Results And Pictures Of Tarang Housefull Awards

Tarang housefull Telefilms were a good attempt to entertain the television audience, the project brought forward different kinds of telefilms based on old classics to our television screens week after week. The directors, writers and actors got to prove their mettle yet again in a different way than they usually do. Tarang held its Tarang Housefull awards ceremony on 22nd June. Here are the results of the awards and some pictures. Do give your feedback about the results – are you satisfied with them or not?




Best Telefilm


Best Actor In A Leading Role

Sami Khan and Faisal Qureshi for Devar Bhabi and Aaina respectively

Best Actress

Sara Loren for Anjuman

Best Supporting Actress

Sanam Saeed for Dil Mera Dhadhkan Teri

Best Song

Dil Dhadhkay Mein Tum Se Yeh Kese Kahun for Anjuman

Best Styling

Wajid Khan for Aaina

Best Supporting Actor Male

Vaseey Chaudhry for Armaan

Best Cinematographer

Rana Kamran

Best Music Director

Wajid Ali for Devar Bhabi

Best Editor

Kamran and Asad Ali for Abhi Tu Mein Jawan Hun

Best Art Director

Faiza Ali for Armaan

Best Choreographer

Amna for Anjuman

Best Costume

Umer Saeed

Best Screenplay

Zarjabeel for Anjuman



Here are the pictures of the event




































  • Rania

    Have some pity!

    • Rania

      @aamina shiekh

      • unknown

        plz collect some money and help poor amna sheikh……she needs some more clothes to put on herself, Help plzzzz……

        • unknown

          haha true

        • Un known

          Amna ko India bajh do .lagti b Indian haic

  • zartaash

    BkWas Awrads Ever
    Saba Ko Nahi Diya Wat The Hell :/

    • Love Pakistan

      han or us sara loren gandi ort ko dia hy jo india ja k pakistan ko bdnam kr k i hy what the hell.

  • LubnaRashid

    yeh Amna sheikh ko kia hua tha LOL kia ban kar aye thi ,jo baat decent dreesing main hai woh in volgour dresses main kahan, i think Amna sheikh looks much pretty in Silwatain type dressings .

  • safia qadir

    bohat bekaar award h …fawad ur imran ko award nhe diya…har jaga faisal ko de dete h…. topi award…:@

  • nida

    Fazool awards,Fawad ko diya hi nahi.Faisal or Sami sai achi acting ki thi . fawad ko detay hi nahi hai dastaan mai bhi achi acting ki thi tab bhi nahi diya.Sirf ginay chonay actor ko awards detay hain.Faisal or Nadeem ka kia moqabla

  • aaina satti

    the awards were biased.- saba deserved the award for best actress… πŸ™

  • Aiman

    M satisfied…Saare awards DESERVING logo ko mile…specially Anjuman , Sara , Vasay , Sanam and Yasir…..bss m not happy with Best Actor…Faisal…i think usko film ki performance ki base per nahi balkeh "overall great acting skills" ki bunyad per dia gaya he..but Sami i think sahi mila he….but sub se ziada DESERVING banda is award ka MIKAL tha i blv…and Best Jori FK & Amina???? really???? in dono keh darmian CHEMISTRY hi nahi thi ROMANTIC movie main….may b Fawad keh fans ko thora khush kerne k liye de diya but its not fair……..

  • wish

    sab award deserved ko mily h accept best male actor n best jode i mean fawad n amina me bilkul chmestry nay thy i think ye saba or faisal ko milna chaye tha…. but overall great job… anjuman me heroin ne boht zaabrdast acting ki she deserved it .. n dil dharke is my favt song now

  • hira

    ye awards kub aye bata ya bhi nahi t v per this cheat ager kisi ko koi website pata hai to bata do moje dekhne hain

    • Nighat Ali

      Hira awards will be on air soon these r only pics don't worry hmm πŸ™‚

  • hoorya

    amna looking so volgour
    hopefully ye awards b hum tv awards ki tarah fazul na ho :/

  • Adeel Ahmad

    yaar hadd hoti hay baghairti ki…. ALLAH humari qoum per reham kary….(aameen)

    • Un known

      Lanat ho in par aur in k husband par

  • zoha

    bakwaas result fawad should get the best actor award and best teleffilm should go to armaan just bakwaass tareen htarang awards fawad khan truely deserves these awards..

