Mahira Khan Spotted in Feeha Jamshed’s Mehndi!

Feeha Jamshed is a well-known icon in the fashion industry and is known for her spectacular skills as a fashion designer who has been working as a creative director for TEEJAYS and has launched her own label ‘FEEHA JAMSHED’. 

Feeha Jamshed, the award winning fashion designer and creative director for TEEJAYS, has launched her own label ‘FEEHA JAMSHED’.  She has won three awards by now for her skills and is really followed by a lot of popular celebrities who follow her designs in showbiz industry. Feeha lately got engaged and  her Mehndi ceremony was recently held where her close friend Mahira Khan showed up her presence to wish her friend a good life. Mahira looked extremely beautiful in the saree and a different hairstyle that she carried. Mahira added further charm in the ceremony and also danced in the party. Here are a few clicks of the beautiful actress we all want to see on screen.

Have a look!

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Mahira will soon be seen in Bin Roye Ansu and Main Minto in upcoming days,

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Nida Zaidi


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  • pakistani muslim ho kr bhi sharam gerat nh he inko pta nh kia shok he indian actress ki trha bne ka

    • phir tu pora pakistan he sharam o gerat se mahroom hia k koi ese shadi batio jahan yai sab kuch nahi hotha?..bas baat yai hia jo camera k front atay hia hum unko he mor de elzam thratay hia,hum nai apnai friends,family mia es type ke kitni shadian attends ke hogi lakin kabi un per ungle nahi utathay na unko mana kartahy hia………

      • Lawangeen bhai behn aur cousins ki shaadi mein theek hai dance karain magar friends ya koi bhi door kay rishtadaar waghaira ki shaadi mein koi dance karnay tou na kharaa ho jaye na aakhir elegance bhi tou koi cheez hoti hay

        P.S: this mahira is not decent and elegant at ALLLLL

        • Maya I agree with you 100 percent. Nida Zaidi is the one who is directing everything towards ideology of Pakistan. I can remember that when Turkish dramas went on air she said in her article that they were a threat to our ideology. I agree with you that she is two faced. she raised such a big issue when the a gay scene was shown in drama hamnasheen but when i read her article on another website vidpk, i was amazed because there she praised that scene. If anyone here wants the link , i can give it to them and you can see. It is wrong to lie in your articles about how you feel about something just to get comments. people should visit the site and see the difference in the article she posted here and there.

          • Thanks a lot for promoting my works anyway dear. Please provide the link so that people here can see what actually I wrote there too. It would violate the terms and conditions of this website else would have loved it to do the honors myself pal:)
            P.S. I wish you a better exposure towards things because is a site where I WRITE REVIEWS and here things are different as I mostly share current, hot happenings that stirr the entertainment world to fullest.


          • Miss Nida the plural of work is work so you just used the word works wrongly. thousands of people will go read your article now because your expression is so perfect.

        • @ Maya aghar true islam ko follow karna hia tu phir cousins ki shaadi meain b dance durust nahi.bcoz cousins are Namahrem.
          oohh u dont like mahira?..hahaha…itni pyari masoom se larki ko b koi na pasand kar sakta hia??..i'm shocked.. ;-)

          • han ye baat bhi theek hai but shaadiyon mein mardon aurton ka intizaam alag alag hota hai !!! but the main thing is that k dance tou karna hee nahin chahiye iski tou islam mein ijazat nahin hai

          • Islam mai tu bhot sari bation ke ijazat nahi hia us mai ek yai baat b hia k kisi farishta sefth masoom surath se without any reason es qadr narazgi nahi rakhni chayai hahhaha…

          • Dil jeet lia aap ne… age age to or zada be hayai ayegi… Ham sab apna muhasaba karen.. kahin ham to galti per nai..

