A Special Message From Asad And Nimra

Everyone is talking about the newly wedded couple, Asad and Nimra. Some are appreciating them for taking a halal step while others are criticizing them for getting married at a very young age. 

Imran Ashraf took his Instagram and supported Asad and Nimra for taking a bold step of marriage. The couple recently gave an interview where they talked about how they met and fell in love with each other. 

Getting married was a mutual decision. Asad and Nimra gave a special message to all the couples out there ” If you get married at this young age, you develop more understanding. If you love someone, then marry them as soon as possible. Why do you even wait? You stay protected from doing sins that most of the young couples do these days.” 

What do you guys think of this special message from the newly wedded couple, Asad and Nimra. 

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  • I’m unclear what the issue is. No one bats an eye when young men and women “date”- but if they enter into nikaah it’s a big deal? May Allah bless their union and may He give the rest of us the TAUFIQ to shut up and be happy for them!

  • People are always ready to criticize people. If they were dating people will call them besharam now laughing at them for getting married young?. I guess we need to learn that we can never make the society happy. People will always be there to put you down and won’t be there when u need support

    • The world is going through a very bad cultural behavior and soon all islami mumaliks will be following the western trends. Those who oppose them will be looked upon badly as they are not modern or this and that. I live in the states and here not much issues as we have in islami mumaliks.

  • They are still too young and immature to understand the meaning of love or marriage. It would have made sense to just be friends (not date) for a while before taking such a big decision.

    • They can be still friends after marriage. Marriage is a good start for a true and honest friendship and relationship and yet most of us are looking at it negatively.

      • U are totally right.I watched their interview and I came to know about their understanding and maturity.May allah bless their couple.(Ameen)

  • Sacha hey na hala kam Karke gunab sey Bach gae pamper to use nahi utara ya phir feeder chorhney par amada nhein hey voh John abhi bhi apna mustaqbil nahien soch paya hey.Allah swat ap dono ko behtarien future dey.aameen # من عمان

  • Excellent least they chose the halal way.hats off to their parents too who didnt think what people would say.we should first think what Allah says.plz support a halal relationship rather than compelling youngsters to make BfS gfs.

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