Our Award Shows Put Us To Shame

There is so much on our television that makes us proud but sadly enough there are also many things that put us to shame. The electronic media reflects the social norms of a society and unfortunately watching our morning shows and some of the dramas in particular points to the fact that we are fast turning into a very materialistic society with no cultural values. But the one thing on television that truly puts the viewers to shame are our award functions, there is no limit to the vulgarity that is depicted in these award show. The artists who we love and adore because when we see them in dramas we feel they are one of us, seem like people from Bollywood or even Hollywood! Some of our actresses and models feel that they must show their bodies in order to show the world just how modern they are. They have no respect for the sentiments of their fans even and of course no shame.

There are societies in which it is very common and also in fashion to show off your body but is our society one of them? I have to say that unfortunately some people want that our society should be one of them. Not only this, the cheap dances and performances in these award shows make me cringe, is this really us? Is this who we are? Do these people really represent Pakistan? Most certainly NOT. Who are we following? And most of all who are we fooling? What will we get out of leaving behind our values and picking up Western values. They say that if showing your skin was an indication of being modern and cultured than animals should be considered the most modern race, I wish all our celebrities who think that it is very “cool” to show all that skin would know that.

The viewers criticized the Hum TV awards so much because of all the cheap performances and the vulgar dresses that most of the female celebrities were wearing but the recently held Tarang Housefull Awards followed the same path. This attitude on the part of the organizers and our celebrities shows that they have no respect for the sentiments of the public. They blindly follow the neighboring country because it seems like they have this strange desire to compete with them in vulgarity. Have we completely forgotten that the reason so many people sacrificed their lives to get a separate homeland for Muslims was that we could safeguard our identities? People who are so impressed by the Indian culture are destroying the true identity of the people living in Pakistan with their own hands. They have forgotten that we have a very rich culture of our own which we should work hard to promote and protect. On the contrary, we spend money and put it in extra effort to promote things that have nothing to do with out culture.

How many of you want to see such award shows? Do you think that these award shows show the identity of our people? Does the respect of the celebrities who participate in such shows increase or decrease in your eyes? It is the duty of every Pakistani to show their discontent with these shows, so that the organizers of these shows know that we do not want to see all this vulgarity being promoted in our society. We would much rather see shows that are simple and not that colorful but in line with our culture and identity. We do not wish to put our traditions and individuality on stake just to be entertained for a short while. Please project the right image of our country, don’t make fun of our values just to make some money. If there are other people who feel the same way, feel free to express your thoughts in the comment section, we must speak up against this vulgarity.


  • Well well well. I'm not a fan of award shows and don't particulars like dance performances on stage. Nevertheless, I'm against moral policing, self righteousness and overtly judgemental attitude. If I don't like certain types of program's, I'll switch the button. I
    Think we should learn to live and let live.
    You can't expect every one around to act and think the way YOU wasn't them to!!!

    • very true, is there something new in this award show that is done for the first time in our society and our screens. just watch the highlights of programs of june on Geo tv, every Friday, Saturday, a semi nude indian award show is onaired, and this routine of GEO and ARY is there for past 10-11 years, ARY telecasts big boss, having strong language, and some open scenes and it is watched by many families and next day big boss is the talk of the town.

    • So according to you sticking your head in the sand is a better solution? You know the last stage of emaan? Recognizing wrong in one's heart at the very least. When I hear such nonsense from self-proclaimed civilized liberals it makes me either want to pull my hair out or theirs. Changing a TV channel will most certainly change what is going on rampant in the country right? Morals of our coming generations are in tatters we should just change the channel? I wonder if the prophet did the same saw a sin and turned his head away? H/onestly the jahalat. Anf then this LIBERAL POLICE claims that nothing should be said as well as if its their God forsaken right to say what they want but God forbida nyone might disagree! The hypocrites!

      • very true…Nabia ..we should realize all these points otherwise at some time we have nothing to save our emaan..

      • This country was not just created for Muslims this was created for everyone to live freely and please dont try to mix religion with showbiz cause they have no relation. Our people have become soo extreme in their behaviour because of extremism we are facing for a long time it has controlled our minds that now we cannot understand the choices of others and dont even respect them we forcibly try to impose our rules on others the voices of LIBERALS are always shunned by people like you who try to control every ones life. Even if you dont like all this NAACH GAANA and WESTERN DRESSINGS you should at least respect the choices of them cause there is no such thing as ISLAMIC SHOWBIZ

  • And these same Artists were on streets against Turkish dramas!!!! They were pretending to be worried about our culture and society. And here they are……that's what I call hypocrisy and double standards.

