Why Are Our Celebrities Against Turkish Dramas?

When I sat down to write this article, I thought the topic should be why are our people against Turkish dramas? but then I thought that will not make an appropriate title since most of our people, the layman, is not just against Turkish dramas but there are so many people who have been opposing Indian programs too for such a long time but no one listens to them. So I am more interested in finding out why our actors, producers and directors are against Turkish dramas. Lately, I have read so many articles on blogs, newspapers and magazines against Turkish dramas and not to mention the debates that are going on, on the electronic media. It is our favorite topic nowadays and after reading so much against Turkish dramas I found some of the arguments very flawed so I would like to discuss here why I am not getting convinced by these arguments. Let me also add that if watching a Turkish play means you are ‘supporting foreign content’ then I DO NOT support foreign content because I don’t find it interesting and engaging enough full stop. Does that make me a very loyal Pakistani hmmm I am not sure! Okay here are some points that I would really like people to take time out for and read. I consider myself a very impartial observer so this may make sense to some people who are not driven by emotions but listen to reason. In any case don’t forget to share your views.

1. The People Who Support Turkish Dramas Are Not Patriotic OR Show Your Patriotism By Helping us Ban Turkish Content.

Are Turkish Dramas the only foreign element in our country? Look at the things you use around the house start from the computer you have, then the phone, which car do you use? Which drink did you have today? Pepsi? Is your Television set made locally? Is your shampoo local? What about the milk and cheese you eat? When you eat out do you have Chinese or McDonald’s or it has to be a desi restaurant every time? And if that is not the case than does that mean you are not patriotic? Absolutely not. You buy these products because as a consumer you have the right to choose. If our people can be considered unpatriotic because they “support” foreign things than not too many of us are patriotic are we? If it indeed is true than all local restaurants should rage a war against the multinational chains because they are a “threat” to them. All the soft drinks are being made locally, so Pepsi etc should be banned too and the list is never-ending.
I want to buy my fridge and watch my dramas without the fear that what I choose will gauge the level of loyalty I have towards my country. There are many other ways of showing love to your country like by being honest at work, saving electricity so on and so forth.

2. Turkish Dramas Are Against Our Culture OR Turkish Dramas Will Take Over Our Culture.

My first question is what is our culture? Because as far as I know Pakistani culture is very diverse and varies not just from province to province but from city to city.
As a society Pakistanis have always derived cultural values from their religion.
What is the general theme of our dramas?
Saas Bahu troubles
Sisterly Rivalry
Husband and wife having problems
Husbands having extra marital affairs
Girls getting raped and what happens to them ete etc

Where does culture come in? Let’s talk about dressing now. The Turkish actresses are very boldly dressed and our actresses are so graceful and dignified (only in dramas) otherwise if you watch the same actresses in fashion shows and other shows they are equally bold in their dressing. What does that show? Are we hypocrites? We have to be fools to think that actresses who cover their heads and bodies in dramas are like that in reality too and we know it only too well that they are not. We saw it very clearly in Lux Style Awards. So, where are we going as a society? Are these people the true representatives of our culture? Or are we being fooled? Or is it okay for these actresses to dress up boldly for shows (that are also shown on our televisions) but not in dramas?
Why don’t our celebrities protest against the mujra channels that are openly shown by every single cable channel and are easily accessible? Are they in line with our culture? Are they not ruining our culture? If our artists are not just worried about their own self and about the culture than they should oppose all things that are against our culture. To start with the cheap local theatre shows should be banned. And what about the Indian shows, why don’t our artists speak about that?

3. Turkish Dramas Are Not Good For Our Drama Industry.

Turkish dramas or any dramas that are watched by people provide good competition and it is the basic rule of economics that competition is always good because it gives people choices and it improves quality of products. Turkish dramas will give incentive to our producers and writers to come up with original concepts in order to attract the attention of people. No doubt we are making excellent dramas even now but you will all agree with me that most of the stories are taken from digests and people have stopped putting in the effort to get an original script being written for a drama. All dramas revolve around similar themes because too many dramas are being made and no one has time to come up with new ideas. Maybe these Turkish dramas will actually save our drama industry while it is still strong enough before it goes downhill.
Who will be benefiting monetarily from these dramas? We already know that our channels are getting these dramas at a cheaper rate and local artists are dubbing these plays so they benefit from it. Once the drama goes on air, it is our own channels which benefit from it.

4. If Such Serials Start Running Regularly There Will Be No Audience For Pakistani Content.

Hamayun Saeed gave this statement and I was appalled to hear it because it surprises me that these producers who expect the viewers to support them fail to give the viewers any credit and themselves too! All I want to say in response is that please have some faith in your own dramas and the people who watch them. All Pakistanis who have a television set at home also have access to cable and they have the choice to watch anything they want already but they still choose to watch Pakistani dramas because they are good enough. So enough of the exaggeration already! If you continue making good dramas, we will continue watching them.

I said it before and I am going to say again that I do not watch or “support” Turkish dramas but at the same time I feel that the artists who are giving emotional statements are just being unreasonable and insecure. They should continue making good dramas and stop the blame game. We should not feel threatened by competition but take it in our stride.

Ayesha Ahmed.

  • Pakboy

    THANK YOU. Finally someone with common sense. Brilliant article, well-written. And answer all questions.
    My mom and I love Pakistani dramas but we ALSO like variety. We enjoy one or two Turkish shows as well. Doesn't mean we're not patriotic or that we're not supporting local content. Remember….Quaid-e-Azam was a big advocate of freedom and democracy. And if you deny people choice, you are denying what we once stood for. If you can't respect someone else's culture, don't expect them to respect yours. There are things in Pakistani culture that others find disgusting, for example, cousin marriage. But Pakistanis abroad are allowed to marry their cousins. Even Saudis don't marry their own cousins. So why can't we accept other cultures for what they are? WAKE UP! If we were all that superior, we would have been the greatest nation on this planet. We seem to hate on everything that we don't like. Wake up, Pakistan!

    And thank you, Ayesha!

    • anam

      well said !

    • Mrs Asim

      who said that Saudi dont merry their own cousins? I never heard such a thing , cousin marriage is allowed in Islam and and even in christianity and judaism( though christians changed it afterwrds)..u could have given some other example, there r many bad practices in our culture u know. otherwise I liked ur comment and agree with u.

      • Pakboy

        Dear Mrs Asim, my father worked with the Saudis for over 20 years in the oil field and they always used to make faces at cousin marriage. Islam considers cousins non-mehram, but it's medically proven that it's not healthy to marry into one's own family. Distant relatives is another issues. Regardless, the point is the difference in culture. It is 2012 and Western culture considers marrying into one's own family very disgusting. But they never say anything about Pakistanis marrying their own first cousins. But here we are…ridiculously criticizing other culture as if we are superior. Don't confuse our religion with our culture because if our culture was devised from our religion, then people wouldn't have 3 days of lush marriages full of NAACH GAANA, and the boys family demanding excessive dowry.

        • Mrs Asim

          u r right about culture and religion, n we must not think ourselve superior, there is no reason to think so. but christians know that in christianity cousin marriage was allowed, in Islam its permisiable n its enough for muslims. u r talking about medically proven, but ma ny other researches tells that its not so. though its not necessary to marry in family, but still its allowed..only Allah knows best.

