15 Most Beautiful Faces Of Pakistan in 2012

We appreciate the talent of these ravishing beauties all through the year, now it is time to appreciate their looks as well. Here is a list of the top 15 most beautiful women of the Pakistani showbiz industry. monalist  15. Mona Lisa: Mona Lisa’s features or face is by no means Eastern but that does not make her any less attractive. She caught the eyes of many because of her cute face right from the time when she entered the industry and still looks radiant and appealing. tn_neelamcollage copy 14. Neelam Munir Neelam Munir is one of those girls in our industry who do not need to take aid of make up in order to stand out in a crowd. She is naturally endowed with a perfect complexion and cute features admired by many. tn_ayesha13 copy 13. Ayesha Khan: Ayesha khan has beautiful features and she has still not lost her girlish charm. She is good looking, elegant and admirable.

tn_syracollage copy

12. Syra Yusuf: Syra Yusef is charming, cute and adorable. She has an enigmatic appeal and a confidence which only very few girls her age have. She has done it all from hosting to modeling and acting. tn_mehreencollage copy

11. Mehreen Raheel: Mehreen Raheel has a class of her own and her beauty is very appealing. She may only be 5 ‘1 but even with this short height she stands tall among many enchanting faces of our industry. tn_sanamcollage copy 10. Sanam Baloch: An Eastern beauty with a contagious smile and a dimple that has won the hearts of many. She is pretty and talented and no 10 on our list. tn_anniecollage copy
9. Annie Jaffrey: Annie Jaffrey is the most beautiful fresh face of Pakistan. This girl has not been around for very long time but her innocent looks immediately caught the attention of many and we are quite certain that she will go a long way. tn_mahwishcollage copy 8. Mehwish Hayat: Mehwish Hayat is bold and beautiful. She has a very attractive face, great confidence and a smile that will make your day. tn_mahnoorcollage copy 7. Mahnoor Baloch: Even after so many years Mahnoor still looks as young as she did a year back and is in no way any lesser than the girls of today. She is chic, charming and very pretty; this list would be incomplete without her. tn_saba collage copy
6. Saba Qamar: She is tall, lean with flawless features. She is an actress, a model and a host and her confidence is what sets her apart from her contemporaries. tn_kashmalacollage copy 5. Kashmala Tariq She is not only the famous Pakistani female politician but according to one survey the most beautiful Pakistani women politician. Kashmala Tariq is member of National Assembly and belongs to Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid-e-Azam) or PML-Q. tn_ayzacopy copy 4. Ayza Khan: She may not be a very active part of the fashion industry but there is no denying the fact that this young girl is beauty personified. She has the perfect features and would definitely fall in the category of a natural beauty. tn_humaimacollage copy
3. Humaima Malik: Humaima Malik is cute, stylish and dazzling. She entered the fashion industry at the age of fourteen and worked hard to get where she is today. She is another beautiful woman who can carry any look with ease and comfort. tn_ayyancollage copy 2. Ayyan Ali: Ayyan sets the ramp on fire every time she appears on it because she has the style to go with her beautiful features which are as Eastern as they are Western. She has worked with the top designers of the industry and her innocent and attractive face has caught the attention of many. She is Pakistan’s Barbie doll and second on our list. tn_mahiracollage copy
1. Mahira Khan: Mahira Khan is on top of our list because she is a natural beauty; she looks stunning with her red hot lips and equally gorgeous with no make up on. Clad her in a duppata or put her in a dress this woman will carry it all. She is a style icon for many and has made a big place for herself in the industry amidst all the tough competition.    

What do you think about the list? Do not hesitate to share your views on comment section below.

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  • Ayesha Khan should be on no.1… i am not agree putting Mahira khan on no.1.. She is not famous as Ayesha Khan.. Ayesha khan is the top actress of Pakistan, 'n her most of all dramas are hit.. 'n mahira has only one. according to 2012, none of actress has done a hit play, 'Kaafir' has been the most fav drama of 2012. for that Ayesha Khan should get an award. she is not only beautiful, The best actress ever in Pakistani industry.. according to one survey of Pakistan, Ayesha Khan is the most searched actress on internet 'n highly paid actress in industry.. so i think she should be on top of the list. otherwise i like your effort. :)

  • I dont agree to put Mahnoor Baloch in the list, she is very old to be included in faces of 2012

  • excuse miss.. she is very famous then mahira khan, if u dint watch didnt watch her drams, then u dont no abt her, they way she acts no one can.. she is the natural actor.. thats y she is the most searched actress on net n highly paid actress! .. n no one can beat ayesha khan in her looks n her acting. her acting is out of this world. mahira might be beautiful for you. but her acting is 0… ask anyone! most of the survey says that..! weather u like it or not..!

  • mahira lhan shouldn`t b on no 1
    also mehreen is above than syra..not fair…syra is more pretty.
    and i didn`t find kashmala beautiful….

  • Saba qamar is more beautiful, elegant and decent than mahira n humaima.
    mahnoor baloch and mona lisa???? oh please gimme a break.
    even samina peerzada is more gracefull than some of girls/women in the list.

  • ufffff itni bara jhot mahira number 1 par uff number 1 par saba ya phr syra ko hona chaheya tha ak dab bakvas ha ya

    • yes zara…….., Ayesha khan is the top actress of Pakistan 'n she should be on no.1…. n someone told me from media,, that she is highly paid actress of Pakistan! she is very very famous.

  • nt gud ranking…mehwish ,ayyan should b on top,,,nd finally mahnoor should be out of ts ranking,,guys just cm wth new faces pls

  • Ayza Khan???? You must be kidding she has neither class nor style!! Absolute paindoo and unattractive looks!!

    • Class n style doesnt mattr.she has attractive look dn even mahira who is at da top.mahira has fair comlextn bt nt atrctive at all.

  • give me a break…..MAhira on 1 heheheheh buahhaahh isay 10 tk hona chaiye tha thts it, most beautiful ki baat ho rahi ha where the hell is iman ali??

  • mahira is soooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful she should be at the top of world most beautiful women list:)


    • Samiya is ryt no doubt Annnie Jaffry is really face of 2012, mahnur baloch should b on 2nd and thn mhvish hayat. ayeshas or Saba kahan ki khubsurat ????? they both r not having good features., and neelam ka face waqae bht kharab hai wid out makeup

    • I think she does look like krisen stewart bt U hate kirsten stewart and I love annie so I wouldnt go there.

