Actress Aamna Malick Loses Family Member Due To Coronavirus

Coronavirus is real and even if the lockdown has been relaxed in Pakistan, people are still getting infected. As of the recent tally, Pakistan has a total of 59,151 confirmed COVID-19 cases while the death toll has risen to 1,225.

In a recent post on her social media, actress Aamna Malick, urged people to take coronavirus seriously after having lost her close family member to the deadly virus.

Actress Aamna Malick Loses Family Member Due To Coronavirus


Actress Aamna Malick’s younger cousin brother Salman Malik, who was 23 years old contracted COVID19 and got severely infected. He was kept on the ventilator but he couldn’t survive the deadly virus as both his lungs collapsed.

Aamna Malick posted video message as she received news of his demise and she requested people to take it seriously. Grief stricken Aamna urges people to understand that coronavirus was real and the threat existed in the society, more than ever.

Aamna had earlier posted on her Instagram asking for prayers for her cousin as he had been on ventilator. Aamna had also asked people to get in touch if they had any knowledge about the use of Plasma infusion for treating coronavirus.


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