    • Saad

      9 dislikes but not a single counter argument which just show people don’t have a solid argument against what you said!

  • LOL

    Our celebrities seem to have lost the plot. Beren Saat (who played Bihter in Ishq-e-mamnu) is not only an amazing actress but also an amazing person. Kuch Pakistanis ko yeh shakayat hay that we should appreciate our own celebrities. Well, our celebrities are more interested in looking after their own pockets and grabbing as many contracts as they can, rather than winning hearts and minds. Beren Saat and Kivanc Tatlitug (Behlul) are goodwill ambassadors for the United Nations. They do charity and goodwill work for Afghanistan. As a matter of fact, they are representatives for WOMENS RIGHTS in other countries. Ab batao…humara KAUN sa celebrity aisa hay jo iss tarah ka charity work karta hay? NONE. Yeh log to Pakistani flood victims tak bhee baree mushkil sey pohanchay thay. Yehaan tak key even Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt did more work for Pakistani earthquake victims than Pakistani celebrities themselves. Hats off to Beren Saat. Hum sirf ISLAM ISLAM aur ALLAH ALLAH kartey hain but practically kuch bhee naheen kartey. At least these people do something for others. That's why I respect them. Phir humarey celebrities apni drama industry ko save karney key liye hum sey kiss mun sey saath mangtay hain?

    • Fatima Tuz Zahra

      i totally agree with you………

    • Bushra

      For ur knowledge jawwad ahmed is also uno embassader

      • LOL

        Just Jawad? LOL….what about the rest if them making noise.

        • jkI

          oh yeh well are all the turkish actors un ambassadors and spending big money on poor!

    • fsh

      alaaa yr zbrdstho tm grt

  • ina

    love the article

  • ina

    love ur article very much

  • Iqra_Zafar

    Great article Ayesha! I personally think that we are making a havoc of a not-very-big issue because according to PEMRA the local channels can show 10% of foriegn stuff ( but still i'm strongly against the indian content being aired on local channel). Coming back to the Turkish dramas being aired on our channel and the condemnation of celebs against them well i think that some of them are being quite insecured they should be confident about themselves and their work too because whats good would eventually be liked by the audience whereas i think that these dramas are just a breath of fresh air which will ultimately fade away…

  • Syma Sheiqh

    welll done! i totally agree with you. you are 100% right in your point of view. the only threat to our acters is that such shows can down market them and in order to playing cheap Indian Dramas not a single actor raised his or her agression. why? why?

  • MTQ

    Omg Ayessha jus love u yarr
    sara pole khol kr rakh dia love this article soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ (Y)

  • Mrs. Asif

    V well written ayesha. Jeb indian shows aur dramas telecst hna shru hoy local chanls pe tb ksi sngl celebrty ne b protst ni kia.bt nw dy feel turkish dramas threat 4 dm tbi sbke zubane khuli han.hmare pblc ache dramas dkhna chahti ha.we want 2 get rid of ds gissey pitty saas,bahu k jhagry, bheno aur frnds ki rivalry,gherelu sazishen etc.ye koe topcs hn jin pe drama bnen.pblc ko kch acha dekhaen tou wo dkhe na.agr hum foreign products use krty hn tou y nt foregn drams?

  • Anum s

    Well even though ur article is nice and its a worthy effort but i am still against theforiegn content… Majorly coz they are taking our prime time which generated our revenues… but m sure this love for turkish dramas will end soon and our dramas will gain their position back as the same people and same industry u all are blaming have fought previously and came back with a bang earlier too… Nothing big in that… Plus the pakistani awaam which live in pakistan and always cheering and supporting others rather than supporting themselves sooo not really shocked here… Criticizing their own people is an old habbit and as the saying goes "old habbits die hard"

  • samar

    i totally agree…….this a very good analysis πŸ™‚

  • Zaka Ullah

    110% agree with u and that was a great article because i have such feeling about the foreign serials.
    in our area the cable masters stop/ban the indian channels such as Star Cricket Pogo Disney etc.
    The customer has the choice to use any product of his interest either it is local or foreigner.
    once again ur article was best and our actors should think seriously about their work.

  • ffgfghg


  • yaf

    agree with a portion of the article but some points are absolutely lame.. i mean its so lame to compare it with buying foreign products..no one is blaming PEOPLE for watching these dramas.. but they're blaming LOCAL CHANNELS to show theses programs at prime time… and to show Indian programs in local channels is equally worse if not more…..to me, it is a legal issue more than a cultural issue for our actors… and how stupid of the writer to say that it is benifiting our drama industry monetarily… although i totally agree that our dramas also do not represent our culture at awl with some dramas having cheap and disgusting storyline

    • xyx

      and just why are the local channels showing these programs at prime time because people watch them and that is why the people from drama industry are asking viewers to stop watching them. everyone is blaming people who watch them and asking them to stop watching. if no one was watching these plays they would not be airing on prime time because that is when the channels generate the maximum revenue, common sense. it benefits the channels not the drama industry and that is what the writer said.

  • sara

    Article is gud……..lakin plz koi humhare bhe to sunen humen pehlay he Indians prog,drama etc per objection tha….aur ab to Turkish Dramay ke kaser reh gaye the…yeh bhe humara culture nahi…..
    1…Prime time may humaray drmay gaybe hein……2..her channel per Indians dance shows aur Indians dramay aur ab Turkish dramay…..3…kiya humaray dramay bhe wahnan deekhaye jatay hein>..4…Phir kise nay Tv per sahe keha k Turkish dramay Generation ko waqt say pehlay jwan keren gay…..5….kiya hum yeh dramay apnay bhai ya family k saath deekh suktay hein nahi na?…6…Phir in dramay per Urdu may Dubbing ke ja rahe hey….to kiya ager Turkish language may ager yeh atay to hum itnay he shock say deekhtay nahi na……Pamera ho ya humaray Apnay Actorss wo bhe apnay mulk k saath sincere nahi lugtay….humara koi drama ho ya Road show…her waqt Indian songs sunatay hein…..aap log bhe Public say Indian SONGS HE SUNATE NAZER AYE GE…..YEH SUB KIYA HEY…Aap apni pechan khotay ja rahay hein rapidly…….Humen apnay mulk say pyar nahi…..jub k Yhae Indians apnay mulk saath apnay logon k saath apnay culture k saath buht sincere hein…..unhen to humaray culture ya humaray drama say ya humaray Actors koi Interest nahi…wo humaray kitnay Drama ya show chala rahay hein?Lugta hey sub Channels bik gaye hein.
    Aur Morning shows bhe wrong hein kon sa Shadi ka culture deekha rahay hein?kitnay % log itne lavish shadi afford kertay hein?aur in Mor Shows say to lugta he nahi k yahan koi Tension hey ya Serious Problems ya issues hein aap logon ko….bus afsoos k hum Patriotic nahi…..lakin Indians hoon ya Turkish wo ziada Patriotic hein.

