Goya-Episode 18 Review

Is there an unspoken rule that binds all writers into eventually converting every story into a dosri biwi one? Zara has miraculously recovered from her mental anguish having suffered the loss of her beloved and is now being mentored by the unstoppable Rahat Hashmi into controlling Omar. What started off as a marriage of convenience is quickly becoming the kind of situation that we’ve seen many a times in a plethora of dramas. Mohini is still comatose for the most part except for a few attempts at dark humour. Her outburst gave me a glimmer of hope but I don’t exactly have the kind of patience anymore to put up with her insecurities. Zeb is getting on every last nerve but somehow everyone in the Hashmi household is immune to her. Hamara nok jhok Ka rishtaa banta hai... I feel far too many scenes are wasted with Zeb – whether she’s challenging those around her or trying to jog Rahat’s memory. After all these episodes with Zeb, whatever suspense may have existed once upon a time is no longer there. Haniya is under house-arrest and tells Rahat that under no circumstances will she agree to an abortion.

Rahat is the Big Bad Wolf who continues huffing and puffing at everyone but becomes subdued in front of Zeb’s khushboos. In Muree, Zuberi Sahab is stalking Asma Mirza. Despite his creepiness, he seems to be the only voice of reason around. Omar, sweetheart, what have you been thinking? He knew Mohini was alive and expecting. Has Omar forgotten that he was about to become a father himself before he agreed to the wedding arranged by his own? Ab jab shadi ho hi gayi toh nibhaani to parey gei... At least Omar knows that Mohini will not forgive him his dosri shadi

The last thing I’d want is for a Mohini vs Zara showdown has decided to take over the business and makes his way to Muree where he spots Asma. There was a missed opportunity of an encounter there- Yeh na thi hamari qismat ke visaal-e-yaar hota...Like Asma, I too am curious to know what Mohini wants. Maybe next week when Omar finally grows a pair?

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Kanwal Murtaza 



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