Adnan Siddiqui discusses his role in MOM

Adnan Siddiqui discusses his role in MOM

You wouldn’t catch Adnan Siddiqui being less than perfect in any role he plays. Now the phenomenonal actor is coming to silver screen in July with MOM alongside Sri Devi and Sajal Ali.

Talking about his role in the movie , the veteran actor said that he will playing Sajal Ali’s father; a soft spoken and sophisticated man. He said that the movie is all about the many trials and tribulations this family has to go through and how their relationships are affected by them.

He has been playing titular roles in dramas here, so playing one in a movie mainly with female protagonists is not unusual for him. He elaborated further that he believes a character is bigger than the actor himself, so if he is offered a project that looks interesting to him, he goes for it, without giving much thought to the authority it holds in that particular setting.

When asked about his own personal and professional expectations out of the movie, this is how he reflected upon it ;

“I’ve always maintained and will still say, you get the best in life when you’re least expecting it. But yet, everybody, including Sajal and I have given our best to this movie, more than our hundred percent, with this driving force to make it succeed and I believe the passion with which the entire team has worked, wouldn’t go waste. Also its an individual’s wisdom through which they perceive God, and bearing that in mind, whatever we see and have perceived, the film will do good.

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