    • asma

      @sara u r absolutely right . article ki kuch batein bilkul sahi hain k hamari actresses kiya krrahi hain dramon mei dupatey lpait k aurshows mei uff n .first of all ,we ppl r against all type of behudgi ,we hv grown up with our tht culture ,jis mei society knegitive ko negative (jo kbeshak culture ka barahisa hain)but positive ko positive aur phir our religious values ko baraqarar rakhney k liye burayi ka injam bhi dikhaya jata raha hai aur ab bhi dikhaya jata hai , humwoh log hain jo shuru seindian shows dramas etc and above all geo tv pe news mein songs aur indian behuda films k had se girey huwey trailors k sakht kholaf hain ,beshak theatre , cable all r corrupted ,phir bhi agar ourtv chnlz jin ki tarbiyat se aaj hum achey ko acha aur burey ko bura samjhney kqabilhuwey hain us pe chahey woh indian hon turkish hon , hollywood bollywood ,hum sab kkhilaf hain ,,,,agar hamari actresses dramon k ilawa bold dressup hoti hain tu shayed hum woh shows nahi dekhna pasand kertey . bcuz hum unhen dupaton mei sharm o heya k saath hi dekhna chahtey hain ,ab yeh tv chnlz ka qibla durust honey wala hai ,aur woh apney bolddd actors ka rasta in chnlz pe bananye k liye un ka muqabla doosrey chnlz se kerwa k un ki rah hamwar kr rahey hain ,ta k kal ko jab woh bhi isis tarah k behuda role play karein tu un k pass jawaz ho k bhai ab in dramon ka muqabla bh tu kerna hai , jaisey starplus k muqabley k liye humarey chnlz ne waisey nonsense dramey banana shur kr diye.OPEN WARNING to all our chnlz we r pakistani , and we want our classic drama back . we hate indian ,holly bolywood or an other goli wood .humey achey burey ki tameez humarey tv n sikhayi k aaj hum pakistan se bahir rehtey huwey bhi (jahan humarey pass duniya k cultures aik button mei mojood hain lekin us mei se bhi wohi dekhna pasand kertey hain ,jis mei kisis bhi country k (aik madar pidr azad tabqey ka luxury life style )nahin balkey un ki real values dikhayi jati hain .yeh turkish dramey pakistan se bahir (in islamic countries )mei bhi sirf aik aisey madar pidrazad tabqey mei hidekhey gaye hain baqi hum jaisey in k citizens ne bhi in per tanqeed ki hai k buhut hi behudgi dikhayi gayi hai .balkey yeh kehna durust ho ga k yeh dramey apni tanqeed ki wajah se ziyada popular huwey k tauba tauba ki gayi aur afsos hai khamarey yahan bajaye baqi cheezon ka qibla durust kerney knegative ki daurmei aik se barh k aik agye ja raha hai. bilkul theek kaha k morning shows se le kr baqi naach ganey sab bakwas hain .sirf aikpaki dramey k ilawa in chnlz pe kuch bhinahi dekhney kliye aur sirf aik drama hum tv chnlz hotey huwey youtube ya yahan dekhety hain kiun k dramey k dauran jo fuzool indian shows ki ad ati hain we can,t bear tht.i live in gulf .aur yahan k local chnlz pe eng movies censored ati hain ,morning shows itney informative hain k hum decide nahi kr patey k kis chnl k dekhein aur kis ka repeat mein ,health se le kr all social and economic issues of a citizen ,sab ki help k liye highly professional log invited hotey hain na k hamarey M.SHOWS KI TARAH kisisbhi jym se uth k haath mei zubaida ppa k totkey ya kisi eng writer ki book pakr k totkey bataye jatey hain ,ladies health jo k aaj kal american chnlz s ele kr arab chnlz k main issue hain jis k liye woh highlyqualified ,nutritioniost , gyn ,hert surgeo etcall at a time avaialabletht jo aik simple exercise bhi aapki medicle history janye baghir app ko suggest nahi kertey aur yahan kisis ko bhi audiance mei se mun utha k aerobic kerwana shuru kr datey hain , jahalat ki inteha hai , aur baat kerney chaley hain culture ,aur values aur religion pe . ONE QUESTION jab tak paki tv pe dupatta lazim tha ,aur touching allow nahi thi ,us waqt gali bazar wairan ho jatey they ,7 din k intezar k baad bhi woh drama dekha jata tha ,jis ko poori family aik saath beth k dekhti thi buzurg apni zindagi ki ghaltiyon peafsos kerte they k un ko koyi un ki ghalat bat pe tok na saka bachey apney parents ki izat aur ehtram aur bhi barh k kerney lagtey they jab unhen dramaon mei bhi apney hi maa baap jaisey parents aulad ki tarbiyat kertey aur ghlat se rauktey dikhaye gjatey they. humey us tv ne is qabil banay hia k aaj bhi hum tv dekhety huwey apni akhrat aur maut ko nahi bhool jatey k hamarey shoulders pe 2 pehreydar hamari hr bat ka hisab rakh rahey hain jisey hum mita nahi saktey .yeh trining humey hamarey classic paki tv se mili hai n we r proud of tht . we want to see all tht or alike tht. kal bhi behudgoi behudgi thi ajaj bhi fuzool hi hai aur kal bhi fuzool rahey gi . sahi irshad huwa hai k burayi ko dekhtey raho tu us k liye nafrat dil s ekhatam ho jati hai n tht,s wht our todays media (and sab behudgiyen ka guru GEO TV ) IS DOING THT. …..

  • Zarna!n

    I am not against turkish plays if people are interested to watch them,do telecast it. But devoting primetime (7-10pm) to indian and turkish content is unfair.prime time belongs to the local dramas. Due to which many workers and artists are passing through financial crises.
    DO NAINA, SAZA,JHOMEER are three plays that were onair on express and were taken off without any notice due to foreign content.on the other hand geo is also ignoring local dramas for foreign content that is totally unfair and unbearable.

  • Maheen

    Excellent arguments and very good points. I agree wholeheartedly. I can't tell you how disappointed I was to see clips and pictures from the Style Awards (I could not stand to watch it too long. May Allah forgive me for watching even the parts I saw). I was shocked to see the way our beloved "Khirad" from Humsafar and "Suraya Khala" from Dastaan were dressed and behaving. I could not believe the disgusting jokes and the way the men were watching this shameless display of immodesty with no respect for others. I remember watching one of the PTV awards from the '80s, which were far more dignified than this Lux Style garbage. They should give themselves an award for spreading the disease of disrespect for our culture and objectification of women.

  • Badtameez

    I think you raised few good points here but I do think giving Turkish plays a place here on our tv just gives another option to viewers and should not be considered a threat to our industry …I have not seen even one full episode of those silly plays everyone is talking about …. "Becoming a threat" …. Is long shot….I still want to watch pakistani plays Only …even though I have an option to watch these Turkish , Indian and amriki programs locally….oh I do watch some amriki shows but not lime I watch Pakistani dramas ….no one can take that away from me…lollll…

  • Hussain Mahmood

    Pakistan media is now over. Foreign media Rocks all over the world because nowadays, Pakistani media just make movies & serials on foreign based-story, like Aik nayee cinderella is based bit on story of cinderella. Pakistani media has just left it's traditions. This all is the reason behind all of this.

