Morning shows: Entertainment or Headache!?!

We all are well aware of how our mornings are being ruined by the self-proclaimed reputed & respected morning show hosts. I may sound a little backward but I seriously miss the time when me & my siblings used to get ready for school & we only had PTV broadcasting Tilawwat of Quran Majeed to begin our day with followed by the Darood e Ibrahimi (trust me that’s how I got fluent in it by listening to it every morning Allhamdullilah). I am sure many of the readers will agree to what I am saying & what I am about to say. 🙂

Ah well! This obnoxious trend started off with GEO TV where Nadia Khan used to host the show. I understand it was a different experience for every housewife because they could just do their household chores along with watching Nadia Khan yap constantly. I understand it was appreciated because GEO was the only one hosting a show & there was no race for the TRPs. Nadia Khan did a good job because of her confidence. Later she lost the charm because her fame for sure affected her brain. She called every single person & started targeting their sensitive issues, insulting every single guest & to put an end to that journey what she did with Noor backfired on her perfectly leaving a great impact on every single fan of hers. I find it a bit amusing when people talk so high of her saying she was the best & we miss her. Ok, she might be the best in her screen presence & the way she carried herself but if we talk about the quality of her work….toot toot toot toot toot.

Anyways, now we have moved into another phase of the morning shows where each & every host is in the mode of “bhalla uski kameez meri kameez se safaid kaisay?” kind of a race. We start off our day with them listening to Indian songs, it’s al-right many people are addicted to music but I guess a moderate person having some values will for sure be thinking twice while listening to them subha savere. The first contradiction that we see is they say ASALAM ALAIKUM & let’s hear the music. Asalam Alaikum is a greeting where we wish peace for other human beings & there we go seeing them defying its essence by quickly tuning into music.

Excuse me for saying it but these days it seems like morning show hosts can go beyond the humane limits to grab the TRPS. Weddings, Jinns & Baby-Showers :O are the last things that anyone would want to see on their screens early morning. I heard Nida Yasir announce her TRPs at the end of her wedding week saying we have the highest TRPs this week & the whole staff cheered. She has been crossing a few limits but the limit was Hira’s Baby Shower where she was seen easily discussing about her personal details & history. Sharing secrets & Mani was seen talking about Hira’s weight gain & to top it up Nida Yasir said I am craving for another baby hayeee Yasir to nahi sun raha?!?!?!? I mean seriously?

The target audience of morning shows are housewives belonging to a certain background with very moderate values. We belong to the mind-set where when a lady is in this phase of her life she draws a huge dupatta & doesn’t come in front of her father because of the shyness & hats off to Nida Yasir & Hira for telling women to break the monotony by crossing the limits. That was the time I completely lost it & posted a piece of my mind to Nida Yasir but conveniently I never got a reply.

I read many comments of people saying ‘band karo yeh shows’ in shows ko band ho jana chahiye’ but all in vein. I just read an amazing article of Nida Zaidi about how Pakistani Drama Industry crushed the Indian Drama Craze that prevailed all over Pakistan so I am hoping that we can crush this pathetic trend of Morning shows too. Why can’t anybody take a stand against these below-the-belt shows? Why don’t we just stop seeing them so that they do not get the TRP’s? What could be done in order to stop these morning shows where they are making people complexed by flashing their designer dresses & talking about expensive make up products? What do they wish to turn Pakistan into?

I personally enjoyed watching those few months of morning show when Sanam Baloch used to host the show decently followed by Chef Adeels’ cooking show. That was something good that we saw on the TV. Sanam Baloch did an amazing job & the show was purely based on the interviews of the celebrities not something unnecessary. Recently Maya Khan’s Kitchen Idol was something interesting too if she had cut those unpolished dancers.

The point is that we have the potential for a healthy entertainment, we do not lack the ideas but it’s just that the show hosts either need to shut it or become more aware & DECENT in order to stop giving headaches to the people. I still wish that we hear the Tilawat of Quran Majeed on every single channel not at the time of Fajr when people hardly tune into their TV’s but in the peak hours of morning where every housewife switches it on.