  • except kashmala tariq the rest is fine,kashmala dosnt deserve to be here,a useless politiation and nothing

  • cm on yr plz mahnor baloch and ayesha khan shuld nt be in the list they are old beauties and plz mahira at frst not at all she has good features bt she doesnt know their proper use ayan ali shuld be frst

  • Mahira has only fair complexion and not pretty from any angle. Kashmala is pretty but not an actress. Mahira does not deserve to be on the 15th position . Because writer is talking about beauty but not hittest serial giving actress.

  • Trust me, before studying the list , Mahira was in my mind on top.
    she really do deserve, her dressing no doubt very different. and acting of course.

    • Yup agree with u! I first down to see if Mahira was on the first and there she was cuz she deserved it! :)

  • Strictly in the terms of beauty i'll agree on mahira, mahnoor, aiza, syra, mona, saba….any other is not BEAUTIFUL. Sanam baloch is no doubt very talented actress but not beautiful

    • Jamila I don't know what is beauty according to you but Mahnoor aiza and Sanam Baloach are beautiful. Ask some man about them. I agree with you with the rest of the names . Syra, Mona and Saba are not attractive in any sense. Mahira also did not deserve to be in the list.

    • I have seen Saba Qamar. she is not pretty at all. She needs a lot of make-over to be looked pretty on screen. She should not be included in the list. Humaima is also not very pretty.

  • 2,3,5,9……..ko list main nahie hona chaye…..in main beauty nazar nahie ate….ye surf famous hai apnay work ki waja se

  • Ayesha khan or mhanoor blooch ki baat hai,tu un ko list main hona chaye…itni age ki honay k bawajod ,un main beauty nazar ate hai….they both r ever green……

  • I don't. Agree with you about mahira khan. Sanam baloch is more beautiful than other actresses. she deserve top in the list. How can you put her at 10 position. wrong not agree

  • Ayesha is famous and pretty but average at acting. Mahira is not beautiful and good at acting and famous too.

  • itni controversy!! hmm beauty lies in the eye of beholder. Aisha Linnea Akhter alos deserve to b in the list.. n if really a thing of beauty is a joy forever,then Amna sheikh should also b there:). by the way what is the relation between 2012 and mostly old ladies in the list?

  • lolz Mahira clad in a Dupatta hahaha , lagta hai ye list Mahira k kisi chamchy ny banai hai :p lux style awards mein wo dupatta kyon nahi hota phir ????

  • syra yousaf should be in top 10,while alishba yousaf should also be here in this list……..
    n plz leave mahnoor nw mae to pura saal usy ksi drama me nae dkha pta nae ap ne kaha dekh lya anti mahnoor ko:-)

  • I disagree putting Mahira khan on NO.1 …………this list is not based on facts and figures just made on self assessment

  • i dont kw my view is valued or not m from India nd have just watched humsafer ,and guys mahira kha i natural in every way dont have idea about otr actresses but i have just opened this link becoz mahira she is really pretty …they all are beutiful but m on mahiras side

  • sajjal and mawra should be included…and mahira…OMG,,how can u give her no.1st… she is a bad actress :/ she got fame coz ov her good luck only otherwise she is neither a talented actress nor a real beauty :/

    • EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………yahan par jin logon ne bhi mahira ke khilaf cmnts diye hain they r SIMPLY jealous……..MAHIRA IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!mahira se achi actress ho hi nahi sakti and u ppl r comparing her with sanam……and the rest of them huh…………she is sooo beautiful……attractive…..loving……she is the BEST….agar wo achi na hoti to aaj humsafar itna mashahoor na hota…..mahnoor baloch saba sanam etc boht salon se kam kar rahi hain onka koi drama itna hit kyon nahi hoowa?????????????shame on all of the ppl who talk against her she is sooo innocent…….

      • dear sareena, dont be so emotional…. mahira is really fantastic actress ,, she really acted superb in humsafar

        but she is not so beautifual to be rated as no. 1…

  • Absolutely Mahira khan is on the top because she is natural beauty. but is me Alishba yousuf ka bi name hona chahye tha she is so pretty and also she deserve this.

  • ayza khan is the best jalny waloon nay jalna hai to jalain hahahaha………………..looooooooooooogggggggnnnnnnnn

  • I don't agree with your rating from 1-15, but i totally agree they are the most beautiful women……
    According to me………..
    1. Saba Qamar
    2. Ayesha Khan
    3. Ayza Khan
    4. Syra Yousuf
    5. Mehreen Raheel
    6. Mona Lisa
    7. Humiama Malik
    8. Sanam Baloch
    9. Mahira Khan
    10. Mahnoor Balouch
    11. Annie Jaffry
    12. Mehwish Hayat
    the rest i don't know who they are……….

    • These women and girls are playing roles it is makeup camera angle costume which change their looks in Drama. It is the casting director, who pick them for a role, otherwise average looking girls like Mahira khan, Amina sheikh, Ayesha Khan will not be playing the role of beautiful girls in Drama. Allah Maaf Karey Ayesha's features are not even proportionate but many people consider them beautiful. It is their choice. Dil Aaye Gadhi per to Pari kya cheese hai.

  • what the hell .. whats HUMAIMA doing in the list? she's ugly as hell!! saba qamar, mahnoor baloch and sana baloch are FAR FAR FAR BETTER THAN MISS AYAN , HUMAIMA, KASHMALA EVEN AYZA!!

  • I think rating is based on face beauty not on acting , those who are saying she is good or bad actress……….but why NEELAM MUNIR is in this list ????????????

  • ayeza khan should top d list…..mehwish hayat iz 9th sexiest asian woman n look where she lies in ur damn list

  • Lol ye rating kisi ek banday ki banai hui lagri hai…no one agrees with it! Mahira on number 1 makes me laugh..just becoz humsafar was a hit does not mean that its lead actress should get the 1st position! Ayza khan saba qamar, syra yousuf, mehwish, sanam baloch should be on top…..and ye mona lisa kahan se agayi…is se behter to sawera nadeem ya sarwat gillani theen…Its a totally rubbish and biased rAting

  • in my opinion Mahira should not be at number 1.. Ayza could be remarked at no. 1 in this list…

    Saba Qamar and Sanam Baloch were necessary to be in the list that u have already added.

    1 but i think the girl in : mein Gunahgar nahin" is really beautiful ,, she should be in the list

    2 n wut about Alishba Yousuf why she is missed i think she is more beautiful than her younger sister

    3 n Juggan is also a charming face of our screen

    4 madiha iftikhar of MBMD has really pretty features

    Read and comment, i m waiting for ur response for my added girls

  • for me most of the girls in the list dont deserve to be in .
    and a lot of beautiful faces u hav missed dear

  • and one thing more Humaima is not beautiful at all.. she is model becauseof her height ad good physic but her features are not beautiful at all….

