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Shanakht 03

Shanakht – Episode 06!

…& the awesomeness prevails. Another interesting episode & still the element of curiosity exist. I think this time the director (who also happens to be the writer) deserves to be given a due credit for tackling this script with such intelligence. I definitely want to see moreeee!

Ohkay so this time around, Rohaan & Hashim parted because Rohaan was planning his return to Pakistan. All that he said to Hashim about his fiancée showed that he wasn’t being judgmental at all, which was a very good thing to see. Just because he got engaged to a very liberal & modern girl didn’t mean that he decided to call the engagement off & in fact he felt that being a spouse, he’d try to mould her & if that wouldn’t happen, then he’d have to come to terms with her lifestyle, which he actually was ready for to some extent as well. I actually liked the fact that even though Rohaan seemed worried, he didn’t judge Eesha at all & rather thought of a solution instead of complaining.

Rohaan returned & as expected, he got a very cold welcome because his ‘huliya’ as they said came as a shock to his father, mother & sisters. To them, without a further a due, he became no one else but a ‘molvi’ & just because they were more worried about what people might think, Rohaan’s beard was a major issue. All this while, his mother & sisters definitely had a hard time seeing the change in his personality & more so in his appearance but it was only his father who may not have accepted the change in Rohaan but he pretty much understood that there was nothing he could do that would convince his son as he knew that Rohaan would have a more valid argument that too with the backing of Quran Majeed & Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (SAW). His mother felt that he was still a Muslim when he didn’t have a beard but Rohaan explained that he was still striving to become a better one & in clear words he told her that he would do anything for his mother but would never get rid of his beard because he was determined & nothing could undo that.

On the other hand, where Kashaf did feel sorry for the things she said to Annie & even apologized for her rants, once again earning the points, she convinced Annie for agreeing to their mother’s wish as well. It’s like everyone in the family was ready to use Annie for their benefit but weren’t ready to accept Annie for who she has become. Kashaf wanted her to get rid of the scarf so that the proposal doesn’t get rejected & she can marry Haris. Huma wanted Annie to get rid of the scarf so that she could get the perfect damaad she has been dreaming of. I know, to see what Annie did keeping the wishes of Kashaf & Huma in mind wasn’t appeasing to see but it was actually very realistic as well. This shows the mindset of those people who’d want their daughters to pretend to any extent just so that they can bag an eligible bachelor. This also depicts the conservative mindset that often people make it just so hard for you to follow what is right & force you to opt for something wrong & something that you don’t agree with. Annie half-heartedly submitted to her mother’s wishes but the way she broke down actually showed that she felt cheated & that too because of her ownself as she couldn’t do justice to the decision she took. It showed that removal of her headscarf affected her more than being forced by her mother to treat herself as a showpiece, which also was clearly visible in the glances she gave to her parents while sitting in front of Raheel & his mother.

Fortunately for Huma, Annie got engaged & Amjad didn’t have any objection to Haris’s proposal for Kashaf too. Huma feels she is lucky enough to have two perfect sons-in-law but she has yet to find out that her perfect damaad Raheel is far from being perfect. The new entry in this episode was Faryal (Kanza Wayne) who happens to be a university fellow & a good friend of Hashim. Seems like they both will have a relationship because Faryal seemed really interested in him. I know the acting skills of Kanza Wayne are kind of limited but at least to see another uncommon face in the drama feels like a breath of fresh air & for this I am ready to put up with her mediocre acting as well.

All in all, it was a great episode & the preview of the next one seemed far more interesting as well. Isn’t it amazing to see that both Rohaan & Annie are going through the same phase & facing the same situation in their lives? I am sure this will make them cherish each other a lot more & will make their relation grow stronger. Can’t wait for it to happen. Share your thoughts please! :)

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