  • gulnaz

    Aamina sheikh ko sharam aani chahyee.

  • Barkha Aslam

    All bitches Together.

  • Farah

    sab ko amina sheikh hee nazar arahi hai …. Look at Laila and Sara Loren …. Behoda lag rahi hen !!!!

  • Nighat Ali

    The most beautiful girls dressing was the receptionist who was taking an interviews on the red carpet,white dress with decent make up she is looking gorgeous,I don't know her name but she is looking so beautiful,and worst dressing is of course amina sheikh I don't believe that she can wear this kind of dress,amina this is not Bollywood plz remember that….

    • Maliha

      You r right Nighat if anyone who was looking sensible was Momal sheikh (Jawed Sheikh's Daughter) whom u were talking about….

      • Nighat Ali

        Thanks to tell me about moral sheikh:-)

  • AAA

    bakwas awards fawad k sath her martba assa hi hota hai. fawad is best.

  • saben_ks

    Pathetic…these ppl have made me to head down :@

  • Usman

    I’m not liking what Aminah Sheikh is wearing.. Mohib finally is looking better in this hair cut.
    Mathira is looking like the ‘dayen’ from the movie ek thi dayen..:D
    too much of skin show (Laila, Aminah) was not required..

  • guest

    bakwas results yr.arman ko bs ak award award anjuman ko utha k dy dye bkwas taren film thi.
    dressing to had e ha laila sara amina sb ka ak e hal ha.even hum tv award ma b pakistani actresses ka yei hal tha.koi puchny wala ni kahan ka fasshion ha yeh.

  • guest

    sara urf mona lisa ko to juty parny caheheyn.india ma kam gand dal k ai ha jo yahan b shuru ho gae.vena k pechy sb pary thy koi ishy q ni puchta.blky black sari ma jo ghatya aurat ha.q parmot kr ra hmar media inhy

  • beena rehan

    sara loren ko award nahi dena chahie tha,noor is also looking good baqi sb behoda lug rahi hen javed sheikh ki beti ko hata k

  • beena rehan

    fawad khan to nazar hi nahi aaraha

    • aqsa

      fawad ni ata esi cheating award py

  • Iram

    What is with the skin showing ,we need to criticize them sooooo much that they bury their heads under earth.

    • diskus

      charity begins at home, fix yourself then criticize others, stop judging, you meddlers.

      • Sara

        Its cz of Ppl like diskus who approve westernization in our country that d nation is goin downhill….sure charity does begin at home but d kind of dresses women r wearin in this award show is nothin close to the real pakistani women…its a blind copy of bolly n hollywood…y lose ur identity when in reality our culture is so rich, unique n pure! Shame!

        • diskus

          i m sorry but its not ppl like me, its ppl like you. you guys are meddlers, can't look beyond your own judgements and narrow minds.

          • anonymous

            r u muslim r not ur aproach is really really very bad and disgusted
            bakwas awards

        • diskus

          btw how do you know so much abot bolly/hollywood? just because those women are not muslim doesnt mean you can look at them in "western" clothes. all of you all have double standards. I have seen "real" pakistani women dress as well and it is not different then what we in these shows. also, its not ok "westernize" but it is ok to take the nation back to paleolithic times? it doesnt matter what i accept or not but i believe in live and let live. also, if you disapprove of weternization then you should immediately stop using technology such as phones, tv, the internet you are using to comment here, iphones, i pads, etc. they all are part and parcel of western culture and are invented here.

          • aimen

            u know what ur thinking approach is vey limited………tell me do u respect these girls who r wearing such cheap dresses never.she is not good e.t.c……….if girls wear hijab or veil they r respected by others…
            u should adopt things from anyone westerization does not matters..