  • Nida u are a two faced girl why u showed that much of opposition when that song from the movie MAIN HOON SHAHID AFRIDI was out !!???? why did u show that much opposition to the vulagar dressing and vulger dances by Mathira and Mahnoor ??? now look at this mahira what is she wearing and dancing infront of i dont know whose who ??? now it's ok for u? but when it comes from Mathira and Mahnoor , it's a religious issue? look at Mathira, it's her plus point that she does not pretend what she isn't and is always seen in one style: her own style and she never shows that she is very religious or not vulger !!! but if it comes from Mahira then it's ok for u guys and she adds a charm to the function!!!


    P.S: i am not talking about everybody

      • MATHIRA luvrs ka tu pta nai mger baat bhai shb ki teehk he… mahira or mathira me bs T ka farak he… baki tu same hen… vulgr….. chichory…. :/ :/

      • nida i think u r not capable of judging somebody by what he/she says bcz insan ko biased nhn hona chahiye har aik mn achai burai dono hatay hain aur aap klisi aik cheez ki bina pay dono ko judge nhn kar saktay dono cheezon ko saath le kar chalna hota hai just if mn ny mathira ki aik maamlay mein himaayat kar di means that I am a mathira lover ?????????????????? I just appreciated what she has good in her it doesn't mean that I am her huge fan but yeah it does mean that I AM NOT A BIASED PERSON LIKE U WHO CAN ONLY BACKBITE A PERSON FOR DOING SOMETHING WRONG AND CANNOT APPRECIATE ONE FOR DOING SOMETHING GOOD!!! Mathira is better than Mahira for me bcz she is not fake as said by ANNOYED and Mahira is good for you jis ko apnay proffession aur roles k saath justice tak karni nahin aati means us ko acting aati hee nahin hai aur fazool mein 3 awards le chuki hai aur sab ki favourite bani hui hai ….


        and u can see people agree wid mel

    • i dont understand what's wrong in Mahira's saree?'s a normal saree i guess.or maybe i dont know much about sarees..:-)

      2nd she's dancing in her close friend mehndi ceremony,so again what's wrong u never ever dance to ur close frnd ceremony etc .:-)

      3rd u r comparing this dressing n dancing with mathira and mahnoor's dancing..hmm to b honest that mathira's dressing was more vulgur compare to this mahira's dressing.

      • @Lawangeen: Mahira's saree is sleeveless and her belly is visible

        yeah her dressing was more vulger than Mahira's but still why did she say that mahira added a charm to the party i mean yar mathira jitni vulger dressing nahin thi but still kaafi had tak qaabil e aitaraaz tou thi na

        aur agr close friend ki mehendi hai tou it doesn't mean k aap dance bhi karo

        • It is NOT my own illusion that Mahira added charm in the party. It is an indirect fact which actually highlights the level of excitement in people who were PRESENT in the CEREMONY that includes Feeha too.

          Why don't you read the article again Maya? I hope it would work :)

        • P.S.
          If dancing in friend's engagement worths criticism, Would you like sharing your views on Syra Shehroze's dance party where she danced with Shehzad Sheikh? How about the funny dances we see daily in the morning shows?

          Criticizing much easier. Try analysing!

          • nida I also condemn Syra-Shehroz prewedding party wagera and all that and also the morning shows lekin yahan par unki baat he nahin hui naaa is liye meray zehan mn khayaal nahin aya but I am only saying that Mahira is the fav most of pakistanis (excluding me) so that is why i have never heard anybody saying that she doesnot dresses properly everybody says that she is charming,stylish,diva and all that but nobody says that she is wearing sleeveless,belly is visible or back is visible or something else even when she does this in magazines for the photoshoots!!!!

            that's only my point that we are biased you can read annoyed's comment maybe u understand in a better way bcz that's only my point aur behas itni lambi ho gayi

            P.S: I never wanted to offent or hurt anybody but if i did,it happened unintentionally so please SORRY for that but I am still on my point

