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5 Reasons Why Nadia Khan Show Is Better Than Other Morning Shows

We see viewers complaining all the time that Morning Shows have turned into a circus because of all the trends which Morning Shows are following. The fake weddings and the fascination with fair skin and slim figures is the focus of all these Morning Shows. Nadia Khan made her comeback on television with her own Morning Show few weeks back and since then every episode of her show has given viewers something interesting to watch. Nadia Khan does not do anything exceptional but she also does not do those things which make other Morning Shows irritating. Everyone works on the sets and the looks but what counts the most is the personality and aura the host brings with him or her on the show.

Here are 5 reasons why everyone should switch to Nadia Khan’s Morning Show instead of any other.


Spontaneous And Meaningful Conversations

Like every other Morning Show host Nadia Khan too of course follows a script but there are many times when we see her taking the conversations with her guests to different directions depending on what the guest brings to the table. Unlike other Morning Show hosts Nadia Khan has a presence of mind because of which she says the right things at the right time and very often her guests end up telling things which they wouldn’t otherwise because of the way she maneuver the discussions.


Relevant Questions

There are so many Morning Show hosts who will invite someone you want to know so much about but the kind of questions that the Morning Show hosts ask do no add to your knowledge about the guests at all. The guest come to a show for hours but they leave without sharing anything of importance about their career or family life mainly because the hosts keep on beating around the bush while asking questions. Sometimes the guests are kept busy playing silly games so there isn’t enough time for talk.


Nadia Khan always asks relevant questions about the family life and most importantly about the ups and downs in the career of the celebrities she invites. The questions are also not the usual questions which are asked in every other interview but the questions show that Nadia Khan knows her guests very well (probably because of research) so she asks questions that certainly make the viewer know more about the celebrity.

Interesting Guests

Nadia Khan has always invited guests who are interesting people. They are also those celebrities who are at the turning point of their career. What makes them even more interesting is that they are very casual, candid and uninhibited when they are in this show. Ayesha Khan, Imran Abbas, Noor, Sohai Ali and many others are usually very to-the-point in their other interviews but in Nadia Khan Show they showed a different side of theirs which was very interesting to watch.


No Fake Weddings

Yes!!!! This show does not have fake weddings! Neither does the format of the show revolve around wedding day and how to get fair and slim before your wedding. In fact Nadia Khan is very often seen making fun of those Morning Shows which have fake weddings. She even criticized Noor on her face for holding Laila’s fake wedding.


Chemistry And Friendship With Guests

The one thing that pretty much sums up why Nadia Khan’s Show is different from other shows is the unique chemistry and perhaps friendship Nadia Khan has with her guests. Although the show is scripted but the whole show looks like a fun conversation between friends because of this chemistry. Because of this friendship Nadia Khan is seen asking questions from celebrities which other hosts can’t even think of asking.

Have you watched Nadia Khan’s Show after her comeback? Do you agree with these points?


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