Geo TV to Air Indian Dramas Too!! Whats the Policy?

Although it was not in my plans to write any more about the new trend of importing foreign dramas which has been followed by few local channels (that we, as a devoted audience used to follow few days back, believing that the channels represented our own culture, our own people), What I just saw now forced me to share this. The news is big enough to take few minutes of your life.

As a Writer and an Analyst, It is important to watch these foreign dramas because, in order to criticize even, it is necessary to know the details. It was only few hours’ back when I found myself speechless after watching “Noor” on Geo TV. Those of you who haven’t even given a look at it, here comes a bigger shock. Geo TV is soon going to air “Bare Achay Lagtay Hain”, an Indian Drama which was been aired on SONY TV. The announcement was in the form of banner, that was been shown while the Turkish Drama was on air.

bade ache lagtay hain

‘Bare Achay Lagtay Hain’ is an Indian soap that is produced under Balaji Productions, Yes EKTA is back!! However, what makes it more wonderful is the fact that it is actually our own network that seems to follow some hidden policies in order to destroy not only the economy of Pakistan, but to give a serious blow to our traditions and morals.

Honestly speaking, feel like keep writing on this, but at the same time it is getting hard to sound neutral. There are so many questions that are either been overlooked or neglected deliberately and we, the Pakistanis are as always silent. You guys would surely be knowing more than me when it comes to following dramas, channels, sitcoms, so you must know what am I talking about. What is banging there in my head too bad is the controversy that ended up in taking down all the Indian Channels that were been aired on Cable Networks. PEMRA seemed so active few months back, isn’t it? The only question I have here is that where are the so-called authorities now?

bare ache lagtay hain back on eo

A good reason that was used to take down these Indian channels was that the authorities wanted our own industry to flourish. Applause! But now? Now we are showing the same material on our channels and there is no one to question the channel owners! How is it possible that all this is happening without having a legal approval from the high officials of the respective department? At least I can’t believe it, Can you?

If we had to import same Indian dramas then there was no need of banning the Indian Channels first of all. At least the audience had an option to choose in between the local serials and the typical ‘saas-bahu’ dramas then, But now, Thanks to the Government, and ‘few modern Pakistanis’, we would be forced to watch only and only the Bhagwaans, The Tulsi, The Parwati, The Ram Kapoor!

It is not that I am against the Indian dramas, no! Even I was following “Bare achay lagtay hain” with my entire family when SONY was live here, I should be the one who would welcome this, but the point here do not relates to my wishes only. It’s about our culture and our integrity.

I am clueless about this sudden change in GEO’s behavior, but I can foresee that the coming days would either bring a huge, remarkable disaster either to GEO TV or the Culture of Pakistan.

Leaving you on a serious note to think that who actually we are and what are we trying to become; what is the reality and what is been shown to us?

Pakistan Zindabad!

Nida Zaidi


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My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • i agree with the writer and to public it is a request please dont give ratings to foreign dramas in this way channels will be forced to stop airing them.

  • Nida,u did'nt mentioned"QABOOL HAI"
    some of the pople are saying that its an islamic based good indian soap…may be it is good.
    But the point here is,what about our own local dramas…?these foreign stuff can't be better than our own dramas.
    Geo was my fav. Channel one month ago…bt now it is on the top of my HATE list.
    I was completely shocked on monday night,when i came to know about the programing of geotv prime time.
    Sudden abundence of foriegn stuff.

    • to be honest, i didint know about Qubool hai, thanks for sharing,
      Its a big stiry behind the scenes, I tis for sure now… in no time i guess everyone would hate geo !

      • But nida,it is completely shocking that…the actors and producers did their press conference at 2pm on 17 th dec (monday) and at same midday geo annonced at its offical page that today primetime is surprise for our viewers…is that was a reaction of that protest what you say?
        And your did not replied me at your two posts, are you busy these days?

        • Well if if you really ask me, I think that GEO is trying to become an international channel where it would target the entire world, leaving Pakistan, its home business nowhere. Would love to know that what was the outcome of the prss conference that these actors are conducting.

          Xadee, so sorry dear for being late in replying, though I try to reply all the comments but I guess it got overlooked. I am doing internship at Nokia, so tough routines :)

          • Nida will you believe…
            According to tv kahani trp from 1st dec to 15th dec…
            At top 10 dramas geo drama "ek nayee cinderalla" at 8 rank
            and yeh zindagi hai at 9 rank.
            There was a note written below
            "if ghao and foreign shows are not a hit,GEO will be in major trouble"
            That is why GEO did this..
            Agr hum log geo k dramas specially foreign agr na dekhain tou yaqeenan hum unhain pata sakhty han k what they did with us.

            On the other hand according to faisal qureshi the press conferance was successful.but i am sure they must had felt sad after what geo did that night.
            Saba hamid was disappointed by geo and said on twitter that"GEO TOU ASY..NAMASTY PAKISTAN."This shows their frustration.

