Film The System to release on 30 May 2014

The team of upcoming film The System has appeared in morning show of A-Plus, hosted by Javeriya Abbasi to promote the film. Producer Ghafoor Butt, Director Shahzad Ghafoor Butt, Hero Sheraz Ghafoor Butt, second lead Maryam Ali Hussain, Supporting artist Irfan Khoosat were among the participants.

The producer also announced the date of release of this film which is 30 May provided it is cleared by censor board.

The show is available at dramasonline.

Few clicks from the show.

Maryam Ali Hussain, playing second lead heroine role in film
Sheraz Ghafoor Butt, Irfan Khoosat, Maryam Ali Hussain
Ghafoor Butt, Javeriya Abbasi, Maryam Ali Hussain, Sheraz Butt, Shehzad Butt, Irfan Khoosat and cameraman of film

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Rashid Nazir Ali

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