  • aisha khan is the most beautiful lady v hav on pak tv…shes charming,attractive n simply classy….see her wdout mkeup n she looks eveen more stunning

  • I dont think k Mahira khan should be on Number 1 ,and ayeshaa khaan?????? wht at number 13 and Annie jaffery should not b at number 9 SORRY SO SORRY but i dont agreee :=(

  • Sanam Baloch and Ayza Khan are my favourites from the list. Both are beautiful but the thing about Sanam is her simplicity and innocence. She's a real beauty!
    That aside, I don't quite agree with rating how one looks. Beauty is subjective and purely a matter of perception.

  • i disagree. Sanam Baloch more beautiful then other actresses. In the list she's no 10 thats totally wrong. Sanam Baloch is more beautiful then mahira

  • Mahira as number 1, seriously? She's not as beautiful as the others. Ayza Khan should be no1. And where in the WORLD is Aisha Linnea??? Shes beauty personified!

  • Fully agree with the lis ratingt, Mahira is the only actress with natural beauty and great talent, the way she talks without any pose, and looks gorgous in every outfit, whether simple like Khirad or modern like Falak, she deserves to be at place 1.

    • Totally Agree with u!! Love Mahira…. She's the best and deserves Number 1! People are just jealous of her!!

  • This list is based on the face beauty and beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Everyone can agree or disagree with this list. Mahnoor Baloch and Kashmala Tariq are forced entries in the list. Again, features and cuts wise Mahira Khan cannot be No 1

  • agar mahira khan ko no.1 kia hee hai to atleast no.2 mai to sanam baloch ko rakhtay and no.3 mai ayeza khan us k baad jis marzii ko le jatay 20th no. tak !!!!

  • Mahira deserved to be #1! She's beautiful! People are just jealous of her! Love her! Haters gonna hate so it's okay! Anyways, I think Syra should have been in top 3 because she's beautiful too! I exppected Sajal Ali, Alishba Yousuf, Naveen Waqar and Iman Ali to be in this list too!

    • dear Mahnoor,, ye comments Mahira ke coprofessionals ne nahin kiya jo in mein se koi Mahira se jealous hogaa… hum public ka Mahira se koi competition he bhhela jo hem uss se jealous hongay… she is really a very good actress but not so beautiful that she is marked as no1

    • i disagree bat jealousy ki nai sach ki ha i personaly like mahira but she is not beautiful as others like sanam,sajjal ,mawra,saba ,mahnoor ,ayza yeh real men beauty queen han

  • Beauty is subjective. Agar aap kisi ko pasand nahi karte tu uske naqsh ko bura bhala bhi na kahayn!! Allah ki banai huwi cheez ko judge kese kersakte hayn aap log?

  • mahira khan should be second every one has their own opinion syra is young n beautiful should be on top

  • Mahira Khan is INDEED number 1…AGREED! :) Apart from that…the list seems all right…

  • well aani jafery and umaima and mahera positions are not correct anni should not even be included in the list where as humaima should be on 11 and mahera should be on 5

  • I totally disagree with the above list…..u guys r soo selfish n fool…..Sanam saeed should be in 2nd number of this list…she is soo talented n beautiful n very much better than the above mention names..so do amina sheikh should be in list.

  • complexion z nt everythng….!! Aminah sheikh SHOULD b included..she hs GR8 features…….n alishba yousuf azwll…!!!

  • you should include syra on atleast second she is gorgeous nd cute nd i totally disagree with including annie

    • saba is not as beautiful as mahira ……………………………………………
      i love you mahira maheen sanam ayza saira ayesha neelum mehwish annie ………………………… saba too!

  • not agree with ur list mahira should not b on ur list, syra yousaf,alishba sanam saba qamar shoul b in top 5

  • Allah ki nazar tumahre dillu per he naa ke chehrou per, i wish ke kabih yaha pe KHOOBSEERAT ki bih list banai jaye.. Anyways I am great fan of Sanam Baloch, maybe bcz she has similarity to my face, but to be honest she really deserves to be on top 3 and she also deserves on the list of khoobseerat at top 3 as I have seen her in many shows, she is such a nice human. Mashallah

  • everyone seems pretty well i think mahnoor baloch aunty should not be here.these all are young girls except her:(

  • ayesha khan jaise old lady ko list main nhin hona chahiye aur wo kisi angle se khubsoorat nhin hai aur saba qamar ki jaga alishba ko hona chahiye tha

  • mona lisa has already stated she doesnt like Pakistan so why even put her in the list? Mehwish hayat is pretty but not to be among "top 15". Sania Saeed should be in the list. Lastly, Mahnoor Baloch should be number #1 forever!

  • bilkul galat list ha humaima yuck thoo humamima ko tu list ma hi nhi hona chaye tha & who is annie jaffery ajeeb pagal lag rahi ha shaista wahidi kyun nhi ha list ma?? syra yusuf mehreen raheel k b baad what the hell totally wrong list kis ne banayi ha mona lisa mehwish hayat or specially mahnoor baloch jaisi aunties ko tu is list ma hi nhi hona chaye tha

  • Famous koi bi ho i don't care mujhe to ek pyari se Friend chiye bas… auger ap ma se koi bi pyari hai to kam se kam mujhe ek sms he kar sakti ho na…. 0336-0111182. don't worry ma koi worng type nahi hon. sb kuch hai bas ek dost he nahi hai. sorry if any one mind my message.Rafiq

  • koi hoti ya na hoti per *** MOMO *** ko q bhool gaye.? khoobsurat woh nahi hota jis ka face pyara ho khoobsurat to woh hota hai jis ka dil pyara ho… i think MoMo is the best. jo pershan faces per bi hasi le aati hai. Baki ap ki marzi mano ya na mano…

  • Totally not agree with the list,looks like it's on the basis of color complexion.Neelum munir shouldn't be on the list.I think only sanam baloch and saba qamar are the beautiful faces.For me the most beautiful face I am seeing these days is the sister of kashaf murtaza (sanam saeed) in zindagi gulzaar hai .And one more face is samina peerzadas' real daughter don't know her name.

  • and instead of saira yousuf I think ALISHBA YOUSUF is the prettiest one she never puton much makeup on her face and still looks beautiful in EK NAZAR MERI TARAF.

    • yes i agree i dont know why people like saira. Saira is very pheeki Alishba is far more beautiful then saira her hair her eyes glowing face every thing mashALLAH

  • i don't really have any issues with this list and Mahira is THE most beautiful face so putting her on num 1 was a good decision but Syra Yousuf should have been put in top 10 and Aniee Jaffery after 10 may be at 14th also mehreen raheel should have been given 15Th position not mona lisa so there you went wrong.. rest all seems fine!

