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A Special Video By Mann Mayal Team

Mann Mayal went on air two weeks ago and it got an overwhelming response from the viewers. The comments by many of the viewers of facebook especially show that Hamza Ali Abbasi is the main reason for people watching this show. Even with ARY airing its new drama serial airing Sajjal Ali and Faysal Qureshi which they have promoted a great deal fans still say that they will watch Mann Mayal mostly because of Hamza Ali Abbasi’s fan following.

All the lead actors and the director made a special video to promote their drama. In this video they talk about their characters and how it was like working with the director Haseeb Hassan who is also a very well-known director. Haseeb Hassan’s drama Diyar-e-Dil was a big success, he thinks that Mann Mayal is on the same level as Diyar-e-Dil which should give the viewers even more reason to keep on hoping that the drama serial will come up to their expectations. Watching veteran Talat Hussain in a drama is also incentive for the viewers to continue watching the play.

Here is a special video shot by the Mann Mayal team. There are some behind the scenes shots in it also.