5 Campaigns You Should Watch This Women’s Day

It’s true that the world is progressing and improving in every aspect with the passage of time, though in reality many things suggest otherwise. Pakistan has a diverse ethnic background and women make up half of the population while women’s role in society is still suppressed. Women’s day is celebrated all over the world on March 8 in order to forge a more gender inclusive world.

There have been very few campaigns or drama that show the true meaning of the commonly misused terms: ‘woman empowerment’ and ‘breaking stereotypes’. Steering away from the melodramatic genre, there were only a few campaigns that managed to deliver a proper message. The debate, if the video portrays the reality or not is a never ending one but the message carried is something we all can easily connect to. Here’s a list of 5 campaigns or advertisements you should watch this women’s day.

1) Gul Ahmed
It’s always good to see brands taking an initiative to work towards something better. Gul Ahmed’s latest commercial was a complete breath of fresh air as it utilized a realistic strategy, focusing on how imperfections make a person beautiful. The bold and thought-provoking idea breaks stereotypes with a style and gives women the confidence to be comfortable in their own skin with their own imperfections and encourages women to embrace imperfection.

2) Q-mobile
The 4 minute TVC is about the women empowerment and father-daughter love, furthermore it also highlights how difficult it is for girls to get support and appreciation from their families even after having immense talent.

3) FM 91
#WomenWill has an incredible message to share with the world as it talks about the misery girls go through in our society in the name of finding the right suitor for marriage. The brand reached out to tackle the issues that women usually face.

4) Dawlance
Dawlance tvc celebrates women empowerment by highlighting woman who are making Pakistan proud in all walks of life. Pakistani women achievers today not only play a pivotal role in the progress of the nation but also represent the country across the globe; be it business, sports and education, to name some.

5) Beat Me
UN Women Pakistan’s campaign challenges the odds and is a bold step to equality. The campaign video, titled I’m Unbeatable, urges people to beat women. The #BeatMe campaign aims to inspire women to reaffirm that they are stronger than they are made to believe. It also seeks to break the perception that a woman is weak. The portrayal or the video might not be liked by everyone but the message is indeed correct.

“REMEMBER: 8 March isn’t just any other day; it’s about women and men (yes, men too) joining forces and recognizing the achievements of women.” – Un Women Pakistan

What did you think of these campaigns sending messages?

Rimsha Butt

Rimsha Butt