            Oo.thats nice.btw it seems that you are a business student?hm :)

          • Xadee, Well, no I am a Computer System Engineer. :)
            coming back to the topic, it is a pity that we, the nation cannot stand together at any point whcih can help the country to save its integrity and self esteem. You said it right, in fact all the readers here are inclined towards the ban of Geo, but still, they would be watching these shows, and then would come here and criticize us for uploading them and writing about them.

            Its a part of our job, we have to cover all the latest crunches, What we can do at our end is, we can condemn these shows, ask people to see the reality, thats it I mean. Neither I, nor you, and i am sure, many of us would be watching these saas bahu dramas' on GEO, but the thought of uniting the nation to take a step together is something NOT POSSIBLE :(, I wish we could atleast stand together, once atleast!

          • MashALLAH…May GOD bless you with lots of success :)
            btw,i am a student of psychology.

            Yeah thats what the problems is we are not united.many people feel sad for it but at the same time they watch these dramas…or if we say that our attempts have some affect on the thinking of readers…but we know that a small percentage of people use interent in our country..
            See, there's an example geotv drama YZH…people on facebook,twitter,blogs want that the drama should end the drama is continuing only because it is geting ratings and money out of it…why?? because people watch it. They can't run a project if they are not getting profit.

    • yaar Government is very busy in preparing for elections do something about it yourself…… oh here is an idea…… dont watch Bade ache lagte hain, Na tootay Rishta, Sapne Suhane Larakpaan ke, qubool hai, utran, apnapan,noor, manahil aur khalil, anamika…etc etc=;

  • GEO is surely proving to be antipakistan channel be it news or entertainment..everything on it shown as patriotic is posed and FAKE… they should be exposed,, who are their employers….they seem to be working on a very DAMAGING agenda

    • I agree xyz, somedays back i use to argue with people when they talk about geo that it always spreads negativity and on a certain agenda…i use to say that yes,may be its news channel is controversial but not entertainment channel.
      pity i was wrong.

      • Exactly what I feel about GEO is what XYZ has said.

        Xadee I remember you asked me the same question hehehe but now you know what I was talking about. Geo may be call itself a Pakistani channel but it is 101% Anti-Pakistan Channel.

        • Hahaha….zahra you know what? me ap ki hi bat kr rai thi ;)…yes i had a long conversation with you about geo.
          I knew that geo is controversial in politics and news but when it came to entertainment i didn't believed that but i am proved totally wrong…aik mazy ki bat bataon mjy ab urdu 1 pe itna gusa nai ata jitna geo r express pe ata hai…even pakistani dramas of urdu 1 are better than geo tv local dramas.

          • HEEHE! :) Nahi trust me you're not the only one, others had the same feelings for GEO like you but it's really sad that they promote their certain agenda be it their news channel or the entertainment one. Shuker hai hamare ghar mai nahi dekha jata. :)

          • Now we know the reality :(

            you know its 10:20pm here in pakistan and there is no channel which is showing some local stuff…
            Ary-big boss
            geo-indian soap
            humtv-jilaak dikhla ja
            express-indian soap
            urdu1-indian soap
            bht afsos hota hai..yh sub dekh kr :( is liyae me ny news channel laga liya.huh

          • Ohhh!!! Really? But I guess it's still better than the new channels. Mujhse news nahi dekhi jati, too much depression. :(

          • GEO is highly paid by Indian Business tycoons thats y they promote india over Pakistan and also US aid the biggest hypocrate organisation established this GEO for their promotion and agenda. For a reminder i havent seen GEO commenting on indian atrocities in Kashmir nor they have gone against indians when Shiv sina threaten indo pak series… Pakistanis should stand against such channels ….. SAY NO TO GEO

          • Xadee its so bad I live in USA and I didn't subscribe any indian channels I am always looking for Pakistani content, its so sad that our own channels are promoting india and foreign content buhat dukh hota hai we want Pakistani. Express here showing turkish dramas and indian shows don't want to watch that. If our channels doesn't stop showing foreign content we night have to unsubscribe them.

          • UAg i agree with you…we have our own representation we don't need any foreign dramas on our channels especially on prime time…if anyone wants to watch foreign stuff they have other medium but for GOD's sake don't destory our own drama industry…UAg i am hoping that the matter will soon dissolve so keep watching pakistani dramas…our industry needs support of people like you :)

  • there is nothing important which channel is showing foreign content, but if the people are really in favour of pakistani culture and dramas then they should stop watching these prgrams but i m sure the people will follow them religiously because we are Proud Pakistani we do which we not to do, and we definitely do which we have definitely not to do……

    • yeah instead of wasting time in criticizing others why dont we bring our industry to a level that people dont find the foreign content interesting…… dint people leave star plus for humsafar, meri zaat zarra e benishan, mata e jaan, doraha, uraan, maat, dastaan, mano salve, vasal, daam, and so many other fascinating pakistani dramas

  • i totally agree with nida..why banned the channels when they are showing the same stuff in our local channel dont know what policy is Geo following but this will be be a big drawback for our local industry two indian dramas are being aired five days a week on a local channel and that also at prime time where are the authorities??? and why are they not taking any action???? or are they actually behind all this!!!

