Actor Noman Habib With Wife And Daughter-Pictures

The bond and chemistry shared between a couple plays a pivotal role in the lives of the couple. That bond and chemistry certainly strengthens when their child comes in the picture. This sure is the case with Noman Habib.

Noman Habib is one of the upcoming talents of our industry who is a very hardworking actor. He has struggled a lot to make a place for himself in the drama industry. Noman has been seen in many serials recently.

Noman married a beautiful girl Asma not very long ago and now they have an adorable daughter Ayesha. Noman and Asma were seen on a lot of shows after they got married and also when they had their daughter.

Here are few of the clicks of this adorable family.




May this family be blessed with all the happiness there is and may their daughter be a source of contentment for her parents.

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