Kadurat Episode 05 – Enter Shaheen!

Today’s episode of Kadurat was not as fast paced as the previous ones but then it would be unfair to expect every episode to be very happening. The stage has been set for what Mina and Shaheen will have in store for their family in the upcoming episodes. Mina’s attitude towards her family went from bad to worse mainly due to Shaheen’s arrival. Asad’s cold reaction towards Mina further aggravated the situation. Even though, Mina’s psychiatrist clearly told her father that she needed assurance of his love for her, we didn’t see Mahmood spending any time with Mina. Atiqa went out of her way yet again to mend ties with her step daughter but the response she got was nothing new. I would have liked to see more interactions between Mina and her father. It seems like Mahmood is still in denial just like he was many years back. How could he possibly think that Atiqa’s addition to the family was positive in every way possible when it affected his own daughter in such a negative manner?


Mina and Shaheen both appeared to be grown up children today because everything they did was highly immature. Mina’s plans to win Daniyal over and Shaheen’s “office strategy” sounded very childish. Probably the reason behind Atiqa turning a blind eye to everything that is happening is exactly that. I have to admit though that two such negative minded girls can play havoc with anyone’s life because there isn’t much that anyone can do to restrain Mina in particular.


Alina’s character is very sweet and Momal Sheikh has done complete justice to her role. I could completely relate to the helplessness she felt and the way she must feel when she is away from the house and Mina! But at the same time she takes a stand for herself whenever she can so she is definitely not too sweet to be true. Asad would want to do something about the situation but his hands are tied because his mother won’t allow him to talk to Mina’s father. Imran Aslam is a very gifted actor; he is always in superlative form. I must add here that Mahmood sahib has created a monster due to all the wrong decisions he took but he holds no responsibility for it whatsoever.


Mina’s visits to the psychiatrist have been very nicely covered. They give us an insight into Mina’s personality and also go to show that it is just as important for the patient’s family to keep an active communication with the psychiatrist. Mahmood may have referred Mina to the psychiatrist but we never see him asking him for a feedback unless he calls himself


The preview for the next episode suggested that Mina is going to come up with another outrageous plan to get rid of her step family. I am actually looking forward to how things go from here because until now I have been missing Mahmood’s involvement in the whole scenario. Things are going to get much more complicated when Mina and Shaheen execute their plan.

The performances by all the actors have been outstanding throughout the play and the direction once again was flawless. I hope that the writer manages to keep the interest of the viewers intact till the end.

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan

Fatima Awan has been a part of reviewit right from its inception. She feels very passionately about Pakistani dramas and loves discussing them in detail. An enthusiastic writer, thinker, and political scientist, constantly trying to look beyond the obvious. Full-time mom.

  • Superb review.It seems like someone stole the views about today's episode and wrote it like this.This is one of very few plays which keeps you engaged.They usually get a bit boring after their initial episodes.But that's not the scene with Kadurat.Let's hope it stays this way!!

    • Thank you for liking the review Hammu and for sharing your thoughts. Yes, Kadurat keeps you looking forward to more, I am hoping that the story continues to progress like this.

  • the review is nice.i wish the drama could match your review fatima.unfortunately it does not. since past five episodes nothing new has happened,what happened in past five episodes could have been easily covered in 3 episodes if not 2. there's no need to establish what's already been established i.e. mina's personality. the main reason that people are watching this serial so far is the brilliant sanam saeed. i also disagree with you on momal sheikh. she's expressionless and has a blank face in most of her scenes so far. she needs to work on her expressions BIG TIME and learn a thing or two from Sanam

    • Haseeb it is great to hear from you after a long time. I agree with you that the characters have been well established and we should move on now but I have enjoyed watching all the episodes till now because every episode revealed a new side of Mina’s character. This was the first episode that seemed more like an extension of the last one because it wasn’t happening enough. You are so right about Sanam Saeed; she is simply brilliant. The story is novel but keeping the interest of the viewers intact may be an issue since the entire story revolves around one household only. Thanks a lot for reading the review and commenting.

  • Hi Fatima how are you? Happy independence day. Wonderful review. Always look forward to read it. Now they have established the character they should show the solution .how the family will solve with help of doc. the father should follow up the doc. She need love from her father more conversation. Hope they show that , that way the viewer get to understand the solution for the problem . Sanam saeed is great . Hope they wan' T have more negative incidents.have a good week ahead.

    • Hi Ranjan, I am fine, how are you? Happy Independence day to you too. I think there will be many more negative incidents before they finally come up with a solution.
      You have a great week too, take care.

