Yeh Raha Dil Episode 04 Review – A Treat To Watch!

Ohkay so, this episode of Yeh Raha Dil was once again quite interesting & a treat to watch mostly because the main focus was on two polar opposite characters who are interacting with each other time & again. The direction of the drama so far has been great & so is the writing especially the way the characters have been etched out. Everything at this stage is falling into its right place, that is why despite not offering something entirely new, Yeh Raha Dil still seems refreshing & enjoyable!

So, Zaki’s mother continued to support him because she being a mother can not do without her son. Zaki’s father is practical but when it comes to Zaki’s mother, she is emotional, that is why despite understanding her husband’s concerns, she is a bit more worried about what her son wants. Zaki’s parents do understand that just because Zaki is their only child, they allowed him to get away with everything & now that is something that is bothering them a bit more because Zaki has gotten used to the idea of getting what he wants by hook or by crook. Zaki knows that no matter what happens, his parents will never go against his wishes, that is why despite being away from his home, he is still being taken care of, emotionally because of his mother & financially because of his father. Even though at this stage, Zaki might seem a little immature & childish that is because his mother is assisting him in this emotional blackmailing drama due to which he is unable to understand his father’s perspective.

Hayat continued to pester Zaki & Zaki was so not happy with her. Even though Hayat may pose to be a strong & confident individual, which she actually is, but right now, just because she is alone that too in a new place without any contact with Salman in Pakistan, she really wants to rely on Zaki. Hayat thinks she can cute her way into Zaki’s space & he will fall for all the sweet-talk that she directed at him but just because Zaki is so preoccupied with the havoc that he has created in his father’s life, he is really not in a right state of mind to form a friendship with Hayat. Though it was nice to see that just when Hayat really wanted his phone to contact Salman, after resisting for a while, Zaki decided to help her because he could see that she was desperate.

I must say that entire food-poisoning scenario was so realistic & relate-able like usually when your environment changes & you step out of your comfort zone, it becomes hard for your body to adjust to these changes & it was pretty realistic that just because Hayat must’ve eaten something which she wasn’t used to, she got sick. Once again, just when Zaki was trying to play the hero in front of his lady-love by telling that his drama was paying off, Hayat decided to rely on him because she herself was scared & wanted someone by her side. I liked how this episode was a lot more situational & momently, like these sort of episodes don’t give you much to talk about‌ in the reviews because they solely rely on a lot of interaction & conversations between the characters & those can not be discussed or dissected but on the whole they allow you to have a great time while you’re tuned to them & that is why, all the conversations that happened between Hayat & Zaki were so interesting that I couldn’t stop smiling as I was having such a good time.

I enjoyed watching Nida in this episode too, like it was kind of sweet of her when she was trying to engage Zaki into a conversation asking him to share his feelings, thinking that he must be feeling homesick as she does understand that everything that Zaki is doing is because of her. Nida might be immature as well but at least when it comes to Zaki, she makes him happy & gives him the sort of attention that he wants. Her reaction when she felt that Zaki was with some girl was natural, she felt jealous, insecure & completely forgot that all the effort that Zaki was making was only because of her. Another sweet moment of this episode was when Zaki’s mother gets to know that Haroon sent Zaki a message asking him to contact her so that she can worry a little less for her son & later when she tells her husband what he means to her. I find Zaki’s parents interactions quite amusing, cute & very realistic, like they bicker one moment & the next they are trying to make each other understand what’s good for their son & what isn’t.

Overall, I had a great time watching this episode. I must say what I am loving about Yeh Raha Dil is how the characters have been elaborated like all of them seem so complete & have a personality of their own, which is a rarity in our dramas so it is something commendable. Yumna Zaidi definitely carried this episode on her shoulders & Ahmed Ali supported her perfectly because he was equally as good as her. I loved how effortless & flawless Hayat & Zaki’s interactions were, like the entire feel where Hayat was trying to be clingy while Zaki was trying to get rid of her was prevalent in all of their scenes, Yumna & Ahmed have really taken care of the mood of the scenarios through their acting & expressions & that is why it is turning out to be such an enjoyable drama. I can’t wait for the next episode already. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Yeh Raha Dil & yes, my apologies for a short & hurried review, just not too well & finding it hard to stay awake. ;)

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