  • i think opening indian or turkish channels is not that harmful as indian/turkish content on local channels. i agree and i protest against Geo. i will not watch any of these shows.

  • Geo is so called pakistani channel its always a big supporter of india and its content even in their news. their policy is to destroy pakistani culture and after that Pakistan (God forbid).

  • I wonder what GEO TV is upto? It may sometime lead us to think that its an indian product but wrapped in Pakistani packing. Please stop this hypocrisy GEO TV and people plz stop watching these pathetic indian soaps which are like a weapon for our culture

    • well many of us are unaware of the hidden truth geo tv has its 50% shares owned by india…… besides they are not being hypocrites they are one…… u do one thing dont give ur ratings to the foreingn content u dont like… that would help alot

  • bhai aap log to inn topics pe articles likhna bnd hi krdo … pehle lambi chori debate .. end mai wohi jo sb kr rae hai .. apni site pe yahi dramas baad mai upload kr rae ho ge

    • so right esha and these articles dont do anything……. if the writer had such annoyance why did she go watch noor….oh just to criticize…… means i should go watch every episode of indian and turkish dramas just for the sake of criticizing… cool and one day end up liking them……. atleast i wont be such a hypocrite.

  • its really bad!!
    em hating all this.. why they are promoting other contry's dramas n serials.. we have our own wonderfull stars novel based dramas,short stories.. then they are buying some indian n turkish dramas.. it should be banned by PAMRA :/

  • Very Sad..!!! PEMRA must take action against it. We have best actors than anyother country. Geo We HATE you..!! say it.

  • well said all agreed
    any solution ?
    for me
    don't watch what u don't want to
    and they have there lesson
    why people watch Indian repeated program
    to bad so sad

  • Guyz no need to get disheartened…In my opinion it was last ditch effort a last gasp from geo…to garner some trp….People all around me r still watching Pakistani serials…Ishq e mamnoo was a novelty and that was all..Big Boss is not as big as was with veena malik….Geo is getting thoroughly exposed and these cheap tactics has brought it down from being the numero uno….I believe Pakistani drama industry can withstand this storm and can emerge stroger then ever…
    A Pakistani by default and design…..and thoroughly proud of it….

  • i was anxiously waiting for miraat ul uroos on 2oth dec,cz couple of days back i saw it's trailer which said 8:30 2oth dec..but when i saw a cheap low quality indian drama instead of miraat ul uroos,i felt like throwing sumthing at geo.. pehlay pehlaay i used to get irritated and i used to say k hamain compete karna chaye openly…..but ab mujy aisay lagta hai k geo is blackmailing drama producers k either agree on my terms or i will telecast indian and turkish dramas…geo is so cheap and of low mentality,it can do anything even can go against pakistan's interest to make profit..

    • Cartoon u know what? they showed miraat ul uroos promos for thursday but geotv dramas were not giving expected output plus they saw the ishq e memno craz so they decided to telecast noor every monday and tuesday 8:30pm…they picked meri behan maya from mon tues slot to thursday…wed slot was for ghao. On 17 dec…according to trps geo fell more…so then they decided two indian soap 5times in a week and noor 4 days a week. So they again picked ghao from wed 8:30pm slot to 7:00pm at sunday(is this the place for a main drama??(is time to woh dramas lagaty jin ki trp nai a rai hoti r abi tou is k ijust aik episode onair hoi thi :( ) and meri behan maya on friday 9:30pm. And about Mirat ul uroos no one knows when it will start. On the other hand, no future for saray mausam apny han and jeena seekha do hmain as they are not telecasted presently. Initially i was also one of them who believed in healthy competition.but atleast prime time is for our local dramas.thats the saddest part :(

  • I am surprised about role of Pemra in this whole situation. What the hell are they doing. How this policy of importing foreign content is being approved and by whom. What our so called Government is doing. It is useless to talk about Geo. They are pathetic and sick mentality group of people who are just after our culture and economy , I should say everything which belongs to Pakistan. Do we have to discuss their conspiracy behind " Zara Sochiay" . We should take GEO as Indian channel only ….. this will make it easy for us to digest it's content.

  • Thanks Nida for writing this, over here I meant in USA Geo is showing all Pakistani dramas here started all new dramas together but I know after that they will start showing foreign content. I will definitely hate Geo, what they are doing will ruin our drama industry big time and Geo is only thinking of theirselves. Nida the thing is that india doesn't shows our channels in their country they support their channels aur humairai channels pagal horahai hotai hain indian content dikhanai kai liae. Humain apnai dramai ki kadar nahin hai but indian love our dramas. Actually we all should unite and say no to foreigh content and don't watch it and make Geo channel rating goes down. Unhain majboor kerdein kai unhain foreign content hatana perai. Pakistan zindabad!

