10 Worst Characters From Current Dramas

The story of any drama is taken forward with the help of characters. They play an important part in making or breaking the drama. It can be stated that characters are the building blocks and backbone of any story because the writers conceive them and with the help of their circumstances and scenarios, convey the entire story and the message they have in their mind. A lot of times, though the story may not work, there are often such characters that end up being memorable. Similarly, at times dramas become popular but the characters lack the impact in order to become unforgettable.

In Pakistani dramas, the viewers come across different varieties of characters, in general they are either good or bad because they serve the purpose and stay true to what they have been written for. Then comes such a category which makes one question the thought process of the writer. Such characters are neither good or bad, they are in fact the worst characters that the drama buffs come across. Many times, they leave the viewers speechless and end up being the reason behind their frustration. The current dramas on air right now are not devoid of such characters. The writers have tried hard to give them a personality but their reasoning and overall attitude is poorly executed and makes them the worst character in a drama.

Let’s take a look at 10 worst characters that can be seen in the dramas that are currently being aired:

Saira (Mai Na Janoo)

This character touches all levels of stupidity and unreasonability. She is one of those one-dimensional characters who loves to get involved in self-imposed misery. She was shown to have been raised in a toxic environment with her father and his second wife mistreating her mother. However, she got married to her cousin Nain, who has time and again done everything to let her know that he will never doubt her, he will never question her and in fact, he will always be there for her. Her cousin and ex-boyfriend Nihaad fails to get the message that Saira is now married, therefore he pesters her like a pest. His job is nothing else, however this is where Saira enters the room of worst characters ever. Even after Nain has let her know that she can share everything with him, she chooses to stay silent and keep it a secret from him that Nihaad visits their place at late hours. She has full fledged conversations with him and now, her majboori touched a new low when she allowed Nihaad to celebrate her birthday at 12AM. She not only lies to her husband but also visits the venue where Nihaad had made special arrangements. Imagine being SO majboor that you have to celebrate your birthday when you don’t want to. Also, the list of lies that she has told keeps on getting bigger and Sanam Jung surely has made it very obvious that she has forgotten how to act. The latka latka ke rona only to add more weightage to her bechargi is quite frustrating!

10 Worst Characters From Current Dramas

Kiran (Mai Na Janoo)

Another namoona of this drama; Kiran happens to be the worst character as well. She has clearly seen how her cousin Nihaad has been madly in love with her sister Saira, so much so that he even abducted her from her mehndi function. Nihaad has stalled his wedding with Kiran. He is someone who does not believe in being subliminal, in fact he has clearly let everyone know what he feels for Saira, so much so that even her marriage doesn’t mean anything to him YET, there’s Kiran, who decided to get married to Nihaad against all odds only to turn into a bechari. Nihaad’s attitude has not changed, he is a villain and he continues to be that, but surprise surprise, it is only after her marriage to Nihaad that now she can see what he feels for Saira and chooses not to move on? Why did she choose to take a leap of faith when she knew that Nihaad was in love with Saira and not giving up? Nothing justifies her bewakoofi and oh, get ready for some buckets full of tears because intelligently, this is the fate Kiran fought for and chose for herself, taaliyan!

10 Worst Characters From Current Dramas

Zeeshan (Kahin Deep Jalay)

Before reading this paragraph, I urge you to lower your voice and slow down the pace only to reenact how Zeeshan speaks and to understand how frustrating it not only is to speak like that but to listen to it too. Zeeshan’s problem is that he is too sensitive, he could cry at the fact that a fly sat on his plate of food, or a wind touches his hair. He is a pessimist who only loves to see negatives in any given situation. Zeeshan fell in love with Rida who belonged to a rich family. Before the marriage he decided to give majnu a run for his money with all the cheesy talks of pyaar mohabbat ke kasmain waday but after his marriage, he immediately realized that his peanut sized ego was hurting by being a good husband and Voila! That gave birth to the real Zeeshan who is a liar as well. This meesna bhola Zeehan has now all the germs of a typical husband because he is keeping his biggest biological secret from Rida and instead of addressing the elephant in the room, he continues to make her feel less worthy. Zeeshan has been holding Rida accountable for things she is not even responsible for, like she belonging to a wealthy family, like her brothers loving her and going out of the way for her. Imran Ashraf is a brilliant actor but his overacting in portraying the bechargi of Zeeshan has also made this character impossible to tolerate.

10 Worst Characters From Current Dramas

Khadija (Kahin Deep Jalay)

I fail to understand how was it shown that before her eldest son Faham’s marriage, this family was a living example of love and mera ghar meri jannat because as the story has progressed, Khadija has shown no signs of being in control of her children or the situations that they are facing, which easily could have been avoided. The writer has tried to hold Shameela Bhabhi responsible for the misery of Khadija and her entire family, however as we see it, Khadija is equally responsible too. Ever since Khadija learnt the truth about Shameela Bhabhi, she went on a mourn-vrat spree and did not intervene to stop things from worsening. There had been thousands of situations which could’ve easily avoided IF Khadija had opened up her mouth in stead of stuffing it with BP ki goliyan. She allowed things to escalate for the worst and then held Shameela responsible. It’s been probably 10 episodes but we are still waiting to hear one dialogue from Khadija because all she does is cry, nod her head, go to her room and lie on the bed, taaliyan!

