• maha

    ''seems to take revenge from the ones who made her suffer by taking away her dad'' this line actually is relatable to ABC's popular english drama REVENGE!! BY the way this theme will be interesting.

    • aimen saad

      i guess it'll be fun to see REVENGE'S home made version.. =)

  • Hammu

    It is definitely going to be something different.And i love ABC's revenge.I always wanted to see a Pakistani version with Snam playing the lead role.You never know what happens ;) Sanam is such a pleasure to watch.Her presence on screen makes a drama more charming.Really glad it gained attention.

    • nida_zaidi

      exactly :)

    • Khurram Nawaz

      ofcorc hammu

  • Jiya

    great , I'm a huge sanam saeed fan starting from Daam , she's an incredible actress…

  • kks

    i dont know why no body is reviewing Talkhiyan, it is sooooooo goood and based on god of ssmall things.

    • bushra

      oh wao ,i just have seen two episodes but yup its different and danm gooooooooooooooooooooood

  • razla

    Waiting for this drama…soo eagerly….

  • aleezay

    sanam saeed is vv eautifull actress..she looks liie my teacher

  • bushra mehreen

    why it is not on air

  • ayan

    please please on air drama of sanam saeem " KADURAT"

  • Sheema

    So looking forward to this serial! I guess this would be Sanam's best ….. as just loved her in the promo, her expressions, body language and dialogues delivery were so spontaneous even in the short clip we saw, what and how would be show that we have to wait and watch. She is my desi Sandra Bullocks !! Ha ha ha,, I just love this girl, God bless her.

  • aimen saad

    we are desperately waiting for it to be on air… i wish it may happen soon… we are already so much in love with this project.. hope to see it in the nearest soon… good luck Sanam Saeed (y)

  • nadia dar

    waiting for this drama eagerly

  • Hina

    Who is acting as Alina?

    • Mysha

      momal sheikh………….daughter of javed sheikh