Actress Sarwat Gilani With Husband Enjoying Vacations in London

Sarwat Gilani is a Pakistani actress and model. She got married to a cosmetology surgeon and actor Fahad Mirza on August 2014. Sarwat gave birth to their first child, Rohan Mirza in 2015. In 2017, they became the parents of another son, Araiz Muhammad Mirza. 

Sarwat Gillani appeared as the lead character in many hit dramas with popular actors. She belongs to a Pakhtun family, therefore, the audience loved her performance in Jawani Phir Nahi Ani as a Pakhtun wife of Vasay Chaudhary. Her strong personality earned her massive popularity and love from the general public. 

Sarwat seems to be a lot busy with her family and kids maybe that’s the reason she appears less on television now. The whole family is spending quality time in London. 

Fahad and Sarwat took a break from their daily routine to go on vacations with their kids. They needed a break too. The couple seems to be quite relaxing and fresh with no tension and no worries. 

Have a look at the latest clicks of Sarwat and Fahad from the vacations in London. 

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