    • We all are hypocrite, when we ran out of ideas, then we have same old references of religion, culture, Islamic republic, eastern values

  • india mai ar pak mai koe fark ni lg raha in picz ko dekh k. . itna impress huye huye hein in k culture sy. lgta tou yahi ha hunh

  • I don't think Pakistan can ever progress in Morning Shows and Award Shows,otherwise it's dramas are wonderful and you get to learn a lot of them,but then again in MS and AS,they mess up whatever they had built in dramas.So sad to see it! And Pakistan is now becoming a place where a Husband doesn't cares what his Wife wears and he himself wears full clothes and the wife wears half! My Mom once said while we (not my mom) were watching a Hollywood movie that "In Hollywood movies,women wear half of the clothes as compared to men".Now if we look at our industry,we see it is no different.What's more hurting is whoever is doing this are married.Like Syra and Shahroz,Aamina and Mohib and don't know who else! Sigh!

  • i totally agree with ur critics………….. we now at that state where we dont have any creativity of our own..following others are the basic moto..

  • I totally agree, this point should be raised on high levels and on morning shows who are boosting our national things.

  • mujhe aik baat samajh main nahi aate….ghalte hamare celebs ke nahi bulke hamare apne hain hum khud is tareke ke films dekhte hain us waqt humain humain ye yaad nahi aate ke hum pakistani hain or aaj kal yeh turkish dramay inme kitne behudge hote hain.or log shuoq se dekh rahe hain

    • yar i wonder y u ppl are u so against turkish. govt nay indian channels ban kia hoi hain phr bhi ap dramay dekhatay hao un kay dramoun kay add news paper may detay y.. geo aur hum inta bara channel hai so many hit dramas indian dramay dekhatay hain inhein pesoun ke kami tu nai phelay ap indian band karien

      • Ahmed Agree with you. Indian dramas, films, reality shows, award shows are being rammed down our throat for years. Our people and indeed our celebrities never never said a word against this Indian junk. I wonder WHY?

    • Farah answer is simple. Hamarey. Har cheez mein double standard hai. We see vulgar dramas on our channels make them popular and then we suddenly talk of our religion and values. Also some of our shows have very vulgar dialogues and story lines like Qudusi kee bewa but this show is aired at prime time. So I think our people like vulgar dramas and dances. Later on they pretend to be good and pious and start talking of values.

  • I have to agree with you Anwer S. I think we should all just calm down and stop trying to be moral policemen . If you dont like it switch it off .

      • To be honest if people are so so focused on (Values), I wonder why they watch drama and award night ? Better invest your time in some other useful sober activity and leave us alone to watch what we want to watch. Moral policing & misplaced self righteousness leads to suffocation and repression. No one has the right to impose his will on others.
        Instead of giving lectures to show biz personalities, we must focus on our conduct and our own life. That will be great service to this society.

        • this is not the will of peoples this is teachings and orders of islam that we must follow.
          and if you still think that it is wrong to stop them by doing such a vulgar things then u must be ashamed of your self as a Muslim in fact its your parent fault who didn't focus on your religious education..

    • well this attitude is basically the real problem.i dont use to watch indian dramas,films and award shows but it doesnt change anything.my neighbours use to watch it infact it is now consider as no shame to watch such shows with family.
      my point is our religion is not someone's personal problem if u like it then practice it and if u not then violate it publically and openly because people use to follow people and This create problem so it should not be happen in our country first then we should ban the indian channels.

  • We are Muslim and should be proud of it.sorry to say our dramas and morning.shows have crossed all the limits of vulgarity. At least our girl should know the difference between fashion and vulgarity
    about morning shows.any body can pay and pass any stupid information it is just like paying and advertising giving thereby impression that.they are there due to their expertise CHEATING isn't it

  • How can we know that this post isn't written by someone who is up-to-date with every Bollywood and Hollywood movie around? Because there is no other way he/she just compared.
    They can wear what they like. What people wear is the last thing the country needs to worry about right now.
    Why don't we all just get our shit together and stop trying to "raise our voices" against issues that aren't half as harmful to the society as our other issues.