  • Sanam Baloch, Syra Yousef, Neelum Munir, Saba Qamar and Mahira Khan should have been in the top 5….mawra hocane and iman ali should have been added on !

  • Don't agree with the list at all. Humaima Malik, Mehreen raheel,Mona Liza and Kashmala Tariq don't deserve to be there. Mahnoor baloch is too old to be on the list. Syra Yousaf should be in top 3.

    • if you dont know Mahreen raheel was the first pakistani Asian face who was listed in asian eye magazine in top 10 with all indian actresses

  • m not happy with list… mahira ko 15 pr rkhna chahiye us k face pr eyes nose lips hr chiz extra bri he saba qamar annie jaffry kashmala ayza, mehwish hayat seemi raheel ye sb bs normal hain not at all haseeeeeen.. Humaima moona liza ayesha khan
    mahnoor sanam ayyan ali neelam syra are good faces good actresses and models…..

  • mahnoor baloch is too old now.where is iman ali.she should be on no. 1.mawra is also not included.bakwasss list

    • Old is Gold, even now Mahnoor is beautiful without makeup than Humaima, Kashmala and Annie. It is obvious.

  • Wrong list ,pakistan main bohat KHABSOORTI hay ,app ko nazar hee nahi aaaaaaa rahi , nazar check karwain . i hate when anyone say Reema ko reema khan , yah reema tu marasi hay abb khan bun kay aaaaaa ghai hay , loogo ko pata bhi hay phir bhi ankhain band ki hai hain, nonsence

  • ayeza khan shoulb b at top of list
    mahira khan is list mai kisi b position pe deserve h nahi karti

  • ppl please this is true that every1 in this list is beautiful just accept the fact but this list is only from showbiz girls, otherwise in pakistan there's much more prettier people than these girls. and these girls are wearing so much makeup and computer edditing makes them flawless. werna real main aap inlog ko agar dekh lain to ziada say ziada ye hosakta hay k pehchan na sakain lakin khofzada nahi hongay. but just magine k india ki koi actoress ko agar aap real main dekh lain to shaid der he jayen kiyun k wahan per beauty sirf tv main he nazar ati hay wo bhi baytahasha makeup aur edditing k baad werna to Allah toba

    • Clearly, aap ke liye khoobsurti ka matlab sirf gori skin hai. Is pure list mein amina sheikh nahi hai? Kyun? Because she is not fair…… Its time ke aap ye realise karein ki khubsoorti sirf perfect eyes, nose ya skin mein nahi hoti. Insaan ki personality bhi count karti hai. Achhi shakal waale sirf apni personality se ugly lagne lagte hain aur kabhi mamooli shakal waale apni personality se khubssorat lagne lagte hain. Aur jahaan tak indian khubsoorti ka sawaal hai, india mein gori larkiyan shayad naa ho lekin khubsoorat larkiyan beshak hain. Agar yakeen na ho to aakar dekh lein.

    • Thats not true! Pakistani larkiyaan bohot achi shakloon ki hoti hain aur Pakistani dramas mien to waisay bhi actresses bohot kam makeup mien ati hain.a

    • u r not right is list mein unhoon ne sirf fair girls/women ko liya hai 'indian' is right

    • i agree wth u maryam….yh sab make up sai bhari hui fake auratain haai…jo kaam yh karti haii ALLAH inko asal khubsurti dai b nahi sakta…

  • I disagree with some people on the list mahnoor baloch and saba qamer? WTF they are old and average! Mahnoor is too old to be even considered beautiful against such younger artists. Also, Saba Qamar is old too and I have seen many Pakistani girls that look like her, she has an average face. And there are other but this list could have been way BETTER! XD

  • i love these all especially mahnoor baloch ,mehreen rahil ,sanum baloch, neelum, syra,mahira and mehwish i love you and your beauty

  • kshmala ki jaga to maryam nawaz ko he le ate,n pata ni is humeme me aesa kia hay jo public ko to nazar ni ata media ko nazar ata hay.bdshakal ne hay but bahut aam shakal ki hay,baki sab thore thore frk se theak hen

  • Mehreen raheel shouldnt even be on the list ,she is less than average looking.And syra,neelam should have been top 3 including Alishba which should have been included,and yes Mahira is no.1

  • no face is beautifull,,maira and mona liza is out of list,,she both don't deserve this position

    • Kia bakwaas hai yar last 5 should be on the top 5. N mahhnoor the old lady, kashmala, humaima n annie ka yahan kia kam? Iman ali n ayesha omer should be included.

  • hmm itna make up kar k tu har koi hi# 1 ho sakta hae no1 tu jab ho jab munh dhoo kar muQabla krain

  • is list mein aik bohat payara chehra missing hai. sajal ali ko tu 2 or 3 number pe hona chaheye ta. beautiful faces ke bat ho aur sajal ali ka name na ho ye kese mumken hai. over all mujay list pasand aye.

  • Mona Liza,Neelam Muneer,Humaima too pheeni nose Hain Mahnoor is old,Mahira has pakora nose, Ayza Khan r Mawra should b # 1 .pata nahin Apka beauti slection Kesa ha ? Punjab ki ek ek street mein lakhon Haseen faces Hain .

  • yar list fazool hai sirf saba,kashmala,or sanum behtar hain baki sab fazool kis ne bnai hay ye list

  • mahira khan ix neeeeeevvvvvveeeeerrrr evvvvveeeerrrr #1 she don't dizrv she just set in humsafir but not in this list

  • where is sajal ali, irij fatima and sohai ali abro of saat pardon main.. these galz r fresh n natural beauties

  • you should have made a list of top 15 beauties of pakistaan apart from showbiz!! m damn sure how appealing and better than these fake plastic faces would have appeared ..a dozens of them infact!! :)

  • You're missing the prettiest and cutest face of all who won our hearts over with dramas like Ek Nazar Meri Taraf where she played the most innocent character I've seen till yet.

    I'm talking about Alishba Yousuf.

    She deserves it more than any Mona Lisa/Sara Loren (have you seen her most recent pics of her project with Imran Abbas? She looks like she got botox and lip full karne ka treatment) or even more than her sister Syra, who albeit is pretty good too but she's still prettier and a better actress.

    • She calls herself "sara loren" now! :S seriously, no offense, but makes me wonder about her family background. And i don't agree with much of the list anyway Except Mahira being no. 1. Ayaan is over-rated.

