Aap Hum Aur Aap (آپ ہم اور آپ) a new talk show on Aplus

Aap Hum Aur Aap (آپ ہم اور آپ) is a new talk show on Aplus hosted by Junaid Iqbal. Though Junaid Iqbal is famous for hosting religion based shows, here the show will be covering sensitive issues, social evils considered as taboo topics like harassment, acid attacks, honor killings, trafficking. Perhaps for the very same reason the show will be aired in late hours at 11 pm on Every Tuesday and Wednesday from 17th March 2015.

Though such sensitive issues requires attention, but the way our media handles them in a way glorifies these issues. Hope in this show these are dealt with utter responsibility, keeping the sanity of victims intact rather then glorifying them to attract sympathy and ratings. Hope this show results in starting a constructive debate on these issues.

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Rashid Nazir Ali

Rashid Nazir Ali