Kahi Unkahi Episode 7 – Pacing Up

Finally after a a good amount of time Sherry has at last made his entry in the drama as a grown up. I enjoyed this episode as it seemed to move a bit faster & had something new to offer as well.

Sherry has arrived with a surprise & now Mr. Kamal seems to be a bit more relaxed than usual because now he sees both of his sons independent & well-groomed. But one thing that bothers me is Ansar’s attitude. Sherry is the one who stayed away from his parents but has become a gentleman in literal sense, he’s soft spoken & genteel. Even though he was away from his parents but seems like his Khala did a wonderful job in his upbringing but when I see Ansar, all I see is his conceitedness & arrogance. Does this mean that Mr. & Mrs. Kamal failed as a parent? Because it was Ansar who got to stay with them through out his life & is the eldest son. He also had his parents with him through thick & thin & got everything on a golden platter but why is he acting so strange & weird? Where did he pick all these bad habits from?

Ohkay, Anam firstly claimed that she has nothing to do with Shahzeb but now has taken the whole matter personally. She is furious & so is her mother, who is still forcing her to show interest in Shahzeb. I am amazed at Shahzeb’s sister, who happens to be Anam’s best friend. All the friends actually know the nature of other friends but she keeps on calling & giving her bits & pieces about the happenings at her home, which seems a bit amusing. Seems like Anam actually has nothing better to do & has never had any ‘rishta’ before too that’s why she’s taking this Shahzeb episode way too seriously.

I couldn’t quiet understand what was the reaction of Ansar’s colleague Seema when she found out about his wedding & why did she talk against it? I think they need to clarify this matter in the upcoming episodes because it can’t be left unnoticed. Anam seems to have impressed Sherry a lot that too in their first meeting but while watching that scene I couldn’t help but wonder how easily appearances can deceive  Anam at the very first impression may seem like a confident & refined young lady but actually has a lot of weaknesses. I think Sherry & Anam are going to have a lot more than just a friendship but it wouldn’t be appreciated much, obviously because of Anam.

Finally, Sherry’s arrival wasn’t as bad in regards to Zoya. He actually started reminiscing & remembered a few parts of his childhood & the major part was Zoya. At first when he talked to his father about who their driver was, seemed like an unnecessary fix because all this while when he was away we heard his mother often talk to him on phone about Bashir Driver in many ways, but when he asked his father about him I felt like ‘c’mon not again’. But finally after seeing his school he recollected all the memories associated to his childhood & Zoya, which I feel was something natural & exactly how it should have been dealt.

Ansar has now clearly talked to Zoya about how he feels & what sort of attention he looks forward to from Zoya. I feel Zoya has always been really close to her father, so why is she hiding about Ansar from him? She was the one who straight away rejected the proposal of her cousin in front of her father & has been upfront about everything but why is she hesitating in telling him now?

Zoya has had many guys who have shown interest in her but it is clearly seen that it’s Sherry who Zoya actually likes. Their first meeting after ages was a bit dramatic & filmy but it was good to see that they both have introduced themselves. At least they didn’t drag this matter to the next episode. I guess Sherry will now get cautious & hesitant towards Zoya after seeing the furious reaction of Mr. Kamal.

The preview of next episode is really interesting as well. Anam has openly suggested in front of Sherry’s family that her mother thinks they make a very good couple. It’s going to be really interesting. I see everyone doing a great job & Sherry has to show a bit more in terms of acting. Otherwise, my ratings are 4 stars for this episode.

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Fatima Awan

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  • I just love this drama.Sherry and zoya look soooo cute together.I hope this drama gets the popularity it deserves…it has a v good story, is v well directed and love the performances of the lead characters too.I think the Sherry Zoya pair is definitely very attractive and they do have great chemistry..

    • Yes, I feel the same too, they look really cute as a couple. But we'd have to see Sherry with Anam as well. :)

  • Well done Zahra, shabash. Great stuff.

    I think that Sherry remembers everything about his childhood. He never forgot Zoya even once. I think deep inside he also knows the ruthlessness and cruelty with which his father sent him away, hence the interesting lyrics to the OST :

    ' Muje pyaasa rakha sehrab ne, muje tanhaa rakha malaal ne, muje rakha qaid main umr bhar inhee sazishon bhare jaal main…. Yeh Khalish Rahi, Yeh Khasak Rahee, Yeh Sadaa Rahi… Kahi Unkahi.. ' – This is the allusion to his father.

    Remember, Sherry is the 'hero' of this drama, along with Zoya so the lyrics do not surprise me. Everything will center around him. Obviously, Sherry is very close to him and has inherited his mother's gentleness and compassionate qualities. He also realizes his father is an arrogant and class conscious individual and thus doesn't want to hurt him, but eventually he inadvertently will. As with Ansar, I think he has a chip on his shoulder and more will be revealed in due course. I'm lovin' it !

    Wishing you well, Zahra. Fi Aman Illah :-)


    • Thank you Brother & wow your analysis on the lyrics is spot on. I haven't heard the song because I strictly watch the episode. :) But yes, now that I think of it I feel the lyrics are defining the state of Sherry as a whole.

      I know people really thought & even I commented on how could Sherry forget Zoya but this episode cleared out everything & it was a pleasant surprise to see Sherry remember each & every detail related to Zoya. I know it would be hard on him from now on seeing the similar response of his father towards Zoya but I am sure he'll make his father realize & over-come the inhibitions he has towards Zoya. :)

      Thank you & wishes reflected. :)

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