7 Times Makeup Artist Shoaib Khan Was A Chameleon

Makeup artist and stylist, Shoaib Khan is a talented guy; one look at his Instagram account will tell you that. That said, we still couldn’t believe our eyes looking at his posts in which he transformed himself into various renowned names. The artist a true chameleon and can work his magic into looking like anyone!

The overall look and the attention to detail are certainly impressive plus he’ known for recreating famous characters and personalities, taking to social media to share his looks.

We rummaged his Instagram and came across some fantastic transformations. Have a look!

The Mastani 

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In this modern era of beauty apps and filtered images there is always that one person who stands out tall and create their own aura with an astounding and prominent features that reflect in their personality. In my personal journey of becoming a makeup artist I have seen a lot of ups and downs the society pressure and not to miss out the ^what ifs^ , in such journeys you always look out for finding inspirations , something that pushes you , makes you keep going forward something that keeps you inspired. In my journey I have made a lot of mentors. I have been blessed enough to meet them and be inspired by them. But there is this one person whom I have never met but she has left a prominent impact over my mind and my souls and that person is Deepika Padukone. Before I started creating this makeover I was nervous and iam someone who is usually not nervous rather over confident with what I do since I believe in myself so much. I was nervous over the fact that would I be able to pull this off? Would I be able to do justice to her beauty? I researched more and more every night looking deep into her numerous looks and still couldn’t gather the kind of confidence that was required to pull this off until one fine night where I saw a video of her quoting this beautiful rather soulful line *To me, the body and soul are one* It was at this moment that I realised that this is exactly what I need to do in order to bring out the perfect makeover. I really really hope that I have done justice to this beauty with brains in my most recent and most thoughtful make over. This ones for you my queen of Bollywood I hope this reaches you and delights you. Thank you for making me a better person without even meeting me , that is the kind of impact you have on your fans ! @deepikapadukone photography @glamstudio.photography #deepikapadukone #deepika #deepikapadukonefan #deepikaranveer #gabrielgeorgiou #sandhyashekar #shoaibkhan #shoaibkhanmua #mua #pakistanimakeupartist #pakistanimakeup #artist #makeuplover #makeupaddict #transformation #makeuptransformation #bollywood #bollywoodactresses #deewanimastani #bajiraomastani #mastanibai #beautiful #beauty

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Khan shared a post where he changed himself into Deepika Padukone from Bajirao Mastani and it’s truly jaw-dropping.

2. The iconic Noor Jehan 

Pakistani makeup artist Shoaib Khan’s other transformation was none other than the queen of melody, Malika-e-Tarannum or Noor Jehan. Khan took his beauty skills to the next level by making an emotional tribute to the legend on Instagram, with fans doing a double-take on the uncanny resemblance.

3. The Joker

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Being an artist we feel every emotion more than any other person, and you can see those emotions through our work… No matter what’s going on in our lives we still have to be at work on time and do our work with all the dedication… Sometimes I want to cry, sometimes I want to take a day off and sometimes I just want to go with the flow and with all these things I feel that we gather our reactions inside somewhere and we don’t take them out or we don’t react on certain things… Recently I watched joker and I don’t know I felt that this story is telling lots of people’s stories and I could relate to it… So I thought my next look should be dedicated to this great character and I tried my best to give all my emotions in one look… Thank you all for your appreciation on my previous looks and supporting me… I would like to dedicate this post to this amazing character… which we called “JOKER” @_joaquinphoenix_ @jokermovie @toddphillips1 Photographed by my talented friends at @glamstudio.photography . . . . . #joker #jokermovie #joaquinphoenix #toddphillips #makeuptransformation #transformationalmakeup #makeup #makeupartist #mua #pakistanimakeupartist #makeupartistsworldwide #pakistanimua #pakistaniartist #artistsoninstagram #artists #makeuponfleek #makeupjunkie #makeupaddict #makeuplover

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Khan also transformed himself into Joaquin’s Phoenix’s villainous character Joker and he aced it. The artist truly has some talent and we’re glad he’s sharing it with the world!

4. The Maleficent 

He also surprised us with another work of art and pulled off looking like Angelina Jolie’s misunderstood black fairy Maleficent character.

5. The Jon Snow 

The popular Jon Snow from Game Of Thrones was Khan’s other selection which he mastered at and proved that Pakistan has some tremendous talent.  The actor did makeup on a fellow friend and it was done to perfection!

6. The Met Gala Priyanka Chopra

This was spot-on perfect and we really loved on this look the Shoaib Khan created for us. Isn’t he a magician? We’re laughing at the amount of accuracy.

7. The Gorgeous Woman

This is another look by Khan where he has transformed himself into a beautiful woman and looked like a model. With some makeup skills, Khan can do wonders!

Let us know which look is your favorite!



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