    • fsh

      u rockzzzzzz

    • jkI

      you're saying this about one drama, why don't you watch other dramas

  • Amina Ahmed

    the only reason i dont watch Turkish dramas is that i hate dubbing base serials or movies .. the originality is originality by dubbing it looks so fake to me !!! Besides, yes agree with much ur points. Well ironically few days back i was thinking that when Star plus was at its peak in Pakistan most of the people used to say that they are going to destroy our culture by their vulgar actions and story lines.. well my point is what our serial are doing now… every other soap is either have years long history (reference : Yeh zindagi hai with bogus story line) or based on rape cases , or girl running away from home, or on extra marital affairs, or the typical saas bahu sagas .. or elder man younger girl in intimate relationship … and much more .! all these once upon were flavors of Star plus now they are basics of our today's drama industry .. coming to reality shows .. tell me what living on the edge is good for .. what entertainment we got from nachley … what our morning shows are portraying .. morning show only have few things to show fake wedding weeks, gaud bharais , jin bhoot stories .. or as soon as wedding week ends the host become lawyer for a rape victim …

    • mujtaba sultan

      very well said amina ahmed

  • Saba Karim

    Article is good. I would like to see Turkish dramas. I recently visited turkey. I am so impressed with their society. I wished our Pakistani brothers and sisters who are totally confused about their identity could learn something from turkey. I am trying to understand which Pakistani dramas are trying to promote our culture and values. Are we talking about those dramas that are showing and promoting extra marital affairs or the ones where one sister is after her other sisters husband. God forbid if these dramas are shown in turkey what kind of impression they will get about our society in Pakistan. Something to think about.

    • Maya

      tumhara bhi acha hai …………… she is absolutely right………… something seriously to think abt..

    • xain ifti

      i cant understand that why ppl dnt support their country… why ppl always like the other countries??

  • Farrukh

    I have figured out why our artists (so called and just a handful) are against Turkish content. One specific production house is running 28 serials of various channels win 15-20 artists only. What quality and variety they can offer is measurable……! I always remain confused about different characters of different dramas because each of the leading artists is performing in 6-7 dramas simultaneously. So what quality they can offer??…….. its not local artists against foreign content, its Asif Raza Mir vs Turkish content……..

    • Khurram


  • DDs

    im from germany and germany is full of turkish ppl. even my closest friends are from there. i know their dramas since childhood. i didn´t watch them but when i visit my friends i catch a glimpse and i must say they are very liberal and have many many intimate scenes which are inappropriate to watch with family and friends. also the topics seems to be always love. dont get me wrong i love these type of movies and dramas but i also want change from that. we have a few dramas which educate our ppl and have a deep and spiritual message.
    we pakistanis need that more than love stories played by turkish ppl.
    turkey considers us as "brohters" they really really love pakisn and its ppl thats why we should also respect them and allwo one or two (clean) drama to show.

    i also want to point out one thing: nowadays many dramas deserve less resepct than the saas-bahu-dramas from india. cheap language, cheap body language and cheap storylines. we should stop this. i cant stand "mohabbat jaye bhad mein" or "mahi ayega" etc.
    first clean the trash in pakistan and then the other "threats"

    • DDs

      Ahh..Asaf Raza Mir itna banne ki zaroorat nahi hai. His "mera viyaah kab hoga" and other dramas are 100% promoting indian culture by playing theri songs the whole time and talking about indian film stars. Ejaz Aslam ka role itna hi hai ke wo 24/7 salman khan ki copy karta hai. seriously.
      Bushra Aunty: not better
      Faisal Quraishi and many others actors are dancing on some stupid dance shows.
      i really want this ppl to disappear from media who are spoiling our society
      really angry now /:

      • Tareen


    • ghazi

      First of all the era of saas bahu type drama has long been passed. Now we have seen a number of dramas with a lot of diverse subject. Time has changed. we ve seen vulgarity in a lot of dramas in past when the cable was new to public but with the pessage of tym drama industry has got more n more maturer. Dastan, Durre Shahwar, Qaid e Tanhai, Zindagi gulzar he, Mera naseeb, bilqees kor, hamsafar, meri zaat zarra e benisha'n and a number of other dramas almost all of them carried good message and addressed our social issues. I dont thinh that our drama industry is promoting vulgarity. majority of dramas are not beyond our cultura limits and their main spectrum is middle class which constitute 95% of our society.
      However, turkish drama, i regret say, supported by our society is beyond all religious, social and ethical values.
      wat the hell, heroin is ditching her husband, hero is befooling his guardian, his uncle. uncle is good, heroin is good and hero is also good. Wat the hell. where remains the concept of sin. Are we ready to accept extra-marital relationships in our society. If are not going to keep a distinct separating boundary between wat is right and wat is wrong than to wat we are directing ourselves probably from affairs to intimacy and then to gay marriages.

  • Bushra

    Turkish dramas r full of crap ppl and vl b buried soos as indian ones and pak drama industry vl flourish as it is now ppl wth below average iq watch such things

    • Palwashah khan

      I abolutely agree with bushra gee. we should ban turkish dramas n should promote our dramas instead of promotg them, coz our dramas gives u mcg which is based on reality, thats y there is no comparison ever.

  • zini

    trend of bollywood movies ruined film industry and now trend of foreign dramas will gonna ruin our drama industry as well….be pakistani buy pakistani!! This trend is just begining it will surely effect drama industry thats y our celebrities areare against it and we shud also be

  • Bushra

    For fatima the writter first of all our celebrities wtever do in their original life doesnt matter but wtever image the comeup with in dramas r always positive pakistani dramas hv v strong story content and i strongly condemn tht u think our dramas hv no stories lux style we dunt watch everyweak on every channels prime time so u cant compare tht tooand and u know wt these turkish dramas vl b dead soon u vl see that and pakistani viewers hv such a great taste of dramas tht there vl b always pak dramas on primetime u better once try to take a poll of ppl living abroad who hv aceesss to every type of entertainment cinema english movies and indian movies in theater these ppl prefered and watch hamsafar drama on big screens in hotels in usa and uk kider ke dunya main reh rahae hain aap log media is buying tht crap just because its cheap and low costing lols

    • Ehsan

      Well said Bushra. I live in Canada and so far none of my friends and family have watched a single episode of Ishq e Mamnoon. We have only heard of it through social media.

    • SPRITE

      Madam, you obviously don't live abroad. Turkish shows are popular in all of Arab world, Russia, and Europe.
      The only people who like Pakistani shows in America are Pakistanis living abroad. People who like Turkish shows come from all races.

      • leila

        from iran..i'm not pakistani but i'm interested in pak dramas..good Content …humsafar.dastan..zindagi gulzare hai.(outstanding dialogs and acting)…and so on.. i really really like fawad khan's acting..i've seen many many dramas and movies from all countries of the world….european..hollywood ,bollywood,korean,thiland,tiwan,china ,japan,turkish..and so on..oh turkish dramas are so boring…with a lot of bad content…vulgar..unethical..Betrayal..u cant't learn sth from them..maybe there is some exceptions..i'm really worried about their new generation..they must do sth …
        finally islamic culture will win..

