20 Best Dresses Of Aiman Khan

Pakistan’s most followed celebrity on Instagram, Aiman Khan, has made a name for herself in a very young age. An accomplished actress, Aiman Khan is now married to actor Muneeb Butt and has a daughter with him.

Over the years Aiman Khan has proven her mettle as an actress with a number of different roles. But as much as she’s known for her acting, Aiman Khan’s fashion sense has also propelled her in the limelight. Aiman Khan has always opted for graceful silhoutes and very elegant dresses post her wedding. Earlier, Khan’s fashion statement was chic and trendy but now its graceful and elegant. Nevertheless, we love Aiman in whatever she wears.

Here’s a break down of 20 of our favorite Aiman Khan’s looks.

Aiman Khan was a vision in white on her own dholki!

aiman dresses 1

Aiman Khan stunned in this very recent blue jora by Ansab Jahangir!

aiman dresses 2 Aiman in this nude colored Lajwanti dress has to be our favorite!

aiman dresses 3We loved Aiman’s look for Iqra Yasir’s mehendi!

aiman dresses 4Chic, trendy and very beautiful. These gharara pants have to be our favorite!

aiman dresses 5

Aiman was pregnant here and yet the cut of her jora made her look absolutely gorgeous!

aiman dresses 6 Jacquard and that too in blue, Aiman Khan stunned in this dress by Salitex.

aiman dresses 7She’s gorgeous, she’s perfect and she knows how to flaunt!

aiman dresses 8What we liked about this particular dress was the fact that it could be paired alongside pants or be worn as a standalone piece.

aiman dresses 9

Aiman in this tea pink dress looked absolutely fresh and very young.

aiman dresses 10 Aiman’s style statement before her wedding was simple and very elegant.

aiman dresses 11 White suits Aiman Khan! This has to be our very favorite from the entire collection of Aiman Khan’s dresses.

aiman dresses 12

Aiman Khan’s cherubic face looks absolutely angelic when she opts for pastel colors. This pink here made Khan looked very innocent and absolutely gorgeous.

aiman dresses 13

Elegant and mature, Aiman looked stunning in this emerald green dress.

aiman dresses 14This casual black velvet dress made Aiman look simple yet beautiful.

aiman dresses 15Anybody looking for an everyday style inspiration? Aiman Khan can help

aiman dresses 16Here too Aiman was pregnant but she looked absolutely gorgeous in this pistachio green jora.

aiman dresses 17Aiman Khan in this saree looked drop dead gorgeous!

aiman dresses 18Aiman Khan has always given casual and trendy style statements!

aiman dresses 19 This particular shade of brown has never looked so beautiful on anyone else!

aiman dresses 20

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