  • syra yousuf ko 1 hona chahye tha she z soooooooooooo cute.kis ne list bnai ha itni gandi choice… mahira to top 15 ma b nai honi chahye

  • Crap… Mahira is the ugliest actress with wooden face, she can't even do acting. Some girls are quite pretty but in this list their rank is senseless.

    • No one cares about you. Everyone is beautiful in they're own way. No one should be called crapy or ugly. Also,you called her a bad actress, have you ever seen her dramas? I feel like it is actually happening. So get your facts straight before you criticize someone. Besides you might just be jealous of her acting.

  • Ok fine indian actresses are ugly then why did 3/4 pakistan after them want to follow them copy them sing and dance like them look veena malik what she is doing in india ali zafar good for nothing , on the other hand indian actor and actresses are including tv artist (not all but most of them ) are smart well educated intelligent ect so next time think ten times before saying anything against indian actors apne grebaan main jhank ker dekh lo

    • kia baat kr ra hi ho ,INDIAN actresses???????? on ki shakak de ki b hai ya nahi …….. agar itne hi wo log ache lagtey hai tho india jao na
      mujhe tho lagta hai k tumhe veeva ki tara INDIA acha lagta hai

    • I didnot get that why people are so obsessed by INDIA and INDIANS.. what do they give them..?? SHIT.. :@ U are such a obsessed person.Now here we are talking about PAKISTANIS.And u obsessed gal talking here about Indians.LAME PEOPLE LAME THINKING.. GO AND GET A LIFE please..!! and STOP being so dumbo.

      • exactly^ I do agree with you Nawab!
        Indians are not at all beautiful. They do alot of make up to make them look good. without makeup they simply look ugy and weird!
        And yes well educated and smart?huh I guess you haven't heard about rakhi savant!

  • AYesha Khan should be at no.1….. she is best actress the most hitt list of dramas… AYesha khan the best <3

  • to me beautiful faces r ….<ayesha khan,sanam baloch,mahnoor baloch ,saba and monalisa> 4m these 1 should b at top.because i thinhk these r rely beautiful face with innocent look.others r also gud but thy dont deserve 2 b at top 5.sorry ladiz.its just suggesstion.

  • yeh jis ne bhi no 1 pr mahira ko rakha hai or no 3,5,6,7 i think woh andhi hai or ussy beauty ka pata nhi hai or uss ne apni pasand k hisab se ranking di hai AIZA or ANNIE ko no 1 ya 2 pr rakhna chahiye tha

  • admin is this top 15 ? like
    kashmala tariq?
    u missed
    IMAN ALI yarrrrrr :@

    • According to me i have 3 most beautiful faces that i like and are natural beautiies! Mahnoor baloch, sanan baloch,and aiza khan. You should see mahnoor balch invnoor pur kicrani.what a beauty just like a princess and also sanam baloch looks fabulouse in the sh

  • dont agree ………. kya hogaya hy aap logon ko….ksi ko b kahin b adjust kr diya …… damn list……

  • mahnoor baloch aur ayza ko first,secnd rakhna chahiye tha..neelam ko list main ni rakhna chahiy tha…..numrng bilkul sahi ni he

  • Saba Qamar should be No 1 she is perfect in every angle .Her acting , beauty , figer and she is very attractive . Her acting is 10000 s times better than Mahira khan


  • ayeza khan is the prettiest amongst all ncluded in the list.Myra should be at no 15. Ayyan should not be included and alishba is prettier than her sister syra.

  • maaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrraaaaaaaa iz preeeeeeeeeeeeeeety then these girls she has lot ov inner beauti so i like her very much saba is to good

    • yar mai heran ho ye dunya wale ken cheezo per hobsorati paraktay hai q k deko na abi katrina mai kia hobsorat hai aor sb log kehtay hai wo hobsorat hai

  • the ratting is very bad mahira mai aise koi baat nhai hai k woh 1 per ae wel mahnoor baloch ko tu ub budhoun ki list mai aana chahiye ..aiza is best mawra .urwa.ayesha omer ko shamil kerna chaiye tha

  • One question please !!!
    Why can't there be any men in the 15 most beautiful faces of Pakistan.
    This is open injustice towards all the men in Pakistan.

  • if i m asked i wl rate akording following
    1.mahnoor baloch
    2.sanam baloch
    3.ayza khan
    4.annie jaffery

  • I think that ayza khan should be no.1 because of her beauty and cute features and guys seriously mahira khan on no.1 i can't beleive it also that alishba,sajjal,maura,urva and iman ali should be in this list and guys take out mona lisa i hate her and she's so ugly

  • sab makeup ka kamal ha mere bahi in sa khobosart to or b hain bas fark itna ha k yeh nazar ati ha or wo nazar ni ati….

    • bilkul theek kaha apne… in se bohut khoobsorat or bhi hain jinhein mene apni aknho se dekha hai or baghair make up k

  • Saba Qamar
    Mahnoor Baloch
    Kashmala Tariq
    Ayyan Ali
    Mahira Khan

    These people are NOT BEAUTIFUL!

    Mahnoor Baloch – She is too old and her aging shows! She is packed with to much botox!
    Saba Qamar – She has a "Aam Shakal" My cousin looks like her and many girls in Pakistan do also. Her features are not pretty. She is like a basic women next door.

    Kashmala Tariq – WTH?? I dont even know where to begin. Just weird.

    Ayyan Ali – She is nowhere the BARBIE of Pakistan her face is to packed and i can see she also got stuff done.

    Mahira Khan – She has the fattest features on her face. Not so beautiful at all.

    This list is disappointing I am sick of seeing the same people on these lists. Lets let in new faces for Pakistan than highlight the old. Also what part of these women are natural on the lists above. These people get stuff done to their face more times than we know or can think of. Also when i see thier dressing in awards, shows,and programs there is no way theses ladies appear INNOCENT. And this is coming from someone who lives in the west and still doesnt act or dress like them on this list. Tsk Tsk..!! XD

  • I really really like Mahira Khan. She is so gorgeous. Your list seems like a personal opinion based on personal likings and thats why mostly would not agree with it. Why dont you conduct a poll and let us vote for the most beautiful face of Pakistan?

  • Yahan par ziada tar larkiyon ne mahira ko unlike kiya because they are jealoused of her lol?????????

