Shahid Afridi Not Happy With The Movie “Mein Hoon Shahid Afridi”

Almost everyone has seen by now the vulgar song with obscene scenes in the upcoming movie “Mein Hoon Shahid Afridi”. There was a lot of debate even in this forum about how appropriate or inappropriate it was and many thought that it was a stunt to get some much needed publicity for the venture.

The latest reports are that Shahid Afridi has demanded that the producers should cut all the obscene scenes from the film before it is released. We all know that Shahid Afridi is very conservative by nature. Since this movie is related to him directly so he can’t possibly allow such scenes to be a part of it.

Shahid Afridi said, “”I had given permission for the film with an aim to give kids some positive healthy entertainment, to divert their minds towards cricket and it should not have obscene things.”

He also added, “I want to tell the people that the film is not related to my life…A lot of kids and families would go to watch the movie because of me and if they see things like that they will feel bad, so I hope they remove those scenes and run the film.”

Shahid Afridi’s statements clearly go to show that this film is NOT going to be about the life of Shahid Afridi but the story actually is that the film is about a boy who idealizes the icon and wants to be like him.

Shahid Afridi further added that he was not part of the movie also, he was asked to make a guest appearance but he refused, “”I had declined the offer to act because my elders are against acting, nor did I charge a single penny from them,” he said. Shahid Afridi had to make this statement because the promo of the movie suggested that he was part of the film.

The film has already been delayed due to technical problems and now it seems like there are more problems ahead.

Are you happy with the step that Shahid Afridi has taken? Do you think the producers will pay heed to his demands?

  • Anon

    elders against acting ??? Tv ads may phr kia kerta hai ? isnt that acting ?

    • M.F.S.

      Absolutely correct. Yaar ye paise ga kheel hai. Abhi is ko ARY walay goodwill money dengay aur yeh sahab bilkul khamosh ho Jain gay. Media will never compromise on money making points. After all this is business and when they can sell Islam on the name of Ramzan transmission, Mr. Afridi is just a piece of cake for them to handle.

      • Mr.CRICKET

        excuse me …mind ur language … OUR LALA IS not for sale …. he iz true MUSLIM and patriotic man .. so always think first what you are going to say .

        • Rashid Nazir Ali

          well shahid afridi was the first one from Pakistani players to present himself for auction in indian premier league, auction means SALE, whoever gives high price bought the "substance" presented in the auction. When india banned Pakistani players from IPL, afridi was most vocal against this ban, and when in 2010 india allowed Pakistani players to participate in IPL, afridi was prominent in again presenting himself for auction in IPL alongwith 11 other player, he was highly priced Pakistani player with base price of 250,000 USD some 25 crore worth of Pakistani rupee.

          Sadly no indian premier league franchise in 2010 showed interest in buying Afridi and no one provided a bid for him. Afridi shown his discontent and anger over this he was not happy with the attitude of IPL franchises. He said "india made fun of us" and termed it as a "disappointment", means if you are on "SALE" no body buys your services, then its "DISAPPOINTMENT"

          So far india has not lifted ban on Pakistani players, but let the ban lift, and afridi will be top in the list of auction again.

      • Lawangeen

        @ M.F.S…..aghar Afridi ko paysay laynay hothay tu pahlay he lay chokay hothay..aur yai Afridi ka haq b bantha but us nai koi paysay nahi leyai ….pyaray dunya mia asay log b hothay hian jo her kam paysay k wastay nahi kartay……..

    • Lawangeen

      @ Anon….wo movies mai acting ke baat kar raha hian…TV ads mia acting alag chez hia aur esko acting kahna b durast nahi…

    • Rashid Nazir Ali

      yes its a lame excuse. you don't want to do a film, simply say I don't want to do a film, whats the point of showing dual face, that your elders are against acting, whereas you have done acting in so many TV ads in past many years.
      is there any TV ad without acting, strange point elders are against acting, but have no objection on acting in TV ads. Acting is acting, whether it is on stage, theater, commercial, film or drama. If not acting what does Afridi do in TV commercials, do we need to invent some other word in dictionary for Afridi acts in commercial?

  • hamnah

    well done Afridi! I do hope that humayun saaed opens his eyes, why on earth is he cashing Afridi's name for such a vulgar film?

  • Dr Seema

    Lala zindabad ,,, we r proud of u

  • ayesha malik

    Yeah shahid afridi agree with u

  • sarah

    well done lala……ap bht achy hain

  • Fari

    very good shahid bhai..

  • princess marie

    well done lala….we are proud of u;)

  • maddi

    Shaid bhi good step and plz stick to wot u hv said v need no valugrism to attract us

  • Lawangeen

    Dher alla rora us clack udhrega pa khapla khabra charta pa peso o na khwegai…;-) hahahhahaa..

