Katrina Kaif Offered 45 Million to Perform in Pakistan

Bollywood Star Katrina Kaif has rejected a proposal to perform in Pakistan for a show.

One of the largest and richest media house in Pakistan offered 45 million Pakistani rupees for performing in one show to Katrina Kaif for one night.

Katrina Kaif declined this offer because of tension between Pakistan and India. Katrina keeps getting regular offers from Pakistan but she has always declined these offers. However sources closes to Katrina has said that actress will be interested in coming to Pakistan and perform when ties between both the countries will be normalized.

In 2010 Katrina Kaif was more popular in Pakistan then India and internet users searched Katrina Kaif more than anything on Google.

Recently Aamir Khan said that he will try his level best to visit Pakistan. Aamir came to Pakistan in 2004 and also attended a fund-raising function for Imran Khan’s Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital in Lahore.

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  • urmash kiam khani

    we have money for katrina kaif………….not for our country …..shame on us :'(

    • hope2go

      45 million :O seriously! People are so far away from even being called humans!

  • imi

    whoever is paying this amount to Kat,,, y doesnt he help the poor and needy people of Pakistan

  • wild kat

    shame on th0se pakistaniii wh0o paying 45 million t0o katrina kaif….. on the other hand we don't have m0ney t0o invest on our country…. dafa maar0o0 katrina kaif k0o

  • maha

    kya hogya hai in logon ko yr itna paisa wo b katrina k lye. dimag khrab hai hmara tu bilkul

  • baacha

    is se bara zulamkya hai keaik maooole katrina pe itna pasa dya ja raha hai is qoom k logo ko ayasheyan he la dobbenn,kya apne mulak ke gurbat nazar nai ate

  • crystal

    tabhi to pakistan k yeh halaat hai….

  • KalaBhoot

    India k actors Pakistan ana bhi pasand nahin kertay aur hamari qom in ki bekaar movies cinmas mein ja ker dekhti hai…aur un kay 3rd class drramay aur channels subha shaam dekhay jaatay hain.

  • naveed

    Mahira Khan Is More Beautifull than katrina Kaif..

  • Shaz

    One word; shameless! Invest in the future of Pakistan. Why do they wanna waste money on Katrina Kaif? Idiotic thinking. Seriously!