          • mrs qureshi

            Showing ur body is what kind of westernization. At the start of civilization of mankind man had taken first step towards civilization is to cover his body. Okkkkkkk everyone has its on choices but plz public celebrities should take care. Many immature brains see u copy u like ur styles soooooooo set ha reasonable example not a controversial example. Amna u r an excellent model and u r doing sooo well people like u not only those who are few having westernized thinking also people from whole country who dont have that so called ROSHAN KHAYALI but they r ROSHAN KHYAL…

  • shaz

    lanat ha in saree actors pa pata nahi kia dikhana chahiti han pak ka nam badnam kar diya.

    • diskus

      aur ap ney to naam roshan kia hai na??? if you have problem dont watch, isnt that what you do you when other bad things happen? you guys turn the other cheek.

  • adnan

    en all actors ko aag main dalny chaheie ye saray soowar ke awlaad hai en zalimo nai pakistan ka nam he harab he kardia

  • hamza

    amina sheaikh muslim hai fawad is best



  • irha

    amna Shekih Ki body par abhi kuch Takyan baki nazar aa rhi hain Aman Pls unko bhi utardo phir tum zyda sexy lago gi …………. shittttttttttttttttt… thora sa kam kar k jisam sy sary kapry utarna shroo kar daiit hain yay models… Lannat

    • diskus

      The kind of language you are using suits a lady from aan islamic country, right? RIGHT!! (sarcasm)

    • hoorya

      cheap comment
      ap yehi baat tameez s bhi keh skti ti

      • naeem

        tameeez ho gi us ma to kahee ga naaa

  • vennie

    Amna Sheikh . . . . do you think a woman should dress like that in a Islamic Republic country ???
    why did you even bother to wear that little piece of fabric anyways, you could have came just like Veena Malik "Nude" !!!!!
    I wonder what is the issue with you, either being over confident, or over estimating your self & beauty….which you don't have any…..your dark back African skin tone doesn't need to be shown off like this in public !!!!!!!!!!
    sorry to say you are way too irritating woman, no class, no beauty, no talent either, but yes high motive to ruin an image of women in a Islamic Republic country…….I wonder who told you that you are beautiful, cause you are Not!

    • sammy

      Aamina Sheikh is extremely talented and very versatile actress.if u r saying she has no talent then u should watch MAAT nd DAAM. why do u care about her dressing ?? it's none of ur buisness. Beauty is not just how u look, it's how u carry urself, how u talk etc. For me nd for many other people Aamina Sheikh is BEAUTIFUL, CLASSY and VERY TALENTED !!

    • diskus

      Vennie … judging people much??? i think she is responsible for herself and how she carries herself. forget about Pak being a Islamic country, becasue there is nothing Islamic about you guys. And you are extremely bigoted and hypocrite, you sing about Islamic republic etc, etc, first take a good look at yourself and start from there. Before spewing hate and bigotry think about the message of peace that also comes along with Islam, and before saying "dark african skin tone" think about the fact that in Islam and I am paraphrasing "an arab is not greater then a black fellow and neither is a black fellow greater than an arab" think about the message of peace and love than comes with Islam.

      * Though the outfit doesn't look great on her

  • rabya

    amna sheikh…hdd he….insan ko ALLAH se drnq chahiye…muslim women alwayz looks awesome in decent dresses…aisi dressing se kya milta h inkoo,……:'(

  • rabya

    why best actress sara loren….why nt any award givn to fav ov all fawad…:(

  • zoobia

    kisi ko laila nazar nai aarahi????

  • ALI

    satisfied with the results,,,,, anjuman was best movie,, n imran abass ko bhi nominated hona chaiyee tha…!! anyways sukarr ha ye fawad awards nai thy…… bilqul justified thy…!!!

  • simal

    results r gud ,, sara loren ne booht achi aur intense acting ki anjuman main,, she deserved,, but saba qamar was also nice.. anyways happy with the awards.

  • kiran

    perfect given to deserved people… perfect!!!

  • mohib

    momal sheikh is beautiful… rest no girl is looking nice.. all r showing vulgarity…. results r gud:)

  • zoya

    sahi results hain bilqul!!!

  • Rahila Qayyum

    begharat sharam ni ate ye ladies kia sgow kirana chahte he k hmare pas kia he ye tm log muslims ho lanat ho ec tv k owner pe in ladies ko chahye k 1 kaprhe se bhe jisam ko na lapete sb nzr arha he agr ec begharte krne he to india chale jao hmara country chorh do

    • diskus

      i think before pointing fingers at others, also note that the other three fingers are pointed towards your own self.