10 Worst Characters From Current Dramas

Munazzah Chachi (Thora Sa Haq)

Not sure whether to mention her with her actual name or her attributes; as in Munazzah Chachi or Manipulator Chachi. This character is a perfect case of manipulator, someone who has all the tacts up her sleeves to survive an apocalypse. Ever heard of cockroaches knowing how to survive the atomic explosion – nothing against the actor but her characters reminds us of this scientific fact. Isn’t it amazing that for most part of her life, she has succeeded in living in a home which doesn’t belong to her. She is someone who doesn’t know what sincerity is. She will end up being best friends with the one who she thinks will help her one way or the other. This is the reason despite hating Rabia Tayi, she has always listened to her and has done everything that would make the owner of her house happy. Rabia Tayi might look irrational but she is transparent, she is who she is but when it comes to Manipulator Chachi, she is an opportunist. It is interesting to note that most of the time, the sick ideas that are executed by Rabia Tayi are brewed in Munazzah’s mind, but she makes sure that when the actual plan takes place, no one knows she was the mastermind behind it. She has stabbed Rabia Tayi, she has also stabbed her husband and even her son Zamin was not spared because she initiated his fake divorce by getting the deed from the lawyer but made it look like it was Rabia who was behind all this. Very cunning bhai!

10 Worst Characters From Current Dramas

Zamin (Thora Sa Haq)

Before the recently aired episode, Zamin did not show any redeeming qualities and we are not sure if that will change our opinion of him anytime soon. Zamin is a human version of ping pong ball, shuttlecock, tennis ball, pendulum; any such object which swings between people without any control over himself, his body, his mind or his emotions. For the large part of this drama, Zamin had no idea what he was supposed to do and even if he wanted to make things right, he let women around him manipulate him. Zamin was in love with his cousin Hareem all his life but the moment he saw the dari sehmi halat ki mari majboor bechari dukhyari dunya ki satai Rabia tayi ki dassi hui Seher, Zamin could not hold himself and decided that he had to fall in love with her. So much for the sake of love that he could not undo even 1% of the continuous torture that Seher was subjected to. Zamin fell in love with Seher, he fell out of love with Hareem quickly but just after a seduction session initiated by his manipulative mother using Hareem, he decided that he had to fulfill his husbandly duties therefore went on a honeymoon with her by sending some money Seher’s way so that she could take it as a compensation for dealing with this heartbreak. Zamin and his slithering ways!

10 Worst Characters From Current Dramas

Shahista Chachi (Deewar e Shab)

She is a perfect case of becoming someone who she hated the most. Shahista spent her entire marital life seeing her jethani Shakira being a perfect example of how one should not be; rude, arrogant and inconsiderate. Shahista hated her jethani Shakira for exactly all these things that she herself has started doing now. It was like in Shahista’s life there was nothing else than to obsess over her jethani Shakira, that is why by idealizing her for so many years, she ended up being her carbon copy. It is hard to understand why one would change for the worse because as we all know, age brings maturity and wisdom but in Shahista’s case, this seems to be a myth because her age has only brought her arrogance and nothing else. Frustrating character for sure!

10 Worst Characters From Current Dramas

Zubia (Thora Sa Haq)

Being a negative character is one thing but being one without any solid reason is another which makes you qualified for a worst character list. Zubia was all goody good with Seher when she found out that Seher will be living in a mansion in Karachi, so much so that Zubia decided to barge into her home and imagined living a comfortable life while pursuing her education in Karachi? Like how unreasonable it is to begin with. When Seher could not allow her to camp in her house, Zubia decided to show her true colors. As if there are no hostels in Karachi where she could live and complete her studies? Now when Seher has come back, she has done everything to make her life miserable; taunting at a speed of 200 taunts/second is Zubia’s prowess. She holds Seher responsible for her ruined future, which makes me wonder how all those brilliant students are managing their lives who have traveled to Karachi from all over Pakistan? I so wish Zubia’s parents had allowed her to get educated because she is in dire need of it!

10 Worst Characters From Current Dramas

Khayyam (Deewar e Shab)

This character fails to make one understand his purpose. It is understandable that he has led an unfavorable life where things did not go according to his likes and dislikes. However, he decided to take charge of the situation and do what pleases him but that’s about it. He complained half of the drama and the other half, he has been sporting the angry bird look, what for? The reasons are still a mystery. There’s absolutely no character development, no growth, absolutely nothing that Khayyam offers. It makes one frustrated to understand the purpose of this purposeless character. It can be given to him that he is working hard to fend for himself and experiencing life through his struggles but other than that, the poker faced character lacks any depth or may be the way it has been portrayed by Shehroz Sabzwari makes it harder to tolerate.

