3 annoying things entertainment channels do

We all know, how much our TV channels crave ratings. We all know how they have made their target audience specified i.e housewives and don’t care about anyone else. This point has been discussed by viewers and reviewers on review sites again and again. But other than then desperately grabbing ratings, there are a few absolutely annoying things they do:

1. Showing it all in the promos:

Whether it is the promo of an upcoming drama, or an episode promo, entertainment channels believe in “sab keh do”. The whole story of the show is told through the promos. We might as well watch them only! This is one of the reasons why I try not to see the promos, so I can at least enjoy the first episode. Ab woh bhi cliched ho tou phir…..


The episode promos are the worst. No matter how big or unpredictable the twist is, it is revealed before the episode and the viewers can go to hell for all the channel cares! Clearly they think that we all have low IQ levels, and we will tune into the episode after knowing the big twist.



2. The “After the break” reveal:

What is the point of showing the “after the break” scenes? They should be banned, I repeat, banned! Express Entertainment deserves a mention here. Their goal is to reveal everything that will come after the break, before it! Those who watched Garr Maan Reh Jaye will understand.

Do the channels not want people to
watch their shows? Is it necessary to reveal everything beforehand?

Are you serious GIF

3. Allowing the same kind of story to be telecast more than once a week:

Why? Just why? Either all the script handlers have resigned or are extremely lazy at doing their jobs, otherwise, how could they approve the same kind of shows to be aired at the same time? Writers have complained, that these are the people who pressurize them to write crap dramas and do not let them write anything new. This is the reason our drama industry is stagnant. Nothing good came out after Pyaray Afzal. Something that would impress the masses.

Hum TV has improved a bit this time, otherwise their last batch of dramas had 3 doosri biwi dramas (Mehram, Tum Mere Hi Rehna and Nikkah). Nikkah is still on-air. ARY Digital had 4 of them!

Stupiid scene GIF


^This  is the effect cliched stories have on a sane human’s brain.

Channels need to quit doing these things. What do you think?




Areeba Mohsen


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

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