      • Maasi Barkathey


    • sadaf

      u r ri8h. i m agree with u

  • Saadia

    Amina sheikh was looking vulgar shame on you it's not your confidence it's your Beghairati…

  • JENA

    jin actorsand actress na awards ceremony attend ki un ko award da diya fawad asa stupid shows attend naheen kerta warna saab sa zada vote fawad ko saba qamar ko dala tha

  • ash

    AmNa ShEikH trying to look like Halle Berry and Rihanna!!!

    • ina

      amina sheikh fails in the attempt of coppying hollywood stars she wants to go a step forward by not copying bollywood but hollywood however she is looking horibble and vulgar copy someone close to ur caliber rihanna is way younger and a teen ,younger generation idol and u should be representing sophistication and class if u do wanna copy hollywood find the right person whose style suits u …u definetely look very cheap this time..

  • Sailana

    And then they say that hum tv drama humnasheen shud be banned for lame "gay" scene without thinking abt the clothing of actresses in this award show. Its not the dramas or the channels…its abt the PPL. amina sheikh bothered wearing such clothes bcz she is appreciated by ppl like US who on. The other hand discourage some lame scenes…grow up pakistan.

    • Huma

      That is soo true I sooo agree with u they critize the drama humnashee when thir own cloths are soo bad!!

  • kaffu

    yeh kya beghairty dekhna chahtay hain Nangay kapron k saath … k hum nay baigharaty mai awards leye hein wah wah

  • memonafza

    boht zada afsoos k sath kehna para hay k mere pakistan k actors ab hinhu kafron ki copy kar rahay hain is say acha hay indiya hi chale hain phir ye muslims kiyun in ko andaza nahi k aurat ka libas kesa hona chahiye ye ek muslim mulk main rah kar kafron ka culture aply kar rahay hain boht zada takleef ponhchi hay in ko andaza nahi AALAAH pak k samnay ye kesay kharay hongay jin ko apnay jism or eiman ki hifazat nahi karni ati phir ye kesay jay namaz par ALLAH pak ka samnay kartay hain jab ye log is duniya main kafron ko fallow kartay hain phir ye qayamat k din b yahan kafron ka thikana hoga wahan janay ka soch lain QURAN pak main ALLAH pak nay farma diya hay k kafron ka thikana jahnam hay or kitna bura hay wo thikana…asstagfirallah….kam se kam jism to apna cover kar lain ap log muslims to kehnay k laiq nahi hain ye naam ye shohrat ye jismon ki numaish sab is duniya main rah jay ga phir is ki saza se bachnay k liy b kuch to tayari kar k jao marnay k bad dubara uthaya jay ga tab kia samna kar paein gay ap apnay us RAB PAK ka…phir ALLAH se shikayatin b nahi kia karo k hum par azab kiyun arahay hain ye sab in cheezon ka badla hay toba karo AALAAH pak se apnay kafan k liy dua kia karo k wo b nasseb hoon jis main lapet kar aisi jaga jana hay yahan andhera hi andhera hoga tan sirf aimal namaz Quran pak ye kam aein ye cheezain nahi jo kafron jesi apply kar rahay hain ALLAH PAK hi hiyadat day apko,,,hidayat b un ko milti hay jo sachay muslims ho par yahan to kuch or laga k rakha hay…

    • sania ch

      uffff ap log jo kch marzi kaho bcz jb un ko kuch ghalt nai lgta to hm log kch bh kr nai sktay soo leave these stupid people

  • memonafza

    ye pics to dekh kar mujhy lag nahi raha pakistan muslim mulk ki musilim uratain hain jo filmon main or aisay shows main apnay jism ki numaish karti hain kam se kam dresses to tameez wali pehnti….shukar mainay na in ki filmain dekhi na ye show warna or takleef pohnchti mujy….i hate u all…ALLAH hi hidayat day ap logon ko..kafron k nakish qadam par chalnay wale…

