The Most Well-Dressed Television Artists

I couldn’t help noticing especially in the past few years that there are many television artists who pay special attention to their wardrobe. Not all the actors who are talented are well-dressed as well. I am not denying that talent comes first and the dressing sense later but it is also true that a good sense of dressing along with great talent can be a deadly combination. You will all agree with me that there is no doubt about how gifted the artists in the list are. We talk about their talent all the time, I thought it would be appropriate to acknowledge their good taste as well.

Who you think is well-dressed depends a great deal on your own likes and dislikes. For me looking elegant as well as stylish is what counts the most. It is also very important in my eyes if a person can look stylish and chic without showing too much skin. All the artists in the list are always seen dressed elegantly in award shows and other functions. They also put in extra amount of time and effort to dress up well for dramas they star in too.

Momal Sheikh

Momal Sheikh has always impressed me with her fashionable wardrobe. Whether she is dressed up formal or casual, this woman never fails to make a fashion statement that will make you stand up and take notice. White looks very pretty on her, she never goes overboard even when dressed formal.


Hina Khawaja Bayat

Hina Khawaja Bayat has paid special attention to her wardrobe from the very first time we saw her on screen when she used to do only talk shows. There are actresses who have learned to dress up in style only after they entered the industry but Hina Khawaja had her own style statement when she entered the industry. Hina Khawaja plays a lot of attention to detail. Her matching lenses in Aunn Zara and her elegant sarees in Talkhiyaan and Zindai Gulzar Hai show what a great taste she has, that is all of her own! She looks just as stunning in casual kurtas, like the ones she wore in Shehr-e-Zaat.


Sanam Jang

One thing is for sure that being stylish isn’t just about what you wear but it also has to do with how you carry what you are wearing. Sanam Jang is usually seen wearing clothes that are rather simple but she knows very well what kind of cuts suit her. She looks wonderful even in a long kurti and tights because she knows how to carry it. Her formal look very often is a long frock with pajama. Sanam Jang is another very wise television actress who knows what will look good on her.


Sarwat Gillani

Sarwat Gillani did not pay much attention to her looks when she entered the industry. Her style was always very casual. But things have changed tremendously now. Sarwat Gillani is always dressed to kill. She has groomed herself very well. I especially like Sarwat Gillani in embroided chiffon shirts; she wears them on usually on function.

sarwat gillanisarwat gillani 1sarwat gillani 3

Seemi Pasha

Seemi Pasha has been around for as long as I can remember. She always dresses up in trendy clothes that suite her perfectly. Apart from her chic dressing, her accessories are always well chosen. She is another artist who pays attention to every little detail that goes in to giving the perfect look.

seemi pashaseemi pasha 2seemi pasha 3

Adnan Siddiqui

Adnan Siddiqui has a certain class about him that very few other male actors have. He always looks dignified. He looks very smart in dress shirts in particular. There are many male actors in our industry who repeat their clothes in the serials so many times that you can literally count the number of shirts they bring on the set! Adnan Siddiqui experiments with different colors and styles and looks great in them.


Nauman Ijaz

I have never seen Nauman Ijaz wearing anything that does not suit him. Even if he is playing a character which demands that he dresses up in Kurta Shalwar only, he will choose the right kind of styles that suit him. Unlike many of our male actors who can’t even match a pair of trousers with a shirt; this man knows how to choose the right kind of wardrobe.


Javaid Sheikh

He is decent, well dressed and carries himself perfectly. Not to mention that he has aged very gracefully. Some celebrities never go out of style, Javaid Sheikh is most certainly one of those evergreen celebrities of our industry.

javaid sheikhjavaid sheikh 2javaid sheikh 3

Now that I think about it, I think there should be a separate list for actors who are good looking, act very well and also carry themselves well but don’t dress up right. Do you agree that all the artists mentioned in the list are well dressed? Would you like to add any other names?


Ayesha Ahmed

  • aqsa

    where iz fawad

    • Fariha Hayat

      In our hearts………

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    • Maya

      OH PLEASE Fawad isn't stylish but he is still very decent and elegant and also his choice about colours is very good lekin yar wo beard rakh leta hai aur her waqt formal kapray pehnay rakhta hai jeans T-shirts nhn pehenta tou is liye apni age say kaafi bara lagta hai

  • Guest

    Ahsan Khan has developed a great fashion sense over the years.He too is one of them actors who repeat their clothes,but he combinates each outfit perfect.Wether its shirt and pant,sherwanis or kurta with jeans he rocks them all . However I personally like seeing him in his boutique clothings; decent yet very elegant and graceful..It has been a long time when i last saw him wearing a wrong outfit in a scene/show

    • abc

      agree wid u

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  • Danish Alvi

    Faisal qureshi??? He is the most versatile out of all pakistani celebrities!!!

    • Abiha

      Yes, why not Faysal Qureshi???????????????????

  • princess marie

    fawad?mahira?sajal???and all otherzz who are most stylish,talented??/where are these intelligent people?

  • Maya

    Sanam Baloch??Shehryaar Munawar?? what about these 2

  • ISHA


  • Iffat

    you've missed Samina Peerzada, Mahira Khan,Saba Parvaiz, Ayesha Omar (in bulbulay). they are well dressed too. Pls incude them in your list

    • tanveer

      OH PLEASE yar har jaga par Mahira Khan ko na daal diya karo is she really well-dressed???

      • Mysha

        yes she is

  • hoorya

    fahad mustafa ????? he alwayz luk awesome

  • Salma

    I think Sanam jung has the best sense of dressing

  • HKB

    Very interesting observations – and I am truly glad that you have noticed how some of us do make the effort to experiment with different looks and styles for each character πŸ™‚ Truly makes the effort pay off!
    Personally I believe the appearance of a character conveys a lot about its personality and repeatedly looking like yourself takes away from it. In my talkshows it was me – in drama its not (its Bibi Jonum, Husna, Appo, Hajra, Husna, Bano, Mehrunissa…….) I hope I continue to live up to your expectations πŸ™‚
    Just one correction – I have never used any kind of contact lenses :p The colour of my eyes comes out differently with different lighting and the colour that I am wearing so only God and the DoP can take credit for that!!
    Cheers and God bless!

  • Zain

    also write about actors with worst dressing sense



    • maheen ali

      so true

    • maheen ali

      as well as danish taimoor and fahad mustafa

      • nazia

        fahad mustafa , ajeeb ce dressing kerta hai wo

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      yes agreed