        • leila

          from iran..i'm not pakistani but i'm interested in pak dramas..good Content …humsafar.dastan..zindagi gulzare hai.(outstanding dialogs and acting)…and so on.. i really really like fawad khan's acting..i've seen many many dramas and movies from all countries of the world….european..hollywood ,bollywood,korean,thiland,tiwan,china ,japan,turkish..and so on..oh turkish dramas are so boring…with a lot of bad content…vulgar..unethical..Betrayal..u cant't learn sth from them..maybe there is some exceptions..i'm really worried about their new generation..they must do sth …

      • Hassaan Javaid

        You look like a one crazy fan for Turkish crap Sprite

  • Ehsan

    Come on guys. Is it really important to write about this issue. I mean on every fb page, every blog and on every website Ishq e Mamnoon is being discussed. I only have one issue and that is a proof. I need a proof to admit that Ishq e Mamnoon has broken the records of the highly popular Humsafar. Just one proof and that will be all and I am sure no person is born to prove this. I have three proofs to show that this is not the case. Firstly Humsafar’s fb page has 435k fans as of today with 3 other fb pages having 60000+ fans whereas Ishq e Mamnoon has a max of 75k fans. Secondly on all video browsing websotes like youtube and dramasonline, Humsafar has at least 3 times as many views as episodes of Ishq e Mamnoon have. Lastly on all these debates on fb pages you can see that Ishq e Mamnoon has a very divided audience, haters and lovers whereas that was not the case with Humsafar.

    • SPRITE

      I know you copied this post from a Facebook page. But I’ll respond to you, anyway…
      The “fans” you are talking about includes fans of Humsafar from abroad. I’m not sure WHAT pages you are looking at, but Ask-i-memnu was popular WORLD over, including countries like Bulgaria, Russia, etc. I doubt anyone over there even knows what “Humsafar” is. The page for Ask-i-memnu has 524k fans and there are at least 3-4 different versions of those pages (in Greek, Arabic, Urdu, etc). Facebook fan count is a stupid way to monitor popularity but regardless, Ask-i-memnu is way more popular.
      And if it wasn’t as popular as you claim it was, then Urdu1 wouldn’t have got a plethora of sponsors. No one has money to waste. Even FATMAGUL is more popular than Humsafar.

      • Ehsan

        Well sprite guy. First of all I feel happy to be an advocate of Pakistani Dramas. Secondly look at Ask i memnu. That drama has been dubbed in many languages as you said therefore this means that it got more platforms as compared to Humsafar which mostly had only one platform and that was Urdu. Turkish media has good bonding with other European and Arab countries and they constantly share thier own dramas whereas we do not get the same opportunity. So in terms of popularity worldwide Ishq e Mamnoon has advantage over Humsafar. Now Ask i memnu`s 524k page was created way before than that of Humsafar`s and hopefully it wll surpass 524k in a few weeks. Lastly give me the link to show where I copied this from because I have written this all on my own. Do some research before you speak.

        • Ehsan

          Lastly sir we are not comparing Humsafar to Ishq e Mamnoon`s international version but I am comparing it with the Urdu version because it would be unfair to compare it with the international as mentioned above.
          I have a message for you sprite guy. If you do not like paki dramas then do not like them you have the freedom to watch anything you can but perhaps being a pakistani you owe something to Pakistan as we all do and it is our duty to at least not bluntly criticize our own things and not openly support others.

          • SPRITE

            Mr Ehsan, I am just as much a fan of Pakistani dramas as you are. And I agree that foreign content shouldn't be aired on prime time. I also agree that Indian content should be banned since they have banned ours. However, I don't agree with completely banning Turkish programs because I enjoy watching one or two of them, too. Coming back to the point….the channel Urdu 1 released official ratings conducted by EXTERNAL bodies that calculate and assess TRP and Ask-i-memnu won over Humsafar. If this information was incorrect, HUM TV would have denied it. Neither ARY nor HUM TV denied it. As a matter of fact, they accepted it (they, too, share TRP ratings conducted by same external bodies so they are authentic).

            Also, I read that same comment on the Facebook page of PAKISTANI MEDIA LOUNGE official by a girl named Sarah.

          • Ehsan

            Well unfortunately like other systems in our country our TRP system is also inefficient. TRP system is a very uncertain way to get to know the popularity of any drama because the TRP calculating machines are mostly installed in posh areas of big cities like Karachi and Lahore and they do some weird calculations. Many cities do not even have TRP calculating machines and our majority population lives in rural areas. With this in mind you may also know that many cities did not even have an access to Ishq e Mamnoon or Urdu 1. So with TRPs around 2-3 percent of people are basically representing the opinions of the 180 million people. It is totally unfair and an inefficient way but I guess we do not have any other option. But again according to Urdu 1 Ishq e Mamnoon had a rating of 11.88 but why is it so popularly known that Humsafar had a rating of 13.8.

          • SPRITE

            if this is the case, Mr Ehsan, then what's the fuss about? To phir larai khatam karo aur sab apney ghar jao. What's the point of protests and dharnas when it is soooo obvious that Pakistani dramas will win? has everyone gone mad that they're foreseeing threats and loss of revenues? Ajeeb log hain hum phir….why are we considering something a problem when we admit it's not a problem?

          • xain ifti

            who so eva u r… india had officially released humsafar on a great demand…

      • aiza

        u r right…ishq e memnu 's last episode was watched by 85 million fans world over….bbc and cnn showed these reports and 40 minutes interview of kivanc tatlitug who has more than 100 million fans world over….compete thm with quality not by condemning them all the time….at least turkish actors have inshallah defeated fake,ugly and vulgar indian stuff in pakistan….kivanc is the 5th won to be shown in magnum ad after 4 hollywood stars….hats off to turkish dramas….just love them…kindly watch kuzey guney….the highest world ranking from 9 to 9.8

    • mujtaba sultan

      humsafar's story was so simple and steady,even a kid could write this down like saas turned into stupid vamp and all that kitchen mahira's childish scene,it was all so unreal,the only good thing in that drama was sarmad's direction and the beautiful cast which left it with 9 ratings which was none higher before and then after that meri ladli broke that record by 10.5 or something(i never watched meri ladli but annie ki ayegi baraat)and then bulbuley which made the same ratings but lastly ishq e mamnu broke the records by making it to 11.46 or something and it is yet sensible than meri ladli and fanpages over facebook never decide these things as it is said action speaks louder than the word
      izabel and ek dhund si chayi hai also have the same themes but no one paid a penny worthy attention to it because they didnt give such huge success

  • Rubina Baig

    Love the article it thI was honest . I remember lux awards my daughter asked me are those Pakistani allows to wear those dresses we live out of country we want our children learn our culture but when they watch those kind of shows what they going to learn they did not represent our culture just want to make money

  • moon khan

    Some points were very bogus except pont 3 and 4 which are reasonable somewhat..Firstly Buying and watching are two different things how u can compare them with each other????Then you have raised point on culture which shows that we still are not sure of what are our cultural values are..Our culture starts from our house to whole family to whole colony to whole city to whole country, now it gets diversity as it goes on to higher level but our basic cultural values start from home level and when we speak against these dramas we are actually talking about the culture that satrts from home level to family level becuse its the basics which get directly affected by all this shit shown on the name of foreign drama. Then not all our dramas are showing wrong stories, many of them are very good from all aspects i.e story,dressing etc and so are getting fame..So the point is when we are having great dramas then why we need to show other country dramas why???????????kbhi hm indian bogus tareen dramon ke peeche par jate hn r unko dikhana shoro hojate hain to kbhi turkish content utha lete hain..Do we want our generations to grow up watching these bkwas soup dramas????????Phir to hmara Allah hi hafiz hy..Pehle bhi indian dramon ne hmare society ko kam khrab nhe kia.