  • memonafza

    boht zada afsoos k sath kehna para hay k mere pakistan k actors ab hindu kafron ki copy kar rahay hain is say acha hay indiya hi chale jaein phir ye muslims kiyun in ko andaza nahi k aurat ka libas kesa hona chahiye ye ek muslim mulk main rah kar kafron ka culture aply kar rahay hain boht zada takleef ponhchi hay in ko andaza nahi ALLAAH pak k samnay ye kesay kharay hongay jin ko apnay jism or eiman ki hifazat nahi karni ati phir ye kesay jay namaz par ALLAH pak ka samnay kartay hotay hain jab ye log is duniya main kafron ko fallow kartay hain phir ye qayamat k din b yahan kafron ka thikana hoga wahan janay ka soch lain QURAN pak main ALLAH pak nay farma diya hay k kafron ka thikana jahnam hay or kitna bura hay wo thikana…asstagfirallah….kam se kam jism to apna cover kar lain ap log muslims to kehnay k laiq nahi hain ye naam ye shohrat ye jismon ki numaish sab is duniya main rah jay ga phir is ki saza se bachnay k liy b kuch to tayari kar k jao marnay k bad dubara uthaya jay ga tab kia samna kar paein gay ap apnay us RAB PAK ka…phir ALLAH se shikayatin b nahi kia karo k hum par azab kiyun arahay hain ye sab in cheezon ka badla hay toba karo AALAAH pak se apnay kafan k liy dua kia karo k wo b nasseb hoon jis main lapet kar aisi jaga jana hay yahan andhera hi andhera hoga tab sirf aimal namaz Quran pak ye kam aein ye cheezain nahi jo kafron jesi apply kar rahay hain ALLAH PAK hi hiyadat day apko,,,hidayat b un ko milti hay jo sachay muslims ho par yahan to kuch or laga k rakha hay…

    • khan zadi

      yes u right

      • fibha batul


    • bia

      bilkul theek kaha aap ne….ALLAH in logo ko seedha raasta dkhae.ameen

      • soma

        Allah aap sab ko kab seedha rasta dekhayga? Mulk jal raha hai, aur tum logh ladkiyon ke kapadon ke peechen padde hue hu. Kuch aur kaam nahin hai? Apne hukumat se apna haq kiyun nahi mangtey aap logh? Apni mulk ki ghurbat dekhen, logon ki hallat dekhen…magar nahi, jo assan ho, ussi par baat karna. Self-entitled and self-righteous busybodies.

    • nayyab

      itni lmbi speech krne ki kia zururat thi? nobody cares about your rant.

    • danial tariq

      guys I think this is a long and controversial topic. The best solution to this is not to ask our actors or actresses to go to India but to let them do whatever they want to do and you do what you want to do. If girls feel comfortable in that dress, they should be allowed to wear that, nobody should force them to cover up their body and similarly if you think it is embarrassing to see all those pics, then the simple solution is that you stop seeing it. public is going to make its decision eventually, not me or you.

    • haahhhahahah

      HAHHHAAAA funny,muslim country???what do u call arab artists then,they wear even less clothes.

    • ayta malik

      good'''''''''''''''u r right'''''''''''''allah is greattttttttttttttttttttt

  • SHd

    In my opinion best movie remake was of Arman…all the actors did great in that movie.

  • sidra

    amna sheikh ko sharam karni chahiay kay kis tahra ki us nay dressing ki hue hai pata nahi inkay shohar to bagairat ho gay hai unhay koi asar hi nahi hota hai apni biwion ko is halat may daikh kar.intihae afsoos hai is ko libral hona nahi bagairat hona kehtay hain
    allah inkay haal pay rehanm farmaey

    • metallic aqrab


  • hafsa

    i hate the tarang housefull awards because according to me armaan is the best film n all others come after it.

    • Meeral

      O stop it! Just because it's Fawad Khan's movie you really shouldnt take away other actors brilliant performances.
      Give them credit for all the work they have put in and stop swooning over Fawad Khan. Trust me it'll do you good.