Zahra Mirza.

  • nida_zaidi

    I must say that you chose the topic wisely. Morning shows are seriously becoming more like a drama that no body wants to watch even. Although, I do see some of them when I am off from university or so, but I do agree that its a complete waste of time. It seems that the hosts have nothing to do except to keep laughing like crackpots without even having a reason.

    With due respect, the only problem of this nation is that we have forgotten our own customs and try to pretend what we are not. There was a time when the mornings used to start with the Tala'wat of Quran, followed by a motivational short cartoon for school going children. That kept the things going. However, now a days our traditions are only limited to few channels like Al-Rahman or Q TV.

    Thats all I can say πŸ™‚

    • Zahra Mirza

      Thank you Nida for encouragement. Yes, I remember that time when we used to listen to Tilawat while have a breakfast before going to school. I wish that time returns & we are not awaken by the sound of songs & unnecessary laughters.

      • madiha

        correction: the very first morning show was aired on ARY and that was hosted by nadia khan…..she came to GEO a few years after that

        • Zahra Mirza

          But the trend, the popularity & the rat-race started AFTER watching Nadia Khan on GEO.

  • Xadee

    I agree with every single wOrd Of urs… πŸ™‚
    jOu cheez galt hai wOh galt hai…we shOuld speakup…hatts Off tO u fOr taking the initiative…
    Well,i think mOrning shOws Of farah and faisal qureshi r SIMPLE n BETTER πŸ™‚

    • Zahra MIrza

      Thank you Xadee & yes I agree to you too that Farah is still better & she is pretty decent when it comes to interviewing because when she asks a question she gives time to the guest to speak unlike others especially Nida Yasir who just snubs them in the middle & moves on to some other question. I haven't seen Faisal Qureshi's show but I am sure he must be doing a better job than the rest of the ladies & Fahad Mustafa.

  • sam

    im 1oo% agree with u..
    nida nd hira show was too shocking for me k hm itne zyada begerat. hain kia??
    faisal qureshi and farah sadia's show r far bettr

    • Zahra MIrza

      Yes, it was really disturbing to see how easily one can come up & talk about something soooooo personal of their own.

  • midhat

    its a total headache

  • Hira

    I completely agree with your opinion. Someone literally need to put an end to these shows. They are ruining the innocence of our eastern house wives. I mean honestly, the baby shower :O Too much!

    I so miss that time when a decent host called a health expert, a beauty expert and discuss the issues of their audience in a reasonable manner. Nowadays, these morning shows are genuinely upsetting for me πŸ™

  • S.Syed

    I think Farah Hussain on ATV is doing relatively better job than others….

    • madiha nawaz

      totally agree whatever u have said…!!! seriously we want to listen the tilawat of quran paak n naat segmat too..!!

      • Zahra MIrza

        Yes, I agree S. Syed that Farah is still better & pretty decent. She didn't leave her decency & does a pretty good job.

  • Sami

    Yes….I am 100% agree with u…….

  • ash

    sary morning showz bund ker deny chahein

  • Lubnarashid

    Yes thats true waqai headache hain morning shows

  • Mrs Asim

    bilkul ,agree with u, almost all morning shows r going on same tarck ,I didnt watch it for many months now,but back in pakistan I used to watch morning with Farah on Atv,it was alot better than all these other shows,Farah has got some sense, n mostly one learns something after watching her show. ah kya time yad krwadiya ZAhra, School janay say pehlay cartoon or chacha g ki batain:)

  • UZMA


    • Zahra MIrza

      Yes Uzma, baby shower's tradition started off from America & also it's stictly followed in a few castes of Hindus where they just grab the gifts in the name of a baby shower or gaud bharai. What's wrong is totally wrong.

  • hina

    i agree with u these days all morning shows r drama!

  • Zahra MIrza

    Yes Hira. I remember Sanam Baloch's morning show was still better where one half was allotted for the experts & the other half was for celebrity guests in which she only used to do the interview not tell them to make orange juice or puriyan or blow the bubble gums while answering rapid fire (reference: Nida Yasir's show).