      • i agree with you, but mahira is not wearing saree it can be called as choli/blouse with long ghaghraa, though it is not common in our urban centers, but urban centers are not complete pakistan, its a traditional dress in desert areas of punjab and sindh, in punjab cholistan and in sindh tharparkar region ladies are dressed in choli ghaghraa, so it is a traditional pakistani dress, like laacha kurtaa in punjab, or pishwaaz in pakhtoonkhwaa, or sindhi ajrak. calling it a hindu dress is may be due to lack of information by some reader.

        comparison of mahira and mathira well, mahira is attending a private dance party she is not dressed for audience in cinema, she is attending a private function of her friend, and its right of every one to dress and behave as they like in their personal gatherings and functions

        mathira dance in MHSA well is not a private affair specially filmed for cinema audience, and if MHSA will be a hit many people will see her, whereas if NZ has not shared this post, howcome we able to know that what is mahira dress on feeha jamshed wedding

        • I respect the fact that people have different perceptions about things and I am always on for criticism IF CONSTRUCTIVE. Readers like annoyed and Maya have their own ideologies of liking or disliking the content or whatsoever, no issues about that.

          As an author, it is more like my responsibility to break everything which is new and hot in the entertainment world. Feel free to share your views about the TOPIC only.

          Good Day,

          • that is the right advice, views should be shared within the scope of posted TOPIC instead of personality assassination. but i think perhaps its time also draft some general guidelines on comments, like privacy policy and submit article guidelines, and comments, not following these guidelines would be removed.

      • Firstly sleveless, secondly short shirt or blouse , and thirdly dance.. what is this?? Muslim women aisi hoti hain?? ALLAH may give guidance to all of us.. AAMEEN..

        • excuse me miss meshwish i wasn't talking about the muslim women's dressing..dont interpret me wrong plz..yes i agree with u muslim women ka lebas asa nahi hota na hona chayai…muslim womens ko apna sara body plus face cover karnay k hukam hai…..

    • @Annoyed: I agree wid each and evey word of u but sirf aik baat "when did Sanam Baloch show her skin???"

    • maya, the open fact is one comes to this site for entertainment news, happenings and reviews on entertainment shows not to seek religious information. the site has news as well as reviews which are basically personal opinions. For example when NZ shared mathira/mahnoor baloch article, it was a news that 'Mathira and Mahnoor baloch has done an item song in bold dressing in MHSA" but the lines that "it is not as per pakistani culture or religion" is opinion of NZ. I am not here to defend anyone, but being admin of this site, it is NZ duty to provide entertainment news and happenings of all types by adding her opinion. She proided news of ramzan shows, fatwa against them and also provided mathira/mahnoor baloch news and its a common thing like any other professional journalist or content writer. Offcourse every one has its own personal opinion so its not necessary to completely agree with NZ or anyother opinion, that is why has enabled commenting section so visitors can share their comments even if one disagree with them, and they are generous enough that they never censor any comments unless it contains extreme strong language or hatred comments towards a particular sect or group of people.

      Comparing mahira and mathira, well mahira dressing is in a private function she is attending, video of this function will not be released on 34 screens and cinemas across country, its mahira or anybody right to dress as they want in their private and personal occasions. as far i knew mahira is severely criticized on on her dressing in hum tv award which was a public gathering not a personal or private gathering.

      mathira song in MHSA is a publicly filmed scene, which is meant to be released commercially to audience, its not something mathira has done in a personal function, so like mahira, mathira has also every right on her own to dress in her personal life, but when comes to public appearance, .whatever dress choice one make, that is always a subject of discussion whether its film, award or live show. as it becomes public property,

      in civilized society public and private liberties of a person are totally respected, public life will always be a subject of discussion and private should not be, but sadly private life is also become part of news, not in our country but in whole world. ideally one should behave same in public and private life, but its never an ideal world.

      and i totally agree with u , that we (including me) are two faced jackels, by we i mean majority of us there are always exceptions, but this behavior of double standard or two faces is somewhat an ugly reality that sadly prevails in all sections and groups of our society whether religious parts or liberal parts of society.

