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A Student From BNU Commits Suicide

Mental health has become a serious issue all over the world. The depression has become the increasing cause of death and people are still not sure how to deal with it especially in our society. Suicides are also increasing in our society and it is always a shock when someone near you goes and you can not even accept that it happened. Model Anam Tanoli’s death recently was such a case that shook everyone. She was a victim of bullying and name calling and could not take it anymore and committed suicide.

Another such case emerged in Lahore yesterday. A young student studying at BNU in Lahore committed suicide. She allegedly jumped from a fifth story of the building and was in a very serious condition. She was taken to hospital but could not survive the trauma. The girl Rushan posted some things on her social media before taking this step which clearly pointed out how depressed she was. Here is when she pointed out about her thoughts that she was thinking of taking her own life:

People who know her are shocked by the news:

It is a big shock how a young soul just gave up on life. It is high time we start talking about mental health and start understanding people who are going through it!