    • Hira

      Yeah, I loved Sanam's show. Noor was also good I must say. PTV is still better I think. There is a bit of decency you can find there. Hum, Geo, and ARY shows are just trying to beat one another and nothing else :/

      • Zahra Mirza

        Yeah Sanam & Noor did a wonderful job for sure. Hum Tv's host Sana Tariq ruined the morning show as well & now to top it up Fahad Mustafa is doing a wonderfully awful job.

        • farhan

          sanam bolach bolach morning show subah sawer samaa k satah is good show with different types of topics for discussion

  • Zahra MIrza

    Thank you Mrs. Asim & indeed I agree that Farah is doing a relatively better job in fact much much better job than the rest of the morning shows. I hardly watch morning shows because I don't have an access to the Pakistani channels but got through one of two of those & it was pathetic.

    I know I feel we're still in need of such sort of shows in the wee hours of the morning where we can listen to Tilawat e Quraan e Paak, Darood Shareed & a 5 minutes ka segment of Tom & Jerry. heehhehhe!!!

    • zara

      very nice article Zahra, 100% agree. i think more often than not these shows represent the hypocrisy that is existent in our society. i dont watch them in the morning as i'm in the UK but sometimes watch them on dramasonline when im extremely bored. i liked the ones fahad did on education and hijaab. in the hijaab show he was constantly like we have to do this it is important in our religion n just yesterday he had amateur models doing catwalk. totally representing the confused and hypocritical nation we have become. sad to say. they could have done a decent show about winter tips too.
      oh btw i still nag my kids abt how in our days we used to see jus five mins of cartoon in morning before going to school n be happy all day and how they cant have enough disney movies now:p

      • Zahra Mirza

        Thank you for agreeing Zara. Yes, it's really unfortunate to see what morning show hosts are portraying these days. I never see Fahad's show because the lingo he uses & the way he talks to the guests is below the belt. I once saw him interviewing Chef Rahat's daughter Chef Mayeda & there he asked 'appko nahi lagta appke scarf lene se appko rukawatain ati hain'. I mean please who is he & how can he easily comment on the girl's personal choice of choosing Hijab. & another guest was the one in jeans & she was telling that after 9/11 she started wearing hijab but now she left is saying I have had enough & hijab is not important any more & Fahad was actually supporting her. From that day onwards I decided that I won't be watching his program & now the rishtay karana where he is talking about jahez & earning of the family is sickening.

        • zara

          Really? I had no idea πŸ™‚ I just watched the last three shows of Fahad, as there are no new good dramas on these days. Main gunehgar nahi seems so depressing, n others like madiha maliha, aks are just way too boring. Pakistani dramas need to have some chill dramas too not just potraying depressing elements of society. Tanhaiyan NS n ANC r good attempts but other than those all dramas are so intense n bleak. n for intensity i can only wait for zindai gulzar n bari apa, so tuned in to morning shows for the chill n relax factor u know when u just want some funny n light show going in the back ground. i guess that should be the essence of a morning show, to be light n refreshing and to end on a positve not to give the viewers a positive outlook towards the day not like Nida yasir where she bawling in the morning and adding depression to an already depressed and frustrated awam.:)

          • Zahra Mirza

            Yeah exactly when I find nothing worth watching I always give a shot to the morning shows & end up laughing my head off. LOL!

          • Zara

            You should write an aritcle about how almost every drama these days has a rape scene in it. As a feminist Im completely apalled at the state of women projected in Pakistani society. Is Pakistani society filled with rapists or are the men so incontrollable of their urges:) i know it is completely off the topic here, but the reason most of us turn on the tv is to get a little fresh n our mind of our already tiresome day but lo and behold all we see is poor helpless women..such as in bandi, main gunehgaar, kaafir, roag , thakan and so many others. and to think this is the Islamic republic of Pakistan make it all the more depressing…
            yes it does happen here in the UK as well, but the identity of the woman is protected at extreme levels and it is certainly not projected and sensationalized in primetime dramas.

