & Ruqaiyya is having a hard-time. I still see many still comment that we don’t need dramas like these but we still follow such dramas, so, let’s keep our minds apart & follow such a drama which we know has a predictable plot but is somewhat based on the reality too. :)

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  • well i find mohsin nadia scene as an indian touch,the next morning he'll forget everything bcoz he was drunk.i just hope i am wrong bcoz i dont want this type of weirdness in our dramas!!

  • Wow, Zahra, you haven't missed anything that I found wrong about the latest episode of ITLS. Excellent review I must say. Usually I tend not to follow dramas where the lead character (especially, if it's a female) is going through all the troubles one could face in life without objecting even a bit. Gives me a feeling that I am watching Indian serials of endless saas-bahu drama where one is constantly insulted and abused and no one condemns it. Let's hope it gets better as the story proceeds :)

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