    • Tareen

      very right

  • moon khan

    Lux style award show kitne log dekhte hain r kon dekhte hain you can't match that with drama..Drama ki reach boht zada hy r yahe nhe drama dekhne walon me har age ke log hn bache bare yong guys galz women etc…..And if something wrong is shown in shows than it does not mean ke hm ab mzed gnd dikhana shoro krden bjae iske ke jo pehle kuch galat horha hy usko thek krne ke mzed galat krne beth jaen???

    • SPRITE

      Kitna bakwaas bahana hay. You sound like a yahoodi. Dramas ko Islami banao aur shows mein nangey ho jao beshak. Laanat hay.

      • moon khan

        What the hell you are saying???????Have you got some mind??????????well i don’t think so..I was just comparing the things and was never saying that our shows should be such

  • Summaiya

    cable operators ko bhi chaiyeh foreign content na lagae ya sb PEMRA ko call krey tb ja k yeh foreign content band hoga………….aur humare dramas bht achey but humare industry main kch innovation lana hoga takey dunia ap k dramay buy kr k apne channels pe chlae

    • SPRITE

      Cable walon ko log paisey detay hain. If PEMRA doesn't ban something, then cable operators have NO authority to ban anything. It is illegal and against the law to make up your own rules. Aaap jaisey log hain jo apney paas sey chawal martey hain.

  • aizay


  • Farrukh

    hey……… why did you remove my comments?? I you think I was not correct in my analysis you could disagree but removing it speaks volumes about your approach. Am I wrong that 28 0f the running serials on different channels are being produced in a single production house…….????

    • Mrs Asim

      ur comment was not removed..it so happene sometime that u cant c ur comment, but it appears after a while:) ur this comment speaks something about u too:)

  • LOL

    Turkish dramas rock. I hope they stay. Don't care what anyone has to say. My life, my choice, my rules for my own home. Patriotism shatriotism. Pehley terrorism to khatam kar lo.

    • Maya

      good one!! impressive!!

    • KHAN

      lanat tumhari soch pe

      • LOL

        Laanat aap ki soch par bhi.

    • Mian khurram

      shram kro jis mulk mn rehty ho uska kuch to lehaz kro…………..


    And before you say that channels are illegally airing foreign content, they aren't. We have 10% allowance. And Urdu 1 is a foreign channel with no restrictions.

  • HumsafarFan

    I am seriously very disappointed in people right now. When will Pakistanis realize that the more we talk about something, the more popularity it gets? I swear I had not even heard of Ishq-e-mamnoo until people started talking about it all over the internet. Then out of curiosity, some of my friends decided to watch it and some of them actually liked it too. I am so upset at this behaviour of Pakistanis each time something like this happens! We have given more publicity to Turkish dramas than their Turkish producers intended to give and as a result, everywhere I go, people are talking about it. Why do we always do this to ourselves? I come to this website to only talk and see Pakistani stuff but all I am seeing these days is people fighting over foreign content. Enough is enough! This is just a temporary trend which will die out in a few months. For God's sake have some faith in your industry. We produce great dramas for Pakistani public. It is human nature to go after a new trend but then people get bored. Sooner or later, people will forget about these dubbed dramas. To phir itna shor kyoon? Please it is my humble request to stop talking about Ishq-e-mamnoo. I am sick of it now. I didn't even know what Behlul and Bihter was but thanks to you people, now I do. Everytime something like this happens, we are divided and we start fighting. We have more serious issues in the country. Let's support and promote Pakistani dramas instead of talking about Turkish ones. Also, let's not use abusive language for Turkish people because they are our friends even if we don't agree with their culture. Aap sab ko kya ho gaya hay?

  • hamza

    dear borthers and sisters hope u all have heard of indian rape incident in the bus…..anyone who knows what is the real cause of increasing rape incidents….especially this ration is alarming in india….the reason is the availability of pornographic material on the websites…particularly that material which deals with rape like incidents…i mean to say the contents of those stories or movies is under the title rape….just imagine what impressions and feelings that drama ishq e mamnoo is leaving on your family members….do u want to create such unethical stories in your families as well?probably the writer and her family might be that liberal to forego it….but not good any of a good human being who has some family values….miss ayesha will you allow someone out of your family for ishq e mamnoo???plz reply me

  • aqib

    good article lekin kuch cheezon k baray mein humein sochna paray ga aap ne kaha k humaray tv channels pe mujra and blah blah blah dikhaya jata hah i agree wid dis lekin kia is ka matlab hah k ub har cheez family channels pe bhi dhikaya jaye kia jo bhi chez pakistan mein ho rahi hah woh family channels pe dhikaya jana chaiye aur aap iss bat ko kiun nai sochtay k kia sirf pakistan mein hi sirf competition kesay hah india mein kiun nai jahan pe humaray channels hi banned hain kia pakistani dramas humein sai portray nai kar sak rahay aesa kuch bhi nai hah bus hum ahista ahista apnay culturte say dor ho jayein gay agar hum logon ko pakistan say pyar hah pakistan k har chez apni hah tou phir hum log is ko disown kiun kartay hain pakistani channels pe dosray dramas ko daikhnay ka matlab yehi hah k humein apni cheezein pasand nai aati hain lekin pakistan tou humein kabi disown nai karta hum jesay bhi hun hum apnay pakistan mein baray hi fakhr say ghoom rahay hotay hain agar pakistani dramas mein kuch kami hah tou hum agya kiun nai barhtay aur in ko hi kiun nai sahi kartay just think

  • aqib

    just have an example agar mein aik engineer hun aur agar pakistan apni factories ki ya country ki development kay liye bahir say engineers mangwa raha hah kia pata woh bahir say anay walay pakistanis say zeada talented hain lekin kia hum ko yeh gawara ho ga nai naaaaa kiun k hum ne pakistan ko hi best bana k agay lay k jana humein iss ki har chez say pyar hah no matter woh iss ki buri cheezein hun ya achi hun jub kisi ko apnaya jata hah tou sirf us ki buri cheezoun ko e nai achi cheezoun ko b dil sauy laga liya jata hah aur un galt cheezoun ka alternate nai laya jata balkeh un ko e sai kia jata hah

  • aqib

    jub aik turkish drama aik pakistani drama ki jaga ata hah tou aik pakistani drama jis mein 25 to 30 log kaam kar rahay hotay hain jin ka talent humein nazar ana hota hah woh expose nai ho sakta aur hum apnay logon ko e chance nai day rahay hotay hain

  • Noreen

    wht i hv observed is jus one thing, wo log jinhen star plus sy mohabat the, un ki mohabat ab divert ho chuki hy towards tarkish drama's. n d reason which i hv firgured out is, dy r jus inrstng in jus smthng bold, m feeling really sorry to write this, but dts true. na main nay kabhe star plus dekha na he mujhy turkish dramas ny attract kiya coz i dnt like d concepts behind star plus and even behind turkish dramas, main strongly oppose krti hun star plus ko bhe n turkish dramas ko bhe, regarding your articl, it jus gvz me d image "jo ho rha hy wo hony do chahye wo kitna he ghalat kiyun na ho".

  • leila

    from iran..i'm not pakistani but i'm interested in pak dramas..good Content …humsafar.dastan..zindagi gulzare hai.(outstanding dialogs and acting)…and so on.. i really really like fawad khan's acting..i've seen many many dramas and movies from all countries of the world….european..hollywood ,bollywood,korean,thiland,tiwan,china ,japan,turkish..and so on..oh turkish dramas are so boring.with a lot of bad content…vulgar..unethical..Betrayal..u cant't learn sth from them..maybe there is some exceptions..i'm really worried about their new generation.they must do sth ..