  • a comprehensive post mortem of the episode, beauty of this play is that it completely engage a viewer and creates a bit curiosity of whats coming up next. with five episodes past, still we cant cleary perdict how serial will conculde and the this is the real beauty of script and screenplay. nearly all aspects of drama are flawless, introduction of shaheen (nida khan) can be well described in urdu/farsi idiom "yak naa shud, do shud", "one was not enough, that second one has also arrived"

    your observation regarding mahmood not taking interest in mina, despite asked by psychatrist is very right, there should have been a scene of mahmood and mina as well, but it also shows that by paying expensive fees of psyhcatrist mahmmod thinks his duty is fulfilled, but off course a psychatrist is not a replacement of father.

    one other scene seemed a bit strange and misfit is when the depiction of a bit positive side of mina deprived of parents and sibling love is portrayed, when meena sees the affection of brother and sister , aleena and asad and just feels jealous and shown quoting cant asad show the same kindness and affection towards her, she also thinks he should have offered to drop her as well. so far whatever aspects of mina character are displayed she has an evil mentallity, always looking to ruin attiqa, asad, and aleena and whose mindset cant be changed, but looking at that scene one got the impression she somewhat also wants attention and affection of asad being a brother, which seemed a bit contrast to her personality.

    looking at attraction of next episode, it seems that after troubling aleena, now troubles of attiqa will begin

    • Rashid Nazir Ali, you always put your thoughts down so clearly and your comments add something new to the discussion, i really appreciate that. I think Mina is a very sensitive person underneath and that is the reason why she ended up being so mentally disturbed. Everything that she told the psychiatrist was a lie except that she always wanted someone who she could call her own and who would love her unconditionally. Some people try to fill such a void in their lives by trying to deal with the situation in a positive manner but others turn negative like Mina. We have also seen that Mina feels sorry for herself all the time and when a person is like that they usually expect much more from others because they hold other people responsible for the situation they are in so they should be the ones compensating too. I hope what i say makes sense!

      Thanks a lot for following the reviews and for the valuable feedback.

  • HEY FATIMA !!!

    Hope u r doing good??? I am now seriously tired of watching all what Mina has been doing till now and surely will keep on doing it!! you are right thAT kadurat is something that makes us to look forward but what i think is that the story should now move on yaaar and you are also right about sanam saeed that she is brilliant but i think she should also do some other kinds of roles in order to show her versitalty cz she always does the same kind of roles as in mera naseeb,zindagi gulzar hai and now in kadurat !!!anyways all the actors Deepak,Adnan jafar, Junaid,Imran and else were brilliant and now i must say that moomal sheikh has surely grown up as an actress !!

    As usual Fatima it was a great review and i had pleasure reading it

    P.S: mujhy tou ab shaheen ki shakal bhi dekhna bardaasht

    Best Regards,

    • Hello Maham, my friend. It is so good to hear from you and talk to you on this thread every week, I actually look forward to it:) lol it seems like Mina and Shaheen have managed to irritate you just as much as they have annoyed their own family:) What kind of a role would you like to see Sanam Saeed in? Shaheen ki shakal tu lagta hai hamei kafi arsay bardasht kurne pare gi;) I agree with you, I really like the choice of cast and the acting by all the actors.

      Thank you once again for reading the reviews and for commenting:)

      Take care.

      • Dear Fatima, thank you so much for the lovely reply I am really very very pleased to read ur reply actually I never thought that I will start talking to a blogger in this way haha but it's surely a pleasure talking to you and I don't talk to any of the other bloggers who review dramas iski aik waja ye bhi hai k aap meray favourite dramas review karti ho!!! You are very true that Mina has annoyed me so much !! i would like to see Sanam Saeed in some kinda RONA DHONA type of role cz she always did roles of strong women whether it's negative or positive as it was the role of Saba from Meri Zaat Zarra e Benishaan!!!

        you take care of yourself too and I hope a fantastic review of Kankar from you tomorrow inshaALLAH

        • It is a pleasure talking to you as well Maham. Did you watch Talkhiyaan? Sanam Saeed played a strong woman in that play too but her performance was beyond brilliant and so was the drama. Thank you so much for your kind words:)

          • You are always welcome Fatima!!! No I didn't watch Talkhiyan I only know it's name and I don't even know that on which channel it was aired so I cannot say something about that!!!!

          • I totally agree with you Maham……………I am simply annoyed by Mina and Shaheen :D…………….and I am surprised that all the results of Mehmood's wrong doings are faced by the other family members and he does'nt hold any responsibility………………I badly want to go to Mina and explain her the entire story and situation……….and stop her…………..:D

  • good review.meena and shaheen dangerous combination.they both will create problems for atiqa and her children.looking forward to the next episode and sanam is doing a brilliant job in portraying meena's character and what is the name of the actress who is playing shaheen's character she's also doing very good acting.

  • HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all the readerzz out there!!!!!!!!! May ALLAH bless our country with prosperity and happiness and strenght !!(ameen)

  • Hi fatima ….very nice review indeed….yes kadurat is moving on a slow pace but i really like the brilliant acting done by each and every member of the cast……meena is a mentally disturbed and can rightly be called a pshycopath……one who do something wrong themselves and blame others …i believe…..anywayz ….looking forward to the next episode bcz kadurat is among those dramas which are on my hit list and i follow them religiously…….
    luv ur reviews.Keep it up..:)

    • Hi Purple Gem, good to know that you are still following Kadurat:) Yes, I like everything about it till now too but I really hope that it doesn't get repetitive. I am not sure how I feel about Mina's latest plan, it is way too evil and strange. Hey, schools open soon, are you looking forward to it? Thank you so much for liking the reviews. I look forward to your comments.

      • Ohhh..yes…schools are opening soon and its always difficult to go after long long hols but ….all the same……its a duty..:) x)..anywayz thanx for replying …I hope kadurat DOESNOT get repetitive and boring…bcz its a must watch till now…=)

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