      • Thank you for this understanding approach you showed towards me brother. M honored. :)
        and you have my consent over whatever you shared about the facts here. I am still being neutral and wouldn't be passing my own judgements over Mathira's naked pictures, Mahnoor's item dance or Mahira's popularity in general, but as a writer who writes on entertainment, I will keep on highlighting the truth. Mathira's dance in deep neck blouse is something that shouldn't be going on-screen and I still condemn it.

        As far as Mahira's dressing is concerned, I am still thoughtful about it that what is vulgar in it. Hadn't we see Bushra Ansari wearing sleeveless in HUM Awards? Haven't we seen Ayesha Omer wearing sleeveless in Bulbulay? Haven't we seen our own Hyderabadi aunties wearing Sarees which reveal some of their tummy?

        I have been writing on entertainment for the past 5 years and have been noticing Mahira's lifestyle for the recent 3 years but never found her doing anything vulgar on-screen. It is obvious that our entertainment industry and the dress codes been followed do not match to what is religious or national, but again, hate it or love it, everyone is following it in his own way.

        And seriously no comments about Mathira or Veena, each of us is sensible to judge. It is like comparing an orange with an apple.

        • @nida: Why dont u understand that what is vulger in it ??yahan baat mahira ki hai is liye i have only talked about mahira as u both said now that we should only talk about the TOPIC and I also seriously condemn bushra's dressing cz it;s not her age to wear these kind of inappropriate dresses and ayesha omer wearing sleeveless or something else that she wears i am not from hyderabad so i dont know these kinds of aunties my aunties donot even wear saarees but when they wear it is of full blouse!!!

          as far as ur this line is concerned that mahira hasn't done something vulger on-screen so for that i will advice u to go and get any of the mAGazine in which she has been photoshooted,then u can see what has she done there,, and in ordinary life she wears sleeveless too as u can see her in lux chat session!!!

      • Listen guyz I am not judging Mahira's dressing yeah it is a private and personal function but still I am saying that why some of the people never say that her dressing is vulger bcz currently she is the top favourite actress of Pakistan

  • Hindu culture ka rang hum musalmano pey char giya hai,iss ko kon dhoye ga? Media ko step uthana chaheye! Sorry to say ye rang sab se pehley fatima suria bajeeya ney phenka tha! Abb un k rishtey daron ko chahyee k wo iss badnuma rang ko dhonein!

      • Fatima Surraiyaa Bajiya is a famous drama writer, she belongs from a noble and respectable literary family from hyderabad daccan. they migrated to pakistan after partition, and are total 10 siblings, most of whom are well known, below are details of some of famous of these siblings

        Maqsood Hameeda was a famous poet, who has passed away.

        Fatima Surraye bajiya is a famous tv writers, she has also dramatized some famous urdu novels into plays that includes shama, afshaan, aanaa, uroosa, tasveer and zeenat all on PTV. her dramas are famous for being social plays showing customs and traditions practices in indopak muslim families.

        Zohra nigah is a famous poet

        Zubaida Tariq is a well know cooking expert

        Anwar maqsood is a well known painter, drama writer, anchor and actor.

    • fatima suria bajeeya tu ek buzarg khatoon hian ap unka naam kiu lay rahi hian???…..jahan tak rango ke baat tu rang is tara utar sakta hia k hum indain movies or dramas dekhnay se toba karay….;-)