    • fary

      agree hafsa , armann was a decent movie and no doubt fawad kahn is the best actor , faisla qureshi and sami khan both old and ourdated men I hate the results a lot , they don't deserve ,it was just a topi drama already predecidied awards thay ya sab ,bakwasss , fazool and stupisddddd

  • FAtti

    uuFfhh…Aminah Sheikh kI dressing….sari actresses k dresses bOht bUre the r kHte hYn k hum Pakistan kA name Rohan kR rAe hYn….WTH….

  • ashar

    shame on u amna sheikh…

    • Ibad Rao

      She is not looking pretty at all inspite of all her shameless efforts.

  • fareeha

    amna sheikh shame on u

    • Chora Sheikh

      Yeh sab mat bholain k Upar Allah in sab ko dekh rha ha aur jb mery Allah ko Ghussa aa gia to Sab tabah ho jae ga. Sharam ani chahey specially females ko.

    • naeem

      sab ko duub k marr jana chahihiye jitni pak actressses hain


    wooaah.. pak drama industry has turned into Bollywood film industry for sure

    • naeem

      khushi ki baat nai ye sharam ki baat hai k sb paki actors actresses beghairat hoo gayi hain

  • sadi

    award fawad ko nahi mila its sad for me but faisal and sami also too gud ……the disappointing thing is that sara wins best actress award except saba ……sara to actress he nahi cast krna chahia pakistan me ab bcz wo kafi nam roshan krwa chki ha india ha in fact koi b actress jo india me itne zada chand chara k ay wo pakistan me kam krna deserve nahi krti we hav lots of other talented actresses except these cheap actresses ki bajaye

  • ayta malik

    award fawad nahi mile ,,why,,,i am very sad ,,fawad good job in arman film''''''''''''''bad very bad

  • aamir

    bohat afsoos hay hum kyun bolluwood ko copy kartay rahay hain agar app sub reema khan ke bollowood main performces dekhtain to app sub ko pata lagay gah how shee is great wajantai mala jasai bari actor ko tribute doya thay
    but reema kay dress aur dances main koi licher pan yah sex nahe tha

  • mrs qureshi

    Amna and other showbiz ladies of pakistan its ur right to be dressed up as u wish but plz take care u r representative of muslim country if u want to meet the international standreds there are lot of things u should do and u r doing u act sooo well look soo beautiful but plzzz dont forget ur PAHCHAN. i have an example of reema khan i dont know her private life but she always dressed very well in pjblic parties. kawa chala hans ki chal apni bhi bhol gaya …………..
    i think saba qumer,s acting is much impressive then sara and aeina movie is better
    then anjuman

  • saadi

    bht bkwas judging h armaan movie ko koiii award hii nai specially fawad ko sary award tu sara ko utha ky deye hoye h ur sara kii movie bii bilkul bkwas thii

    • AmNa

      u r right…. atleast armaan movie k songs tou sb se best thay ever…. or i think k anjuman sb s zada bakwaas movie thi (new)… na ending achi or na dressing… pata ni kya dekh ke award diya he @

  • fairy

    Mr.Mohib, amna sheikh is your wife so she is a symbol of your pride and respect. Dnt you feel ashamed when she appears almost nude in front of public. At that time where is your so called mardangi and ghairat? This is not modernism actually this is called beghairti and people like you and amna sheikh are called well-educated illiterate.

    Anyways tell amna sheikh that this kind of dress will not give her a chance to work in hollywood or Bollywood so please calm down and come to your senses you have to work in Pakistan and we will not accept this kind of thing.

    • Mubarika

      ^well said.

    • rabika

      so true ….. they always come on tv like very well mannered and educated people ……….their education is proved here

  • fairy

    mohib=atlast looking decent
    amna sheikh=jangli billi

    • mano

      mohib jaisy bndy ko decent nai begairt khan chahiya

    • ammara

      no don't ask amina anything pahlay hman apni traf dakna chaya she can do anything us ka apna husband kuch nai kahta to hman kia zrorat ha

  • sarah

    kya ye sb muslims hain ?

