5 Pakistani Dramas That Should End Now

Every season, there are some dramas that are stretched to the limit. Gone are the days when Pakistani dramas were short and sweet. Except for a few dramas that end without testing the patience of the viewers, most of the dramas are stretched. Some of these dramas are stretched so much that the viewers just want to see them end. The only reason for stretching these dramas is the high ratings they get. The producers know that once they get the viewers hooked to a drama, they are likely to watch it till the end out of curiosity. Most of the time, a negative character is used to stretch such dramas. Just when the viewers want to see these negative characters getting punished, they get stronger than ever. As a result of this, the viewers start disliking and criticizing the dramas they looked forward to and loved watching.

Because, these dramas do not have the kind of story that can engage the viewers for so long, all the tracks lose their appeal and go haywire. This is what happens when edited scenes, forced scenarios and unnecessary flashback scenes are added to a drama in order to increase the number of episodes. Sometimes even the best stories go off track because of this reason. The writer adds an unwanted and unconvincing twist in the hope that it will make the viewers curious but most often these twists are not welcomed by the viewers.

Here is a list of Pakistani dramas that should end now since they have outlived their vitality.


Kashf’s refreshing and convincing plot was the main attraction for the viewers when the drama started. For the first few weeks, this drama kept the viewers on the edge of their seats. As the story progressed, there was a lot of repetition and a few of the ‘refreshing’ tracks gradually turned into just another story involving an insecure husband and few negative characters taking over completely. Although Kashf has been on air for 27 weeks only which isn’t as long a duration as some of the dramas that were stretched in the past but the story has gone off track altogether.

5 Pakistani Dramas That Should End Now

Just like any other drama which has been on air for longer than it should have been, Kashf has lately been unconvincing and unappealing. All of a sudden Kashf’s main rival Matiullah has so much power that the viewers have been left wondering why he suffered for so long if he was capable of doing so much. Not only this, but Ashi’s character has also taken a turn which isn’t welcoming. It won’t be wrong to say that this drama started going downhill when Kashf got married. Since then, the writer has not been able to handle the story convincingly and as a result of that, the drama has become pointless. Most of the viewers have already lost interest in the drama due to the repetition and some unconvincing developments; therefore instead of making the viewers suffer, even more, this drama should now come to an end. A few fast-paced last episodes with a logical ending might make up for these flaws.


Nand is another drama serial that has been extremely popular because of its storyline and brilliant performances by some of the leading actors. For the longest time, this drama serial was both entertaining and meaningful. Just like most of the dramas on this list, Nand too has been dragged in the past few weeks due to the ratings it has been getting. A drama which for more than 20 weeks was fast-paced and convincing has gradually turned cold due to the unpleasant twists added in the story. Gohar’s return, the resulting conspiracies, as well as the turn Hassan and Farwa’s track took turned this drama into just another misguided drama that goes off track completely. This happened because the writer decided to stretch the drama at a time when it should have ended. There was no point adding different tracks especially unpleasant ones simply to prolong the drama.

5 Pakistani Dramas That Should End Now

Not only are these twists in the story unpleasant but they are not enough either to fill the 4 slots given to the drama during the week. Therefore, there have been plenty of flashback scenes, overuse of the OST to prolong the scenes and some of the scenes are dragged so much that watching the drama while it goes on air is impossible. Nand has started testing the patience of the viewers like no other drama has recently. A drama that had so many refreshing tracks has turned tedious to sit through. Now, the story has gone downhill and it has been scattered so much that it will take the writer another 10 episodes to give it a proper ending if the drama is dragged at this rate. It would be an intelligent move by the production house to give Nand an ending in the next 5 episodes by showing Gohar’s downfall and giving the characters which have been suffering for so long a happy ending.


Sabaat has a star cast and a big production house to back it up but it got mixed reviews from the critics and the general public from the start. The story of the drama revolves around certain relationships and how they are destroyed due to jealousy and the controlling nature of one of the people involved. Most of the viewers thought that Sabaat might offer something different and therefore tuned into it. The lack of character development and an unconvincing script disappointed the viewers but they continued watching the drama in the hope that the story will take an interesting turn at some point. Since Sabaat did not have substance to begin with and it was always a slow-paced drama, it has already been stretched a lot while testing the patience of the viewers. Even after 26 weeks, the leading characters have shown little growth and except for Anaya’s track in the story, all the other tracks are already repetitive and boring.

5 Pakistani Dramas That Should End Now

Sabaat’s story went off track when Miraal and Harris got married. It turned seriously disappointing when Hassan doubted Anaya. Just like all the other dramas that have been dragged, this one also banked on negativity. Even though this script has already been stretched a lot, the production house has decided to stretch it further by not giving it an early ending. There is not much left to show and if the writer wants to show some character growth then the story should move towards an ending soon since it is already too late for all that. Most of the viewers are expecting an abrupt, last-minute ending, others have given up on it altogether therefore it would be a wise idea to end this drama right now in order to avoid further criticism. Most of the people are watching the show at the moment only out of curiosity because they want to see how it ends. Unfortunately, the last episode got a good rating therefore the producers might just prolong the story even more! Miraal’s track continues to be pointless but Anaya’s track is getting interesting, the story overall, however, does not have enough going for it so this would be a good time to end the drama.