    • Ms. Samina Kazmi, nahin pata, aap kab say pakistan mein hain, but 45+ kee age mein, mein bilkul daawa kar saktaa huun, kay shadi biah per hamary society mein mehnid kee rasam, hamesha sey hai, mein nay zia ul haq kaa dor bhi dekhha hai, bhutto ka last era bhi, aur mehndi hamesha sey mojood rahee hai, shadi biah kaay labaas bhi hamesha sey shokh rahay hain, iss say kahin chhottay blouse waali sarees bhutto aur zia kaay daur mein shadi biah per pehnee jaati raheen hain,

      fatima surraya bajiya nay sab sey pehlay shama drama (black and white drama starring javed sheikh and ghazal kaifi in 1977) mehndi dekhhayee thee, phhir afshan drama mein, but unn mein kucch bhi aisa nahin thha jo kay society mein mojood nahin thhaa, last 40 years sey pata nahin kitnnay marriage function main nay attend kiye hain, mehndi shadi kaay moqa kee rasam hai, atleast punjab aur karachi/hyderabad mein to mehndi khoob rachayee jaati hai, baqi mulk mein main nay kabhi shadi nahi attend kee, but punjab aur karachi/hyderabd kaa to mein yaqeen sey keh sakta hoon kay mehndi aik ranga rang moqa hotaa hai,

      but har baat per hindu ko kosnaa, mehnid, duhlan kaa laal jora penh-naa, sab iss region kee rasam riwayaat hain, iss region kay mostly log yahaan tak meray abao-ajdad bhi pehlay hindu thhay phhir muslamaan ho gaye, to jo bhi rasam o rivaaj bator hindu thhay woh aahistaa aahistaa hee jayen gaay, aur agar abhi tak hain ,to woh hamari marzi sey hee hain, koi hindu hamain gunpoint per aa kar nahin kehtaa kaay mehndi karo, naacho gaaoo,

  • why do Pakistanis not own up to what they do as a choice of their own. Why is everything blamed on the Hindu culture, Bollywood movies? I am an Indian born and raised up in Europe. I have a lot of Pakistani friends living in Pakistan and outside of Pakistan. They are very aware of what they are doing. They dress up provocatively, they drink alcohol, they smoke- I am taking about male and female here. They are not influenced by anything Indian but do this by their own choice. We live in a democratic society. No one puts a gun to anyone's head. I have Pakistani female and male friends who go to clubs, lounges and bars. Which Hindu culture is influencing them??
    Please stop blaming other societies for your own actions.
    If you are not happy with Mahira Khan or other Pakistani celebrities then boycott all your dramas and movies. If you are not happy with the way anyone dresses- what should it matter to you?? That is THEIR CHOICE. STOP BLAMING OTHERS!!!!

  • designer i am not being jugdmental i am only saying that we are biased and when it comes to mathira we all say that it is vulger but on actresses like mahira,sanam saeed or else we don't say it is vulger

  • Ap log sab kehtay hain na k pakistan ka religion wise culture kharaab hota jaa raha hai san indian aur americans jaisay hotay jaa rahay hain mn bus yehi kehna chah rahi hoon that I CONDEMN THIS !!! mathira aur mahnoor waali baat tou bht he limits par aa jati hai but mahir ka dance aur dressing bhi tou koi achi baat nahin hai humain agar mulk mein say maghribi tasalllut khatam karna hai tou poori tarhan say khatam karna hoga !! ye tou nhn ho sakta naa k mahnoor aur mathira MHSA mn dance na karein aur mahira wo inappropriate dressing kar k friend ki meehindi par dance kary !!! aur mehendi k function ka tou aisay bhi hamary mazhab mn koi zikr hee nhn hai !!mn sirf celebrities ki baat nahin kar rahi we all are biase and being westernized aur ye maghribi tasallut mujh jaisay aam logon par bhi hi lekin ALLAH ka shukar hai is had tak nahin hai k hum sleeveless waghera pehnay !!! so bus mein isi tasallut ko khatam karnay k liye step le rahi hoon kion k ye sab humain mill k karna hoga warna ye sab kabhi nahin hoga aur hamari aanay wali naslein is say bhi ziyada kharaab hongi !!! but i am very sad k sirf 2,3 logon k alawa nobody understood mee!!!

