Celebrities with their families-Random Snaps!

 Learning about people we love to watch is always an interesting experience. There was a time when celebrities preferred to keep their personal lives separate from the showbiz industry but now, thanks to the advancement in the social media, we can see our favorite actors with their loved ones. While I was searching about Mahira’s family for my latest project, I got a hold on some worth watching snaps of the celebrities of our industry.

Have a look!

1) Humayun Saeed


Humayun has earned a great deal of respect and viewership, followed by a good revenue throughout his acting career. My mother taught him in his matriculation and often tells about how serious and efficient student he was. Saeed has four, younger brothers, Babar, Amir, Adnan and Salman. He and his wife Samina reside in Karachi.


2) Adnan Gilani

We have seen Adnan Gilani serving the industry for more than 15 years with consistency. Although despite of been a good actor, he failed to attract a mass audience as followers but still, He is an important one in the showbiz industry.

adnan jilaani

3) Sunita Marshal

Sunita Marshal is one of the most stunning actresses of Pakistan’s drama industry, having an actor as a husband is what has given a boost to her career, both of them are working together in a current drama Sitamgar.

Sunita marshel

4) Atif Aslam

The man who rule the heart of almost every Pakistani, Atif Aslam speaks about his family pretty less. You can see Atif with his Brother and relatives in the pic.

atif aslam with his family

5) Ahsan Khan

Beside enjoying a good business, this handsome hunk can be taken as a devoted father and family oriented man.

ahsan khan family                     ahsan khan

6) Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan with his Son Ayaan and Wife.

images   hum1


fawad khan and family


7) Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan with her Husband and kids.

mahira images (1)




8) Faisal Qureshi

Faisal Qureshi with his family

faisal qureshi

9) Fahad Mustafa

Fahad with his wife

fahad mustaf with his wife

10) Sami Khan

Sami’s Mehndi Pic

sami khan

11) Aijazz Aslam

Aijazz Aslam, the shy one, with his stunning wife.

aijazz aslam

12) Shaan

Shaan with entire family.


13) Sonia Rehman

Cute pic of Sonia Rehman’s Family                              


14)  Adnan Siddiui

Adnan Siddiqui with his gorgeous Wife and two daughters

adnan siddiqui

15) Sanam Baloch

A click-to-remember snap of Sanam Baloch’s Family.




16) Behroz Sabzwari


17) Azfar Ali


Azfar with his first wife and son. Now he has divorced her and has marries Naveen Waqar, Sara of Humsafar!azfar

Hope you enjoyed,

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Nida Zaidi

  • Tareen

    Nice pics

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      Thank you Tareen

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    want to put a slap over asfar . best couple is aijaz aslam ,adnan sidiqui,ahsan khan and fawad aslam and rest r also good except azfer ali couple

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    Mahira has only a son, not a daughter..!!

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      dint she just got married where did babies come from

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    Mahira's kidsss<3

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      Didn't believe that myself:-)

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    mahira's son is very cute

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    really nice pics thanx for sharing Nida!!

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  • anny

    Azfar ali has a daughter with salma not son.her name is fatima

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    whats so special in these pics????we can google these pics anytime!!! u ppl always use wikipedia or google! i hope some day i may find something new over here!!

    • alia

      sara they'll definitely use these sources, because they r not relative with these celebrities, or not journalists, so leave hopes.

      • nida_zaidi

        Alia and Nazia, πŸ™‚

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          good job

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        The writers get paid for these articles so its just not for entertainment

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      This is completely rude. I watch a lot of the dramas and to be honest I don't know the names of all the actors/actresses. Not only that, I don't have time to go look at each individual actor and actress and learn about their life. This is soo much easier because someone just did it for me. I'm not trying to be offensive but no one is forcing you to look at this stuff; it's a choice.

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    Nice pics……i love fawad

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    REALLY nice pics.ahsan khan is my fvrt actor.sb cplz e maze k hen bs humayon or samina ki aho

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    sami khan has a lovely wife awsmmm

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    masha allah

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    fawad ki wife bht pyari hy

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    Ahsan khan n his wife look so good together what's his wife's name???????

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    Hi….I have some more pics of celebs…If you want them, then ask.

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    Years bivian Milne in Jahilon Ko. Haddddd hai

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    Why include Azfar Ali’s picture with his old wife?Doesn’t seem appropriate

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    is sunita marshal indian?

    • ayesha

      she is pakistani but a christen, while his husband is a Muslim

      • Hassaan Javaid

        They both have accepted Islam but we all know both of them as Marshals

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    Shaan ki family Kay sab kids ganjay hain,lagta hai k summer ki pic hai

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    fahad is my favrte…love uuu

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    humayon saeed ki bhi 2nd wife ha….. aysha khan…. uska nhi btaya.. nobody knows??

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      Ayesha khan is not is wife but a good friend….

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    fawad khan and ahsan khan are the best families

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    fawad khans wife is looking gorgeous , and ahsan khans family is really cute MASHALLAH

  • Hassaan Javaid

    Nice collection. But I felt sad when I heard about Azfar and Salma divorce. Salma is such nice and decent person in real. And I didn't expect Naveen Waqar to be so stupid marrying that guy. If Azfar can divorce Salma after all these years, he can do so to Naveen also.

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    ahsan, mahira and fawad khan's kids are very cute and sweet. Great pictures I REALLY LIKE THESE PICS:-)

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