Tarap started off on a strong note which is why most people were hooked to it even though it aired at 9 pm. Many people were of the opinion that this drama was far more interesting than most dramas that aired at prime time. The story had suspense and intrigue. Gradually, however, Zunaira’s character was turned into the ultimate victim who went through all kinds of problems. Her sufferings have been the center of attention for a long and if the writer does not plan to give the victimization of this character even more screen time then the drama should easily end soon.

5 Pakistani Dramas That Should End Now

There isn’t much left to show in the story and Tarap’s story can easily be concluded in two or three more episodes. Even though people feel sorry for Zunaira but they are also tired of watching her suffer. The story has come full circle now and there is no point dragging it further. Tarap is also one of those dramas which have been doing really well on the TRP charts therefore it is probably going to be stretched more. However, it would be so much better if it ends soon.

Tera Ghum Aur Hum

Tera Ghum Aur Hum’s story is not new but it is one of those entertaining dramas which kept the viewers entertained due to its fast pace. It also had a one-of-a-kind leading man who made some mistakes but did not do anything typical for the most part. The characters and their relationships were interesting throughout until recently. The writer added the two wives living in the same house scenario in order to stretch the story. As if this was not enough, the husband who was always anything but typical very soon fell for all the lies and started doubting his first wife. Once again, the trend has been the same – making the negative character win so that the story can be prolonged. This, it seems is a formula used by all the writers. Perhaps because people watch these dramas to see the good characters winning in the end, showing their downfall at a time when people are waiting for an ending is a way to keep them tuning into the drama.

5 Pakistani Dramas That Should End Now

The misunderstandings in Tera Ghum Aur Hum are already getting frustrating to watch therefore before spoiling a good story even more; this drama should end on a good note. The story has already been spoiled and the only way to keep it from getting even worse is to end it in a week or two.

Are you watching any dramas right now which you feel should come to an end? Share your views.


My name is Shozib Ali. I have done Bachelors in Media Sciences. Currently Working as an administrator and content writer for reviewit.

  • Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I am glad to see team admin writing about these never ending dramas…..
    Once upon a time there was a lot to look forward to…. The reviews of Zahra Ji and Fatima Ji….. Yes, reviews beyond the restricted four dramas…… these reviews helped us viewers to choose, discuss and debate…….
    Reviewit.pk and their team had it’s golden run in the years 2017, 2018 and 2019……….
    With the production houses running after TRPs, they have simply killed the best talent, art and creativity of the drama industry…… Is it not unfortunate that the real talent is now finding favours abroad instead? A case in point is Churails and Ek Jhooti Love Story…… I was hoping to see a review on reviewit.pk…… Ary digital and Harpal Geo were anyway on the negative side , but to see Hum TV also promote negativity instead of celebrating life…..
    Dulhan, Sabaat, Saraab, Zebaish, Tarap. Can you imagine the harsh impact these dramas will have on the young minds, a generation which is looking forward with hope and aspirations…..
    I am of the view that television channels should take a break and re run the classics once again….. Dhoop Kinare, Tanhaiyaan, Humsafar, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Samundar, Waaris, Dastaan and yes….. Ehd E Wafa…… did this drama not end with a good message? There are millions abroad like me who always love to watch these dramas….. we are rooting for flavours that gives a good message to our society……. the best is yet to come….. we all strive to do something for a better tomorrrow, the only hitch is “If Tomorrow Comes” (Sidney Sheldon)
    Thank you so much Team Reviewit.pk, looking forward for more and reviews beyond four with a smile…

  • OH GOD yess Nand must end. I cant believe that a drama that kept me so hooked just 2 weeks before, when i couldnt wait for the episode to be uploaded, has turned into such crap that I dont even feel like watching the promos now. It is so so clear and even the dumbest person can see that they decided to stretch the drama when it got famous and got ratings. Every character except for the villain has turned completely stupid, is pretending as if theyve not learned a single thing in the past and is more weird than ever. Hasan, who knew exactly what his sister was capable of, who would stand up and support and trust his wife, is now acting like he never had any sense whatsoever. Similarly with Saqib and all others. Stupids. It boils my blood that production houses think viewers are absolutely dumb, so whatever crap you’ll sell them to extend a drama for money, they’ll buy it. No we wont, and we’d rather stop watching.

  • DEFINITELY true for nand.. it started well.. but i don’t understand some writer give so powers to negative characters… like in balaa and cheekh.. whole drama turned into negative unpleasant feelings for viewers.. n showing downfall of villan in last episode after destroying n killing so many lifes… its not the way to give a strong message… it gives wrong massage to society that evil n manipulative person will lead successful life.. n victim will be victim forever..

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