  • Yeah seriously, on one hand, if we feel proud ov our drama industry, on the other hand, our actresses put us to shame in no time..n make us change our views abt thm. I wonder if they could realize the .beauty hidden in simplicity

  • honestly speaking
    Amna's vulgar clothes really disappointed meh
    she shud remember tht frm which society does she belongs to

    hum tv awards b pure ni dekhe bcz ov their vulgar n cheap dance performances n dressing :(
    its very disappointng tht our celebrities are promoting western culture
    agr aesa hi raha tou hum dusrn ko apne awr foreign celebrities ka difference kese bata saken ge
    hamare artist b wohi sab kuch kr rhe he jo k hamare culture k khilaf h
    bht bura laga ye sab dkh k :(
    mera tou abi s hi tarang awards dkhne ka koi irada ni

  • GOD people with issues.. stop watching the dramaz and the shows… you dont like them, you dont HAVE to watch them and then comment!!! even this website likes to show every picture taken and then publish and pass comments… you dont watch them, they might change…

  • Agr Ulama karam kuch kahay to yahi comments dainay walay kahty hay k yi terrorist hy, yi Pakistan ko backward ly jana chahty hy…. Ab daiko Pakistan ko or us k Media ko k kia krna chahty hy……….ab in cheezo py Afsoos Q? Enjoy karo hm Pakistani Qoam to paida howay hi Enjoyment k liy hay…..

    Jab tak hm Ik Qoam na banay, Islami Shaar ko na apnay kabi hm agay nahi bar saktay…………….

  • Surprised to read all the comments…to what direction this country is going… Most of the ppl r even loosing difference between right and wrong…i mean v r having a good family set up where nw its going to b impossible to watch shows and dramas with youngers…this media is jst transferring all rubbish to next generation…n its not possible to switch off tv everytime in that case v have to answer many questions…n again its not possible to avoid Tv as this is a major source of entertainment…so v need healthy n good stuff not this kind of entertainment

  • Isiliye mein pakistani dramas nd shows dekhti he nai infct mein pakistani channels lgana he pasnd nai krti….. kabil he nai k inhe dekha jaye simple.

  • well said.. we should promote our culture, i think the people denying saud's standpoint are out of their mind.

    • Khansa, how nice of you to say that "people are out of their mind". We all have equal right to like and dislike. I'll say those agreeing with the writer are perhaps dogwood ears and bigots.

  • ایسی ہی چند وجوہات مزید ہیں جو ہماری ثقافت ہمارے مذہب ہماری عقیدت اور لوگوں کی سوچوں کا قتل کر رہی ہیں۔۔ لیکن قرآن کا فیصلہ ہے کہ ان کی انکھوں اور کانوں پر پردے ہوں گے۔۔ اب آپ سمجھ جائیں کہ یہ وہی لوگ ہیں جنہیں اللہ نے الگ کر لیا ہے اور ان کی عمریں بھی بہت لمبی ہوں گی تاکہ رج کر گناہ کر لیں۔۔

      • Totally right Anwar. S, HOLY Sayings and holy books should not be referenced while discussing performing arts which is still debated as wrong as per most of the religious clerics

        • mohtarma you have the right of commenting, on my opinion, but what are you trying to prove by using abusive language.

          • Miss Nabia is perhaps trying to show her own upbringing by using abusive language.

      • And what are you doing fighting the MORAL POLICE as you call it, as far as I can tell you are from the LIBERAL BRIGADE. Go join them.

    • syed saab, our religion and faith is not that much weak , that it will be killed (qatal kar rahi hai) by an award show of two three hours.

      indian films and content has been integral part of our society since very beginning, its nothing new or something came overnight. people of all walk and all ages of life have been fan of watching indian films, songs whether it is daleep kumar of 1950's and Kishore kumar and lata, and many more. Just try to watch some personal interview of any 70+ celebrity on youtube when ask about favorite actor they wills ay daleep kumar or madhubala means indian films were there 60 years ago in our society too. But still our society has produced so many notable persons which we are proud of, so such thinking that these film, dramas and shows will kill our faith and religion is not correct.

    • کل ہی میں انٹرنیٹ پر پچاس، ساٹھ اور ستر کی دہائیوں کے مغرب زدہ ’مُشرکی‘ پاکستان کے بدعقیدہ سماج کی تصاویر دیکھ رہا تھا۔ عقل دنگ رہ گئی کہ یہ معاشرہ کس قدر پستی میں پڑا ہوا تھا۔یک تصویر میں سلیو لیس جمپر سوٹ پہنے دو پاکستانی لڑکیاں دوپٹے کے بغیر پنڈی کے مال روڈ پر بے فکر ہنستی ہوئی چلی جا رہی ہیں اور راہگیر ان کی دیدہ دلیرانہ بے حیائی کا نوٹس لینے کے بجائے اپنے حال میں مست ہیں۔ایک تصویر میں جہلم شہر کے بھرے بازار میں ایک گورا اور ایک لانگ سکرٹ اور کرتا پہنی گوری راستہ پوچھ رہے ہیں اور مقامی لوگ نفرت سے منہ موڑنے کے بجائے انہیں راستہ بتا بھی رہے ہیں۔ (حالانکہ اس وقت برطانیہ، فرانس اور اسرائیل نے مصر پر حملہ کردیا تھا)۔
      ایک تصویر ہاکس بے کے ساحل کی تھی جہاں ہِپی لوگ ریت پر بیٹھے اور لیٹے دھوپ تاپ رہے ہیں اور اونٹ اور گھوڑے والے اکڑوں بیٹھے ان کے ساتھ تاش کھیل رہے ہیں۔(حالانکہ اس وقت بھی برطانیہ عالمِ اسلام کے کٹھ پتلی آمروں کو عوام کچل ہتھیار دے رہا تھا)۔