10 Worst Characters From Current Dramas

All The Uncles (Jo Tu Chahay)

It will not only be time consuming, as well as pointless to describe them separately because all of them are exactly the same. It is like the writer wrote some points and etched all the male characters based on exactly those basic ideas because the similarities in them and their unmanliness is uncanny. Be it Armaan, be it Abbas, Obaid or even Burhaan, they all are the worst lot of male characters from the current dramas. Maybe the writer couldn’t do something extra to make the good boy Hashir look good, therefore she made the rest of them brainless, spineless and everything less so that Hashir could stand out for being different. These men lack basic senses of right and wrong, they are unable to control their family matters which have been ruined due to their lack of spine. This entire drama is a perfect case of black and white characters where the negative ones are too negative and the positive ones are too positive but guess what, the positive ones have no spine which makes them the worst characters!

10 Worst Characters From Current Dramas

This concludes the list of worst characters from the dramas that are currently on air. Which one of these characters do you find annoying? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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  • bus kardo ab please thora sa haq ka peecha chorh do agar review nahi daik saktay aor tareef nahi kar saktay to insult bi na karo agar zamin ka character logo ko pasand nahi to phir uski itna ziyada trps q arahi hai

  • Very interesting and funny article. I agree with all you’ve written . And I am sure there are many more worst characters in current dramas. Like Afreen’s family in Dar Khuda Se. Ahil , Sunehri and Aaliya from Daasi, Rayan from Ramz e Ishq, to name few.
    I hope next you write about the best characters, which make sense, and send a strong message to the viewers.

    • Or Farah from Main Na Janoo, Mashal from Jo Tu Chahay, Maira from Mera Dil Mera Dushman, Salma “jaani jaani” from Ruswai, Ahaan from Bewafa and Nirma from Jhooti.

  • Saira from “Men na Jaano” is category mey bila muqabla jeet gai hai. Uffff….feel like pulling my hair out. Uncles come second…rest all spot on πŸ‘other dramas I didnt bother to see.

  • Beautifully written article.
    The hilarious lines of this write-up reminds me those articles by Zahra Mirza. Kaheen usi se to naheen likhwaliya? πŸ˜‰

    Imran Ashraf is worst. Toba! He is naqale bardasht as Zeeshan. Is se to acha tha ye bhola type jhala hota, is tarah aanoying to na hota. Ajeeb se bolta hai, tez bol ker usi lamhay aaahista bolta hai, routine main bhee ajeeb tareeqay se bolta aur behave kerta hai, body ko bal aur karwatain deta rehta hai, ya aakhir he kiya? Height of irritation!!! Kaheen deep jale is full of annoying characters incl Fahim’s both brothers.

    • Bilkul sahi kaha! Imran Ashraf itni over acting kar raha hai. Aur Zeeshan ka character bhi itna fuzool hai huh! Dekhti hi ghussa aata hai. Issues hi nahi khatam hote complex aadmi ke. He is not best actor. Aik jaisi acting karta hai.

  • I agree with the dabbo characters…
    Saira ( idiot)
    Zeeshan( min min min… uff)
    Khadija Aunty!!!
    (Aisee satti sawatri saas.. wow)

  • How come Hira Mani is missing from the list, she should be holding the top position permanently being a Worst and an ugly actress. I think she is now being supported by some Big pawa or being the most cheapest otherwise.

  • You should also add Asad(junaid khan) from mohabbat na kario drama. He is also acting like the same pendulum boy Zamin from thora sa haq. says:


  • Here’s my list of worst Pakistani Drama characters

    Me: What is your purpose?
    Saira: Main aa janoo, main na janoo, maaaaiiiinnnn naaaahh jaaanoooo

    Tehmina and Amma Ji: Woof woof woof woof woof woof

    Farah: The character who makes me want to cry not because she gets tortured every time, but because how she loves being tortured by her in laws and gives her daughter wrong advice all the time.

    Kiran: “I hate you Nihad for kidnapping my sister and destroying her life but still, will you marry me and make cry?”

    Zeeshan: Ghareebon Ka Romeo.

    Zubi: Na Aqal Ki Na Shakal Ki.

    Roshan(Tu Mera Junoon): Star Plus waali raakshas.

    Nirma (Jhooti): Even Niggar from Balaa is a saint compared to her.

    Every single female and male character except Hashir and Aapa Ji (Jo Tu Chahey): This is what you get when you mix all the elements that every generic Pakistani drama character has.

    Khayyam: An inconsiderate and lifeless idiot with unrealistic anger issues.

    Saad(Ghalati): “Zaira ajao, Talaaq Talaaq khelte hai!”

  • Add Seher from Thoda as has. Bechari amd so irritating. I can’t cope up with her ronn dhona all time. Sunehri from Daasi too, such a idiotic character.

  • In last night’s episode of Main Na Janoon, Saira was thrown out of the house by Nain. The moment everyone was waiting for.

  • >