  • kashmala Tariq???????how come does she stand in this list ? seems like she thrown too much money to get into this list :P

  • according to me top 5 list as under :
    1 Sanam Baloch
    2 saba Qamar(Go watch drama "Daastan" and then you will know how beautiful Saba Qamar is)
    3 Mahwish Hayat
    4 Ayza Khan
    5 Mahnoor Baloch


  • All faces are beautiful. I wont say Mahira is ugly it depends on choice may b someone else likes her alot… bt honestly she doesn't deserve number 1…. whether she puts on makeup or not.. she looks same n her features r not as much attractive…

  • mhara khan is not number one she is here because of drama humsafer before she was v j who recongnize her

    • use tou Allah ne bnaya hai kisi ki shakal pr tankeed mat karen anti g ap ko sharam ani cahiye Allah ki bnayi hui shakl ko baten kr rahi hain ap kiya miss word jeet kr ayi hain

    • By saying this, you are insulting Allah because he made her. Please think before speaking.

    • mahira is so nice
      His Nose Lips evrything is so beautiful''''''''''''''''Allha ne sab ko nice bnya hai

      • excusme ………not his….she is not boy she is girl…….she is her not his……..think before saying

        • excusme whats your problem ……….batameezi ki bhi hadd hoti hai…maine app ki ghalti nikali hai …………mahira larki hAI AUR app ne uske liye his use kiya hai ..ghalti khud karo aur phir tooto kisi aur pe

          • no dear mujhe to koi porbiem nahi hy ;';';okay yar BE HAPPY :":"ghalti ki thi ';'to sab sy hoti hy ';';
            aap to naraz ho gi ';'DEAR FRND ***********SMILE

          • mujhe to kuch samajh nahi aarahi hai ………..pehle to ja maine app ki ghalti nikali to app ne mujh pe ghussa kiya aur ab dear dear keh rahi hai

          • o ho dear 'naraz ni ho ;'yar insaan hy mistake to hoti hy ';';aap ny bi mujhe hurt keeya tha

          • ik to dear kehti ho uper se kehti ho ke maine hurt kiya….maine ghalti nikali……..to app ko ghussa aagaya ……aise bhi log hote hai

          • yes mu girl thi but yr mujhe add mu name chage krna nahi ka nahi pta ;'is liay mu ny aaj add delet ki hy ;sorry ;';

  • for God sake change this list please who the hell make this list .male or female.blinde person

  • 1) Ayza khan
    2)Ayesha 0mer
    3)Sajal ali
    4)Mawra hocone
    5)Annie jaffri
    6)Humaima malik
    7)urwa hocone
    8)saba qamar
    9)Mehwish hayat
    10)sanam baloch
    11)Mehreen raheel
    13)Sohai ali
    14)Fatima effendi
    15)Syra yousuf
    THis is what i thnkk should be… this list is wrong

    • very correct, when it comes to beauty or natural beauty, then ayza khan, aysha khan, sajal, saba qamar ets must be on top. this list has been selected on the criteria of actresses who are on top in fashion and tv. u can say who are in because their highly budgeted plans. mahira khan is not beauty, she is a common face with stylish personality. syra khan is not the requirement of this list even. ayan ali, good for nuthing in case of face beauty, only fashion icon because of being youngest fashion model.i thnk this list needs to be corrected before finalizing. Beauty speaks it self.

    • this is a totally wrong list u hv mentioned… the list here shud only hv the chages of mona lisa n ayyan ali

  • i alsooooo coment on ayesha khan is number 1 becoz she is very very pretty and cool.

  • Mahnoor balooch ne apney app ko abhi tak baqi tamam larkiyun se zeiyada fit rakha howa he jabke us ki age sab se zeiyada he .

  • Mona Lisa?? Kashmala?? Ayyan Ali?? I came here to see beautiful faces and all I got was disappointment!
    And Natural Beauty? you forgot Samiya Mumtaz who wears the least makeup of all..
    And why humaima has to be on number 3 and ayesha khan with her persian features so down in the list? And you did not consider the new talent it seems (Mawra and Urwa Hocone). Also not the pretty Alishba Yousaf who is alot better than her sister Syra! And Ayesha Omar? well disappointed!

  • Ayza Khan is at the top in my list….Innocence, beauty, grace and fascinating eyes

  • All Ladies are more pretty than other ,That is a great Allah who bestowed the prettiness to the womens,so don't be proud of your beautiness,pray to Allah.


  • i want sajal ali, ayesha omer to b in this list. sajal deserves to b num 1… sory to say but mahira should b no where when v r talking about beauty :D

  • ALLAH ne sb ko bnaea h and i think so k jo log 2sron pe comment kr rae hn phle apne ap ko dkhen…………..

  • Ayeza khan. Mahira khan.ayan .syra.mahnoor baloxh.sanam saeed should be there .annnie jaffery .saba qamar..qashmala should be out of the list .mawra hocane shoulda be there .urwa hocane should be there.aysha Umer should have been there.after than mahrine saeed.atlast sajal Ali ,Alishba yousaf ,sanam jung, Nelum munir than aysha khan ,humaima ,and then ayan. I think these r pretty girls in Pakistan

  • Neelam munir is not so beautiful Kashmala tariq should not be in this list………………………………………………………………
    sohai , shajal, urwa marwa and maya should be in this list

  • Neelam munir is not so beautiful Kashmala tariq should not be in this list………………………………………………………………

  • yeahhyyyy!!!!!!!!!!11 mahira khan is on the top and i knew cox she excellent in every thimg! congratulations mahira khan! :D

  • i m not satisfied with ranking…….mahnoor get aged now,she must bi out of such ranking…..sanam baloch and ayiza khan are more beautiful than top 3 position mentioned here.i think ayiza is at first and sanam baloch is at 2nd,,,,ayesha khan is at 3rd.,,mona lisa desired 10 position and mahira 12.

  • kia baat hai yaar sub ki… main tou in sub say shaadi krnounga… all these ……… WHATS YOUR IS MINE… so respect your bhaaaabies…….

  • these girls are not beautiful. beautiful girls are not in front of camera. I am v beautiful and i do not like tah can see any male

  • yeh mahnoor ko tu list mien sey nikal do ab or mahira is not as much pretty that as she got at 1

  • hr kisi me koi na koi folt hota hy or in sb me b hy to sb hi ik sy hen ,pr agr mona liza ko daal diya to wena malik ka kya kasoor tha

  • first pay mehwish 2 pay sanam 3 saba qamar ko hona caheye ye ranking galat hy mahira khan to hamsafar say hit hui hy

    • mahira ko to bol nay bhi intna hit nahi kiya tha jitna hamsafar ne kiya hai and she is not beautiful but simply a good actresss

  • EVERY ONE HAVE ITS OWN CHOISE.DNT COMMENT ON LIST.COMMENT ON FACES. ……………………….agr is list ko indian beauty list se compare kea jae to we should be on zero…………………

    • Why
      Our girls are more beatiful than them l think you are an ffffoooooolllllllll thinking that you I them who does not even have beauty . If you Ilike them than marry all you stupid. I know that you are Pakistani but people like you only made Indians girls popular . You all who say that are blind .