  • well showbiz ki duniya k logn say ap koi haya expect nh kr skty showbiz ki duniya hai ye sb to ho ga

    • Toor, a very very good suggestion, no body is forcing anyone to watch this show, just take the remote and change the channel, there are so many programs telecasted in which dressing is proper, PTV is a fine example, whose program are torch bearer of what most of the commenters on this page would like to see, just wonder why PTV suffers from lack of viewership.

    • great idea…but who will act upon ….??our people can watch every thing for the sake of entertainment


    We should loudly condemn them and show our anger via socail media, e-mails etc.

  • Much Ado about nothing or shall I say storm in a tea cup.
    In a civilised society if you don't like a show, you switch it off, have a cup of coffee and that's the end of it.

    But no we have to make a big song and dance about it. Aren't we wonderful!!!

  • Lolzzz !! i cant stop smiling while reading this article !!
    Living in a Global City u do have a global Culture !! there is no Piece of Ur culture and My culture !! so take a breath and change the channel !! n stop being a Moral Police Man !!

    • when maya khan, did moral policing, she was so badly criticized by public that the channel banned her, but over here every one is doing moral policing if it is right why maya khan was criticized, either maya khan is wrong or moral policemen on this blog are right??

      • What Maya Khan did was for ratings only; raaz ka parda nahe rakha not for islah/correction but for popularity lust. She maligned so many young boys and girls who are way too young to probably even see the wrong of their ways. That was wrong indeed. But ghalat ko ghalat kehna kab se ghalat ho gya?

    • So according to you sticking your head in the sand is a better solution? You know the last stage of emaan? Recognizing wrong in one's heart at the very least. When I hear such nonsense from self-proclaimed civilized liberals it makes me either want to pull my hair out or theirs. Changing a TV channel will most certainly change what is going on rampant in the country right? Morals of our coming generations are in tatters we should just change the channel? Drinking, smoking, illegitimate relationships, hedonistic behavior in general is running rampant in our youth these days thanks to things like these. I wonder if the prophet did the same saw a sin and turned his head away? Honestly the jahalat. Anf then this LIBERAL POLICE claims that nothing should be said as well as if its their God forsaken right to say what they want but God forbid anyone might disagree! The hypocrites!

  • There are so many big things happening around us that I think put us on shame, and these happenings much more shameful then this award show
    1- killing of foreign tourists in gilgit-baltistan
    2- violence in Karachi
    3- killing of innocent female students in quetta by lashakar jhangvi
    4- killing of innocent muslims in a Friday prayer at Peshawar last Friday
    and many more

      • our CREATOR cant be so cruel, i think we only have ourself. its encouragement from within the society that such elements are continuing with these brutal acts also in the name of our CREATOR, as they knew no all public would condemn them.

      • Ye sab kuch is beghairti ka natija nahin hai ye sab kuch humare jhoot bolne corruption karne dhoka dene ki wajah se hai q k agar mulk ki tabahi ki yehi wajah hoti to Turkey aur UAE kab ke tabah hogae hotay asal masael be dehaan diya karain

  • Vrytru peopl thnk if thy shw dr part ov bdy dt includes in modernity…bt wrng is dt our islam told us…infact whn all the family members were sittin together n watchin pkstni awrds n such vulgar dresd up models n actress came for performsnce .sur sharam sy jhuk jta hai…evn nw in tv serials of geo n hum tv thy r havin such a bad n bold dialogues n scenes whch sme one cnt sit n see dm wd family..pakistn qaum dsroun ki riwayaat n culture ko follow krna shru hogyi hai..evryone is dressed up in western clothes,shalwar kammez ko log out of fashion khna shru ho gy jis ny jeans phni ho srf wo modern hai n bqi sb paindou""indisns jhn jty hain apny culture ko nhi bhoolty na he chortay hsin yh aik pkstni qaum ko fashion ny maar dia…hr ksi ka apna point of view hai ..so sub zda harsh mt hn n zra dmgh sy souchyn n islam ko sahi meaning mai dkhyn n samjhny ki koshish kryn ..in shrt yh article sahi likha gya koi tou hai jsy wsqai asa feel hua n likhny ka soucha…

