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Morning shows: Entertainment or Headache!?!

We all are well aware of how our mornings are being ruined by the self-proclaimed reputed & respected morning show hosts. I may sound a little backward but I seriously miss the time when me & my siblings used to get ready for school & we only had PTV broadcasting Tilawwat of Quran Majeed to begin our day with followed by the Darood e Ibrahimi (trust me that’s how I got fluent in it by listening to it every morning Allhamdullilah). I am sure many of the readers will agree to what I am saying & what I am about to say. :)

Ah well! This obnoxious trend started off with GEO TV where Nadia Khan used to host the show. I understand it was a different experience for every housewife because they could just do their household chores along with watching Nadia Khan yap constantly. I understand it was appreciated because GEO was the only one hosting a show & there was no race for the TRPs. Nadia Khan did a good job because of her confidence. Later she lost the charm because her fame for sure affected her brain. She called every single person & started targeting their sensitive issues, insulting every single guest & to put an end to that journey what she did with Noor backfired on her perfectly leaving a great impact on every single fan of hers. I find it a bit amusing when people talk so high of her saying she was the best & we miss her. Ok, she might be the best in her screen presence & the way she carried herself but if we talk about the quality of her work….toot toot toot toot toot.

Anyways, now we have moved into another phase of the morning shows where each & every host is in the mode of “bhalla uski kameez meri kameez se safaid kaisay?” kind of a race. We start off our day with them listening to Indian songs, it’s al-right many people are addicted to music but I guess a moderate person having some values will for sure be thinking twice while listening to them subha savere. The first contradiction that we see is they say ASALAM ALAIKUM & let’s hear the music. Asalam Alaikum is a greeting where we wish peace for other human beings & there we go seeing them defying its essence by quickly tuning into music.

Excuse me for saying it but these days it seems like morning show hosts can go beyond the humane limits to grab the TRPS. Weddings, Jinns & Baby-Showers :O are the last things that anyone would want to see on their screens early morning. I heard Nida Yasir announce her TRPs at the end of her wedding week saying we have the highest TRPs this week & the whole staff cheered. She has been crossing a few limits but the limit was Hira’s Baby Shower where she was seen easily discussing about her personal details & history. Sharing secrets & Mani was seen talking about Hira’s weight gain & to top it up Nida Yasir said I am craving for another baby hayeee Yasir to nahi sun raha?!?!?!? I mean seriously?

The target audience of morning shows are housewives belonging to a certain background with very moderate values. We belong to the mind-set where when a lady is in this phase of her life she draws a huge dupatta & doesn’t come in front of her father because of the shyness & hats off to Nida Yasir & Hira for telling women to break the monotony by crossing the limits. That was the time I completely lost it & posted a piece of my mind to Nida Yasir but conveniently I never got a reply.

I read many comments of people saying ‘band karo yeh shows’ in shows ko band ho jana chahiye’ but all in vein. I just read an amazing article of Nida Zaidi about how Pakistani Drama Industry crushed the Indian Drama Craze that prevailed all over Pakistan so I am hoping that we can crush this pathetic trend of Morning shows too. Why can’t anybody take a stand against these below-the-belt shows? Why don’t we just stop seeing them so that they do not get the TRP’s? What could be done in order to stop these morning shows where they are making people complexed by flashing their designer dresses & talking about expensive make up products? What do they wish to turn Pakistan into?

I personally enjoyed watching those few months of morning show when Sanam Baloch used to host the show decently followed by Chef Adeels’ cooking show. That was something good that we saw on the TV. Sanam Baloch did an amazing job & the show was purely based on the interviews of the celebrities not something unnecessary. Recently Maya Khan’s Kitchen Idol was something interesting too if she had cut those unpolished dancers.

The point is that we have the potential for a healthy entertainment, we do not lack the ideas but it’s just that the show hosts either need to shut it or become more aware & DECENT in order to stop giving headaches to the people. I still wish that we hear the Tilawat of Quran Majeed on every single channel not at the time of Fajr when people hardly tune into their TV’s but in the peak hours of morning where every housewife switches it on.

Zahra Mirza.

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