  • It's all about money. Some people do whatever they have to do just to make money. I am sure, GEO has the same philosophy. I really feel sorry for the local media except GEO. Now, I would love to see how GEO anchors like Hamid Mir, Najam Sethi, Kamran Khan will defend their channel's hypocrisy.

  • To be honest I have always hated indian dramas and never liked them. Also, Ishq e Mamnoon was a hit because it bought something new that was foreign and people have always been curiouse in pakistan of external cultural norms and lifestyles jo meray kyaal me ishaq e mamnoon nai shayed ye curiosity ab khatam kardi ho. I liked ishq e mamnoon becuase I it was something different it is relatively recently made and over all story was unrealistic, idealistic and fiction but there was a sense of 'whats gonna happen next' eveyrtime i watched it. However, putting dramas like ishq jo ab mamnon na raha, and noor is not going to be hit becuase they are blan stories and personally i dont like the quality of the production and the way it has been directed I dont think they are catchy at all. I think ishq e mamnoon was a success, fatmagul will recieve not as much recognition but possibly some and and ishq jo ab mamnoon na raha will not recieve much recognition I persoanlly think the dramas has nothing new or fresh to offer and they arent very good. Indian dramas…. please pakistani dramas cant even be compared to indian dramas or even their films their so … annoying its all very very fake! Pakistani drama industry bohat achi hai aur indian ya koi bhi foreign content ussay compare nahi ho sakta. Nahi hamari industry ko threat hai at all I am still just as hooked on pakistani dramas than I was before turkish dramas. One thing I do think 'drama makers need to realise is that the audience is captivated by story line and good acting or anyway I am, e.g. sitamgar has a conventional story line with a little stwist but portrayed in a very modern fashion, very realistic. Humsafar, tanhaiyan (which ok does not have agreat story line but its innoccent, simple and I like that i am kind of sick of the exxaggerated glamour and suspense), shehr e zaat, kaafir, mera saaien, durr e shahwar, even not so recent ones, malaal, dasht e junoon, and many many more. Their stories were unique, most importantly they were portrayed simply. These dramas and the work of these directors/prducers is not under threat. However dramas such as, quddusi sahb ki bewa, mery behan meri devarani, mahmooda baad ki malkaien, apni ye zindagi hai and many other…. what the hell is their story line! I dont even understad these dramas like seriously its like thier directors have the money to waste to make up such nonsense I mean I dont even have words to describe what a waste of talent, resources and time that is… such dramas personally I would be happy for these to be a threat and become extinct from our drama industry because we can do alot more better than them which is reflected in our famouse works, of husafar, kaafir, mera saiien I these were quality. Therefore, just advice to any drama maker out their look at the quality and the plot and we will out do any other drama industry. Agar politics hai to bus political storylines hori hoti hain across channels, then the paradigm shifts and everybody is focused on love stories, or poverty and anow it just turkish… this means its all about money not entertaining your viewers. Dont do things to make money dont have short cuts like geo tv's shortcut to get more viewers by airing a reallly old turkish drama like please barbie dresses better that the clothes those turkish women were wearing in noor. Good work will get recognition whatever culture its from thus lets focus on making good dramas DONT copy turkish dramas woh unka ulture hai unka style hai unko hi suit karta hai. Unke culture ko dekhna chalo if you really want to bura nahi ha but woh dekhay jo quility ahi kuch naya hai yeh nai ke bus bina waja lagayi jaaein tirkish dramas. Pakistani drama industry has made it mark because of the simplcity and realistic way that we prtray our stories and cultural societal ills lets keep it that way do what we are good at make stories that are ours and inspired by our country and stop making plastic ridiculous star pluc story lines (quddusi shab ki bwe, mahmooda baad ki malkaien).

  • Its really sad I live in Canada and my city is small….so my cable company donot provide Pakistani channels and we don't subscribe indian channels finally after 20 yrs i can watch Pakistani dramas now they are showing Indian stuff…I don't like Indian dramas at all and if I have to watch turkish dramas its better that I watch American soaps…..its the same

  • GEO tv has crossed all limits. Mirat-ul-Uroos was supposed to start from 20th December but has been postponed because of "Noor".

    "Meri Behan Maya", twice days and timings were altered. And now, Mon-Thu, at 8:30 p.m "Noor" will be aired and at 10 p.m "Barey Ache Lagte Hain".

    I wish GEO channel to shut down and banned from Pakistan, all the time Turkish and Indian stupidity is on air, neglecting our dramas.