    • @ Maya…tumharay khayalat mashaAllah kafi achay hian mai esko appreciate karta hon maghar tumhara threeqa durest nahi.sorry to say but u r negative so plz be positive
      kal tum nai islamabad mai wo sekindar name ka banda dekha tha jo road per wife aur kids k sath guns leya kara tha?..
      wo person b ghalat nahi tha but negative minded tha phir injam uska keya howa? aghar tum en sab burayhio ko khatam karnay k liye step layna chahti hon tu 1st tum ko positive n construcitve hona paray ga.
      aghar jazba sacha hon but mind negative hon sekindar k j sa tu injam b us j say hotha hia..Hazoor[S.A.W]said be kind and be merciful.

      • Lawangenn bhai can u please tell me that what negativity did u observe in my comments??? Ap mujhy ziyada behtar tareeqay say samjha saktay hain tht's why um asking this from u!!!

        • well ur previous comment u were talking about how to get rid from the westernized tasllut..but i'v noticed from ur very first comment u r just criticizing ..1st criticized nida sis, why did she say that mahira added charm in ther ceremony,critizing mahira's dance her dressing etc.

          keya tum samjti ho k es tara faqt criticism se western tasllut khatam hosakta hia??..surely nahi, aghar tum real mai honest hon tu it's not the rite way, buray kamo se kisi ko mana karna tu sawab ke baat hai magr es ka b koi tor tareeqa hona tara criticism sai tu log tum se door bhagangay.

  • Huh such a furious discussion going on this topic… I really feel amazed to see that people showing so much concern on these actors. Do u guys really feel that Pakistan's ideology is at stake because of entertainment channels? Whatever mathira, veena, mahnoor and mahira do have no direct concerns with our religion. Religion is a matter between Creator and His creations. And as far as being Pakistani I feel deeply ashamed to talk at this non sense! A lady dancing on her friend's wedding is her personal business. The vulgarity in our society is faaaaaar beyond it. Mahira is a super star don't compare her with your local house wives. Whereas mahnoor and mathira are concerned they did that for the sake of money and would be watched at the international level… Its far better to stop discussing them and to focus on ourselves as we individually have to answer our Allah. Stop criticizing unless its constructive :)

  • Well I guess its time to delete some comments here.
    Soul Hacker, please do not use harsh words here else we will have to delete your comments.

    This goes out to everyone who is turning a healthy debate into a filthy and direct criticism.

  • Lol, no comments about Maya Khan at the moment.
    Please review your comments Soul Hacker, else, we will delete them,

  • I agree with the comments of 'designer' why put all the blame on India? Indian or Western culture–nobody's forcing you to wear revealing clothes and dance in mixed gatherings. it's ur own choice. Even I am an Indian but I don't wear dresses like these or dance with men ogling at me. I am an adult and I know my choices, my wishes and my limitations. I don't do something wrong and put the blame on our Indian movies that they are making me do it!!!!!

  • Ohkay guys I think now we should stop all this debate RIGHT HERE !!! Bcz aap log mera point samjhay hee nahin ya shayad mein aap logon ko samjha nahin paayi

    but agar mein bilkul neutral and honest ho kay sochun tou i think kuch baatein meri bhi ghalat theen lekin sab baatein aap logon ki bhi theek nahin theen and u guyzz have to accept it!!!!

    so from now on kam az kam i quit talking about this topic!!!

    AGREE WID ME?????????

  • Plzz stop being such extremists and criticising each other ISLAM mein Amal bhi dekhay jaatay hain people stop criticising mahira maybe she's a much better person and a kind woman than all of u so plzzzzz stop it being a liberal Muslim I'm saying this because I have a open mind en plus for ur kind information people calling another Muslim something bad is also very bad so stop it !!! U people want a Arab culture here :) I mean seriousllyyyyyy!!!!and plus I mean u people only criticise these people what about the Taliban who take away innocent people's lives that's ok! People plzzzzzz think about it

  • >