12th LUX Style Awards 2013 Results Out- Enjoy Winner list here!

We have been sharing much about one of the most happening showbiz ceremonies of Pakistan and guess what, the ceremony that took place last night in Lahore has finally given the best ones for the year 2013. The night was a mixture of thrill, excitement, fun, and happiness where almost all celebrities were found showing their presence to the big event. A special tribute was given to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan for his services in the field of music and acknowledgements were given to the fashion icon Sehyr Saigol.

The night was all full of glamor and colors where the phenomenal hosting skills of Ahmed Butt further added humour and laughter in the air. Much as bliss, it was Humsafar that swept all previous records and turned out to be something remarkable for the next coming years. Humsafar fans would surely be delighted to see the results in the later part of the post.

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Here is a list of all winning celebrities which has been revealed by the LSA team on their official Facebook Fanpage.


 The results are welcomed by the entire entertainment industry open arms where the winners are still sharing their excitement with their followers through different social media sites. Watching Fawad Khan receiving his best actor award was the moment the viewers will always remember, probably because of the fact that he couldn’t get one at Hum Awards, though he deserved that equally.

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Along with  Ahmed Butt, Mathira too made her way to stage and walked in the audience with Butt to add more colors among the audience, asking celebrities to dance with them. It was Meera, Aamina Sheikh, Sana, Humaima Malick and Atif Aslam too who were seen performing on stage and did a wonderful job, all live!


All in all, the most awaited event has now reached its end, declaring the best ones to be the shining stars for the year 2013!

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Congratulations to the winners,


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  • I don't have a problem with any other categories because of Fawad Khan hadn't won, people would have been rioting on the streets.But for best actress, I was always in favor of Hina Dilpazeer.Yaar she has given the term acting a whole new level! Who does more than 10 roles these days? That too each character is so hilarious!

    • I know or else they should've taken out the category of a female in a comic role just to acknowledge & appreciate her & her work. It's sad that in such a hype, such stars who never fail to impress us are actually ignored.

  • Agree with most of the results. However Hina Dilpazir should have won the award of best actress. I'm not a fan of Qudusi ki bewa, but I can't help appreciating her acting talents. I absolutely loved Humsafar, but I don't think Mahira Khan deserved this award.

  • can mahira actually act? Saba Qamar from Maat should have received the award; we loved to hate her in Maat.
    Fawad rocks

      • LOL what are YOU saying? Mahira best actress at the moment? Is she better than the likes of Hina Dilpazeer, Sanam Baloch, Amina Sheikh and Saba Qamar? I think not!

  • mahira had not won the award and hadiqa sung zindagi gulzar hai most beautifully then ali zafar.i think hadiqa deserved the award.

  • i am so happy''
    fawad winner''fawad is brillant actor and his work so g00d in 'humsafar'
    fawad and all actors ''boht bhot mubarak ho
    i am not like girls open clothes''''we are muslims
    all girls looking so bad'''

    fawad brother u so nice''

  • mahira khan is very nice and beautiful actor but best actor is '''''''''''i think hina dilpazeer because she is brillant actor …….. i like mahira work in humsafar'' but hin dilpazeer is so good and fawad is super star''''''fawad niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Tumlog sub yehi discuss kartay rehna kisnay achi acting ki aur kon acha actor hai. Ye sub kay sub ghattia log hain Sharam-o- haya to inkay ander say nikalchuki hai , India ki naqal may sub kay sub nangay kapray pehenker aagay. Laanat hai Lux style awards per aur ismay Shirkat karnay waloon per.

  • i thnk they shud give life time achievement award to humsafar instead of nominating it every time. they didnt include zindagi gulzar hai. Mahira is good actress but hina is versatile as well i thnk they shud give it to hina

      • no'''''''i think all actor very nice ''''''because allah ne sab ko nice bnya hai'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
        sami''''''''''''''''''mahira is my favourite'''''''but all actors very headwork'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
        okay '''''' all peopels good''
        allah bless u''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

  • so happy for fawad khan ;)
    finally he paid off his hearth-robing performance in Humsafar congratx !!!

  • when they be onaired?fawadd the damn deserver ov all times so happy to see him getting one finally.lookin forward to see the whole fun rich show.EXCITEMENTSSS

  • kooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll decision for hamsafar

  • So proud of humsafar!!!!! Sarmad is a great director, mahira is a great actress, fawad is a great actor, and humsafar overall is a great serial! The other nominees were also good but I was rooting for humsafar! I would love to see more of fawad and mahira they have excellent chemistry! Go humsafar!

    • yes ''''''''humsafa is great darma '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
      fawad is great actor actor in world'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
      i love fawad brother'''''''''fawad '''''great personality

        • .,/;'\/.,;'\/..,;'\/.,;'\ ayta malik ,./;'\/.,;'\/.,'\
          really sister u like fawad
          okay mahira no/.,;'\';/., i think mahira looking nice but his acting not so good

          ,./;'\ really sister i'm ayta malik ,.,/;'\

  • i agree by all of results. i like the all awards. but it were very less awards given to drama zindagi Gulzar hai. at least one award goes to kashaf in drama.

  • humsafar<3<3<3
    fawad khan u rock man….<3<3<3<3 just love you
    mahira khan good job
    all my thanks to LSA for giving humsafar the awards…
    i was expecting humsafar to receive the award in 2012 so at that time i had all my bad opinions about LSA later i came to know the actual matter…uuuffff so many BADUAEIN at that time and this time loads of DUAEIN….hahahah
    well that was just a misunderstanding:p

  • And this is why Pakistani awards should also include critics choice…because popular awards don't always go to the most desrving. Hina Dilpazeer didn't win best actress? Are you joking? She has portrayed a various characters in one programme alone, and yet doesn't get recognition for it. Shocking. She loses out to a limited actress in her comparison. I remember when Sanam Baloch as Bano lost out to Bushra Ansari's Taaki ki aayegi baraat. I thought that was unjust but this takes the cake!

  • >