  • OMG I am soo freakn sick and tired of these lame Indian dramas and their culture that has polluted so many Pakistanis! And after wat India did to our Pakistani channels just cuz they felt a threat, I can't believe they are doing this!! Wat Douchebags!! If I wanted to watch Indian dramas I would have bought the Indian pack but no I wanted to watch PAKISTANI dramas,so thats why I bought the Urdu Pakistani pack!!! Arghhhhhhh~~! Stop freakn promoting India, learn to promote Pakistan!! Stop giving India ur pakistani songs, pakistani singers need to stop going over there, we need to get rid of their hindu like culture that has integrated in pakistani weddings and such, our actors need to stop going over there, we need to stop mention indian actors and songs on our tv completely too!! WHERE IS UR PRIDE!!!? Overseas pakistani songs, actors, work, dramas, movies, and clothes get called Indian b/c sellouts like them like to promote India instead!!!! It freakn ticks me off!! Take a stand~!

  • I am born in India and the truth is Pakistani dramas are the Best. Cannot compare the Indian stuff. Many Indians both Muslims and Hindus follow Pakistani dramas and my fav drama was Ankahi..right now Humsafar and ZGH are really good..You will be surprised but Ghulam Ali sahib..Rahat Fateh Ali …and King Mehdi Hasan sahib are favourites here…Definitely Indian soaps are boring and will crumble the Pakistani dramas if introduced…

    Lastly " Koi bhi watan..ya Mazhab kharaab nahin…kharaab (kuch) insaan hote hai….hamaari soch kharaab hai…!
    waise bhi hum jo apne dimaag ko sochne par majboor karenge wahi hum sochte rahenge….:)

    • salam,

      it is india's soch for the last six decades. that brought us to this reality. we will never come out of this nightmare. pakistan is stuck between afghan & india for eternity.
      I think we had spent so much time on them. there is no peaceful time we can remember.
      If i was politican. i would give india afghan time to clean up their act, if they can't improve then stop diplomatic ties.
      I think the time we spent on these two nations. pakistan would have been milion miles ahead.
      It is the right time to clean our government of corruption. To teach these two nations a lesson. To spent money where our population really needs it,
      CBM's should not be given unless there is broader ties. looks like afghanistan and india have merged their ties. pakistan should rethink pakistan first.
      I think when pakistan thinks first then these two nations will want to be part of growing market.
      So it is better if pakistan leave these countries alone for one decade to see how broken diplomatic & trade ties can be felt in their heart.
      This way pakistan can sort out real solutions for pakistan. As we move ahead these two barbarians want to tap into our market that was so easy access.
      Two things these two nations are taking advantage. One they have easy access for trade as many countries are afar. second give in return security issue beyond control.
      Pakistan should wake up and teach these two nations how blockade works. They have given us many thorns we want return to them.
      This is why i am angry. Pakistan should have one decade for itself for selfish reasons.
      No matter how much effort you put into them two only collateral damage will be in return.
      Pakistan should also stop all negative energy turn into positive for our nation. let aside kashmir struggle to kashmiris abide by their freedom.

      • Wsalam dear Brother
        you r very right but if you see a decade back this is we have done in the Musharaf era he had closed the kashmir issue with india and let afghan govt stablized but i think these 10 to fifteen years time which india gets has prepared herself for what she is doing now through afghanistan.

        • khan

          We have to look thru three points. One we should stop this pleading for resolution. let us break all ties. Second work on pakistan first. Sort out democratic uncorrupt government. Meet all the needs of countrymen to highest standard like the developed world. work on economy. we could have 1 billion dollar trade.
          third, kashmiris are frustrated with kashmir policy. pakistan far enough used this policy. it now needs to be in control of kashmir.
          pakistan kashmir both need successful government that is developed for modern outlook on life.

          We need to change ourselves because india has used all means to keep everything since six decades. kashmiris need to have joint united action for pakistan kashmir to survive.
          Let us hope imran khan makes great changes to pakistan.

          • yes u r very right lets hope the new election may end the civil dictator's era and bring Imran and May Imran Khan implement all what he said.

          • Our government should have check on the status of the new gov. formed. If there is evidence that no development took place & huge corruption taken toll.
            Our government system is failure if we let these corrupt system to take place without any action against these parties that form government.
            Government should elect people that are not corrupt. If action is taken against party that makes corruption & not allowed to hold election.
            Next time which ever party comes to election know how to comptet & win.This way people also are happy. So is the government also the party because they know they are going to be check and balance or their withdraw from next election.
            I hope this imran khan can bring revolution like mohtarm mohammad of malaysia. If he can he should at least stay for 10 20 years. To fix our system of governance.
            I would like one person to bring revolution than many corrupt taking us back. We need a person who bring revolution to our governing system.
            If we can do that we have set a model for governance for the future.

        • Anyway governments in south asia. Really don't want to have peaceful world. koreas & subcontinent likes interfer because leaders of these countries where worthless that is why we have issues that never go away.
          What have neighbours of pakistan do so pakistan does not interfer.
          hari singh & nehru where the creater's of the problem. hindustan will always be small country in the indian ocean.

          So there is logic telling pakistan to stop interfering. while all india does interfer with kashmiris life everday. who have no freedom since british left.

