Celebrities Celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day!

This is the day when the muslims of the sub-continent finally got their homeland Pakistan where they could live a peaceful life, practising their religion freely, 66 years ago. August 14th is a day that holds a significant importance in the life of every Pakistani who is living anywhere in the world. Thanks to our entertainment industry, we now see some better celebrations of the day where every channel plan something special, totally dedicated to the day of independence that reboots the feeling of patriotism in every Pakistani. 

Showing their dedication and love towards the country, even our celebrities celebrated Independence day to fullest. Here are a few clicks I could gather.

Have a look!

972117_10200474246161925_1354232194_n 1004943_738979639461431_1513840890_n1005369_738980359461359_632191197_n 1175422_738980122794716_1820496817_n 1185774_738980519461343_105817774_nAtif Aslam, whom we have have always find as a dedicated citizen of Pakistan, despite of doing loads of work for the neighboring country India, has again showed up by posting a video related to independence day to show his gratitude for Pakistan. Have a look! 

A dying man doesn’t need your flowers but life-saving drug, care and concern. Similarly your country does not need your dance, fireworks and rallies but your devotion, caress and accountability. If you followed the news yesterday, you must be knowing that 40 citizens are badly injured in two back2back blasts, while 4 have died in the blasts over Agakhani Jamaat Khana, Karimabad. We really need to reframe our priorities so that we can come up with a better plan that would definitely make lives easier of Pakistanis.

We, the entire team of reviewit.pk wish you all the readers a very happy Independence Day. Love your country and own it. It needs you all.


Nida Zaidi

  • umme

    nice review

    • nida_zaidi

      Thanks a lot for liking the efforts Umme πŸ™‚

  • Lawangeen

    not fair where's my pic?….:-(

    ''your counrty doesn't need ur dance,fireworks, and rallies but ur devotion,caress and accountability''very well said sis nida.

    • nida_zaidi

      Actually mine is missing here too πŸ˜€

      Lawangeen, what do you think about the celebrations that the youth enjoys on August 14th and get backs to its zone of ignorance the very next day.

      We have made everything a piece of entertainment basically.

      • Lawangeen

        hahahhaa…tu apki ke es ghalati ke saza hum ko b bogutni hogi?..:-)

        wel it's irony of fate that we dont celebrate 14th august in its true spirit..national day 14th August is supposed to remind us of all the hardships the Muslims of India went through so they could acquire this piece of land. they are not meant to be celebrated by aerial firing,facepainting one wheeling and listening to some national songs………..we need to take some responsibility for the current state of Pakistan and do something about it instead of blaming each other……………we need to start following the islamic teachings. we need to unite as a nation and learn to live with each other’s differences in peace….