    • I think the problem with u FATIHA NOOR nd miss JAMEELA is u both are jealoused of these faces.U have not seen the beauty. Or ur standards are this much low that u dont even know to whom u should classify at which point.U are greatly obsessed people.

    • i think every one isn't veena malik. by the way do u follow any indian actress OR singer/

  • i think the list should be like…
    1. ayeza khan
    2. mawra hoccane
    3. urwa hoccane
    4. sohai ali abro
    5. soniya hussain
    6. sanam baloch
    7. mahira khan
    8. reema
    9. ayesha khan
    11. sarah khan
    12. humaima malik
    13. annie jeffrey
    14. mehwish hayat
    15. syra yousuf
    i think mawra and urwa r really really pretty

    • azffar rehman ke saath have u ever saw her pic without make up ? she looks like……u can understand

  • come on : ALLAH ne sab ko beautiful bnya hy.but i seriously disopointed because in logo ne sirf un girls ko beautiful kaha hy jin ka rang gora tha actual me agar ye dakhy to amna sheik should b in thelist because she is realy beautiful.

  • U PPL R SOOOOO HELL STUPID! everyone has their own taste! dont be biased its their opinion. OK i get who u ppl like but everyone is gorgeous in their own way bcz allah has made them and no one can b the way u want them 2 b but don't be superstitious. ur all beautiful and u shud kno that <33

  • i dnt agree with th list actually moona liza is nomore beautifull..nd ayyan o.m.g ..ayesha omer has th most finest features,even she,s gud looking also.nd mahira is also nt so beautifull her features r nt sharp……
    according 2me…
    15_ayesha khan
    13_ayeza khan
    12_mahnoor baloch
    11_mehreen raheel
    10_fatima afandi
    9_mehwish hayaat
    8_amina sheikh
    7_syra yousaf
    6_saba qamar
    5_suhai ali abro
    3_sanam baloch
    2_sanam saeed
    1_sajal ali

  • aur sanam baloach borhi kaisay hogaie?yay coment to bilkul jhoot hay mayra khayal hay k ayesha khan mahnor kasmala mehreen raheel sab he ossay borhi aur married bhe hain.sanam nazia hassan say milte hay.boht cute hay

    • Nazia Hassan is lot prettier than Sanam Baloch. There is no comparison with Nazia and anybody. She is the princess of people's heart. Sanam is beautiful, I agree, but no comparison to Nazia Hassan.

    • jo married ho jatee hain un ki beauty mar jati hai ,mahreen and ayesha are still very beautiful but about mahnoor i agree with u

  • Ayaza khan should be on no.1, & Ayasha Omer should be added in top 10 list…..

  • if we take away their makeup and fake contact lenses, they'd look like masis.

  • Sorry to say this but this list is biased. But again, Beauty is in the eye of beholder. I believe Pakistan has so many beautiful faces they don't have to be actresses or models to be beautiful.

  • yes but i think kashmail should be not there. all others are related to show biz while she is a politician.

  • Sanam Baloch deservs to b No . 1. she is realllly a preetttyyy n charming face girl ……. at least mehwish should not b there in the list …. n Mahira is uffffffffffffffffff yaaar mahira me kia hai aisa jo woh no . 1 hai plzzzz koi mujhe bata de jo Sanam Baloch me nahi hai ??? ….. even i would say that Sanam Baloch is much better than mahira her beauty , appearance n Ofcourse her Acting is suprbbbbbbbbb in alll wayssss Love Sanam Baloch

  • i am kind of shocked to see vulgar mona lisa in this list
    there shouldn't be mona lisa in the list because of course she's almost indian, saba qamar because of her wide nostrils,kashmala tariq because she not even an actress
    there should be sajjal, mawra and urva in the list
    ayza should be no.1

  • First of all yasha it says pakistani faces NOT showbiz industry. that means anyone who is paki can be on it. so if i were u i would shut my traphole and think before i talk. and second of all i would like to ask if someone could make the 2013 list. i hope sanam jung will be on it and mehwish Hayat as no 1

  • where is Sanam Jung …. well she should be there in 2013 list. The list should be like this …..

    1. Sanam jung
    2. Sanam jung
    3. Sanam jung
    4. Sanam jung
    5. Sanam jung

  • i believe pakistan ki wo girls jo apney aap ko pardey me rakhtee hain ziada achhi hoti hain ye bechari women to apney aap ko har tarha se show ker k bilkul hi devalue ker leti hain k har aik in per comments de raha hota hai.



  • mehvish, annie and mahreen do not deserve this list. armeena should be included. ayesha must be at no 3 coz she is sexy,hot and very seductive. mahira should not be no 1 rather she should be 10 coz she have only sexy lips, thats all. mahnoor baloch is now old and should go as no 15.

  • i think sana askari should be in this list and y is neelam munir at 14 .ayeza khan is sooo pretty
    .mahira khan should not be in this list amina sheikh should also br in this list

  • well i would like to ask if you could make the 2013 list and put sanam jung on it. now she is one beauty i appreciate.

    • Aunty dimagh tikhana pe ha! mahira on no 1 not possible and neelam is at 14 so unfair!

  • number 1 Ayza,2 mehwish,3 Annaie jaffery,4 syra,Mahira.5 sanam baloch,6 humaima.Mahnoor ji to sub se hit hen

  • agr Kashmala Tariq iss list main ho skti hay tow Mariyam Nawaz ko no 1 pr hona chahye.

  • kya bakwas hai….???????
    No 1 pr MAIRA KHAN….. aur AYZA KHAN No. 4 pr……..
    had hai bi….
    Ayza must b on No 1 and on No 2 must b MAWRA HUSSAIN.
    Afreen hai is selection MAWRA HUSSAIN ka nam he nai hai.
    MAIRA must b on NO 15. bcz she is better then MONA LIZA

  • i thought ayeza ko 2nd num par hona chahye tha she is the natural beauty too…ayyan aunty kahan s natural beauty hain kabi without makeup dekhna ussy ……..aizey is too beautiful mashaallah

  • my choice is this
    1 aiza khan
    2 mawra hocane
    3 sajal ali
    4 urwa ocane
    5 sanam jung
    6 soniya hussain
    7 sara chaudry
    8 fatima affendi
    9 sanam baloch
    10 mahira khan
    11 sohai ali abro
    12 saba qamar
    13 ayesha khan
    14 mehvish
    15 saira yousaf

  • Mawra kyun list main hoti taubah us ki shakal main aisi koi bi attractive cheez nahi aur yahan ro rehay hain us ke liye ew man there are so many better than her!

