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3 dramas by Mehreen Jabbar which every drama lover needs to watch

We all know that Mehreen Jabbar is a very unique director. Her dramas always have substance and they leave an important message in the end.

What we specifically love about her style is that she brings forward our society’s reality through the right kind of drama and not through exaggeration.

Pakistani dramas have surely come a long way and as much as we enjoy a good amount of dramas on screen these days, there are some dramas which stay with us forever due to their content and the feeling that they left us with.

And three of Mehreen’s dramas are such which left a rather bitter sweet mark on all of us.

  1. Daam

Daam aired on ARY Digital in 2010 and starred Aamina Sheikh, Adeel Husain and Sanam Baloch  in the main roles while Sanam Saeed played a supporting role. The drama tells a story of what happens when the relationships of siblings and those of friends stand on a cross road.

It deals with the complexity of human relationships in the simplest of manners and would make you think for a while and ask you that till what length should one go to in order to prove their love for a blood relation.

2. Mata e Jaan Hai Tu

The drama starred Sarwat Gilani and Adeel Husain in the main roles and aired in 2012 on Hum TV. It dealt with the issue of how to deal with life once you have lost the love of your life to death and the conflict between the approval of parents and choosing your own life partner.

3. Malaal

Lastly, Malaal was one of it’s kind which broke stereotypes on Pakistani television in the year 2009 by depicting romance between an older woman and a younger guy. The drama starred Imran Abbas, Faisal Rehman, Sarwat Gilani and Deepti Gupta.

Based in New York, it unravels the romantic relationship between two couples and how they come together and deal with their problems.

Therefore, every drama lover must make use of YouTube right about now and binge watch these excellent dramas.


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