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6 Dramas That Need To End Now!

The “Big 3” (or 2 now that Geo is off the race) have promised to torture us beyond our tolerance level.  This has reached a limit when even their avid followers have stopped watching their shows.  They drag and stretch dramas, even those which have no story lines. I can’t choose to ignore them because I want my drama industry to flourish.


The list includes:


1. Mere Mehrbaan: From 7th Sky Entertainment, the director of Laa, Farooq Rind and writer of Ranjish Hi Sahi, Maha Malik, Mere Mehrbaan airs on Hum TV on Mondays. The story is regular, with two families_ one of Shaista and the other of Nayyara Begum. Shaista is the pure evil and Nayyara Begum is the pure good. Their daughters are exactly like them. Obviously, the good ones are facing all the problems in life and the evil ones are enjoying their lives. The problem is that the “problems” have been dragged so much that the drama doesn’t move an inch in a whole hour and it is stagnant.  There are many OTT scenes and they are truly annoying. So Hum TV, please end this drama because it is unbearable now.






2. Arranged Marriage: This drama also airs on Mondays but on ARY entertainment. The story is about a girl Roshanay who plays with dolls or plays cricket most of the time. She gets married to Ahmed who is in love with someone else. Agha Ali is once again playing the role of a torturous husband who hates his wife (remember Rukhsar? ) Roshanay becomes the regular chup chaap girl after marriage. The drama is stagnant for now since the only scenes that take place are Ahmed threatening Roshanay to take divorce from him otherwise he will make her life a living hell. He hasn’t done anything other than threatening though . He has been doing it for like 8 episodes!!






3. Janam Jali: This show airs on Thursdays on Hum.  It has nothing to offer accept a mother-in-law who wants grandsons only and could slaughter her daughter-in-laws if they don’t give birth to sons. The story has been stretched beyond compare and all the stereotypes have been thrown in. From annoying saas to shukki husband and harrassing  behnois to sick and wailing children asking for their mothers and oh yes, second wife.






4. Mausam:  On Fridays we see Shazia and Saman who are cousins. Shazia loves Hasir, the guy who fell in love with Saman at first sight (Saman doesn’t know anything about it) . Shazia’s jealousy compelled her to turn against Saman and to get her married to her own fiance’.  Hashir tou hain hi majnu! He decides never to leave Saman. He tries to help her in every way but she keeps rejecting his help , unaware of  his feelings. Her husband spots Hashir near her and this leads to misunderstandings after which he tortures her. The worst part is, Saman’s mother knows everything (thanks to her amazing eavesdropping skills) and chooses to remain silent. Hashir decides to sacrifice for Saman and purposes Shazia. Shazia is over the moon and can’t wait to get married. The reason I want it to end is, that the story is not engaging. Hum TV has given us blockbusters after blockbusters on Fridays and now……






5. Aahista Aahista: One man with two wives is struggling to live. He has just been caught with the second one by the first wife. Ever woman in the drama whether his mother, his sister or his wives love him so much that they just can’t hate him. The story is being dragged and should end now!





6. Adhura Milan: I can’t explain the story here. That’s because there are thousands of tracks in this drama. This explains the reason of it’s dragging but doesn’t explain the over-the-top scenes or the unskilled actors. There’s an over-aged man caught between 3, I repeat, 3 wives and his one and only love. His one and only love being tortured by her husband.  A really long coma (taken from Indian dramas) . A person who wants to keep all the family wealth to herself. And so on. A-Plus please wrap up this drama quick!





Feel free to express your views . Thank you.

Areeba Mohsen