  • sanam baloch should be at first…cuz shez very beautiful even without makeup..!Luv u sanam:-*

  • 1 mahira khan
    2 ayeza khan
    3 ayyan ali
    4 sanam jung
    5 sanam baloch
    6 humaima malik
    7 saira yousaf
    8 urwa khan
    9 sajjal ali
    10 sanam saeed
    11 ayesha khan
    12mehwish hayat
    13 iman ali
    14 ayesha omar
    15 amna sheik

    my list 2013''''''''''''

    allah ne sab ko beautiful bnya hai'''


  • SANAM JUNG is the best…….,,,,,,,,,,,,,i can bet…..90% men of pakistan's choice

  • ayeza khan shud b at no 1 and among polticians i think ayla malik is more beautiful than kashmala!

  • Sanam Jung should must be here in the list… she has a remarkable talent and worthy and elegant look as well…

  • sanum balooch has too natural beauty n humamima kahan say khubsurat hogae top five may saba, sanum,ayeza,ayyan n mahira ko hona chahiyay tha n mehreen raheel kahan say beautiful hy she donot diserve to be in this list

  • sohai ali abro ko 2nd pay hona chahyw tha or 3rd pay sanam jung ko ayaan or humaima man kia hai nothing na face atrractive hain na he wo in dono ka muqabila krty hain

  • totally wrong list mahira on 1…………………..oh my god…………….she is not beautiful then aiza mawra urwa fatima sanam jung sara soniya sajal sanam baloch……….what the hell with the list totally wrong…………

  • i think sanam jung,mawra and urwa ki kami hai is list mein very very bad list for me and all peoples

  • list should be like this
    =aiza khan
    =alishba yousuf
    =syra yousuf
    =sanam jung
    =amina shiekh
    =saba qamar
    =sajal ali
    =sohai ali abro
    =ayesha khan
    =ayesha omar
    =sanam baloch
    =mehwish hayat
    =mereeen raheel
    =neelam munir
    =annie jafffery
    =maya ali

  • according to me ayeza khan is on 1 spot she is true natural beauty but mahira look beautiful but her features r bhaade and mawra sarachaudry ,arij fatma sAJJAL laiba all these beautifulladies are missing and ayyan look too artifical she is not natural at all most important most beautiful lady of pakistan iman ali is missing

  • Mahira has really natural beauty she is on the frst number for me 2nd pe Mawra hocane third pe sohai Abru 4th pe Urwa HOCANE 5TH pe Saba qamar baqi thek h

  • mahira khan is my favourite actress she has greatest acting in drama serial hamsaffar.she is my favourite actress

  • hi Pakistan I m from India beauty is beauty yaar chahe India ki ho Pakistan ki ya kaheen aur ki beauty to god ki den hai us pe jhagrna kaisa . very first time I have seen Pakistani women celebrity and according to me Ayza khan is no.1 and ek baat aur kahoon jo maine mark ki Pakistanis ka complextion bahut achchha hai . kya kiya hai is doodh si gorai ke liye?

  • to b honest humari pakistani larkiya duniya ki sb se khoubsurat larkiya hai lekin bus ek cheez se gussa ata hai k be what you religion teaches you dont follow others and show your self too much..!! and Allah humary mulk ko salamat rkaahy aur bewakoof larkiyan jo phass jati hai unko b hadayat de… i would be happy if our girls will not vulgur and what ever..!! and Ayza khan is true beauty..!! my favourites..


  • Ayeza should be on no. 1. Everyone like her and she iz 100 times better than mahira WITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ayeza has natural beauty she iz gorgeous and her acting!!! OH MY GOD!
    No one can say that she iz acting her expressions, speech,acts, style even everything just show that it's a reality.
    Luv u Ayeza

  • only kasmala tariq most butiful in this all 15 butiful face of pakistani womens .
    ashfaq ahmad peshawaer

  • In my opinion……
    1 Mawra Hocane
    2 Sanam Jhung
    3 Sadia Khan (from Khuda aur Mohabbat)

    agey ap logon ki marzi……………….:D

  • ye bardasht ki baat hai….. us ne ghalti nikali to app se bardasht nahi hua aur waise bhi app me bardasht hota to app comment remove nahi karti

        • sorry ; mu ny aad khutum ki hy okay 'is liay mu ny comment remove keeya hy ;sorry

          • eid mubarak………………..mai naraz nai hoon………..ye add kya hai mujhe bilkul bhi samaj nahi aye iss ki

          • yar ye comments k liay use hoti hy ;ub mera comment aap sy differet hy aur delete bi hota hy ; is ki wja ye add hy ;aap ka comment delete nahi hota wo is liay k aap ki add nahi hy ;';';';'and yar THANKX :k aap mujhe sy naraz nahi ho ;meri add thak nahi is liay mu ye page bi use nahi karti ho;';';';';';';';SMILE >>>>>>>>>>>

          • ok……mere comment me delete nahi hota……….tats why……………..u also smile…….mAI APP SE KYON NARAZ HOONGI……chill out friend…..

        • yar meri Add mai porblem hy ;';';';sorry ;naraz nahi ho ;be happy ;Eid Mubarak:mu ny add chage ki hy

  • haseean loge dekhay nahi hay ap logo nay ya sab dekhawa hay husun sadgea may hota hay in larkeo may nahi

  • no I who hota hay jis kay pass nature beauty ho maira khan ka aik drama hit how to who beauty may bhi no 1 ho gai no she is not no 1

  • i think……………………………………………
    1 aiza khan
    5 URWA
    6 MAHIRA
    9 MAWRA

  • Non of these faces can never challange a mid class girl from the neighbour streets of Europe! We have to accept, that Pakistans women are the most uggliest in the World.(including with China)

  • all these r MUSLIM women bt is they r….??? The most beautiful girl is no doubt a middle class girl with a proper “HIJAB”

  • aysha khan and ayza khan and mahnoor baloach are much better than mahira khan,,,,,,, stupid list

  • in my views Mahira Khan deserves no.1 but i think Mehwish Hayyat is on no.2 and Ayesha Khan is on no.3

  • lolx….
    Kashmala Tariq on no 5…
    forr your kind information Nawaz Sharif Daughter Maryam Nawaz PML (N) is more beautiful than her

    • yeah i realy like her,,,,,,,,, infact in our industry n politics also full of most beautiful faces……………. so many names are missing in this list i think like that,,
      but its viewers choice so cant say anything…… ;)

  • >