Abid Brohi, the rapper from Sibbi shares his success story

Abid Brohi, the rapper from Sibbi who collaborated with SomeWhatSuper with the Sibbi Song through the platform of Patari made his voice and presence heard and felt.

The song took the social media by a storm. It was part of Tabeer, a project by Patari which aimed to feature those voices of Pakistan which would never find big platforms. It featured office boys and people from rural and working class backgrounds.

Instep got into touch with Abid Brohi and Talha Dar and Feroze Faisal from SomeWhatSuper related to his newfound fame and success.

Brohi had to say:

“People used to laugh at me, everyone would just tell me to give up; ‘this will not take you anywhere in life’ they said to me.”

Whatever he was earning wasn’t enough for him to travel far in order to meet musicians who would appreciate his talent. He talked about the kind of jobs he was doing:

“I was working in a cloth store for Rs.100 a day. I then shifted to Quetta and got a better paying job that gave me Rs.6000 per month.”

He even tried his best to reach Lahore and he did when a Pakistani established musician invited him. However, when he reached Lahore, the musician was unavailable on his cellphone and later, Brohi found out that the musician wasn’t even in the country. Brohi expressed:

“I was so heartbroken that day. I came all the way to Lahore facing so many difficulties. I had really high hopes.”

Later, a documentary filmmaker met him at Sibbi’s  annual mela.

“Raza (Shah) met Brohi and heard him sing. He then recorded his vocals and sent them over to us, and we started working on the song,” shared Dar with instep.

“I kept pestering SomeWhatSuper for a whole year then,” said Brohi.

And, after a year, he received a phone call to come to Karachi.

“I was prepared this time. I asked for the contact details of at least five, six other people. Someone or the other had to answer my call!”

And hence, the Sibbi song came into being.

“One day my brother came running to tell me I’m on TV. And there I saw myself. I couldn’t believe it. I started shivering and crying out of happiness. My dream had finally come true.I couldn’t even eat for a whole week because I was so happy!”

This response by Brohi is rather heartwarming and amazing.

All three of them now have corporates lined behind them wanting to work with them. SomeWhatSuper is currently working on a film’s soundtrack while Brohi has a big corporate project to look forward to.

“My friends now call me ‘kadday’ jokingly from the song’s line ‘Kadday milda se’ meaning when will we meet again?” concluded Brohi.