Mirat-ul-Uroos Episode 8 & 9 – Review

“Shadi kabhi bhi is tarah nahi kurni chahyeh ke kuch ke liye bhoj. Kuch ke liye tamasha aur kuch ke liye hasrat bun jaye.”

 Don’t these four lines describe the kind of marriage most girls dream of having nowadays? Most of the people who can afford it and those like Ayza and Hammad’s family who cannot afford it too become a part of the rat race because of their children. Asghari and Amna had to be only two people who talked sense all through these two episodes. The men did not think they would have much of a say so mostly they decided to keep quiet and rest of the family members gladly followed Ayza and Hammad’s lead. Although Aima is a very sensible girl but somehow personally I am not enjoying the stark difference in the personality of the two sisters, probably because we have had an overdose of sisters who are complete contrasts in the past one year. I would have liked it better if the story was about Ayza alone and it showed how a woman can change everything about a household (and not always in a good way!).

I have to say that I really enjoyed the way Hammad changed overnight, every little change in Hammad’s personality made me chuckle because I have seen many such men around me. The way Hammad changes his priorities and does not even bother asking or even informing his mother was no exaggeration at all. Hammad takes everything in his own hands from the wedding cards to the changes in the function and gives the excuse “ab hamei dosto aur rishtedaron ke samne sharmindgi nahi ho gi” and Rafia buys it too. Am I the only one who felt like this line seemed like one of the funny –sarcastic-lame jokes that we hear at the end of Ufone advertisements?

I must give due credit to the director for doing a great job of showing the wedding functions, the details shown were totally in line with the story. Usually there is a lot of hullabaloo about marriage functions in dramas but they are never shown properly because of obvious reasons. Hamnah’s In Laws also expect a grand wedding like that of Hammad and I am thinking that this is only the beginning of the series of problems that Rafia is going to face due to the changes Hammad has decided to made in their lifestyle in general too and not just the wedding function. Honestly speaking, I was not expecting Rafia to be as understanding as she is being till now. Could it be because of all the things that her bahu brought with her? It was very evident that Ayza was out to impress her In Laws and she succeeded too. I really liked it when Asghari said, ‘agur unhu ne apni aukat se unchi chalang lagai hai tu iska yeh matlab tu nahi ke hum bhi thapar maar maar ke apna muu laal kur lei”


The Ayza/Hammad track definitely kept me hooked through these two episodes because I found all the happening extremely relatable. The Aima/Hashim track on the other hand seemed to be quite repetitive and the contrast factor did not appeal to me much. Although Aima told Hashim loud and clear that her parents could not afford to buy her a car but he is still expecting one…all I can say is that shame on him and every man like him! Sadly there are many such men in our society who openly ask their wives to be or their families for things and later on boast about it too.

All the actors did a wonderful job in these two episodes but there were times when I felt like Amina Sheikh wasn’t very well-suited for the role. Samina Ahmed and Ayesha Khan(senior) both are spot on as Asghari and Akbari. Some of the scenes were more predictable than usual, I could actually tell what response someone is going to give to someone and when someone is going to hang up the phone, on what note the conversation will end etc. Overall, I enjoyed these two episodes much more than any of the previous episodes mainly because I found the changes in Hammad very relatable and interesting, Umera Ahmed most definitely has great observation and she has penned down these characters perfectly.


Fatima Awan.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Haha! So cute of you to actually quote the 'thappar maarne wala' dialogue. Heheheh! i enjoyed these episodes too, in fact these days I kind of wait to see this drama because it seems really interesting to me. I know the story is predictable but still it's interesting to see how Umera Ahmed has written about the false standards people are trying to create these days.

    I absolutely find it ridiculous how Hashim is expecting so much from Aima. I mean he loves her so why doesn't he understand her? He should be well aware that Aima & Ayza are poles apart & they do not have anything in common, so he should respect her decisions & appreciate her. I think it's Rafia's mistake as well that she promoted 'bahu's car' so much that now it has become a certain standard & they are ready to grab the cars from rest of the bahus-to-be as well.

    I am kind of getting tired of Aima's 'roti surat'. No doubt she is a likeable & wise character but what's with the 24/7 frown on not getting married? What good will happen to her once she gets married to Hashim? Obviously, she'll have to work on him right from the scratch to make him understand basic things & her marriage will come with a label of joint family as well. So what's the rush all about? All we see her is always tensed that she is not getting married & once she will, we'll still be seeing her tensed because of the budgets & Hashim's pay & Ayza's belittling attitude & so many other strings that are going to be attached. Obviously she knows too that Hashim is immature & someone who doesn't understand but then again love is blind but soon enough she'll gain the eye-sight. LOL! Can't wait for it. ;)

    • Zahra I am glad you are enjoying the play and take time out to comment here so we can discuss things, I look forward to it:) lol actually I found the thapaar marne wala dialogue very apt for such people because using your lives’ savings, taking loans and going through all the other trouble just to impress others really is equivalent to that!
      I think Hashim is just being greedy, you are so right, his bhabi has set the standards so high and he would like his future wife to follow since everyone in his house is so impressed with Ayza’s dowry, sad but true and also he is being selfish. So right about the love being blind part, Aima is so wise otherwise but she fails to see that her marriage with Hashim is going to be a rocky one especially with Ayza in the same house. Ayza’s preaching ways are getting to me too; she is too much of a daadi ama! I would have like it better though if Sanam Baloch was playing Aima.