  • N kch media waloun ka b kasoor hai n zda qasoor censore board waloun ks b hai jo asi cheezyn allow krty hain

  • jab pesa ieman izzat sharm o haya se bada samjha jany lagy to aese hi log hoty hai jo jism se kapry utarny mai bhi koi aar mehsoos nahi karty hain aese logo ka deen our khuda sirf pesa hota hai

  • Artist people are always like this, they have too much exposure to many cultures and different levels of human classes, and are not ordinary human. Only good artist can adapt fast into his/her character. One very important thing about good artist is that he/she is very caring and won’t be cruel.

  • I think the organizers r not only the responsible, its also the vast majority of people who generally likes these vulgarity, even follow the India shows to present themselves coolest one among there gatherings….i personally feel that the viewers also has the major contribution to promote the vulgarity

    • yes mr sami, its the demand that creates the supply, indian award shows, indian content has been onaired and getting high ratings on main channels like GEO and ARY digital in prime time, HUM also onairs indian content though not in peak prime time. GEO is trying to lead ahead of all other to telecast indian award shows, just look at the highlight of june programs, GEO TV proud to present , many indian films and award shows every weekend. Have public and viewers rejected these indian semi nude award shows? the answer is a big NO

  • People tese r nt d shameful things d shameful things r d killing of innocent people d Taliban who r bombing girls schools people who r bombing mosques people who r killing tourists these r d shameful things Which d world does nt appreciate come on ! Stop criticising our showbiz people for god sake

  • People tese r nt d shameful things d shameful things r d killing of innocent people d Taliban who r bombing girls schools people who r bombing mosques people who r killing tourists these r d shameful things Which d world does nt appreciate come on ! Stop criticising our showbiz people for god sake

    • I do agree with the you but I remind you that we are still ISLAMIC REPUBLIC. If we don't nip the evil in the bud than next we would be seeing the moral degradation of the west in our society. Do we want to become like turkey were a mild restriction on alcohol sale lead to street protest with slogans "we are children of the drunk". This is just the beginning, when our showbiz people become more and more nude we will be the victim of ALLAH'S wrath too.

  • we should appreciates our star but not in such a way a shameful why we forget that we are muslims

  • I totally agree with you. We do not want such vulgarity in our country. These celebrities should be the representative of Pakistan but it seems like they are representing the neighboring country or the western culture.

  • pakistan doesn't have songs of its own to perform in show…it is using indian songs ..as if they are their own…even school competitions in india is better than the performance of the award show in pakistan….culture culture culture…pakistan culture is to prepare terrorist..world knows

  • I really liked your point of view .uncovering your body doesnot means mordernization and what ever they show on television is actually corrupting the minds of the teenagers and espically the kids who are actually the part of our next generation.We are a muslim nation and we must follow our own traditions and culture and nations .All these actors are following the west culture while they should stick to there own culture .When i saw this ,the people whom i used to consider good are not good any more in my eyes and either i dont respect such people they are doing nothing but runing our own nation.Please STOP doing that and look at your origin ,what you are and does our religion allow this to do ? Please Allah help us …………..

  • showing off the skin is the symbol of being modern……WOW!!!!!!! than our celebrities should not wear clothes……the will be called the fathers and the mothers of modern,cultured and civilized world….!!!!!!

  • amna sheikh is such a gr8 performer nd a decent girl but i h8 her when i see her wearing these king of clothes!!! otherwise i like her very much !!!

  • Nt only hm bt lux awards r also anothr way of showing pakistani actor's vulgarity. V dnt want to watch dm dy r js vulgur nt modern nor civilised peopl r jo ye kh ry h k dykhny k bd critisic kr ry h wo jan ly k burai ko burai na blny wala b gunahgar h

  • Wt…………..morningshowes:/ waha to dresing ki showof h jha rmzan me b bal dikhany k liy dopta mano sar py ni gardan py e rkha ota h cheap nd vulgars

    • Absolutely rite. This confirms my point that currently no lady on the mainstream media is respectable. If they had any shame in them they would firstly not appear on the media

  • I am an Indian who is addicted to pakistani dramas for what they represent..Islamic culture and values..I don't have the nerve to watch to the award shows after reading all the reviews and very few pictures! I watch the shows with great respect to actors..don't want to loose that

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