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Absolut Manto was performed at the International theatre and musical festival at NAPA

Absolut Manto was performed at the International Theatre and Music Festival of the National Academy of Performing Arts (Napa) on Sunday.

A production of Olomopolo Media from Lahore, director Kanwal Khoosat presented Karachiites with a glimpse of Manto, his life, his work and philosophy of tolerance, and several of his short stories were brought to life by actors Sania Saeed, Sarmad Khoosat, Feryal Ali Gauhar and Erfan Khoosat.

Saeed began the dramatic reading with Manto’s Yazid and her performance was brilliant.

There were some technica difficulties in the play. However, that did not affect the actor’s performance at all.

Erfan Khoosat’s rendition of Manto’s Toba Tek Singh was also done well. It is a popular story which was well-received by most in the audience

The Napa International Theatre and Music Festival will run till April 2 with different plays and musical performances as part of the offering.

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