          India israel have come under fire because they took lands that don't belong with them.
          muslims can't be with opressors of their land.
          For what ever reason nehru thought. he can get away. he got away but left india in trouble turmoil. you should thank all your problems due to nehru.
          i would not even let him in pakistan. he was worst person along with indra. so good they are not our leader.
          anyway thank your leaders of the turmoil you face each day because those days are gone. when you made occupatiom and got away with conversion. We are strong now to teach you lesson. because we could take on you. No one else can.

  • oh so it was this soap QUBOOL HAI that my sis was talking about the other day on fb… n i thought she was using a code language with me for some othr thing…lol

    I think all those people out there who used to hate geo were always right…it was just me who took a while to understand that :(

  • oh so it was this soap QUBOOL HAI that my sis was talking about the other day on fb… n i thought she was using a code language with me for some othr thing…lol

  • The Real Drama Behind The Scene

    Surely, Geo is a so-called Pakistani channel but promoting indian cause in all aspects whether it is political,social, cultural ,entertainment etc . There is a big game being played with our innocent nation by indulging us in the details of minor issues rather than knowing the issues itself. There are number of incidents where the fact given above has been proved but i dont know why the people of pakistan are unable to understand the bigger picture and come out of reading the lines. Some of these are as follows:-

    a. Geo tv was the first channel that has set the trend of bringing the indian (ghissay pittay )programs on Pakistani channels .

    b. It was Geo Channel where this question was first raised by an anchor to an analyst during mumbai attacks "Agr is ka ilzaam india ne pakistan per lagaya to pakistan ka radd-e-amal kya hoga?"

    c. It was Geo channned which has first taken the international eyes to Ajmal Kasaab's house where as the govt at that time was not even accepting kasaab as Pakistani national.

    d. It was first announced by the Geo channel during the laal masjid operation that there are foreign elements present in laal masjid when the matter was about to be resolved by negotiations.

    e. Shoaib Malik was embarassed by Geo tv on marrying Sania Mirza (an indian girl) with its fellow indian channels where as other channels were encouraging shoaib on bringing indian girl and shattering their dream of bringing a Pakistani girl to the Indian territory which has been expressed in their various movies like veer zaara.

    f. The credit for the promotion of fake indian peace movement called Aman ki Asha also goes to Geo tv through which india is pretending to be a Meethi Churri by shaking one hand as a frd and hiding a knife in the other behind the back.

    g. i dont know why an impression is being promoted that India and Pakistan are one and the same thing and borders can not saperate these nations whereas it is actually against the Two Nation Theory on which Pakistan got its Independence.

    and soo on….

    There must be some solid reasons aswell for which Musharaf banned Geo Channel but we the public are unable to understand the game behind the scene so i pray that we as Nation may come out of the issue of Dramas only and try to understand the big Drama played with us.

  • all of us debating upon geo policies be sure you dont watch indian movies or soaps, never idealize indian hearos ,do not follow their traditions?i agree geo is acting as an indian channel but it is us who click on list of new raleased indian movies .am i right?it is we who r promoting to them who hav never accepted us,our country. lets realize our role

    • right zainab… first we have to act like a nation if we cant do this we can not blam a tv channel 4 that….but i think this is also true that now days Pakistani drama indutry is doing v well i dont think that geo or any other tv channel need to import dramas from other countries

  • I HAVE NEVER READ SUCH A BULLSHIT, honestly! Are u guys realizing how narrow minded n stupid u all sound? Unbelievable tht ppl are able to keep n carry this "soonch" in the 21 st century, where globalisation is common with even KG kids! Myself a Pakistani, living in europe, claim to be neutral! I watch Pak dramas as well as Indian, US serials etc! U know y? I WATCH WHAT I WANT TO WATCH! The remote control is in my custody, I am an adult, grown up human beeing, and if I do not like any aired program, I simply switch the channel, but I NEVER try to see any political conspiracy behing this. Instead of beeing happy to have the freedom of choice, u all are behaving worse than KG kids. Shameful behaviour!

    • brother u r very right but by saying all this u r negating ur own theory freedom of expression is every one,s right and if some one is touched about his country his innocent people his country's future he can expess his feelings. Any petriotic or loving person will not allow any one to cause any harm to his country or fellow beings only the self centerd one will just see their own happiness what is harming them n what is giving them happiness. Allah has made the socities and we all are dependent on eachother and therefore our behaviours and actions always have impact on others directly or indirectly.

    • i agree about the freedom and everything but i bet US channels dont show Pakistani daramas???DO THEY????
      Pakistanis can watch whatever thaey want but if an international pakistani channel starts airing foreign daramas then its problem!! think about it!!!!!

  • lanaatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt hy pak media py lakh lakh lanat kutooooooooooooooooooo apny bap k dramy hmary mulk m mt chlao

  • I cant understand when pakisatni drama has excellent content even better than India so why the hell geo tv wants 2 broadcast foreign dramas even their script and direction has already falied to grab the attetion of paki viewers

  • I agree GEO is a cheap channel using cheap tactics to get ratings and attention. The day they have aired the indian soaps i have banned this channel at least in my home. Please condem the Zara Sochiye agenda. they are trying to change the ideology of pakistan plz don" let it happen join hands for saving the true cause behind the origin of Pakistan

  • disagree. Culture has no boundaries. Why are you not against western TV programs? BBC and VOA aew aired on our channels . India and Pakistan have more in common, We were one country, have common language , history and culture,

    • Totally disagree with u husain

      Cultures other than Islam may not have any boundries but Islamic culture has definite boundries and we as muslims are bound to obey them. Any culture that goes against our culture should be codemned whether it be Indian or western culture.

      In the history of mankind the wars were used to impose ones policies, culture, language, life style on the other Nations just like America did in Japan after nuclear attacks. In Japan the people over thirty years of age curse American culture and want to revive their own culture but under 20's are fully westernized and now after 10 to 15 years America would not be having any problem in imposing their policies without any war. So, dear brother in future you'll not see guns or bombs the objectives will be achieved through cultural wars and media warfare is being used by most of the countries for long run achievements. India is also doing the same with Pakistan through our sold media and you can easily see the impact on our culture during the last 10 years. And atleast now we are getting aware of what is happening around. If we cannot stop it atleast we should resist it rather than supporting it.

      • Tareen,

        You are right. The last 10 years have seen, radicalisation of Pakistan, Talibalinsation of Pakistan, Segregation of Pakistani Society and if you keep going the way you are going, then the damnation of Pakistan will be complete..It is rather pathetic to see your myopic mentality and the fact the brain washing techniques commencing from Zia Ul Haq's era have been bearing great fruits..if you are so against the West or any other culture except the Muslim culture, I suggest, you stop taking aid from Western Nations..Also India happens to be one of the fastest growing economies of the world, It doesn't need Pakistan but Pakistan might benefit economically if they develop trading ties with India..Also as a side note, I have personally seen how Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, Afghanis are treated by your so called Muslim Brethren in Saudi Arabia & Other Gulf Countries. As you know they are also Muslim Nations and your brothers and sisters. They are treated as DIRT. How do I know this? Because I have lived there and my In laws are Pakistanis. Actually I have lived in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) as well as in Bahrain..and I know live in Australia. Yes of all the countries I have lived in India will always be my homeland..It is where I have lived and breathed most freely..Culture is separate from Religion…unfortunately for you, you cannot change your colour, food or customs otherwise I imagine you would only be eating Saudi Food..after all that would be a prefect way to replicate a completely muslim culture and religion!!


        • Dear Sister Mariam,

          We don't care how the Saudi Arabians or other gulf countries are treating us bcoz we have to follow Islam and not the Muslims and in terms of behavior Indians and Australians are no different, the way they treat the Pakistanis is all in front of us whether it be the common people or the people participating in a competition over there, there is always a hatred in their heart for Pakistanis. How can we take economical benefit from Indians when they are always planing to destroy us economically, emotionally and culturally.

          And as far as the foreign Aid is concerned, dear sister, we are not getting a bit of it. That aid is all for our politicians and the elite class, it does not reach the common people and truly speaking we don't even need it aid should be for beggars and they are getting it.

          Moreover, culture is not separate from religion. Religions make cultures. The culture that Muslims are following now a days is not a Muslim culture. unfortunately its the mixture of Indian and western cultures and just bcoz of following these cultures Muslims today are so doomed as it is said in Quran as well, that the non believers(kafirs) can never be our friends and making them our friends or following them will always bring destruction to us and thats why we as Muslims don't need any other logic for not following Indians or western countries . If u have to know what a Muslim culture is u should take a knowledge of Quran and Hadith as it teaches us how to live and lead our life and how our culture should be.

        • Mariam,

          After reading your name in the title i was expecting a decent note in the succeeding lines but my sister I am really feeling sorry for your thinking and way of communication.

          First of all the people thinking for the damnation of Pakistan will fall in the same pit they are digging for Pakistan INSHAHALLAH. Pakistan itself is the victim of Talibanisation, the foundation of which is laid by the western countries that according to you are worth following. As far as the segregation of the society is concerned, India is the worstly effeccted countery where there are social segregations as well as religious segregations (brahman, khashtri, wesh and shooders).

          Secondly, i am not saying anything against any culture. If there is gay marriage allowed in western culture they should have it, if there is a trend of Hindu Muslim marriage in India they should have it in their culture. As a Pakistani and a Muslim we will always condemn these things in our Pakistani culture and will not accept these at all.

          Pakistan never needed India for any help as India has always tried to swallow Pakistan from the day first and has never accepted its existence by heart; therefore, has always been trying to destroy Pakistan's economy and culture. So, dear sister who can have benefits by trading with a foe??