          • Zahra Mirza

            Yes & now to add something more to it we have sisters rivarly & one sister snatching away the husband of another type of scenes too. I will think about the suggestion you gave & thank you very much. I am kind'a very selective about what I see & all the dramas that you've mentioned are the ones I haven't seen. People these days want money so they really don't care about the images & just submit what they feel will give them the cash, the chain starts off with the writer & ends up with the actor. We should choose what we want to see but yes this is really appalling that a woman is treated like a doormat in most of the dramas.

          • zara

            hehehe…guess u'r right abt the choosing what u want to see part. Problem is I'm writing my thesis these days so have dramasoline open in a second window all the time:) guess will have to take a break n really start studying soon:)

          • Zahra Mirza

            Oh good luck for your thesis then. & once in a while when you need a laugh keep on tuning into these morning shows. HAHAH! πŸ™‚

  • saba

    ok u people talked about the morning shows..but what about the cartoon progrms of kids..our children used to see these progrms everyday n are very fond of progrms should be based on some kind of learning but now a days the cartoon characters have affairs is it satisfactory for parents..these progrms are ruining our kids so these should be banned..there should be informatory progms children should know about their values…

    • Zahra Mirza

      Saba there's another article which talked about the issue that you've discussed. All the factors that you've talked about are mentioned there as well. Indeed it's saddening that the TV is becoming a source of wrong teachings for the kids. But don't you think the responsibility lies on the parents themselves to keep a check at what their kids are watching & what not. The content that they expose their kids to should be screened by the Parents themselves because I guess it's the least we could do.

  • sheena

    our pakistani mentality is strange,we are v much impressed by west,u can see that as program starts a lady with tight clothes comes for exercise, in different postures,,why they dont have shame,,,,men watches these ladies and give v bad comments,,,for the sake of modernisat we proudly show our body to every body,,indians are non muslims,,even thn they are covered and decently clothed,

  • zara

    positive note*

  • Sameera

    Wonderful Article.
    Fahad Mustafa, Shaista Wahidi & Nida Yasir are the WORST talk show hosts.
    Rests are comparatively decent. The 3 worst ones should be given classes on ethics, culture & decency. They are loud, gaudy,over confident & ill mannered.
    They misbehave with their guests & act like teen agers.
    I wish we could get rid of the 3 worst ones.

    • Zahra Mirza

      Thank you Sameera & yes I agree to you, these three are the worst hosts ever. I found Sanam Baloch & Noor pretty decent & to the point. They did a wonderful job. & yeah they need to be taught, not anyone can become a host.

  • haya

    commendable article … good job zahra !!

    • Zahra Mirza

      Thank you very much Haya. Nice name, it's one of my favorite. πŸ™‚

  • zakia aziz

    u all r right…….. these all are the wastege of time…..

  • Sumbal

    good job i totally agree!! i dont have any access to pakistani channels so really shocked to learn about baby shower n then the loose talk of Nida yasir & hira,i mean really??????this is more than enough!

    • Zahra Mirza

      Yes, & now Jinnat are also being discussed by Fahad Mustafa & he creates a drama by sound effects & changing his set somewhat similar to a graveyard. It's beyond the limit.

      • Sumbal

        thats ridiculous!!! dont know who watch these shows and who decides their so called TRPs! fahad Mustafa is so over speaks n laughs 2 loud i wonder how he controlled himself in Zindagi gulzar hay launching show, may be bcoz of sultana siddiqui.

  • Hira Fatima

    when i was 16, i hardly new what is rape?? divorce??
    today i have seen 15 yrs old kids talking abt it…

    thanx to media..
    morning shows are rubbish….
    beauticians, doctors giving absurd advice to young girls… ye lga lo wo lga lo… sb se haseen bn jaoo…

    i really used ti like nida…. just dont understand y shez doing all this….she's totally lost her charm…
    and to mention… faisal qureshi also is doing a pretty good job.. way better than nida and shahista,,,,

    • Zahra Mirza

      Exactly, they are turning Pakistani's into inferiority complex. We belong to very simple & moderate backgrounds & what do we have to do with Oriental foundations & botox injections. I am amazed at the callers themselves when they call & praise the hosts for their absurdity, who are these people actually?

