Actresses With The Best & Not So Best Dressing Sense!

Yes, we all know entertainment industry is about the appearances. It’s all about looking good irrespective of the role you are playing & also it’s just the way you carry yourself. Being on the TV, I think it’s definitely important to be careful about what you wear & how you wear it.

Pakistani fashion is regarded as one of the best all over & the main faces to promote our dressing are obviously the actors who appear on-screen. Now, in these times, it only depends on the actor as to what sort of a wardrobe they want to endorse on the screen, so for this most of the dresses that our actresses wear end up being their own picks for themselves & mostly belong to their personal collections.

This critique is strictly confined to the looks our actresses have carried in the dramas, this is by no means stated to say that they have been making great or bad choices in their screen time apart from the dramas too. So yes, I have seen a lot of ladies who pull off both the eastern & western looks to the perfection but those who rock the eastern style in our dramas are:

Ayesha Omar:

I think this lady should launch her fashion brand. Who doesn’t know her as Khoobsurat of Bulbulay? Each & every dress of hers is a statement of it’s own. I have never seen her wearing flashy or fancy dresses but even if she wears casuals in a drama, she makes sure it stands out. So, for me she is THE BEST in terms of dressing sense & style. I have been watching Bulbulay once in a while for couple of years now & I can’t pick one such episode in which her ensemble didn’t appeal to me. I’d be the happiest & probably the first buyer if she launched her clothing line.

Hina Khuwaja Bayat:

After Ayesha Omar, for me, the best in terms of dressing is Hina Khuwaja Bayat. She is graceful yet trendy. I love most of the dresses she wears. All those pastel colors & embroidered chiffons makes her dresses to die for. I think she knows what looks good on her & she pulls it off very gracefully. Not even a single dress of her that I can pick not to be the best.

Sanam Saeed:

I like her dressing sense a lot too. She is a model & a great actress so I think modelling did refine her skills in terms of dressing. I loved her decent but elegant look in Zindagi Gulzar Hai & those amazing Khaadi kurtas she wears in most of her dramas. She knows what suits her best & for that reason her choice is great too.

Ayeza Khan:

I have never seen a girl look so pretty in the most casual dresses. She looks absolutely adorable in simple & plain single toned Shalwar Kameez because she knows what look she is capable of pulling off & for this even though I have seen a very few dramas of her she has managed to make a mark for me.

Mahira Khan:

I think she looked absolutely stunning in those simple Pishwas in Humsafar. Even after Humsafar, her dressing style in Shehr-e-Zaat was unique & brilliant. She can also pull of both the eastern & western style of dressing but I found her beautiful in the simple but elegant choice of eastern style dressing in Humsafar.

So this was all about the actresses who have made a mark in terms of best dressing but those who should pay a little more attention as to which color to choose & what might look better on them, are:

Mehwish Hayat:

Despite the fact that she is my favorite, a phenomenal actress & obviously her talent speaks for herself. I think if she can be bold enough to go under the knife to look good, this shows how conscious she is of her appearance & for this reason & for her own sake to look more stunning I’d suggest her to work on her wardrobe. I think she is one of the best actresses in terms of makeup, that contoured face & highlighted T-zone tells us how much she takes care of her looks & how much effort she puts in to look good, so to complete herself & top it off she should compliment herself with a better dressing. Though I have always liked her in the western style, skinny pair of jeans with a tee on top, she looks so comfortably cool but those heavy colored eastern dresses in her recent dramas look so unlike her.

Moomal Sheikh:

No color combinations, no cuts & nothing, I think she doesn’t know how to dress up nor she knows which colour suits her the best. I once saw her in an interview, she wore pastel pink toned dress which made her look absolutely stunning so yes, we know what sort of tones can look good on her but if only she understands.

Sanam Baloch:

Please don’t kill me for she is my favorite too & I love her. Who doesn’t know what a flawless actress she is but sadly I am never appeased by her dressing sense. Even though she has played period dramas & for which she didn’t have to put much effort into looking trendy but the dramas which showed her in current times were Kankar & even some parts of Roshan Sitara but I was slightly unhappy with what she wore. Those cute little flowery prints must’ve looked stunning on her when she was a teenager but now we know she is a beautifully grown up girl so, I hope to see her in anything but the flowers. Loud statement dupattas seem to be a part of her dressing so I hope she does carry them but with a little touch of style. :/ BUT irrespective of this all, I love Sanam Baloch! :)

Who do you think should make it to the list of best & not so best in terms of dressing sense, do share with us. :)

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