Tanhaiyan Naye Silsilay: Episode 4 – A Must Watch

I must start this review with some of Bibi’s dialogues because she did a great job of explaining who and what Qabacha is! “

“Us ko tu sara zamana janta hai vo andhi toofan jo hai na apni jaib mei liye phirta hai”.

“Khuda ke liye sub sheeshay ki cheezen sambhal lo”

“Jab Saniya us ke samne aati thi tu vo bechara bawla ho jata tha”

For those people who have not seen the prequel and are not acquainted with the character, Bibi summed everything up very well. I think this was a great way of introducing people, who have not seen the play, to the character and it must have refreshed the memories of those who have seen the prequel. Another very interesting aspect of today’s episode was that Serena and Zeenia already knew all about Qabacha, so he is no stranger to them. They know that Qabacha was interested in Sanya and everything else that they need to know about him. Qabacha’s son’s name is also very unique Shamsuddin Iltakwish, I think we should just stick to kishmish!

Saniya and Aani hope that Qabacha will bring Faran back to life and I enjoyed the part where they sat and wondered if Qabacha will still be eager to keep close ties with them or not. Even after so many years Behroz Sabzwari was spot on as Qabacha and I thoroughly enjoyed watching him on-screen.

Serena is more than willing to be Easternized and one can see that in her attire and how she feels about her surroundings. On the other hand Zeenia is still planning to go away and the incident with the robbers helped her make up her mind further. When the robbery scene came I was wondering what could possibly be the relevance of this scene but I found out soon enough that it was meant to create some confusion in Zain’s mind since he just decided to stay on in Pakistan and start a business.

Qabacha’s meeting with the entire family was amazingly well done but I liked his first encounter with Sanya and Faran the best. I am waiting to see just how long it takes Faran to welcome Qabacha back in his life. We know this much by now that the reason for change in Faran’s personality is due to some big loss in business mainly because someone close to him cheated him. I must say I am somewhat disappointed to hear that because there is no emotional value attached to the loss but we don’t know for sure right now.

The last episode ended with Qabacha’s entry and this one with Shehryaar Munawwar entering into Zeenia’s life and what a filmi scene that was! It was nicely done and the passport falling into the aquarium sort of made it less romantic and more ironic! I am definitely looking forward to the next installment and more than anything else I m waiting to see more of Qabacha and also Serena and Zeenia.

Fatima Awan.

  • Badtameez

    Altutmish …..not what u wrote above …lol

  • FatimaAwan

    Badtameez, thank you for dropping by to read the review and commenting, keep visiting:)

    • Mrs Asim

      oh i was astonish k ye kon hay jissay ap itni frank hain k usko badtameez keh rahi hain…neechay dekha toa someone is calling it to himself or herself..kyaa bat hayyy:)acha i feel k is play main comedy kabhi kabhi forced lagti hay,not natural,otherwise m enjoying it specially coz of syra yousuf's acting

      • Badtameez

        Naam badtameez ho tou koi Kia karay….? LOL

      • FatimaAwan

        Lol Mrs. Asim, I know i felt a little odd writing it too:)

    • RYA

      its iltatmish.. please check

      • Badtameez

        Iltatmish ….English version ….Urdu version …Altutmish …

        Good job on this nice review website Fatima …was always confusing when there will be a review when one only wanted to watch that particular episode….on dramas online…thanks

        • FatimaAwan

          Guys, I hoestly thought it was Iltakwish…let's just stick to kishmish;) Thank you Badtameez (lol) keep visitng and commenting.

  • mrym

    you people must post preque as well.

    but you are doing a great job. (thumbs up)

  • Xadee

    Nice review fatima 🙂
    well,each n every scene was amusing…gOod tO see shehryar munawar in his 5 senses after MDKJZM 🙂

    • Fatima Awan

      Lol, yes Xadee what a relief. Looking forward to seeing more of him:)

    • Zahra Mirza

      LOL! This has to be the best comment ever. LOLS @ 5 senses. HAHAHAH!

  • zara

    love the freshness of this play, at the same time it feels sad to see wht age can do to ppl n how time flies and much less time we have to laugh n enjoy with the ones we love.
    but neway, its a great play…enjoying , no complains, love marina n syra

    • FatimaAwan

      Zara, i am glad you are enjoying the play. It is a nice blend of comedy and emotions:)

  • FatimaAwan

    DF i agree Chandni is such a good addittion and so are Serena, Zeenia and kishmish. Qabacha is the cutest when he is around sanya.

  • kiran

    nice review FATima…!! luv thiZ drama..!! specially syra yousuf nd kishmishhhhhhh…;) 😛

    • FatimaAwan

      Thank you Kiran. It is one of my favorite plays too 🙂