    • muneeba

      nai ye muslim hny ka lable lagaye baithy hn bs

  • gul

    bht buri lag rhi hn ye models kch ziada hi indian banny ka shok hy amna ko tou ziada hi.kch hy ni is mn awn hr dramy mn is ko ghusya hota hy drama barbad krny k lye.mona liza ko lgta hy name bdlny sy bari popular ho jye ge.phly apny kam thk krn sb asha ho jye ga

    • gsg

      amina or laila bht he cheap lag rahe hen…

  • Zunaira

    Amina Sheikh and that stage actress Laila are BIG BIG BIG shame to our country! In logon ko is baat ki tameeaz he nai h k what to wear in public or what not. Apne aapko Hollywood actresses smjh rai hain. These kind of shit programs can't be watched with your family and wastage of time!!
    Sharam ane chayiye and ab zara ghairat hoge in logon me to itne Criticization k baad maybe maybe they will adopt decent dressing!!! :/

    • muneeba

      I agree in ma haya nam ki chz ha he nai

  • andleeb mohsin

    sara ab pakistani nahin hy is wajah sy us ko nominate na karain kisi award show mn..india mn gand karti hn or yahan award dia ja raha hy….

  • andleeb

    mohib mirza ny to ghairat baich kr kha li hy or khud bhi larka bana hua hy…..

  • Iqra Butt


  • Ishrat Mansoor

    kya hogaya hai Pakistani auratun ko?islamic teaching nahi hai inlogon ke gharo main?kis qadar behudda dressing karne lagi hain.apne aap ko duniya main uncha maqam daine ke chakar main Allah ki mazroon main apna maqam khodia hai.shame to say these r muslims,who bhee Pakistani,inke mardon ko bhee sharam aani chaiye.

  • Ishrat Mansoor

    sorry, it's nazroon main.

  • Hina

    amna nd laila…. shame on u both.. Allah apko naiky ki hidayat dy. Allah k wastay reham kro Pakistan pe..
    ye sari aafatay pakistan pe tm kamino ki wja say aati h

    • ali

      Hahaha…wah i guess har insan ko aapni marzi say jeenay ka haq ahy…

  • manal

    amina or laila shame on u kya dikhana chah ri ho tum dono kya in sb k liya tumara so cald shohar mohib kafi nai tha tum logon ko muslim kya Pakistani khan b gunah e azeem ha. tum logon ko to dafnaty waqt zameen ny b qabool nai krna.inshallah

  • manal

    amina or laila tum dono ko to is mati na b qabool nai karna

  • manal

    amina ye sb tumain apny so cald shohar ko dikha k hivas khatm nai hui kya kahan tumara iman han tum logon ko muslim khan kya Pakistani khan b gunah e kabira ha shame on u

  • Fratz


  • ammara

    amna shiekh iz looking beautiful i love her and results are good

  • Mubarika

    I would like to say one thing, " if modernism means showing off you're body then animals are the most modern creatures on Earth."

  • ummeshees

    Ha ha ha this is Islamic republic of Pakistan
    Allah please mercy us.ya Allah tu reham kar aur azab se bacha jo unkareeb ane wala hai

  • ayesha

    laila ,amna shiekh nd sara lorane shame on u

  • ayesha

    i think kl best actor ka award imran abbas ya fawad khan ko jana chahiye tha


    FEAR OF GOD???????//
    KHUDA KA KHAUF ????????????????

  • Abdullah




    • ammara

      sir g r jo khyber agency r kpk men ho raha wahan to koi behayai nai ho rahy wahan k halat khun khrab han ?????????karachi ki ak cror abadi ha zrori nai ha k hr koi ak jesa ho wahn pay achay log b rahtay hon gay r karachi wasay b bra shair ha industrial city ha hr country men ak na ak asa city hota ha jahn shobiz ki activities hoty han

    • LubnaRashid

      HAATH NA AAYE TO ANGOOR KHATTAY walimisaal hai aap ki karachi aa nahi sakte na to chalo bura hi kehdya πŸ˜›

  • rabika

    i say almost everyone shame on u
    education proved
    islam and pakistan are now like stupid people of western and non muslim sides

  • iqs

    bht afsoos hua ye pics dekh kr .achi dressing krna achi baat hai bt ib haya shamil na ho os dress mn tou wo zror ghalt baat hai.

  • Maimoona

    mery likhny ki itni zarurt nhe h ab q k at least itny criticism k bad to amna laila n mona liza ko samaj aa he jana chaye………………….