      • Thank you for such a detailed reply Fatima. :) I know, seriously Sanam Baloch would've played this role with much more depth & character. Right from the beginning all we see is Aima's whining about all the things attached to Hashim, so when she is so wise, why can't she take some time out & analyse the state of her relation with Hashim? Her character is turning out to be boring & plus what's with the complaints related to Hammad-Ayza wedding? Why did they get married? Shadi to hamari honi thi inki kyun ho gai? It all seems really unnecessary.

        I am hating Ayza's daadi ma too. The moment she comes up on screen I get annoyed lol, may be that's the beauty of her acting but still. lol! & Rafia is greedier, after all she's the mother of Hashim lol. The way she was flashing bangles was hideous, as if it was the first Gold ornament that she received in her whole life.

        While paying 50,000 for joota chupai she re-confirmed the amount in shock, so why didn't she put herself in Amna's shoes & tried to understand that they must be facing all such difficulties in handling the expenses of the wedding too which included Rafia's bangles as well.

        I agree to your point that everyone's zipped up may be because of the dowry Ayza has bought with her but now when Ayza will act all protective about her things, it will give rise to the other issues, probably one we saw was about the TV & now the huge one round the corner is about the car. Plus why Hammad's brothers are so immature? Acting as if they have never seen a car before? This is the common case in all the house holds that in-laws think the things that bahu bought shall be used by the whole family. Don't they have any etiquettes or what? lol

        • Zahra you are so right about everyone drooling over Ayza's things, it is such a put off but true at the same time too. I am sure there are many households like that. waise come to think of it 50,000 joota chupai is quite a lot especially when there is only one sister, usually 30 or 40 is considered a big deal! But I guess that just goes to show what a grand wedding this was, talk about wasting money. lol so right about the daadi, now she wants to go live with Ayza!

          • Haha! Daadi kam bachi ziyada lagti hain. But I think that aunty is over-doing her character a bit. :S LOL!

    • I think she is too eager to get married because she knows behavior of her sister very well and she can foresee that once every one will understand Ayza's behavior no one will accept her as Bahu. And for her it's normal.

  • I don't it how you said that it would be better if the story was about Ayeza alone i dont agree wid u.

    • Anonymous I think it is Aima’s holier than thou characterization that is getting to me.

      • Oh thank god!! I thought it was just me that felt that way about . There's just too much of "that's too expensive" and preachiness about saving money that is getting to me. She is such a boring girl…I bet when she does get married to Hashim, she'll say to save their honeymoon money for retirement. :P

  • there will be no Miratuluroos without two opposit sisters;).in fact two sister theme was first ever presented in this novel so we cant expect it witout aima, I think repetition is making it boring n why they r repeating? I think just to make more episodes,same problem as with ZGH. g I agree that not only Amina sheikh but Mehwish hayat also doesnt suit in the role(both looking older than the characters)Mikal and Ahsan r perfect in their roles though. story is getting more interesting now and yes things r so relatable:)

    • That is very true Mrs. Asim afterall it is the story of opposites! You are right Mehwish Hayat does not fit into the role too, we have so many younger and equally talented actresses who could have played these roles. Yes, the story is getting interesting.

  • I am thoroughly enjoying the play ! This is what's
    happening in our society just for the sake of
    showing off too much is being spent on these
    utter weddings !!!!

  • agr ye just ayeza ki story hoti to mene to blkuul nh dekhne th 2no 7 7 hn to mza ata hy.or wese bh is drama ki writer best hen unhe esa better lga unho ne likhe.me bh ap ki is bat se agree nh krta.i love this drama

    • Love Pakistan I am glad you are enjoying dono ki story:) Honestly speaking there are episodes when Ayza really gets to me too lol

  • Such to ye hai…I dont like GEO And GEO's any entertainment.

    GEO is the only channel, which i hate. Romors and CHORRRRRR TV.

    Dosrain ke ideas chora ker or RO RO ker logon ko apnee taraf khainchney wala CHANNEL.

  • ye drama main r mere husband dono h bohat shok se dakhte hain….. is ke ache bat ye hai ke umera ahmad ne social issue khas kr shade biya r pher larkio k adjustment kese hone chaye kese rehna chaye saab bohat achey se dikha rahe hain,kese shade ke name pe hm aise kharach karte hain vhahe udhar he kyu nalaina pare… dadeyo ka role bht acha hai, haan ye hai ke dono behno me extreme difference hain aik relax r aik bht sensitive…. wese aik baat hai fatima ke baachat pe aima r uske ammi ke itne lecture sun sun ke me b bore ho jate hu hehe,ayma ka hashim ko bar bar shade karne ko bolna b acha nahi lagta , r wo scene to sab se buratha jab ashim ne demand ke car k lye … sath rafai apne gold k kangan pe b kese khush the ,haha . mehwesh hayat bht aged r bilkul ache nahi lag rahe na he uska make up acha he dono he ache nahi lag rahe muje

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