Faryal Makhdoom thought her marriage would be nothing less than a fairytale

Faryal Makhdoom, wife to the famous British-Pakistani boxer has been under the media spotlight’s for quite a long time along with her husband.

She has often made statements about her in laws on media and this time, she has claimed that she thought marriage with Amir Khan would be nothing less than a fairytale.

“In my head, living with my new husband was going to be this fairytale.But it was hard and I didn’t have any friends. Bolton is very backward. Compared to New York, it’s a village,” she said.

Faryal lives with her family in England after moving out from Amir’s home in New York.

Faryal also denied reports of having any plastic surgery. Instead, she said that she resorted to ‘fillers’.

“Because of lack of sleep, genes, dehydration, I get bags under my eyes and I wanted to get them lightened. So I went to my doctor, Simon [Ourian, a renowned cosmetic surgeon in LA] – he’s also Kim Kardashian’s doctor,” she explained.
The model also claimed of getting fillers in her cheeks as she “likes high cheekbones”, apparently for which she was linked to Micheal Jackson by her in-laws.

“If other women had this money and if they had a husband who was famous, they would do it, too. If I wasn’t married to Amir Khan, I’d probably be a regular girl and I might not do it. But I’m in the limelight, I go to events, so it’s part of my life now,” she said when talking to an international media house.
Talking more about her liberal pictures out in the public, she said that had concerns over showing too much skin as she is a “Muslim woman, so [she’d] like to be covered up”, although defending her Western dressing against her in-laws’ criticisms.

We wonder for how long the family feud will go on and for how long will they resort to media to get back at each other.