Ek Nayi Cinderella Episode 5 – A Review

Ek Nayi Cinderella Episode 5 – A Review

True love is not based on beauty or wealth. True love is when someone accepts both the good things and the bad things in the person he/she loves because nobody is perfect. If he/she seem perfect, then it’s not really true love. It’s not something beauty or wealth decides, it’s the heart, the kind of person your loved one is… This has always been my belief. And I still stand by it. Therefore, I refuse to believe that Meesha loves Mayer.It’s probably just a crush but can’t be true love. Today’s episode made me decide who’s team I’m on. Yup, I am totally on Roman’s team now! I think he was hurt when Meesha said that one needs to be handsome and wealthy to be loved. Right now, he’s not paying much attention to his feelings and just wants Meesha to be happy and make Mayer fall in love with Meesha. He really loves her. That’s called selfless love!

Today we also found out that Roman had always been watching over Meesha. I’m really wondering now if Roman is a fairy-man or not. He really hasn’t shown any ‘magic’ signs. But then how did he get the Cinderella dress, and how does he show up suddenly(like he did in front of Meher). I am confused. We will probably find out later. But I am enjoying his performance very much. Faizan Khawaja is playing his role very well. I think the role he is playing looks like fun. Roman and Meesha have something in common; both are adorably and purposely trying to bug the people they work for. I think it’s cute! But Roman is more clever. He is taking his steps carefully around Meher. I can’t help but think Meher is planning something regarding Roman. I wonder what she’s thinking.

Zaini has convinced Mayer that she is the girl he met on the night of the festival. He has now completely fallen for her. But can’t he tell the difference between the way the mystery-girl(Meesha) and Zaini talk and behave? I so wish he finds out. Come on Mayer! You have to realize it!

Overall, it was a slow episode but it was interesting. Everyone is doing an outstanding job and I am really liking the story. I believe the next few days at Bano’s will be very important for the story. There is a lot we don’t know yet so I am also looking forward to all the answers. There’s still a lot of the story left so anything can happen.

Written By Ghada Qaiser (GQ) ~ :)