  • masooma rao

    i am happy to see that shahid afridi is very conservative by nature and his step to remove all obscene scenes from the film is right and i'll be happy if producers of the film take a serious about his demands.

  • hoorya

    a good step by shahid afridi. well done LALA (Y)…. at least banda family se saath tou dekh sakein
    i even watched the video of nasheeli raat hai and it disappointed meh az well. :/

  • Rashid Nazir Ali

    As Shahid Afridi said, this film is not on the life of Shahid Afridi by any means, as advertised its story of a boy who wants to be like Shahid Afridi. Like most of the cricketers of our country Shahid Afridi also has some spicy and juicy scandals, high and lows in his career.

    He also acted in various TV ads, even with female models one famous ad was of PEPSI with Sonia Khan in gym, its strange "ELDERS" of shahid afridi are against acting and in his 17 year career he has done more than 30 commercials. He was in pepsi, in shampoo, in dettol, in safe guard, in service shoes, in health ministry, and even in hajmola candy ad. Acting is essence of commercials, if not acting what was shahid doing in commercials playing "jack and jill"? Are his elders against acting in Films but are OK with acting in commercials, what is the difference in acting in commercials and films? What type of reason is this, doing same act in one scene is fine, for other scene there is excuse of ELDERS? Its ok you dont want to do work in film, dont do it, whats the point that my elders are against it. where were the elders havent they objected when commercials are being shot or the elders dont have tv at home to watch your commercials but go to cinema to watch the film?

    He said he hasnot charged a single penny for MHSA, had he also done "acting" in 30+ commercials free of charge?

    Just read he is conservative by nature, where does this conservative nature vanishes while doing acting in commercials even with female models or at the time of some unethical scandal?

    Also he said "I had given permission" for this film, if you have permitted something, but it is not going as per your expectation, why not take the permission back whats stopping you, to clearly tell MHSA producer to exclude your name from film title.

    Another claim, "A lot of kids and families would go to watch the movie because of me", when you are not doing any sort of acting in film, this film is not about your life, only your name is part of title of this film, so that name is that much powerful to attract kids and families, wow means the name of shahid afridi carries such great potential, marketing companies should note this thing, there must be some case study by MBA marketing students on this miracolous name as well.

    lastly MHSA is not the life of shahid, but if ever any film is made on his real life based on real facts, it would surely be more spicy then MHSA.

  • Sherry

    yaaro itni bhi vulgar movie nh hy jitni tm logon ne bna di hy….Aap sb is se ziada vulgar movies dekhte ho india ki….aur Shahid Afridi kahan se conservative lgta hy aap sb ko…sb se stylish person hy pakistani team me aur ek banda agr Pakistani cinema k revival k lye kam kr rha hy to tm log encourage kro na ke us me khamian nikalo…..Eid pe hamari nation Shahrukh ki movie dekh skti hy mgr Humayun ki nh….afsos hy is nation pe baat krte ho vulgarity ki…..

  • Sidra Sohag

    Yes m happy with the decision of Shahid Afridi, i think he is not a conservative person he just folllows islamic rules n regulations and being a muslim it should be done by any Muslim… i am not a fan of Shahid Afridi bt on this issue i support Afridi… he is totally on right track….

    • hira

      thats so right Sidra !! (y) we love him being a strong , brave pathaan and a muslim the way he hits the ground., no wonder why whole world loves him !! such people cant talk bout anythin but shit !

  • Esha

    what Shahid Bhai did, was absolutely the right thing! May Allah SWT reward him for standing up against the wrong. Ameen.

  • Saleem Suliman

    i think there is no problem if he comes as a guest appearance because if he can do many commercial adds then why not a guest appearance any way its not that bad but i was told that its going to be the best movie

  • shah asma

    actually being a citizen of Muslim country, every resident of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, should refuse such vulgarity in society, hence this is not the matter of conserve ness but the religion. So proud to be muslim and refuse and protest against such songs.

  • Naqash Jutt

    the sher lala

  • Nazish

    absolutely shahid Afridi took a good action.we are also feel so bad after seeing tht promo.afsos mahnoor baloch wht she is ?

  • Hira

    yeah shahid Afridi is a man wit dignity
    and PLZ correct ur pathetic media minds that it is not being a conservative minded or whateva, but its being a Pakistani & cultural person and even after such fame and money he definitely is not influenced but the Indians or the west unlike all of you people.
    So please get a life read a dictionary before using that word conservative again u ill minds !! :S

  • Maha

    I totally second shahid afraids decision !!!respect him even more

  • ammara

    movie buht ache the but dance nhe hna chahie tha pak. ko aise represent ni krna chahie tha