5 Times Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida Went Over the Top

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida is getting popular acclaim even though it is a blatant copy of the Bollywood film Judai. By airing dramas such as Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida and Zebaish, HUM has started a new trend of dramas which are over the top and at times ridiculous. Pakistani dramas are known worldwide because of their realistic approach. There are many viewers from across the borders who appreciate this quality because their local dramas are known for going overboard. Unfortunately, Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida is turning out to be a serial which isn’t a comedy play but there are so many scenarios which make it impossible for the viewers to relate to whatever is going on. While such over the top and unrealistic scenarios might work on the big screen, they are uncalled for when the producers are tackling with a rather serious issue on the small screen.

The story of the drama revolves around an immature woman Ulfat who dreams of being rich. She is materialistic and apparently would do anything to get the wealth she wants. The character is a lot like Mehwish from Mere Pass Tum Ho but the big exception is that while Mere Pass Tum Ho gave a serious treatment to the topic; Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida’s take on the subject is outrageous. There are so many times when the story and the scenarios make no sense whatsoever. Although, those viewers who are watching the show know by now that they should not expect anything extraordinary from this drama but even then the lack of common sense while writing and directing the play is baffling. The drama is getting more obnoxious with every passing episode. If it was promoted as a comedy drama perhaps viewers would have been more welcoming of the  idiosyncrasies.

Here are 5 times when Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida went completely over the top.

Shafaq’s Superpowers

All the scenarios which led Shafaaq to fall for Shahan proved one thing that Shafaq is really desperate for love. She found Shahaan cute and attractive for no obvious reason since there is nothing cute about a grown up man acting like a tween. Not only is Shafaq desperate for love and in need of an adventure but she also has superpowers. Somehow she knew that the prize bond she was giving Ulfat had the winning number on it. Anyone who is familiar with how prize bonds work would agree that no one can know something like this beforehand.

Ulfat and Her Friends on the Nikkah

Sonya Hussyn and the director have given Ulfat’s character such an exaggerated spin that almost all of the scenes in which Ulfat is excited are over the top. The nikkah scene in particular did not look like a scene from a Pakistani drama. Ulfat’s entry with Shafaq and the expressions of her friends during the nikkah were exaggerated to the extent of being annoying.

The Change in Shafaq

Everyone who is watching this drama knows that Shafaq falling for Shahaan was the most illogical part of the story. Even if we somehow believe that Shafaq was so desperate for love that she fell for a married man, the change in Shafaq after marriage has been overdone just like everything else. She chose to do the chores instead of hiring a maid with all the money she has. All of a sudden Shafaq is not just another a ordinary homemaker but someone who can do cleaning and cooking. Not only this her styling and dressing sense went out of the window as soon as she married Shahaan. Unless looking exactly like Ulfat was part of her plan too, Shafaq’s newfound lack of fashion sense is unexplainable.

Ulfat’s Celebrations after Winning the Lottery

Since there is no basic concept of timeline or reality in the drama, after winning the lottery, the over the top celebrations were in process within minutes. The way these celebrations were covered was unbelievable. Everything from Ulfat’s entry to the change in her personality was beyond ridiculous. Forever clueless Shahaan had no idea what was going on even though such celebrations would normally require a lot of labor and time!

As if this was not enough Ulfat bought a house and a car like someone else would shop for clothes. When she left the showroom in her new car, she did not only have a driver too but also a guard with a gun in the back!

When Ulfat moved into her new house, her mother-in-law commented that all the servants in the house were going to do the chores. So, we are guessing that just like she got a driver and a guard free with the car, she must have been given house help too when she bought the house!

The Change in Ulfat after Getting Rich

Ulfat’s sense of style and the way she speaks English is not only over the top but highly unbelievable. It seems like Ulfat changed personalities with Shafaq. Although there are many times when her real personality takes over the fake one but even then the fake personality is nowhere close to reality.

It remains to be seen now that how long Ulfat will continue spending the money she has. If the director and the writer continue to be as illogical with their approach as they have been so far then it will probably last her a long time! We are pretty sure that we will be seeing many more illogical and over the top situations and scenes in the upcoming episodes too. If the makers wanted to give a comic spin to the show, they should have chosen another theme. The theme revolving around a woman selling her husband might have worked for cinema in 1997 but this is 2020 when actresses who call themselves die-hard feminists should not even choose to be part of such projects. And then there is Zahid Ahmed who repeatedly plays the lead role in substandard dramas and then apologizes for the error in judgment. It is sad to see our top actors settling for such projects.

Do you find Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida illogical and over the top? Share your views.


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  • All Shafaq lacked was love. So she is ready to settle for anything as long as she has Shayan. Doing cooking etc. is her way to show her love. Dressing, clothes, jewellery are not her priority so she is not getting dressed up as she used to do for office. I still feel sad about her not going to the office anymore, just because she is married? Like, seriously?
    Regarding the prize bond – yes that’s not the way they work – but there are also other ways to get what you want. she didn’t win the money, it was Shafaqs money she got through the prize bond. Settlement ho jati hay.

    It’s just Ulfat’s hyper character that is annoying you, but that’s fine. Will get over soon now I feel.

  • Plz don’t discourage any 1 if they are doing something let them do you are only the writer who think and write and you have no wright’s to talk about the drama if this drama is bulshit then why it getting millions of views why people are liking it there is something in the drama that people like this drama. and support pakistan, stand with pakistan, encourage pakistan. Why indians copy pakistani old song write about them they copy all our songs etc and why should we have no wright’s to do. Anyways 😒👎

    • I’m absolutely agree with yours opinion . If people can like Jalun and Nund. Then what’s wrong with this drama ? With some foolish parts still in this Play many mind blowing lessons and some inspiring feelings for our own culture and society. This type of politics and tactics we can see in our households. Where always be a differences in power and empowers, rich and poor.yes money can buy any thing in our society. I’m is in a foreign country and me and mine all friends we watch this drama and discus on each episodes and we love it. Thanks to writer there is not any typical mother in_laws issue. Simply an ordinary couple’s love story and interference of a self centered rich manipulative woman steel the all the real happiness of an average couple’s happiness. As well great lesson for those men they dream for second marriage. And great lesson for all of us that time and situation changes people’s minds and even loves priorities.

  • I wholeheartedly agree with the views expressed above..very very disappointed with zahid Ahmed,s selection of dramas

  • I mean the whole plot is out there.

    But I’m more curious how she has any money left … I mean that house she bought is probably close to 10 crores… so how is she paying for everything now.

  • >