Aamina Sheikh Twins With Her Daughter

Aamina Sheikh is a super model, a super talented actress and at the same time a super mom. Being a working mother is not easy. You have to balance your career and at the same time have to take out time to spend with your family. Aamin Sheikh is one such actress who has done it with perfection. She is one of the best actresses we have in Pakistan ruling the drama as well as the film industry. And at the same time, she is a doting mom to her daughter Meissa. Aamina Sheikh twined with her baby girl Meissa as both of them wore beautiful green outfits. They enjoyed the day together while they took some fun shots. Here check out the two divas twinning and having fun together:

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Meissa Mirza is certainly a beautiful little energetic girl and knows how to be fabulous easily!

Pakeeza Dar