  • mehak fatima

    LOVELY ARTICLE MISS ZAHRA….you delivered each and every sentence sincerely….i too believe and agree with each sentence of your article…i still listen to tilawwat on pt.v…morning shows are rubbish!! πŸ™‚ goood job..i really liked the way you wrote this article with easy,nice way πŸ™‚

    • Zahra Mirza

      Thank you so very much Mehak Fatima. πŸ™‚ I really appreciate your kind words. πŸ˜€

  • sarah

    Sanam is decent and great host . Her show better then other morning shows

  • ali shyr

    if u go around the world,,u can notice that only pakistanis have forgotten their values,
    um samjatay ah k istarah modern ohnay sa zyada cultured nazar ahay gay,,
    people never respect those who r on the footsteps of others–inferiority complex ki waja sa
    sab oot-patanng harkaty ker rahayah,,even thy r tv hosts or common pakistani
    niether husband has any shame nor a father,,every one has closed eyes for the sake of to
    become broadminded

    • Zahra Mirza

      Hmmm! Sad but true.

  • mahpara

    i really like ur views hira nd mani r out of their limits.thank God they left morning shows.i think actor shan is really good and sincere to his job nd pakistan but he also left his show he shud continue his show we want to see him.

  • rana bilal

    well miss zahra,wonderful work..i really appreciate you…u took a very good step…we must stand up together against that rubbish shows…yukkkkh nida and so called fahad doing worst job…seriously they must kick out….wahhhhh kaya suhaani morning hua karrtia thin 7:30 carttoons end and then bhaagay bhaagay to schoooooollllll…

    • Mrs. Asif

      Yup u r ri8.that ws da golden time.n brought tears in my eyes. Chacha ji ke piyari piyari baten, carton, bhøot bangla,aur "jago jago subha hoe,gulshan ka darwaza khula"…badly misng dt time.
      Current morning shows r doing nothing excpt behangum halla gulla, show off,wastage of money,n race of being no.1. Bt farrah sadia is mch better dn al n doing gud job.

      • Zahra Mirza

        Thank you very much Rana Bilal & Mrs. Asif. I agree with you that these days mornings shows are nothing but cheapness at its best. It's saddening.

  • Aniya

    well i like these shows when Nadia started it it was new after a while when she cross the track i stop watching its such a wast of time i dont know who watch these thing that's not the way we live may be celebrities live that way but not 90% of Pakistani there is not a single thing that make sense i totally agree with you here i would also add another thing in sahir lodhe show i guess he was trying to get engage people in those show he did something that's should not be appreciated he was calling the man who wants to get married he told the people who were there that he is french and very handsome blah blah so every one got excited who the guy is but when he came on the screen he was the opposite of that persnality and sahir lodhy was laughing so hard he rolling on the ground and everyone there was laughing it seem really bad to me i dont know how that guy bear that insult and none of them felt sorry for what they have done they have absolutly no limits at all

    • Zahra Mirza

      Ufff! This is exactly what we can expect of Cheap Sahir Lodhi. I remember seeing a few of the episodes of his show & he used to look down on every single person he called as a guest & if he called some celebrity he never let them speak just to show that 'you ain't any better'. He is one complexed person who can not stand the presence of anyone in his surroundings. He does some charity work but that doesn't make him a better person. He's cheap to the core.

  • Aun Abbas

    Such an awesome review that was. Loved every bit of it. You missed two jokers name the lodhi people. They are freaking us out too. I mean just see what the hell are these people up to? :@ always speaking about crap i so very support you that this concept of morning shows must be demolished or else they should try something innovative enough to please and entertain us.

