Sounds of Kolachi shares their experience at Lal Shahbaz’s shrine

The sounds of Kolachi along with Ali Gul Pir went to the shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar recently to give a symbolic reply of peace and tolerance to the extremists and terrorists after the suicide bombing attack there.

The Express Tribune got into touch with Ahsan Bari, the Music Director at Sounds of Kolachi who had to say:

“Such is the magic of Lal’s teachings that every singer in the country has to sing Dama Dam Mast Qalandar during a concert to captivate the audience.”

Last week, two dahamaals took place at Lal’s shrine. One was the usual one by the locals and the visitors and one by Bari’s band.

“I visited Qalandar’s shrine a year ago and was actually overpowered by the aura I experienced there. I could only wonder that if Lal has this much power today then what would have been the scenario when he was alive and met the people in person,” expressed the musician.

When asked about the reason behind terrorists attacking this peaceful place, he had to say:

“There has always been a dispute between different schools of thought as to what is the right way of connecting with God. These saints attract people to their shrines through their teachings and the mesmerising culture of Urs and that is what the terrorists don’t like.”

Gul Muhammad has been playing Sarangi for 13 years added something profound and spiritual:

“There are two ragas in music – Behro and Mand – which if played can telltale the lives of Sufi saints and even the battle of Karbala.”

The urs of Lal that is his death anniversary is in Shaban which is just round the corner and we hope it passes peacefully and all kinds of groups showcase harmony.