          Fourthly, the Pakistanis, Afghanis, Bangladeshis and just for your knowledge Indian Muslims as well may even be treated as dirt in Saudi Arabia and gulf countries as u said but even then at least their lives and respects are safe in those countries but in India and western countries the life and respect of Muslims are never safe the examples are Gujrat roites, samjhota express incident and many others.

          Fifthly, u have suggested that we should stop taking aid from western Nations. Dear sister, for your kind information our Nation has paid a big cost for this very small aid by losing our loved ones and those innocent people who don't have to do anything with this aid bcoz it is only for the Meer Sadiqs and Meer Jaffars of our Nation who are being paid for shedding the blood of the innocent people of our Nation.

          For rest of your comments i totally agree with the reply of "Mmm"

          And the last thing i would like to mention here is that you should decide your culture, and the homeland you belong to otherwise there is a famous urdu saying fit for the confused people like you "Kawwa Chala Hans Ki Chaal or Apni b Bhool gia"

        • Marium

          I don't know much about turkish dramas because havent seen any of them and frankly speaking i don't like to watch dubbed things the facial expressions emotions every thing changes in dubbing i hate it when the movement of their lips is not according to dialogue. the only thing i know bout indian dramas is that they have no moral values they teach nothing except Family politics how sisters in law pull legs, SAAS bahu ki larai evil plans and complex that how people have 200 crore and some one can live likeRam Kapoor in a MAHal and ladies can wear expensive saries, and i was shocked when i saw a kid singing MAngalam bhagzan krishna just cuz of the mandir set up and poojas in dramas and once my uncles son hes is 6 years old may said to me Baji yeh lain parsad khayien and i was shocked i hate indian dramas so very much they are destroying kurt cukture generation our moral values giving us complex etc … sorry for so much hatred but its true.
          Peace and Assalam walaikum

          • Huda you have very rightly pointed out the impact of our sold media on our culture and our young generation. You will see Mandars, Poja Paat, word Namaste in each n every Indian drama, films or other programs but unfortunately the word Asalam O Alaikum is rarely used in our programs; Whereas, offering Namaz, reciting Quran and Masajid etc are becoming extinct in our dramas and other shows.

    • Hussain Nasir kutey teri koi beti behan hy ya unhein bhi chood deya tu ne chudai ki bhi koi boundry nai hotee

  • I totally dsagree you if you are a trur Pakistani the you should not be jealous or hate this. Everyone knows that Pakistani dramas are the best while Indian dramas are ….not too good. So according to me every problem has a solution as every door has a key !! So those who disliked it should protest then saying about bad things on geo….

    • dear Maira no body is saying bad things but only the things which have been done on that Channel and these are all facts and sister you have said that every problem has solution agreed but what if the door keys are in the hands of enemies than???

  • I am out of Pakistan but really proud of my young generation Pakistan, learned, talented, knowledge, debating and fighting for the cause of Pakistan…I love that and really that shows we will change Pakistan inshaAllah from all such odds. We as nation are against all stuff on our channels from foreign bcz we have lot of great stuff, so need is this that we should raise our voice to the parliament to BAN all such channels who are against Pakistan like GEO. We must stand as one nation now for CHANGE. Allah be with our new generation-the best in the world.

  • I can not understand where is so called PEMRA or whatever why this authority is allowing india based GEO tv to air such damn thing in Pakistan i hate GEO and his nara bazi zara sochiye Pakistan kab toorna hy kab dhamaka karna hy zara sochiye ye Pakistan k loogh zinda kyoun hein

  • whats wrong with geo tv nd all other channels, paksitani channels or dramas or programs india ya turkey k, lanat hai in per…….inhain apnay channels band kr denay chahiye, kia pakistan main dramas bn'na bnd ho gaye hain jo yeh doosray mulkon k dramas ka asraa lay rahay hain

  • agreed to what u say………………. but i wonder if a few indian and turkish dramas can have such a massive effect on our culture what about the bulk of foreign movies we cant restrain from watching…………… all of us are a great fans of hollywood….no? aint that disturbing when it comes to exploiting culture……. all our dramas dont portray the exact culture we have many are either about the super elites or the poor lower class……. apart form umera ahmad and a few other writers all love to take things to a certain extreme and are sometimes seriously sickening above all who is forcing anyne to watch indian or turkish content ……i remember when indian channels were banned in pak many of us still watched our favorites online…. a friend of mine is a great fan of korean soaps and others watch star world as much as they watch Pakistani channels…… my point is that u cant just stop other cultures from mingling up with ours by merely rising ur voices for banning indian and turkish content…… it willfind other ways……. besides whats wrong in accepting good things from others culture… a girls rght to education, property freedom of expression and the banishment of saas bahu chik chak and generation of family rivalry……

  • this is very awkward that an Pakistani channel show Indian dramas. It shows that Pakistan has no talent in drama industry. I often show many websites like www myhinditv com , www tellimedi com and more where indian and pakistani dramas available in one website. We can admit it only on website but on national channels,,,it is really awkward. I want to just ask one simple question that India also shows our dramas on their channels???

  • >