  • rkhan

    hell where is fawad khan πŸ™

  • Zafar asghr

    Amna tumhari shakl katni buri aur darauni hai Kia tumain kisi ny bataia nahi.ya phir tumhary ghr main shesha nahi jo tumain tumhari shakl nazr aey.Tum pori nighy ho kr b khry hoti tu b itni he na qabl e twaza tareef k hawaly sy kh rha hoon hoti.wasy b yeh modrn TAWAIFIANHain

  • saima

    amina shielkh ko tu sharam ani chahiye pta ni samjh rahi ha k mein bari pyari lag rahi hun apni tarf se is ko yeh ni pta k kuhdda k agy kiya jawab dena inko tu aisy lagta ha jaisy hum ne marna hi ni aur khuda ko munh dikna hi ni doob mrny ka muqam ha ttttttttumhry liye amina apni tarf se modren bni hu modren hona is ko kehty hain kiya apny ap ko nanga krna aur mujy tu is k husband mohib pe hairat ha baighrat insan

  • ayta malik


  • amina khan

    Uff kia ye pakistan hai sharm ati hai is praye dess mn beth kr apny watan ka ye chehra dekhty hwe

  • Anomousyum

    Best actor should be given to fatwas khan

  • HFK

    mujhy samjh nahi aaatii in logon par taalibaan blast kun nahi karty?? in par karen na jin ki wajah se hamara mulk kam se kam islamic to nahi rha am tooo much worried hmarey bachy kahan rahein gey?? aisey he baneyn gey πŸ™ khuda k liey is mulk ko hmary bachon k liey chorr do,, sarii dunya pari hai ye gand phailany k liey jaooo india he chaly jao tum log whan tum logon ko warm wellcome miley ga but pakistan ko muaaff kar do khuda k lieyy ,, jo log izzat aur sharam waley hain un ko bhi tum logon ki wajah se azaab bhugtna parr rha hai..

    • Maria

      Agreed. I am also unable to understand that Y Talibans are against of Masajid and not of these stupids???

  • sania ch

    movis to fit thin sarin but award shw mein in k dresses πŸ™ i lub imran abbas ussay milna chahiay tha

  • Arsal

    Public ne amna sheikh ke mun par to accchhi jutty mari hae lekin kisi ko watira nazar nahi aai.AMINA,WATIRA,LAILA AND SARA

  • arzo syed

    wt d hell πŸ™
    Fawad khan deserved d best actor award rather sami khan.nd saba qmber also deserves d best actress awards.topi biased give it to faisal coz he waz hosting.wt d hell

  • jasia riaz

    amna sheikh shame on you.etni buri dressing… bht acha hua jo award nai mila.. best acter male award to fawad ya imran abbas ko milna chahiey…..

  • Lucky

    imran abbass ko best acter male award milna chahiey………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rose

    momal looking beautifull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • laiba

    yeh indian awards lag rahe hein fawad ko diya hi nahi that so bad I hate this awards

  • aaassdad

    i think amna is a stupid girl she have no sence in real life she is very black lady and on tv than a magic on her face with facepowder and the film arman is like a mom of fawad khan

  • muradali

    sharam kro muslmano

  • shuja

    cheapness at its peak. shame on these models.

  • shafia

    if paki actresses are so upset wid wearing full clothes than they sd leave wearing clothes at all only ths can give them satisfaction

  • Farhanajameel

    amna u know u r too good actress n ur dressing can make u a good woman i think i hav to say eastern woman ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and eastern women r the pride of our country so plz do right nd eastern dressing………………………..its a humble request to u n not critisizng u seriously…….////////

    • SilAa

      yeah you r ri8 i realy dont knw why she do such kind of dressing that neva suits her,,,

  • sanaalmas

    its full of bakwassss dressing,,,,,,
    i think our ppl also wnts western culture here πŸ™
    full head down dressing ,,, full of disappointment

  • Madiha

    achi bhali senior aur decent actress ko ho kia gya hy….???jin actress sy hum insipire hoty thy aj un ki ya halat hay..too much about bushra Ansari..cheapness is on the peak..