  • leila

    finally islamic culture will win..

  • Sajid

    don't agree with write of this article, all i say is please don't run it on prime time.
    you can run it after 10pm or afternoon.. but no indian or turkish or any other foreign content on prime time.

  • raakh

    zionist media

  • Irha

    Well Done Ayesha

  • asma

    and yes if u hv international polling our paki dramas r best , aur tu baad ki baat hai sab se pehley tu starplus ko le lo jis ko dekh k hamarey chnlz ne waisey hi fuzool dramey banan shuru kr diye they , we live abroad n here in women club mostly r from india and according to thr rating in a discussion more thn 80% like paki dramas an dthy said thy don,t liketo wtch star plus ever but smtime zee tv ,but paki darmas or all time famous ,mostly hum tv draams r discussed keenly tht thy r showing reality like ptv used to show .n also talk abt which draama is showing fanatacy like humsafar(noel based )but which showing reality like dur e shehwar etc . tht turkish sereis r famous in non muslims and in christians ,one more drama ,s second part is on air on arb chanlz but u know tht drama cost v high in thy dressed boldly ,halan k tht ws abt history , but still for th second prt of draama thy hv to dress modestly a ltl whr women wear big open necks in secod part which cm after 6 mnths thr clothes were patched open necked patched with .why bcuz criticism of thr ppl not like ours who want to see whtevr tv showing .

  • NDL

    I did not like it when they had started showing Inidan dramas. Their film industry is great and their films are shown here. Our tv industry is great but our dramas are never shown on Inidan tv channels. Though we all know how much our dramas are appreciated by the indian audience. As if this was not enough now we are being bombarded with Turkish soaps from various channels on Prime time. Obviously, when from Mon to Friday we will have one soap which is procured at a cheap rate, why will the channel go fro a drama serial?? This will lead to less money being spent on dramas and an eventual degradation of our TV industry. I think we all must ask Pemra to atleast make sure that their is a limit to the foreign programs being beamed into our drawing rooms. Please safe gaurd the few successfull industires of Pakistan.Enter text right here!I

  • Tahira

    very well said ayesha..i really appreciate ur afford
    i was actually searching for my thesis …. why people are now preferring English n Turkish series more than Pakistani ones…. but i really enjoy reading ur article …
    if u knew about any such study in Europe do inform me πŸ™‚ thnkx


    In words of Humayun Saeed, "we will have no audience left for our dramas". To phir yeh explain karo mujhey.

    • Ehsan

      Yes I agree with you. Unfortunately despite being so talented our media people are not to bold and strong. I guess because they do not have a strong connection with the public, they are feeling insecure and are not realising that the public is behind them. The problem is because of people like you which is certainly a minority. If you closely analyze nobody is against turkish dramas. What the protesters want is just the airing of Pakistani content during prime time and that is it.

  • love pAk

    1 thing to say this is not our culture—>so plx remove these dramas..

  • waqas

    after star plus damn dramas, we finally got pakistanis to watch own dramas through hum tv dramas. n now again we are getting deviated with imported dramas from turkey. hum tv is making awesome dramas n instead of making better dramas, other channels r adopting shortcut by airing turkish serials , which is ridiculous. my humble appeal to drama politicians …produce own dramas

  • hamza

    YAAR what is this jo comment anti article ho uss ko remove ker do thats unfair….i posted one such comment and its no more

  • hhj


  • Hina Khwaja Bayat

    An interesting debate but many misconceptions and misunderstandings in the article and following comments. just to point out a few – channels are allocating way more 10% foreign content allowance given by PEMRA as those regulations themselves are flawed; it is an economic issue of safeguarding a local industry more than a cultural one; media laws worldwide do not consider "dubbed" content as foreign as it is localised if its in the local language. Also please let me clarify that UN goodwill ambassadors are paid for their support of charities and issues – it is not out of the goodness of their hearts that they fly all over the world under the aegis of the UN. many of our celebs volunteer and work for charities but dont blow their own trumpets. Likewise the dress and conduct of many is a personal choice. On the plus side – the advent of these Turkish and Indian drama has given a wakeup call to channels and producers about the need to improve their content – something I have been voicing as an individual. This is an opportunity for our viewers to demand better, improved PAKISTANI content, not replace it with trashy foreign soaps. In my personal experience Indians, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans, Emiratis, Nepalese, Lebanese, Afghanis, Iranis (many who understand Urdu) absolutely love Pakistani drama – eventhough it is not dubbed. I have written 2 articles for the Express Tribune on this issue – please do give them a read. You will get a clearer picture of what is really wrong. As a representative of the industry I appreciate and respect your concern for this matter as without your support or resistance we cannot better our industry.

    • FatimaAwan

      Thank you so much for taking time out and sharing with us how you feel about the entire issue. Can you please post the links of your articles, thanks.

      • Xadee_Xaib
        • FatimaAwan

          Thank you Xadee, long time no see:)

          • Xadee_Xaib

            πŸ™‚ actually these days i am busy with my studies…so very less visits here.but whenever i get some time i do come to read articles and reviews.
            Keep up with the good work πŸ™‚

          • FatimaAwan

            Good luck with your studies, All the best:) And thank you for following what i write and liking it. Keep visiting whenever you are free.

          • FatimaAwan

            Xadee_Xaib Do drop in one of these days, I am having withdrawal symptoms:)

          • Xadee_Xaib

            Haha.ohk fatima dear…!
            i'll see you on gulzar fridays πŸ˜‰

          • FatimaAwan

            I will look forward to it:)

    • Shayan

      Maamm i am really glad ke aapnay b apni raye ka izhar kia,Main as a Pakistani apko ye kehna chahun ga ke turkish are very nice people,Hmara dost mulk hai turkey.Usnay hmari mulk ki development main apna role play kia,,,,thats why we luv turkish celebs.but hate indians.So Ap sb celebs or producers ko hmara interest dekhtay huay Turkish ke sath haath milana chahiye.Ab Media main b hm dono ke relationship improve hogi :)…Plxxx turkish ke khilaf hatred na create krein

  • H.M.rajput

    i agree but, jab ye drama on air tha tab hamare emotional stars kahan they sab ne drama dekh liya now ab itna hangama q????? nd what about indian dramas jo hamarey channals chala rahe hain uska kya??? ab apka culture kahan hai???? ap indian films, unkey cheap songs, unke cheap adds chlatey hain jab fiqar nhi hoti apni ane wali generation ki??????

  • H.M.rajput

    and hme darne or nahi draney ki zarorat hai hamari drama industry bht acha kam karahi hai soooooo let it b….

  • mujtaba sultan

    has anyone noticed??
    those who're agreeing with this article or for turkish dramas they're getting not less then 10 dislikes and those who are talking against this article and turkish dramas are getting all likes more then enough
    no one has paid attention to ek dhund si chayi hai which has every kind of extra marital affair,sister and brother in law's relation,daughter and step father's forced intimate relation,but all so called saviors of tv industry are dead silent on that because that drama was not become a talk of the town,it didnt attracted all the viewers from them,just because it was not such a huge success

  • wejdan

    i watch turkish dramas there so addictive πŸ˜€

    • usman

      i think writer should hav to knw about our religion completly, islam doesnot allow such kind of things, first.. jitna media is chez ko show karega, utna hi logo pr uska asar parega, fo example. dresing etc.. yar i think tumhre soch c hi bahar h ..