  • Arooba

    I just love you zahra for what you have written!! I completely agree with you on every single thing you said! and yeah that baby shower thing was just disscusting!! and those weddings we see every other day on utho jago pakistan won't even be the last thing I would watch on tv! SERIOUSLY!!!

    And the jinnat and black magic obssessioon is another thing. If this morning show trend ever ends I would be really happy to see this stupidity come to an end!!

  • sabeen


    • TayyabaZulfiqar


  • Huma

    woww Zahra i m very impressed. this is a perfect piece of writing…. i wish we could stand togetger against this stupid and sensless shows… good job…
    if ever i want to watch t.v in morning, all these immature shows i face….. this is a complete wastage of time… they should at least broadcast something intellectual…

    • Zahra Mirza

      Thank you so much Huma, I agree to what you've said. πŸ™‚

  • Fiza

    Entirely agreed with you.. The only thing we can do is stop watching this bullshit so they don't get TRPs..
    Seriously, I do miss the time when we used to watch Mustansir Hussain Tarer uncle with sweet lady..

    • Zahra Mirza

      Thank you.

  • Areeba J

    Agreed Zahra. Good to know that their are at least a few people who are raising the voice against this adopted culture. You are absolutely right. I'll say this again that these programs are usually aren't of that type which can be watched with the elderly people of the family. I don't know whether I am right or this is a much conservative attitude…!!

    • Zahra Mirza

      I still think you're right. Because these morning shows have completely forgotten the older generation that lives among us. They're just focusing on the youth & more as to how they can spoil them. For sure our Nani's & Dadi's have nothing to do with the brands & the make ups & those expensive dressings.

  • mahwash

    its a total headache me nd my husband cant bear a second of any of morning show,,i hate these wedding gala nd jinat sessions,nd fazol topic discussions,aunties and girls sitting in front of hosts saying nd doing cheap stuff,
    yup i agree NADIA khan show wz better bt u know it wz nt da first one it started ist on ptv by da name of MENA BAZAR bt it wz also a headache i never like dt host dont remeb da name.
    i live in canada nd wen ever i on TV its morning show on every channel weather its nighttime or morning time so got sick of all plz convey my msg to channels k chalana bhe hy tu din mein aik bar chalao na…….

    • Zahra Mirza

      Thank you Mahwish for adding more to it. Yeah, you're right, Nadia Khan's show shared the TRP's with Ayesha Sana's Meena Bazaar too. But Ayesha Sana was still a better option to watch than Nadia Khan.

  • amal

    Excellent Article, keya bindaas likha hy ap nay cent % agree, aray hum or hum j say ketnay log dekhtay bhe nahe pher bhe TRP s pata nahe kaha say ajati hy … bal kay subha ka agaz ALLAH K NAAM,NAAT k baad humaray mulk k heros k sath honi chaheye HUMARAY NEW GENERATION ko pata hona chaheye k humaray mulk k NATIONAL HEROS kon kon hy or un ke keya khidmat rahe hy ,bajaye is k k hum bekar or fuzul kharafaat may paray … totally agree with u mam u r great…

    • Zahra Mirza

      Thank you so much Amal. Nice name by the way. πŸ™‚

  • zubaida

    what about a morning show with Farah?i after listening her show that the only educated female doing show,bt she do not get what she deserves,bcz she is doing show on terrestrial channel instead of satellite channel,although her show getting bored due to similarity ,what is her fault?she is doing show for 7 years.she never ran to the race of rating and never did dramas of marriage in shows,which is only stupidity.i am not her blind fan bt atleast when something is doing good,we must praise.

    • Zahra Mirza

      Thank you for your comment Zubaida. I agree, my family personally likes the show that Farah hosts because she just sticks to the questions & answers & nothing else. She does not stoop to a low level which is for sure not needed. I think of all the gharelu ladies hosting our morning shows, Farah is the one who has some decency & is up to date. I think she should get more recognition.

  • anam

    i strongly agree with zahra mirza……….u hv done a good job ….. yeah truely saying if we leave these kind of shows n dnt sport these basters ….thn this trend may be overcome.