    • asmara

      turkish dramas are my best they are one and only

  • sania khan

    Aaslama-e-alekum my name sania khan i like pakistani daram amd love much

  • Saima

    Behan jee turkish dramas k baat choren, zara malls mein jaa k apna culture to dekhen, kiya hum ab soo called muslims hi nhi reh gay??? Kabhi kisi pakistani dramay mein non sense talks nhi dekhai jati? Hum apnay hi bachon k sath pakistani channels nhi dekh sktay, coz PRENANCY, RAPES and all non ethic sence and talks hamary dramo mein boht hi aam dekhay jatay hain…. Pehlay apnay aap ko dekho and sudharo, dosron pe ungli uthanay ka matlab hai k apnay app pe 3 ungliyan point kr rhi hoti hain… So Miss ayesha ahmed apnay ghr se shuru karen dosray mulkon pe mat jaen :#

  • Abdullah


    COUPLE SCENES IN BEDROOM (A DRAMA ON HUM ) seriously I dont know the drama name

    I know what would you reply i answer that i like dramas only and watch these
    talking about

    • haider khan

      i agree…

    • Ambreen

      I agree..


    ''''our actors are gracefully dressed (only in dramas ) """


  • Jamal

    Turkish serials are just FLOP…!!! This article sucks !! Apni cheez apni he hoti hai n ess time we all should support our own serials not turkis n scondly turkish serials are just fake Fake fake !!!

  • Hanish Qureshi

    Charity begins from home, well said by someone. well we don't know about the rest people who are not protesting to save their industry, but OUR DRAMA INDUSTRY is trying their level best to achieve their goals in order to protect the economic condition of our Country which is suffering badly. whats wrong in it if they are willing to save there industry? what about those students who are studying media? can you see the patriotism of INDIA? they've banned pakistani channels. Why? because our 3 dramas were a big threat to them. So yeah we have the right to fight back.

    • Mian khurram

      I 100% agreed with you Hanish…
      very well said yr

    • dua

      Exactly, our drama industry is trying their best to save it so we should support it and this article is too one sided……

  • fsh

    fzl article bakws h stupidity ki b had hoti h i love turkish playss uuuuu stupid

  • Mian khurram

    guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud article

  • sadia imran

    not only Turkish dramas Indian dramas should also b banned in Pakistan ,cause Mashallah we have talent in Pakistan n best actors in Pakistan ,for those channels(almost every channel is promoting them) who want to get there ratings then y not go for original n good dramas that actually promote our culture not other countries culture ,

  • Usma Zain

    article is good .
    our Dramas are best like Dastaan humsafar and Zindigulzar hai.
    but i dnt think so there is any problem with turish dramas they are too good and second thing is that these dramas are from muslim country.
    and i dnt understand y our celebrities against turkish drama when they don't against Indian Dramas.
    Everyone know in Indian Dramas there is nothing

  • Ambreen

    Excellent article..and touches on something more than just the dislike of turkish dramas..The fear of exploring other cultures along with ours gives us a sense of pride and joy…Its not about being patriotic..its about understanding and appreciating the core of our culture..though diverse, has its core values in tradition..We shouldn't shun other cultures because they are different but rather learn from their mistakes..not embrace them..I was so disappointed to see the actresses wearing western jeans and tops (T-shirts) more often in Dramas..also, a lot more closer (romantic scenes) almost what old movies were..still not what Pakistani Dramas were in the past..I also noticed many Dramas projecting an Indian theme with music scores in back-ground or even in seemingly innocent ways such as the wedding song in Kankr (mehndi lagaa key rakhna) I am not against any cultural experience. i was born in Pakistan but lived abroad all my life..middle east & US..however, I take pride in the fact that Pakistan has a unique gift in the arts..from Music (ghazals – Dramas) I think it should be a matter of pride..I think PRIDE is better than Patriotism. I would prefer to have the freedom to watch other things and decide the right path..because that is my education and sensibility…I would rather not see pakistani dramas contaminated with western language, dressing and attitude..I can find that else where…I also believe that all around the world people are suffering from a loss of core values (which were similar in western culture as well as Indian cultures) However, all is lost because we wish to evolve and seem to be un-happy with our own Identity…

    • Amber

      Type-o I meant to say that the we as a people have a fear of exploring other cultures..which is not healthy..It should be about pride not patriotism…

  • noor fatima

    like ur article

  • shireen

    very nice

  • Rubab

    mujhy ni pta k channals foreign dramas q chlaty hen jab k aksar log pakistani dramas ko he pasand karty hen

  • insha

    this article is so powerful and point number 2 was so right

  • there is no need of indian bukwas and turkish plays we have lots of better talent in our country and we have no complex abt it soit is all bulshit we have to stop it and indian movies too

  • faiman

    This hype about Turkish shows will see it's end like onece revered Indian shows.
    Our shows are good but I have seen many a times content not suitable for family viewing hours with affairs, rapes and much more. As for dresses haven't we all seen our Actor and actoresses in similiar dresses in our Award shows even Veteran Actress like Bushra Ansari at times wear embarrasingly revealing clothes.
    As for foreign content and culture, thanks to the world wide web our own Country can't remain secluded. We all see american content don't we? Let's not be hypocrites. Our cultures is what "Parvarish" we give to our children. Whenever I see a teenagers at our various dressed in skintight clothes I simply pity them for having such negligient parent's

  • hak

    Pakistani drama are far more better than Indian n Turkish.

  • salaa

    watch the new turkish drama Haaji trailer on Urdu 1, check the content and quality of that drama… It seems interesting… Turkish are technically strong, and they have different story from Pakistani dramas, gives us more variety… we should collaborate with them… First Indian non sense dramas should be banned… Turkish are much better than India… Many paki dramas are shot in Turkey… Our directors say tht Turkish ppl welcome them there and cooperate. If we can collaborate with India , we can do it with Turkey n learn from them… But they should be limited and shouldnt given priority over Pakistani content.

  • anonymous

    neither is our drama industry good mam ayesha

  • anonymous

    secondly our culture is already destroyed by pakistani actors especially female actors for example not wearing full sleeved clothes,wearing dresses and there are sluts like mathira and veena malik wont you say anything about them.so i disagree with point no. 2 also

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  • jean meza

    yes i am agree turkish dramas shows their own culture thats why pakistani dramas best to per mote our tradition and culture also.

  • madiha

    not only turkish but also indian dramas doing the same thing

  • Muhammad Saadullah

    for the past many years the Indian drams are being played on local tv channels unfortunately none of our artist came out and said that ban the Indian content now the turkish drams are being played on local tv channels the artist are out and they are protesting.their protest has one reason they now know that the turkish actors acting is better than the Pakistanis moreover the production of turkish dramas is high as compare to local content..let me ask a question from our actors which story of dramas on our tv channels have a good script except the dramas written by Umera ahmed…c the turkish dramas their production is whooping high…C the drama “MERA SULTAN” the script of that drama is excellent in every aspect…..every Turkish drama is excellent…

    • ayesha saqib

      i agree with u

  • ayesha saqib

    but turkish dramas have a story a background which we dont have . what we have is the same story with deifferent characters.